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  1. I would assume that Talbot, given he’s nearing the end of his career, will be wanting a regular game. I don’t think he’s going to get that with us next season. To me, he has struggled this year and he’s only going to get poorer. I would also imagine he’s on more money than Martin, who looks to be a much better left back. Nothing personal, I just think it’s time to move on. As for Paton, I agree he’s a talented player, but he clearly doesn’t fit into the manager’s plans and seems to have become very injury prone. 2 years at this level and he has been constantly injured. I would be surprised if he’s been available for 50% of games. Even when fit, he also doesn’t seem to be in the manager’s plans. Why keep paying him, if the manager isn’t going to use him? As I said, for me, the cover/competition for places is too weak. Not so much the starting 11. We need different options, not just like for like changes. United were a totally different team, when they brought Mikkelsen on at half time. Morton have undone us with changing systems and bringing on other options, on more than once occasion. We can’t react to that, if we don’t have other options available. Our bench is generally made up of players that are just poorer versions of the players ahead of them, without offering anything different - unless we play them out of position. The only way to change that, is to get rid of those lesser players, and bring in other options. Having said that, I don’t know what’s available in the transfer market. I don’t know who’s out of contract, or who’s available for loan. Obviously, if it’s not feasible to bring in a better/cheaper option that can cover the full back area, I’d keep Talbot. Likewise, if there’s a cheaper option out wide, that would offer something other than Cardle, without sacrificing quality, why would we keep Cardle - who I’d suspect is a high earner, and I think Aird is a better player.
  2. McMullan and Clark were summer signings, last season. Morris and Herron were the January signings. I agree that Johnston is to blame, for the poor signings in the summer, I didn’t even try and suggest otherwise. But, at the same time, you have to give him credit for turning it around. The team met their target for the season, and improved on last year. For that reason, Johnston has earned another year. He’s still a young manager, and yes he’s made mistakes. However, he has also learned from these mistakes and turned things around. The last 2/3 months, we have looked like a very good championship team. We need to build on that. Changing everything, following our best form at this level in about 7 years (or since we started living within our means), would be madness.
  3. Squad depth. Our backup players aren’t good enough. Look at our bench last night and on Tuesday, none of those players are capable of coming on and improving the team/changing a game. We fade out of games, once substitutions come into effect. Poor summer recruitment has been the issue, as we’ve been stuck with those players being backup, since improving our starting 11 in January. Improve the quality of cover/increase competition for places, and we could have a good year next season.
  4. Keep: Robinson, Morris, Ashcroft, M’Voto, Martin, Higginbotham, Aird, Craigen, Vincent Beadling, McManus, Clark Indifferent: Cardle, Lochhead Release: Talbot, Paton, Wedderburn, Shiels, Splaine, Armstrong (end of loan), Duthie Not included Murdoch, Williamson, Smith as they’re under contract. Think it’s important to keep most of this squad together, and that includes the manager. The performances and run of form we’ve had recently, has shown that we can challenge. We can’t afford to have big changes and have a sticky spell waiting for things to ‘click’ after every transfer window.
  5. Agree with this. Collum was all over the place. Missing obvious fouls, giving really soft fouls, refusing to book anyone. As you say, that lineswoman was abysmal as well. Even McManus seemed convinced he was offside. His reaction made it so obvious. Don’t think she gave a single offside all game - there were a few that definitely looked offside, and missed the ball going out a few times. Even when it went out, she seemed to guess which team should get the ball and got it wrong quite a few times. Thanks to McManus missing that one on one though, the officiating made no different to the result. As I’ve already said, all the best to United. Please make sure we don’t have to play you 4 times next season!
  6. Congratulations United. Second half, only one team were ever going to win it. We ran out of steam and had nothing on the bench, to improve what we had. You deserved the win. We missed those 2 great chances in the first half, was always likely to come back and hurt us. You took your chances. Now can you just win promotion, so that we don’t have to play you 4 times next year?!
  7. I do agree with this. A fine example is Craig Barr - Dumbarton’s captain got sent off against us on Saturday. Dumbarton appealed this, meaning he was able to play in their playoff first leg on Wednesday. He scored a stoppage time winner. The very next day, his appeal was turned down and he’s suspended tomorrow.
  8. This should result in Dundee United being relegated to the Highland/Lowland League. What a ridiculous question. Durnford should also receive a permanent ban from any football forum.
  9. Ashcroft is available. Williamson will be a gameday decision. Not heard about Ryan. Also not sure about existing absentees - M’Voto and Beadling were both hoping to be back for this, I believe, but haven’t actually heard anything to confirm if they will be. We have very limited cover, if Williamson, Ryan, M’Voto and Beadling are unavailable. The longer the game goes on tomorrow, that could be the difference between the sides - United will have a much ‘stronger’ bench than us. If Aird has to play full back, that will also weaken our threat going forward. However, barring another injury/red card, that shouldn’t be required.
