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  1. Could you delete my account please, many thanks.
  2. So meanwhile we have to undergo a form of collective punishment due to a mods ineptitude. Would this be the same mod who changes thread titles and members titles without consulting them? Would you class this as acting with impartiality?
  3. So a hard delete must have been done or he would have accessed it and put the thread back unless he's unavailable to do so. "I banned him in the way you would normally go about banning an alias account or a spammer with one click of a button. I should have gone through the full warning tab and marked the relevant boxes." Are you going to reset the forum and upload last saved database before the thread was deleted?
  4. Dundee thread should be in the mod cp under removed content assuming it hasn't then been deleted from there which would be deliberate. Should only have been a few mouse clicks to restore if it was in mod cp so someone's bullshitting. Soft delete v hard delete either way a mods abused his position. ps Hurry up and delete my account as requested please.
  5. No announcement yet on the pay back of the £1.5million loan that is due today.
  6. Nicked works admin password now have a stream to watch:) No pressure on us what so ever this game, home win f**k Celtic.
  7. Sub the Tank with Peaso after he gets his hat trick, he's on the big telly.
  8. Dees be 3-0 up after 15 minutes then ease off the pedle and win 5-1. No worries at all, bring them on.
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