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  1. Spot on. He warranted criticism last season as did a lot of them. This season however he definitely deserves praise for the way he's went about his business.
  2. The proverbial game of two halves. 1st half easily forgettable, the 2nd thoroughly enjoyable. Caldwell may have done enough tonight to be offered a deal, not sure about Adams though. Nizzy again for me played well when he came on. The big centre halves really struggled when he ran at them. Roll on Saturday.
  3. Just seems to be the way a lot of fans think mate. Almost as bad as the auld firm looking for instant success. Even some on Somerset Road End page laying into Crawford. What chance have the lads got to make it in the game when their own supporters can't even support them.
  4. The only positive from today's game was seeing a decent set of gloves between the posts. Vocal, claiming cross balls and actually possess a decent kick. Apart from that very, lacklustre from everyone today. Definitely looked more direct up front when Nisbet came on.
  5. The haters just keep hating. Murphy no good either.
  6. Seen a lot of him have you?From the 6 u19 games I watched last season he looked anything but pish. Always busy, harrying defenders and scored a couple of goals by his own making. I think it's only fair to judge him once he gets similar game time to Forrest or Crawford.
  7. I heard like a good few players at Ayr that there was no love loss between Roberts and him. That coupled with a poor attitude proved his undoing I think. Whether the friction with Roberts resulted in his poor attitude who knows, but there's no denying he has ability. I wouldn't be pinning my hopes on him to score the goals we need though.
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