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  1. Noticed on the ticketing site that we’re offering 3 match tickets for £50 for the remaining home games. Think I’d have gone for £45, making it £15 per game and only slightly more expensive than 2 tickets, but any discount is a good thing as far as I’m concerned. Could do with advertising this though. We have an article up on the website about Raith tickets, but nothing advertising the 3 match package…
  2. He’s some guy. Every time he’s interviewed, i get the impression that he must be a great guy to have around the dressing room. Always seems so chirpy. Noticed this morning that he’s our joint top championship scorer this season and has most assists, despite limited game time. A fit Dom Thomas massively increases our chances of survival. Although, chances are still fairly slim right now.
  3. Been very good the last couple of games. Genuinely can’t fault him. I still think he was really poor for a couple of games before that, but that’s in the past and he’s definitely shown us why he was brought in and what he can add to the team. Definitely worthy of praise, after the criticism from myself and others. Mehmet was also fairly good tonight and Todd at RB seems to work well. Maybe Yogi knows football after all - still wish he’d make subs earlier though…
  4. Brilliant performance and we certainly deserved that result. No complaints from me, every player put in a great shift and we played some good football. Every man in a black and white shirt put in a decent performance and gave their all. Not sure much more needs to be said than that.
  5. Cause our manager’s an idiot. Comrie hasn’t been at his best this season, but playing Todd there ahead of him is just dumb. 2 games in a row he’s done this as well. Would be surprised if Thistle didn’t attack down their left hand side a lot, to exploit Todd. Then again, they should also be shooting on sight to exploit Mehmet. Basically, we’ve got too many weaknesses defensively tonight and not enough of a goal threat at the other end…
  6. No outfield changes. So expect us to camp out at the edge of the Thistle box and rarely trouble them.
  7. Think he also has (had?) his persona on the pitch, that some fans assume reflects the way he behaves off it. By all accounts, he’s a totally different guy off the pitch and seemingly a really decent guy. Football fans always seem to think that someone being a wind up merchant/competitor on the pitch means they’re an arse in real life, but that’s rarely the case. Having Scott Brown at the training ground and watching matches can only be a positive. If he can pass on some of his experience/wisdom to our players, they’re certainly not going to get any worse. We lack leadership, which is something he has in abundance. He’ll set a high standard on the training pitch and hopefully lift some of our players a level or two. He’ll also see things from another perspective and likely report back to the coaching staff with his ideas/observations. Again, this can only be a good thing in my opinion.
  8. Fon Williams got released last month, despite the fact he’s definitely been our best keeper this season (best of a bad bunch, definitely). He was replaced as a coach by Alexander.
  9. Did you see our other option, when you came to East End at the start of the season? If Alexander plays tonight and Stolarczyk plays when we travel to Firhill on the second last day, we’ll end up playing 4 different keepers in 4 league games against Thistle this season. This actually seems quite likely to happen.
  10. Maybe Yogi thought he was one of the emergency loan goalkeeping options, even though he doesn’t have a club to be on loan from?
  11. Think that would be the last time we were in the top flight - Gallacher, Smith, Turner and I’m sure some Spanish guy played the last game.
  12. I make it 33 just now, will be 34 if Alexander plays. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/dunfermline-athletic-fc/leistungsdaten/verein/1270 We’re on 16 (again, not counting Alexander yet) before you get beyond the defenders [emoji23] 3 keepers, then 13 different defenders and I think, of those 13, only Fenton hasn’t played at CB.
  13. Agree with this. We weren’t defensive, our attacking players just didn’t seem to go into the box and stood around it instead. That’s a recurring theme though, so it’s hard to imagine that’s not the instructions from the manager. We set up to win, controlled possession and got into good areas. We’re a team that are clearly low on confidence and seemingly out of ideas. We were good across 2/3 of the pitch. But lacked that instinct in the final third. As I say though, that seems to happen every week. The manager’s stubbornness to make changes has been a huge flaw. Opponents always make changes much earlier and we often see a huge shift in momentum (see the Hamilton game last week for a fine example). Last night, the midfielders were dead on their feet, but the manager still refused to bring on fresh legs, it’s crazy.
  14. He also has 3 goals from corners. I honestly can’t really think of anyone else who has regularly threatened from set plays. McCann’s style of play and physicality is an obvious asset. He and O’Hara would possibly be a good partnership. Just after McCann came on, there was a point where it looked like he would let the ball run out for a corner, but he cut it back for O’Hara, who seemed to expect that to happen and got a shot in. The problem with McCann as a lone striker was actually similar to the problem with O’Hara as a lone striker. Absolutely zero support, striker comes deep to get involved/link up play and nobody moving into the box when he does that. Last night, we had Thomas, Polworth and Lawless in behind O’Hara and none of them seemed to want to go into the box. They all kept passing it around the edge of the box, waiting for someone else to be the one to make the move, which was really frustrating. We need to try 2 up front, we are desperate now (and have been for weeks) for a win.
