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  1. 7 minutes ago, Stellaboz said:

    Perhaps worth noting the 2nd fixture for this is the 7th January.

    No chance I’ll be going, unless things change significantly between now and then. The experience was awful when we won 3-0 on a nice day. Imagine going there in the wet/cold of January and barely being able to see the game, whilst standing in muddy puddles. They’ll still be charging £18 for that misery as well. It’s disappointing, as I rarely miss an away game on the central belt and this should be a perfect excuse for a day out. Nice easy train ride, lots of pubs in Edinburgh and not too far from the centre. But they seem to be doing everything they can to make the experience as awful as possible for away fans.

    They’d be better trying to explore the possibility of putting up fencing on the inside of the running track, to allow fans to stand on the track. If they can’t work out anything else, that would still be much better than what the arrangements were on Saturday.

  2. 3 minutes ago, AllyMonc said:

    My letter to the board - posting here as it makes significant reference to what Dunfermline fans had to put up with




    Very good letter, I think you’ve got everything spot on there. But I’m honestly feeling really sorry for you, that your club have made you feel like this. I’m sure you’re one of a number of decent fans your club have had for years that feel the same way.

    I genuinely hope that things can change significantly enough at your club, that it can feel like that club you have spent so much time and money following for so long and I hope that happens soon. It’s awful to see the impact a lot of this has had on loyal fans.

  3. 38 minutes ago, jacobsladder said:

    I do get away fans moaning but give us time and hopefully we will sort it but I’ll guessing this is going to be the arrangement for the season at least 

    The stadium is not fit for purpose and you shouldn’t be playing there until it is. It’s honestly as simple as that. You can have all the plans you like, but until everything is actually there, it shouldn’t be used as a stadium for professional football.

    Basically, at the moment, you have the equivalent of putting a 3G pitch and a running track in the middle of a park and saying “we have plans to make this a stadium one day, so we’ll play professional football here and completely disregard away fans.”

    Away fans are standing at pitch level, behind dugouts, equipment stores and the other side of a running track. On a patch of grass that already looks really worn and will be a swamp within weeks, unable to see the full pitch from any position around the pitch. Getting charged £18 for that, while home fans get charged the same for a seat in the stand, not having to go near patches of mud and with no obstacles in their way of viewing the pitch.

    Give you time? You should have taken the time to make sure it was fit for purpose before moving in. Despite all the sob stories, your club made the decision to move into this stadium either A) without checking it was up to standard or B) knowing it wasn’t up to standard. They’re to blame for the fact you’re playing football at this stadium right now, not the council. The disregard for away supporters at Meadowbank is terrible and the experience was abysmal ona fairly nice day. On a wet/cold day, that is going to be undoubtedly the worst ‘stadium’ in Scottish football for away fans, regardless of what plans are there for the future. It absolutely shouldn’t just be accepted “this is going to be the arrangement for the season”. If that’s the case, it’s not fit for purpose and you should be forced to move your home games elsewhere. 

    Edited to add a picture showing the state of the ‘terracing’ - as I say, give it a few weeks and some poor weather and that will be a swamp.


  4. On 05/08/2022 at 13:19, Stellaboz said:

    Not a signing pen GIF I'm afraid but I am delighted to announce that the first episode of the East End Tales podcast is now live!

    We're going to take a look back at some of the happier times around East End Park and we begin with the Scottish Cup 3rd round replay comeback against St Johnstone in 2001 with special guest Scott Nipper Thomson. Link below, but you can find us on Spotify, Deezer, Apple i-Tunes(soon) and other podcast platforms. 




    Podcast 1.jpg

    Listened to this earlier. Really good work, looking forward to hearing more. Well done!

  5. Got to the ground at 2:10. Got in fairly quickly. They had one turnstile for seating, one for standing. Bizarrely though, there was no barrier or segregation on the other side. So they’d have been much better off just having 2 turnstiles and trying to split the crowd equally between the 2. 

    Tried to scope out the ‘stadium’ once we were in and quickly realised only way to see the game without a massively restricted view was at one of the corners.. On the ‘terracing’ across from the stand, you can’t see at least 50% of the pitch because of the dugouts. At each end of the pitch, there are 7ft tall equipment stores, that also block the view of the pitch. Stewards tried to stop you going behind the goals at the far end of the pitch from the turnstiles, despite that being one of the better views of the pitch. But the young team outnumbered them to go there for the first half. It’s almost impossible not to get a ‘restricted view’ though. Also worth noting that fans are genuinely just standing on grass. On a wet day, this will be horrible and muddy underfoot. The grass was quite bare today, after a month or two, it will be dirt. Then in winter, will just be ridiculously muddy.

