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  1. Better idea than the 1978 submarine.
  2. You'll get over it. Back in the 'good old days' of 70,000 plus crowds, ( with alcohol allowed ) it was a common occurrence. Glad to see it make a return, long may it continue. Hoarse Scotland fans are a good sign.
  3. French channel L'Equipe showed the NI v Italy game. Bastids. Sweet dreams to one and all.
  4. Now your talking! I went there in 74 and enjoyed the experience (not so much two of the results, I was behind the goal that Bremner missed). The locals were great although the lady trying to help us when we were feeding single shillings into a ticket machine was a bit put out. (the coin was the same size as a mark. ) The visit to one of the licensed brothels was also memorable. The Tartan Army at the time was rather 'unreconstructed' , e.g. burning the German flag on the terracing, ( there were a large number of British sojers in the crowd, maybe relevant, maybe not) but I think the overall experience helped shape the TA's future. i.e. Have a good time without violence. Singing, dancing, drinking and shagging are more fun.
  5. I'm surprised there is not a topic on this already. Maybe there is and I just can't find it, apologies if so, I'll delete this if pointed in the right direction. If Scotland qualify for the finals, Is anyone on here planning to go to Qatar? I have been fortunate enough to have been to 5 WC final stages and have some great memories but I have absolutely no desire to attend the 2022 finals. This may be because i'm 70 years old and wretched but I really can't see it being a fun time. I've googled Qatar and it appears to be shit, in an expensive, exclusive, high class, sort of way. No sex and drugs and sausage rolls. Can't really see it being a Tartan Army-friendly type place. Or any other football fans for that matter. I'm not even talking about all the human rights/political/environmental reasons for not going, which are all valid.
  6. All things considered, I believe Gerrard's strongest emotion will be relief.
  7. Sky Sports says between 3.25 and 4 m. However much, they'll soon pish it all against the wall.
  8. What's the difference between confidence, arrogance and ignorance? JM1872 Forever and ever, we'll follow the Gers Senior Member 2,181 9,027 posts Gender:Male Location:Ayrshire Posted yesterday at 13:38 Watched the highlights of the last round. Both teams were/are utter donkeys. Should play the B team in both legs. Think we’ll win 5-0 tomorrow, at least.
  9. They won't make any money from that jersey now. Totally toxically tainted tint.
  10. Just read this article. It would appear that a certain 3 letter word has been hijacked...or hijilled. Disparate examples demarcating *** culture: a list ALWAYS supporting your female friends – especially if they have been wronged by a man Drinking prosecco Dressing up (with heels) to go to any event – even if it is sitting in a park Loving Starbucks but not drinking coffee (Yes, this is possible) Loving Nights In As Much As Nights Out Living, laughing, and also loving Eating Chinese takeaways in front of the TV Every woman on every British soap Most reality TV stars Echo Falls wine Sugary cocktails – Pornstar Martinis in particular Enthusiasm Being extra Being camp Being a bit basic Taking Instagram shoots before going out Noughties pop Greggs Rebekah Vardy suing Coleen Rooney for libel Jeans and a nice top Will they now find it more offensive or less?
  11. You do admit that the away goals rule was o good change, though...
  12. Here's a daft idea. After extra time, 5 penalties each. If no result, trophy withheld.
  13. Agreed. He should have hit it like a goal kick. Glad he didn't.
  14. I thought Sky was council telly... That's where most dishes are.
  15. I think it must have had an effect. Home advantage was nullified, or at the very least, reduced, imo. I enjoyed seeing PSG 'fail' but they will still go straight into the group stage of the CL.
  16. Glad to see Chelsea not winning. I think the offside rule would be better if the whole player had to be offside, not just his nose. I realise VAR would still bring it down to millimeters on the back foot, but I would find it more acceptable and I believe most fans would.
  17. I'd like Leicester to beat Chelsea. I'll watch the match as I've nothing better to do.
  18. I hope it's a draw after extra time and the penalties go on until they can no longer stand and the trophy is withheld.
  19. I see the Johnson gang has fucked up on the fishing deal with Norway. No surprise. Wonder what the brexit voting fisherfolk think. eta doulikefish in before me.
  20. Must be record crowd for the towpath. Surprised the result didn't produce a 'Tipping Point' situation. ("Penny Falls" for older readers)
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