  15. Like others, I agree with most of this. But Donaldson has been our only defender that hasn’t been disappointing, he’s actually been really good for us. Having a look at your squad thoigh, it’s one that was probably seen as ‘too good to go down’ particularly pre-season and when Mixu got appointed. I do think we’ll go down and genuinely agree with a lot of what you’re saying here. I hope it doesn’t take us quite as long to get back up though! But I do think League One is going to be very strong next year and we’re probably likely to underestimate it.
  16. Point is about as much use as a defeat for us. 9th is the best we can hope for now. But a draw is the least we deserved from the game. We were unlucky, but genuinely can’t fault the team’s work rate, attitude or desire. Would love to see us try McCann and O’Hara as a partnership. If we have Lawless and Thomas putting crosses in the box having a more physical target would help, with O’Hara still there to get onto the whipped balls/rebounds. He was really unlucky with his offside goal and the one off the post in stoppage time. Thought O’Hara had a good game overall, but kept dropping deep - which isn’t an issue in itself, but it is when none of Lawless, Thomas or Polworth then push forward into the box. Lads in the NW were brilliant. Other than the idiots who went on the pitch after the equaliser, delaying the game when we needed a win.
  17. Since I’ve been critical of him this week, it’s only fair that I mention that Chalmers played much better tonight, had more fight about him and did help drive us forward at times. Hard to really fault the players, luck wasn’t on our side though. O’Hara hit the post, had the offside goal and we had a few decent chances. The goal we conceded was also just awful to concede, rather than being a good goal. Having said that, if Muirhead hadn’t come off the front post, he blocks that on the line. Morton will probably be really disappointed to concede the equaliser in that manner. Manager had to make changes much earlier and had to make more than one. Midfielders in the middle of the park were dead on their feet for the last 20 minutes. Just get fresh legs on. He’s too bloody stubborn and just seems to absolutely hate making subs. If he’d made subs earlier and freshened things up, I think we’d have had a real chance to win. McCann took his goal well and looked really up for it - their defenders were being challenged for the first time all night once he came on. We absolutely have to go 2 up front on Tuesday. No time for excuses or playing it safe, we need to have a go at Partick and do all that we can to get 3 points.
  18. On paper, Thomas, Polworth and Lawless in behind O’Hara should be an excellent attacking threat. 1 striker against a team playing a back 5 is unnecessarily negative for a must win though. Just can’t get over Yogi dropping Comrie to the bench, just to play Todd at RB. But some of our fans will still claim Yogi can’t get any of the blame…
  19. Comrie benched for Todd to start at RB [emoji23] at least Dom’s starting, finally
  20. Looking at the ticketing site, there’s certainly a lot more tickets sold than usual. Fair play, the £5 tickets seems to have had the desired effect in terms of ticket sales. Means absolutely nothing if the team don’t win though.
  21. Have I missed some sort of covid outbreak/injury crisis at Morton? Morton win is 2/1, Pars are 5/4. 9/2 for Gary Oliver to score and Morton to win. If he plays, I think we all know that’s almost certain to happen. Actually just looked up the stats and it’s mental. Overall, he has 27 goals in 169 games for Morton. 11 of those have come in 15 starts against us.
  22. If Wilson plays and Morton win on Saturday, he will have won more league games than Dunfermline this season - despite being a Dunfermline player for the first 24 games of the season and not being involved in any wins. Morton have won in 4 of his 7 appearances for them so far and we’ve won 4/28 games.
  23. Comrie’s not had his best season - but who has? I’d still like him to stay, as he’s one of our better players. He’s under contract, but I guess it depends if we get offered a fee for him. Thomas, Lawless and Donaldson will all leave if we go down. No chance they stay, they’re far too good to be in league one and they’ll have better offers. There’s a good chance that we end up being reliant on McCann, Todd and Allan, as we might not be able to attract decent players. Having said that, AJ recruited well when we were in league one, and you have to hope that with a decent manager, we can do the same again. We could offer non-promotion clauses to try and get better players in, but then we could end up like Raith, when they lost Nisbet for nothing.
  24. If we’re being serious, most of them just aren’t good enough and quite a few are unlikely to play for us again. Reserve/fringe players having a kick about with a US marines side isn’t remotely relevant to our season and where we’ll finish. Pre-season friendlies are meaningless and mid-season friendlies are just completely irrelevant and I don’t know why anyone’s remotely interested in any results of them. Thomas and McCann are the only ones I think Yogi’s likely to have any plans to use. He doesn’t seem to rate Martin and the others haven’t offered much in the first team. Even some of those under contract (Breen, Todorov) will probably leave in the summer.
  25. Martin, Breen, Allan, Todd, Cole, Thomas, Todorov and McCann are there, they’re all first team players. Leon Jones is there too and he was supposed to be a first team player - according to Yogi, Jones was meant to start at RB a couple of weeks ago v Killie. So 9 outfield players would most likely be classed as ‘first team’
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