    On the game, it almost felt like an anticlimax, it was just a training match towards the end and Robbie Mutch deservedly got named man of the match, for preventing it being 7/8-0. Even before the red card, Edinburgh offered next to nothing and it always looked like we’d win comfortably.

  6. 10 hours ago, Cardle is Magic said:

    I want first-hand accounts written like you survived Vietnam for those going.

    I’ll do my best writing a post with a timeline of events, making sure it sounds as overdramatic as possible. In the interest of fairness, if any part of the experience is even semi-enjoyable, I’ll big up City, as if it’s really impressive that they have the most basic facilities/processes in place. That seems unlikely though.

    Really hoping for a late Pars winner, which would make for a really dramatic/heroic escape from this hellish captivity, where football fans have been treated like prisoners of war. Although, a draw or defeat will certainly make sure that the experience sounds as horrific as possible.

  7. 19 minutes ago, AllyMonc said:

    Genuinely feel sorry for fans coming through for this one. It's not all the club's fault - Edinburgh Leisure are an absolute joke and have been no help whatsover but it just smacks of how little thought is given to the fan experience in this country.


    The set up would have been okay when we were East of Scotland and Lowland, we might have got away with it for a bit in League 2 but it's just nowhere near viable for League 1 football. 


    On the bright side the weather forecast looks good.

    Work with a City fan, who has kept me up to date and am aware of the frustrations that the fans have. Also aware of the issues with Edinburgh Leisure/Council as well as (I believe) house builders. Nightmare situation for the club, most of which is no fault of their own. However, they also haven’t covered themselves in glory with the lack of communication/clarity around this game.

    For example, we’re still guessing about where we’re going to be standing and haven’t actually been told where we enter the ground? It wouldn’t have taken much to add to the diagram on the DAFC website (which I’m assuming City provided?) to show where turnstiles are and where the standing fans will be. The fact they seem so reluctant to say anything on that, makes me worry that the view will be even worse than most of us expect. The messages on arriving ridiculously early makes me wonder if they will only have a couple of people scanning tickets, making no extra effort to accommodate a larger crowd. If that’s the case, the club will quite rightly be criticised for that.

    Hopefully I’m back on here tomorrow evening saying that I got this all wrong and praising your club for handling things much better than expected.

  8. 1 hour ago, DA Baracus said:

    Is that just for fans buying tickets for the stand? Surely doesn't apply to those buying tickets for the standing area?

    Regardless, why the f**k are folk needing to arrive over an hour before the game kicks off?! What are folk going to do for an hour (or more!) sitting around in a pishy wee stand?

    Glad I won't be going. Looking increasingly horrendous.

    720 standing tickets and only 499 seats in the stand. So I can’t see why it would take longer to get fans in the stand into the ground? Could be wrong though. Shambolic either way.


    3 minutes ago, DAFC. said:

    Some people are saying we're standing right behind the dugouts, some are saying it's behind the goals. At this point I'm starting to think we'll have to be swinging on the high jump bars to see anything. 

    I’m assuming we’ll be standing anywhere around the pitch - can’t see how else they can get 720 people in, with no terracing. Although, based on pictures, the railings we’ll be standing behind are the other side of the running track. So behind the goals, you’re probably further away from the pitch than you would be at the back of the Norrie - and at pitch level. You’ll also (presumably) be looking through javelin, pole vault, high jump equipment etc. Along the side of the pitch, you have to try and look through the dugouts. None of it sounds like an enjoyable experience.

  9. 2 hours ago, Chubbychops said:

    Genuinely thought something would've happened by this stage of the week due to names being mentioned in the Courier at the end of last week. 

    Truely the most fuckin boring summer transfer window since the embargo 9 years ago.

    Despite the embargo, we had 5 new players by the end of July that summer! 1 permanent (James Washburn, whoever he is?) and 4 loans - Ryan Scully, Ryan Ferguson, Jordan Moore and Luke Johnston. So we’re somehow 2 players behind where we were when we had a transfer embargo! That being said, Benedictus and Hamilton make me more enthusiastic about our chances than any of those players did.

