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  1. Worth noting that the physio/sport scientist were let go and it’s new people having a look/working with specialists they trust. Think we’ve changed physio 3/4 times since Crawford came in, which won’t have helped people like Lewis Martin with longer term/recurring issues.
  2. PG interview on official site. Vytas only just back, after a prolonged break - he was involved in internationals early in the month. Wighton has a slight knock, nothing to worry about. Watson should be back training in a couple of weeks - suspect he won’t be back for start of league cup campaign. Wilson has tendinitis in his Achilles and is ‘a couple of weeks away yet’ Dow is apparently the same as Wilson now. Which is great news. Best news of the lot though, is that they think they’ve got to the bottom of Lewis Martin’s issue and he’s on the road to recovery.
  3. Thought it was an ok game, despite the ref trying to ruin it after about 15 mins. No need for that red card in a friendly, leaving us with 10 men for 75 mins in our first outing of pre-season. Our guys looked knackered by the end. Result not important just now, but you could see what Grant is trying to get them to do. Much higher tempo, putting opposition under pressure higher up the pitch, when we’re defending. With the ball, it was simply ‘pass and move’ with the midfielders going into pockets of space to try and open the game up. I liked the way Grant seems to want us to play. Thought Paul Allan looks a good player in that holding role that Flannigan (I think) used to play at Alloa. Seen him a few times and wouldn’t be surprised if he breaks into the first team this year, with the way Grant likes his teams to play. Always looking for the ball and looking for a teammate in space. Full backs bombing forward as well was good to see. Todorov looked lively and was unlucky not to score. No surprises that Grant knows how to have O’Hara looking confident and lively. Took his goal really well and was a great run to win the penalty. On the trialists, Rice looked very good on the ball. Hard to judge whether a defender is championship level, based on a game v Spartans though. Oman looked alright, until his short back pass got caught out. Up to Grant to make a call based on what he sees in training. The guy was massive and I wanted to see him at set pieces, to see if he can use his size to dominate opponents. Paton looked fairly lively and positive with the ball, without doing a great deal. Taylor was pretty anonymous. But as mentioned above, their teammates were tiring and we were down to 10 men.
  4. Agree with this. The ‘easy’ option would have been to bring in another young keeper to warm the bench for a bit. Signing an older keeper who will, at the very least, compete for the number 1 shirt is definitely a good thing. Peter Grant talked about the importance of adding quality to the goalkeeping department, rather than just signing someone to make up the numbers. To me, that says he identified a weakness rather than just making sure we have cover.
  5. Mehmet confirmed on a 2 year deal. Pleased with that, hopefully he can make the number 1 jersey his own.
  6. Just gone to have a look after reading this. It’s been moved and closed due to the perceived ‘pitchfork mob mentality’ and the unnecessary criticism of poor Brian. Those who condemn racism, sexism and homophobia are shut down and it seems to be implied that they are the bad guys here.
  7. Think he’s the guy that picked up a knee injury trying to backflip, celebrating a United equaliser against us in the playoffs?
  8. No social distancing outdoors from 19th July. Will that mean stadiums at full capacity, or are they classed as indoor and require 1m distancing for a few weeks, then reduced to no distancing from 9th August?
  9. Aye, he seems like an arrogant/ignorant shitebag. Someone criticises the club/one of his mates - “it’s important that I control the content on this site. It can reflect poorly on me/the club” and deletes posts, blocks users etc. One of his mates writes racist, homophobic & sexist articles on his website “don’t blame me, I can’t be responsible for what gets posted” With his involvement with ParsTV, isn’t he effectively an employee of the club just now? He’s certainly providing revenue earning services to the club. Given the importance that ParsTV will still have this season, I’m sure they’d have something to say about him running a DAFC website with this shite on it.
  10. That’s a horrific attempt at an ‘apology’. There’s just so much wrong with it. Not surprised, I had an issue with ParsTV around Feb/March when the games kept cutting out for everyone. He told me it had to be my setup, despite the fact I’d used the same setup all season and others were having the same issue. I was honestly trying to make sure they were aware that the stream kept dropping and rather than saying “sorry, we’re looking into it” he just told me it had to be my fault. Finishes his post by asking for ideas on how to go forward with the site? Shut it down, or let someone who understands that racism, sexism and homophobia are unacceptable run it going forward. That would be progress.
  11. I honestly think ‘SP’ should be banned from the internet. The fact that those admin/moderators have allowed this for (at least 10 months) to be a platform for his horrendous sexist/racist/homophobic opinions should be enough to shut the website down. No excuse for the author’s articles. But it’s arguably worse that the admins/moderators of that site have allowed this to happen on more than one occasion, over a significant period of time. All of the articles are/were even in their ‘news’ section. Baffling.
