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  1. This from a Tory MP, Neil O'Brien. There is at least one sensible one, in one area, it seems. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jan/17/id-love-to-ignore-covid-sceptics-and-their-tall-tales-but-they-make-a-splash-and-have-no-shame
  2. I've always blithely presumed that voters would split left and right (and centre) after independence. Some anti-independence types seem to think it will be a one-party state.
  3. I read that they are already doing that and getting clamped for illegal parking in many cases.
  4. No doubt the same for the Express, Mail and Telegraph. I'll base my judgement on what's reported in the Times, FT and Guardian ... and P&B, of course.
  5. The government has confirmed £300m in emergency funding for spectator sports in England, with rugby union by far the largest beneficiary. 🤔 Is that a devolved thing? eta “Britain is a sports powerhouse, and this government will do everything we can to help our precious sports and clubs make it through Covid.”
  6. One sniff of cash (and glamour) and the 'fan ownership' model is ditched.
  7. Nobody wanted penalties, obs, but it did make it all the sweeter in the end. I've finally relaxed. Aaaahh. Just one more whisky with the ITV highlights.
  8. I watched it in a French bar. Great fun. Scotland v France stands at 8 wins each, no draws. Surprising, eh?
  9. A cat with a pet dog? Next it'll be a mouse with a pet dog...
  10. Seriously, I would think more than twice about presenting myself as a target.
  11. Maybe what you gain in extended participation, you lose via computer illiteracy?
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