    It’s worrying that we seem to be struggling to complete these deals. Crawford’s a free agent and Mochrie isn’t part of United’s plans this season, they know they want to loan him out. These deals should be relatively straightforward to complete. Guys that should be desperate to get a club where they’ll get regular game time.

    Also worth noting that you can play trialists in League One. A bit surprised we didn’t even put Crawford (or any other trialists?) on the bench at the weekend.

  10. 2 minutes ago, DAFC. said:

    FFS what the hell is going on? There is no transparency at all with either club. 

    Pars emailed season ticket holders with a link to buy tickets on Saturday morning. Also been openly talked about here and on social media, with regards to how to find them on fanbase. Away tickets are available in the ‘events’ section of FC Edinburgh’s page on the app.

  11. 1 hour ago, Airduray Diamond said:

    How has kyle Mcdonald got on since he returned from loan, for us he looked a shadow of what he used to be, can see him being a problem for you guys if he’s a starter

    He works hard and likes to get forward, but his final ball is horrendous. Particularly frustrating yesterday, a number of attacks just broke down when he booted the ball out of play when he attempted to cross it, also had a few chances to score and failed to work the keeper at all. Think he’s an ok squad player, but not someone we will, or can, rely on most weeks.

  12. Big improvement second half today. Got very lucky with the goal, but think we edged it on the balance of play. Wasn’t pretty, but got to be happy with a win. 3-5-2 looked a much better shape with the players we have. Giving McCann a partner up top and having someone in behind them worked well. Played much more direct and were unlucky on a few occasions. More of the same next week please.

  13. Hopefully MacDonald can track one of Alloa’s wing backs. For 90 minutes last week, none of our players seemed to pick up either of Alloa’s wing backs when they had the ball. It became quite embarrassing watching both of them constantly get the freedom of the park and every Pars player just ignoring them.

  14. Tickets on sale for Meadowbank next week. Have to go to the Fanbase app (used by Hamilton last season). Go to the FC Edinburgh page, and go to the ‘store’. It will show as ‘ no tickets available’, but if you click on ‘events’ near the top, away tickets are available to buy.

    £18 to stand round the pitch. Makes £20 at EEP seem like a bargain!

  15. Squad will be very thin today. Noticed that in the tighter games (v Ross County and Alloa), McPake hasn’t brought on the young guys and only brought on MacDonald in an emergency situation (Benedictus injured). With Hamilton out, the only ‘senior’ subs we’ll have is Todorov and MacDonald. Not a great way to start the league campaign.

    Expect Alloa to start with Scougall further forward, as he was in the second half last week. But they have subs that can change the game. We really don’t right now.

  16. Definitely expected more than 3 signings before the league campaign started. Hope McPake’s patience pays off, but I’m concerned that we have no wingers and no cover/competition at all at CB. Benedictus will get suspended at some point and Breen really struggled to stay injury free last season.

    I don’t doubt we’re actively talking to players/agents/clubs, but any players joining now have missed pre-season. Missing pre-season is often used as the excuse for players struggling - like Breen and Dorrans last season and they were signed earlier than anybody that we sign now.

  17. 2 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

    I thought Annan won their group?

    They did, but it’s the 5 teams in Europe and the top 3 group winners that are seeded. That won’t include Annan.


    1 hour ago, DA Baracus said:

    Pretty sure we were out anyway even if he had won the penalty shoot out.

    Unless Raith win tomorrow, a penalty shootout win would have seen us through to the next round.

  18. First half was fairly decent. Alloa looked alright, but didn’t trouble us. McCann had 2 good chances and forced a good save from the Alloa keeper. Second half, we started strong, then fell apart as soon as we had that run of 4 shots that were all blocked.

    Once we conceded, heads went down and for some reason, our intensity dropped. Taking off Hamilton was odd. Todd was knackered and Hamilton was our best midfielder by some distance. Then Chalmers came on and barely broke sweat. Same goes for Todorov when he came on. First half (and every game so far), McCann was closing down defenders, hassling them. Todorov did that for a few minutes, then started walking whenever their defenders had the ball.

    Moving McCann out wide when he was starting to tire was another odd move and really shows why we need to add depth to the squad. Alloa made subs to change the game and we don’t have the personnel to be able to do that.

    Maybe we needed that kick up the ass. Second half was nowhere near good enough and we need to see a reaction from that next week.

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