  10. Craig Barr’s appeal has been rejected, per the SFA website. Big blow for Dumbarton, but not an unexpected one.
  11. Shed now sold out for tomorrow. Cash gate will be available in the fair play stand, for away fans.
  12. Is this guy trolling, or does he think that a “promising attack” is the same as a “clear goalscoring opportunity”? Denying a clear goalscoring opportunity, is a sending off offence outside of the box - it’s also a sending off offence inside the box, if the defender makes no attempt to play the ball. Stopping a promising attack, is the old ‘tactical’ foul, where you ‘take one for the team’ and foul someone around the half way line, to stop them getting to the stage that they create a goalscoring opportunity. We have had Ashcroft (v Dumbarton last season & on Tuesday) & Martin (v Dundee United & Falkirk last season) sent off for denying clear goalscoring opportunities, in the last 2 season’s. None of the 3 previous red cards were rescinded - and we appealed 2 of them. So, I think you may be wrong on this one.
  13. United definitely the favourites, but would hardly be a huge upset if we won. Both teams will want to avoid extra time/penalties, given one of us will have to go again on Monday. Hopefully we’ll get another competitive game. Although, Willie Collum usually likes to be the headline, when it comes to big games.
  14. Good to see Raith are still #RoaringBack... come on, did they really think a hashtag/campaign like that, wasn’t going to backfire? Looking at tonight’s attendance, their fans don’t even care anymore. Would assume there were at least 600 home fans, meaning, at most, around 500 Raith fans travelled?
  15. Shiels at RB? Not for me. Don’t see him as a RB at all. Most likely scenario would be Aird to RB, Cardle to left wing. Other than the obvious height difference, Aird’s strengths are fairly similar to Williamson’s (running down the wing, with the ball). For me, the only other option (and one I would not like) would be Wedderburn at CB, Martin at RB. Can’t throw a youngster like Duthie into this level of match - he struggled (and got sent off) against Arbroath earlier in the season. Not ready for this level of football. I think we’ll miss Aird’s constant threat, if he’s moved to RB. Cardle hasn’t really performed since his injury in September, whereas Aird has been excellent for the last couple of months - including being our biggest threat last night. Ideally, we need at least one of Ashcroft (should win an appeal), M’Voto, Beadling or Williamson available. Comfortable with McManus and Clark up front. McManus was causing their defenders problems all night. Lack of cover is an issue though. In terms of first team players, if all of those that went off last night are unavailable, we’ll have the following: Starting: Robinson, Aird, Morris, Martin, Talbot, Higginbotham, Vincent, Craigen, Cardle, McManus, Clark Subs: Gill, Armstrong, Wedderburn Obviously Duthie was on the bench on Tuesday as well, but I wouldn’t class him as ‘first team’.
  16. Those 2 challenges from Mohsni are bookings all day long. Can’t believe he escaped without two yellows, never mind the fact he didn’t get one. McDonald has conned the ref, for the red card. Don’t know how the referees up here are still falling for his tricks. Good highlights, that show (in my opinion) a balanced view of the game and highlight how entertaining it was to watch. Some great saves from both teams and either team could have been heading into the second leg with a lead.
  17. Referee was terrible. Mohsni put in 2 challenges that he should have been booked for in the first half, and he didn’t even speak to him. It was never a red card either. However, he also missed a stonewall penalty against Morris - had his arm wrapped round Mohsni’s neck! Referee aside, I thought the second half was very entertaining, with both keepers making brilliant saves - Robinson twice from McDonald and United’s keeper from Clark & Aird. I know I’m biased, but I thought Aird was the best player on the park. We lacked any attacking threat, once he had to move to full back. Mohsni looked like a solid no-nonsense defender. He’s cut out his silly antics and strolled through the game, other than the 2 rash challenges mentioned earlier. Expect Friday to be another tight affair, both teams look evenly matched.
  18. There’s usually someone outside the club shop/ticket office, with a box of envelopes with tickets in them, for those collecting pre-bought tickets. Had to do this for Scottish Cup game v Morton and wasn’t an issue. Didn’t have to stand in the queue for those waiting to buy tickets.
  19. Would imagine that’s because the other tickets are all with DAFC, for them to sell? No idea why those 2 seem to be the exception
  20. Everybody I know, has a ticket that says west stand. Can you get your mate to confirm? Would be quite something if we’ve sold out the 1,800 for the shed already.
  21. Fair play to Caley. Put in some effort in the last few months and very unlucky to miss out on playoffs. Keep the majority of your squad together, and I think you’ll definitely be up there next season - hopefully we’ll be battling with you (we won’t go up). Will certainly be keeping a close eye on your summer activity, as I think you’re real title contenders next season.
  22. Remember being at an event before (maybe the Dick & Bert one at Carnegie Hall?). Robertson was there as a guest and came across very well, spoke very highly of our club. Seems like a genuinely decent guy. Last 2 weeks he has been very complimentary of us in his interviews. I’m sure he’ll be hurting, but he’s shown a great deal of class, with the way he has handled these interviews.
  23. Kyle Hutton tripping himself up, with no Pars player within 2 yards, then chasing the ref for 30 seconds, screaming at him... that just about sums him up
  24. Nah. Volleys are his speciality now (just ask Livi and Brechin). Headers are for Jock M’Voto to deal with.
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