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  1. I honestly can’t believe how many Livi fans are taking this so seriously. For me, it’s been an obvious wind-up. I can’t imagine the kind of reaction we’d get from their 10 fans, if Chris Sutton had his say on their team selection/result last night.
  2. Assuming Livingston are docked 10 points, for lying down tonight (more or less match-fixing), we have a chance of finishing 2nd now.
  3. You have a whole week off next week. Would have made more sense to ‘rest’ players against opponents you’re likely to meet in the playoffs on Saturday. Given United will rest players, you’re basically planning on giving the United management team an extra 90 minutes to assess your weaknesses. In your position, I’m not sure I would be wanting my manager to rest players tonight, and play the first team at the weekend. It seems a rather bizarre plan, no?
  4. Start Cardle and Clark. Guaranteed to hit double figures. Those 2 love playing against Dumbarton.
  5. Are Livi really that scared of us, that they’re lying down, to try and stop us from getting to the playoffs?
  6. Suspensions for too many bookings kick in 2 weeks after the final booking is confirmed.
  7. Will Higginbotham’s booking still be considered funny, when people realise it means he’s suspended for the second leg of the first round of playoffs?
  8. Whether or not Dumbarton rest players, they won’t be battling for everything, as they’ll have one eye on the playoffs. If we need a result, then we should be able to get one. Dumbarton will not want to risk injuries/suspensions, going into the playoffs. There’s no doubt about that. If we turn up willing to battle, we’ll ease them aside in the first half and be able to cruise the second half. If Inverness drop points tomorrow night, it will be a friendly for everyone but Nicky Clark, who will surely be given the chance to go for the golden boot - against one of his favourite teams to play against! However, we need to be careful with challenges. I believe that anybody picking up a 5th yellow of the season this week, would be suspended for the second leg of the playoff semi-final (should we manage to get there). Likewise, anyone picking up a 5th yellow in the first round of the playoffs, will be suspended for one leg of the final.
  9. It’s a bit strange, not to have heard from him. If we’d lost, and Clark hadn’t scored, he’d have posted in here just minutes after full time. Wouldn’t surprise me at all, if he’s more upset than Inverness fans, after Clark’s late goal yesterday. His obsession is honestly so bizarre.
  10. It’s not over yet. Don’t get me wrong, that late equaliser merits every single reaction that I’ve seen. The switch in momentum there, is huge. However, Livi and Morton will both have ‘downed tools’ when Inverness play them, and Inverness are clearly a very good team at the moment. I think we’ll still need a result against Dumbarton. Approach the game professionally, and we will win, with Nicky Clark sealing the golden boot. Although, I also think I’d be giving McManus the full 90, to try and get him a goal, to boost his confidence going into the playoffs. Would be harsh to drop Ryan though. If Livi win or draw on Tuesday, I’d expect us to play a rotated squad on Saturday. But would still like to see us give Clark a shot at the golden boot. He has single-handedly saved our season in the last 2 months, and I would love to see him win an award like that, for his efforts. It’s a team game, but he stepped up when the going got tough, and put the ball in the net to earn vital points, at the business end of the season.
  11. Out of interest, why do you think that? I completely agree that Stein and Leishman are well ahead of Calderwood. I would probably put Paton ahead of him too. But I’ve never really understood why some fans just seem to dismiss Calderwood, like this. Took us from 1st Division, to our highest top flight finish and a cup final, that we probably would have won, if the referee hadn’t missed a blatant hand ball. There is no denying, that we played our best football in generations, under Calderwood. Personally, I don’t think it’s worthy of having a stand named after him. But he doesn’t seem to get any appreciation for what he achieved at the club. Look at all the seasons immediately before and those that followed, between Leishman leaving and now nobody before or after him, was able to come close to emulating his success.
  12. Robinson - keep Murdoch - under contract Gill - under contract Williamson - under contract Ashcroft - must keep Morris - keep M’Voto - keep Martin - keep Talbot - release Wedderburn - release Shiels - release Beadling - keep (if possible) Vincent - keep Craigen - keep Aird - keep Cardle - not fussed Higginbotham - not fussed Ryan - under contract Smith - under contract Clark - keep McManus - keep If the above list were to happen (which I doubt), I’d like to see us sign a new winger, assuming we keep either Cardle or Higginbotham - if they leave, we’ll need 2. Full back competition is a necessity. Need someone for when Williamson/Martin have poor runs of form. Central midfielders are another must sign. If Beadling doesn’t stay (I doubt he will), then we need a couple of defensive midfielders, that don’t have the same mobility issues as Wedderburn. Edit - forgot about Paton, Duthie & Splaine, who can all leave. Think it’s fairly obvious Paton will leave, given he hasn’t been in the match day squad since around January and I forgot he was still with us.
  13. Our best XI has changed so much throughout the season. None of our strikers have been consistently productive. Can’t be many (or any?) midfielders with more than 20 league starts. So, for me, it has to be a defender. Have to echo the above consensus - Lee Ashcroft has been consistently good, for the course of the season. Nobody else has been consistent, over the course of the full season. Williamson has had just as many awful games, as he’s had good games. Talbot was very average - Martin currently doing a much better job. Morris went through a couple of very rough patches. M’Voto and Robinson only been involved since January, so aren’t considered.
