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  1. Leafa 16/17 prem 1 & 2

    Ozzie is going to whitehills or preston lowland kiddo to sandys is gid expect rose sandys tolly linlihgow to challenge 4 league and craighill win prem2
  2. keeper on tranfer list

    Gid luck gav
  3. LEAFA 15/16

    Why Edinburgh star?

    Gid banter
  5. LEAFA 15/16

    Aitchy are you fishing. Gid player but none of that team are good enuf. walker is a cat
  6. New East Kilbride Manager

    Good manager
  7. LEAFA 15/16

    pennies rosey posey Craighill st bernerd danderhall shots east linton tolcross win
  8. Scores

    win a game but stil not gid
  9. New manager

    deek from leith in the frame
  10. Players Available for Transfer

    Chris always goes back amature
  11. Tranent Juniors 6-0 Easthouses Lily MW

    very impressed
  12. Future of EoS

    Haddinton are a gid outfit
  13. LEAFA 15/16

    craighill will pump pennies in finale
  14. Scottish Cup last 16 this Saturday

    linlithgow done well this year surprise packages like Craig's hill
  15. Craigroyston

    Spot on