  12. If you go further back, to last year, there is casual sexism/misogyny in there too. Describes Jonathan Sutherland, Steven Thompson and Michael Stewart (2 of which, I think are very poor) as ‘a match made in heaven’, then says putting women on Sportscene is Political Correctness wrecking the show, as they only know women’s football. Truly embarrassing stuff. They’d honestly be best closing the site down. Kind of says it all that they’ve deleted the homophobic article and just not made any comment on it. Acting as if it never existed. https://dafc.net/story.php?t=Has_BBC_Political_Correctness_Wrecked__`Sportscene`_?&ID=3675
  13. I honestly hope this is the death of that site. It 100% should be. Those 2 articles truly are disgustingly ignorant. The racism one was posted days after we signed Todorov, who spoke out about the abuse he received during a Raith game last season - for which Davidson only got a 2 game ban. I have some Asian friends who were abused on the streets (racial profiling) near the start of the pandemic. I have been in a job (left soon after), where my boss interviewed someone, then said she wasn’t sure about them, before asking everyone in the office if they would be comfortable working with a black person. Don’t tell me racism isn’t an issue in this country, it 100% is. Just because it’s not as commonly reported on as it is in other countries, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an issue. Imagine bragging about having 4 friends from non-white backgrounds, as if that makes you diverse. Anyone who is an admin on that site should be embarrassed. Two incredibly bizarre and bigoted articles on a football fan site.
  14. Honestly hadn’t seen this until I saw your post. Truly astonishing and embarrassing take. Says a lot about that site, they’ll post blogs like that but ban people from the forums who criticise the club.
  15. I see Fraser Murray’s signed for Killie. Another signing that I’d have been happy enough with, but is unlikely to completely dominate this league. Killie’s signing policy seems to be to sign players that have been ‘alright’ at other championship clubs, rather than players who have excelled at this level (or above).
  16. Do your fans make plans like this for every player that has ever dived against you? I think it’s fairly clear the answer to that is no. So you have to ask, what’s the difference here? Genuinely, the only difference is that a player has been suspended for making discriminatory comments towards him. Therefore, it’s pretty clear that this planned abuse is due to him being abused by one of your players and anyone taking part is quite clearly going to be deemed to be supporting Davidson’s actions. Divers are normally booed etc for the rest of a match (at most), then forgotten about/left alone. This is clearly more than that. It really isn’t hard to understand. You will, quite rightly, be branded a racist if you abuse Todorov because a (now former) Raith player was found guilty of discriminatory comments made towards him.
  17. Raith fans trying to cover up their defending of a racist, by claiming the abuse they’re planning is to do with Todorov’s diving. There are far worse players in the league for diving - including Zanatta, who they have just signed. But none of them are subjected to the same abuse that they seem to be planning here. It’s clearly due to the fact he complained about Davidson making discriminatory comments towards him. Even for Raith fans, this is a new low. Right up there with the Falkirk fans behaviour towards Dean Shiels. No doubt these guys also don’t see the issue with English fans booing players taking the knee.
  18. Lewis Martin under contract for next season, but the club are still unsure when he’ll be able to return to training. Confirmed in the Press today.
  19. I actually quite liked the interview. Thought it was refreshing to see a manager telling it as it is. Crawford would have tiptoed around the issue and left rumours to be made up (see Kyle Turner), rather than telling us what happened with McManus’ agent. He’s clearly a fan of Todorov and went out to make sure he got the man he wanted. Credit to him for that. Good to hear he’s impressed with Rice and I do like the idea of a left footed CB for that role. I’m sure it won’t take long for him to work out the likes of Matt Todd aren’t good enough as well.
  20. Sounds like the perfect replacement for McManus then. Another guy who’ll be happy to be sold halfway through his 2 year deal, after we got him on a free transfer.
  21. Big fan of Todorov openly talking about Dunfermline being a ‘step forward’ from Inverness and talking about how he had offers from the premiership. I do find it interesting that he talks about speaking to the manager and that making his mind up. Grant genuinely does seem to be someone that players want to come and play for. I don’t know if he was prompted at all, but it’s also good to see that he mentions Nisbet’s progression being a factor as well. Hopefully the big guy can do well.
  22. Wonder if the signing of Todorov might mean we see McCann go out on loan? I think the reserve league is back this year, so we’ll probably get an influx of youth players. But if guys like McCann, Todd and Allan have any future at the club, they should be looking to get regular first team football somewhere - and that’s very unlikely to be here this season. I haven’t seen much to encourage me about the prospects of McCann or Todd over the last couple of years, but have liked Paul Allan when I’ve seen him. Don’t think he’s ready to be a first team regular yet though.
  23. Thoughts on Todorov? Confirmed on a 2 year deal with us.
  24. I’d be happy with Todorov as another option up front. That being said, not sure if there’s any truth in the post above. I keep thinking that today must be the day we announce something, but I’ve been thinking that for the last week… 2nd day of pre-season today, I kind of feel like there must be some new players in. Or, at the very least, news on Lewis Martin.
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