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  1. I like to see Scottish teams do well in Europe. I just wish The Rangers and their fans were more Scottish.
  2. Have there been a lot more goals scored in the dying minutes of a game recently, (as in the last decade ) than there used to be (as in the last 60 years)? Seems that way to me. Maybe it's because we have lots more 5 and 6 minute add-ons now.
  3. This. Just wait until the right wing meeja ramps up the claims that all the problems are due to brexit not being done properly and it's the lefty, remainer, civil service that's holding us back, and the lefty BBC, and the commie SNP and those nasty union bully boys .....and the metric system....and covid, and the weather (but not climate change) and immigration (nearly forgot that one). GSTQ (for now) and Bring Back Boris, he was great. The UK is in big trouble imo.
  4. If taxes are cut then services will suffer. Do you want to personally pay your refuse collector., traffic warden (ha) school teacher, etc? Or do you just want to privatise them and pay higher costs to cover dividend payments to shareholders?
  5. They don't. We don't even register on their radar unless they are specifically asked a relevant question. The 3 non-Engs might be 'despised', that's about it. eta Nah, just realised that's close to 'hate' so I'll stick with 'don't care'.
  6. To be fair, the Dutch (?) fans use the Holland word in chants.
  7. " The most successful political party in the world" I'm sure I've heard something like that before.
  8. There are approx 180, 000 members of the Conservative party. Why do we have to suffer national tv coverage of this shit show for their benefit? If anyone says 'just swich off' , I have already had my viewing pleasure ruined when pre-set recordings got buggered up by Johnson's antics recently, causing over-runs and special bulletins. It's just not good enough! Tories Out!
  9. So the Tories decide on the leader by whittling out the useless fuckers . (I know, they are ALL useless) I wish the UK electoral system operated the same way. No Tories in the final run off.
  10. UK dwellers will have to endure 8 weeks of wall to wall coverage of this and still end up with a c**t* as PM. (*non-gender specific) Ha! I've just seen the poll at the start of the thread. Vote cast for ANOTHER c**t.
  11. It sems that the 'un word has gained traction in other spheres of life and will be appearing more often. There is now a 'hunsnet', which may attract some unexpected and unwelcome attention. "A huge source of lockdown escapism, *** culture’s biggest exponents are Instagram accounts such as Loveofhuns (650k followers) and Hunsnet (205k followers), while its famous acolytes range from Joe Lycett to Lily Allen to Katy Perry. " Hunbelievable....
  12. So, can we now expect a bluster-f**k from the bold Boris? eta Here, how come my 'f**k' got censored but the OP's didn't?
  13. Ha ha fucking ha. Johnson to be honest ? It's hard to believe fuckwits like this actually exist. Sadly, they do.
  14. We should have House of Ladies in these enlightened times. Naw we shouldnae, just kidding.
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