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  1. Meltdown if the Chinese become major players in the UK's 'independent' satnav project. ETA I'm no financial/business expert but these guys are. Quilty Analytics states that – in simple terms – OneWeb has three possible paths forward: (1) Raise additional capital, (2) Sell the company, or if unsuccessful in the first two options, (3) Liquidate the assets.
  2. FYI, I will be posted missing for a while due to various stuff. No, I'm not taking the huff at being marooned in the Pontin's.
  3. Just back from local cafe. One young guy came in, kissed all his mates. Normally I'm cool with that but not right now. Crazy frogs.
  4. Unarmed civilian protestors easily controlled by a bunch of well-armed, uniformed, thugs. Amazing!
  5. "With good attention to medical and nutritional needs, however, most PSP patients live well into their 70s and beyond." Eats lots of hamburgers.
  6. Might be too late though, if certain things really are unrescindable.
  7. Nah. We'll be be ok. You Brits won't be able to afford it. "HP sauce now produced by the H. J. Heinz Company in the Netherlands." (wikipedia) eta SD beat me to it. For a while it was owned by a French company, Danone. Would have been even better.
  8. I was reading about the USA trade deal. It sounds ominous.
  9. I was in a restaurant last night and about half the customers wore masks as they came in as instructed by a sign on the door. (including our company) Obviously they removed them after their food arrived. The waitress was masked all the time. Some old twats were still kissing and shaking hands though. Old, stupid and French... it's where it's at... Second wave incoming?
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