  14. McManus - started the season in brilliant form. Been off the boil since about December. Runs around a lot, with little end product of late - 7/10 Aird - we were warned to expect the worst. Barely seen him until the last few weeks. Looked good in flashes before then. Don’t think his 7/8 starts can merit more than a 6/10 Shiels - arrived with a good reputation, but hasn’t fitted into our system well. Had the odd good game, but his lack of quality has been shown up since our new midfielders were signed - 5/10 M’Voto - Frozen out for half of the season. Looked very reliable since January, and contributed well to our impressive defensive stats since then. Missing half of the season makes it hard to say he’s been a great signing, given he’s on a 1 year deal - 6.5/10 Splaine - looked ok, but hardly seen him play. Unfortunately, his injury came as he was starting to get his chance. Not his fault, but can’t say it’s been a good signing, when he hasn’t played - 2/10 Ryan - came with a great reputation and a lot of expectation. Looked ok at times, but also looked out of his depth at times. Hardly played, and therefore made very little contribution so far. Going to rate him on his contribution so far, not what he might do in the future - 5/10 Lochhead - was with us last season, so not sure why everyone’s naming him? Made his debut in July 2016. Robinson - 10 clean sheets in 16 games. Record speaks for itself, given he was signed 2 weeks after we conceded 5 at Home to Queens and had only kept 4 clean sheets all season beforehand - 9/10 Craigen - looks like there’s a player in there, but he’s not really settled into one position. Played both out wide and through the middle. Scored the goal v Inverness to kick off or good run and contributed well since. 7/10 Vincent - been in and out of the team due to injury. Looked good when he’s played, but missed most of our good run. If fit, I think he’d be a good player to keep. 6/10 Armstrong - not sure why we signed him, when he’s only been getting about 10-15 mins of action, likely to decrease now that Carole’s back as well. Looks talented, but contributed nothing. 2/10 Beadling - transformed the midfield. Mobile defensive midfielder, that shows us what we’ve been missing. Good with the ball at his feet and breaks up play very well. Been our best player since signing. Would love to keep him, but he’ll get a much better offer for next season elsewhere. 9/10 Think the posts above have been a bit too generous with some players, but everyone’s always going to have different opinions. I’ve tried to do my ratings based on contribution since signing, which obviously means if they haven’t played, they haven’t contributed.
  15. I honestly felt quite sorry for the Brechin fans yesterday. Despite their position, they still brought a fairly good number of fans through. The majority of their players then looked like they couldn’t care less. I thought Finn Graham was one of the very few players that was fighting for everything, yet he was the first player to be taken off. I found that quite bizarre. Although, that’s not as bizarre as Brechin’s assistant shouting for players to “sit deeper” at 1-0 down, just 10 mins into the game. I honestly thought, now that relegation has been confirmed, they might play a little bit better, as there’s not as much pressure. Sadly, I was wrong and yesterday felt like a friendly match. Thought the referee was terrible yesterday, and also treated the game like a friendly match, but that didn’t influence the result at all. Hopefully Brechin can get a new manager in for next season, and build a better squad, that can fight for promotion and show us what the club is really capable of. Always liked Brechin, like the trips up there and find their fans very friendly.
  16. Brechin don’t even look interested, other than a couple of players. This feels like a friendly. Just hope we don’t take our foot off the gas too much!
  17. Why are Falkirk fans getting so angry on twitter about Dunfermline’s tweet, wishing Andrew Nelson well? I honestly don’t understand it... any Falkirk fans able to shed some light on this?
  18. 100% agree. This time last year, I feared the worst for him. He seemed to have taken a real step backwards. However, he seems a totally different player now. He’s good defensively (for a full back - still don’t see him as a CB), wins high balls and is surprisingly assured with the ball at his feet. One thing I noticed v QotS is that he actually had the vision to drive forward and draw a defender away from Aird, before playing the pass. He did this a couple of times on Saturday, which left the one defender left with Aird, backing off nervously and giving him space. For me, Martin has played a really big role in this unbeaten streak we’re on, and has been consistently performing at a good level. I like Talbot but, on current form, Martin looks like a better option at LB. Given their ages as well, I’d prefer to see us stick with Martin in there next season.
  19. If he does the business for us, on the pitch, I couldn’t care less if he attends Rangers supporters dinners and what not. They’re not exactly a direct rival for us, are they? A large number of Scottish players will ‘support’ one side of the old firm. So what, if he enjoys going to games on days we’re not playing? I really don’t see the big deal with this. He seems to be giving his all for the club, and has been impressive in his last few games. That deserves praise. If he was attending Rangers events and showed no interest in our club, I’d be annoyed. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to have been the case this season.
  20. Jakubiak was constantly pushing, pulling and backing in. We see it with McManus every week. McManus is constantly fouled, but doesn’t get very much, because he’s pushing and pulling defenders throughout the match as well, just isn’t as strong as them. If Jakubiak wants free kicks for those incidents, he should maybe try and be more subtle, with his attempts to push and pull at defenders.
  21. Out of interest, what else do you think he got wrong? I genuinely thought he had quite a good game. He let a few players, on both teams, away without a booking for cynical fouls (shirt pulling, tripping players), when their man had got away from them them, but I thought he did well to let the game flow. I’d certainly say it’s the most competent refereeing display we’ve seen, for one of these games, all season. That being said, that’s not much of a compliment - Collum is the only other ref we’ve seen so far, that hasn’t allowed tensions to boil over, in this fixture.
  22. If we keep up our professionalism and the players don’t take their foot off the gas, we will win. If we don’t show Brechin the respect they deserve (remember they held St Mirren to 1-0 yesterday), they may punish us and get their first away point.
  23. Just watched Falkirk’s highlights. Looks like a brilliant challenge from Clark, slides in and blocks the shot. About the only thing the referee got wrong yesterday, to be fair.
  24. Falkirk fans are all talk. Their team are awful. However, I must congratulate them on being the first full time team, that Dunfermline have beaten away from home this season - in our second last away game as well!
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