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  1. No. I can understand his frustration, but that's no excuse. Thought he would get sent off, and couldn't have complained. You need to show officials respect, regardless of how they've performed. No place for behaviour like that in the game. A 'tougher' ref wouldn't have hesitated to send him off. The fact he stayed on the pitch is further evidence of no bias towards Falkirk in his decisions, as that was certainly a Pars player benefitting from leniency.
  2. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I believe the SFA asked for all footage that we had of the incident. The referee was aware that something had happened, but no officials had seen. This was then included in his match report. The SFA then asked for any footage that we had of the incident. We were not going to actively seek any retrospective action for this, as it had no impact on the result. However, we were not going to refuse the SFA's request. That's definitely not the case for the Falkirk incident though. I can understand Falkirk fans' criticism of the way we have dealt with this, but would also add that justice has been done. This may encourage other clubs to do the same, in instances like this. Until diving is punished regularly, it's not going to stop. I believe that the SFA only look at these issues if it is a dive that has won a penalty and/or got a player red carded. For what it's worth, I would argue that diving, in an attempt to get an opponent sent off should be a red card at the time as well. We're also guilty of diving. Cardle and McMullan regularly go down far too easily in the box. Pretty sure Moffat was booked for diving at Ayr last season. We're not as innocent as a lot of our fans' rage here would suggest. Nowhere near it. Hippolyte was successful with his dive and will happily accept his ban, knowing it helped them beat us and he'll be fresh for the playoffs. No worse than a player blocking a shot with their hands, when it's going in. I doubt that would cause such outrage on here. My frustration is with the referee. If he wasn't in a position to see if it was Murdoch or Hippolyte that played the ball, then he wasn't in a position to be able to give a penalty. As I said earlier though, he was just really poor in general, and I do not believe he was biased or cheating in any way.
  3. They will also have used the footage from our go-pro behind the goals. This is an HD camera, so will produce quality images. Probably the best view of the incident as well. The view that you would have got from this is used for a replay of our goal, in our highlights. We also have other cameras set up for training purposes, and I don't know if any of that will have captured the incident, or whether they would be used in this case. The SFA have previously used our footage from behind the goal, which we never use in our highlights for anything but our goals, to take action against a Dumbarton player who head butted his own teammate. On that occasion, the SFA requested the footage, as the referee knew something had happened, but no officials had seen it. We had a camera in the away stand that day, but couldn't set that up on Saturday, as the stand was too busy. Can we please just put this behind us? What happened has happened. We lost, Falkirk won. There was (about 20 pages back now) talk of Falkirk players who will be out of contract. Their fans were unsure on whether they deserve a new deal or not. Most of the players listed I thought 'he would be a great signing for us' - that's the current gap between the sides. Yes, we competed well until the penalty, but look at what they were able to bring off the bench. The subs changed the game just as much as the decisions - remember Hippolyte was a sub, as was Austin who scored the second. We had Spence, Williamson, Hutton and Reilly - none of whom would be good enough for the Falkirk reserves! As a squad, Falkirk are miles ahead of us. We need to add depth to or squad and different options, that will be able to change games.
  4. If that was two outfield players outside the box, that's not a foul at all. Even if we ignore the dive, Murdoch goes in and palms the ball away. In the middle of the park, of 2 players go for a loose ball, Pars player gets to the ball first and Falkirk player runs into him, that's not a Falkirk free kick. Red card looked fair enough at the time. Typical clumsy challenge from Martin. Stupidity/naivety from him. Youngsters make mistakes, if he's going to make it as a footballer, he needs to actually start learning from his! Officials were terrible, but wouldn't argue they 'cheated' or anything. Got to remember, the same clueless bunch gave offside against Falkirk at a goal kick in the first half! Terrible decision for the penalty, he didn't see what happened and took a guess. Thought Kerr could have been off in first half, but yellow probably the right call. The referee made several poor decisions for both teams. He spoke to Baird about time wasting, 2 minutes later, Baird gave away a free kick and threw the ball away - he ignored it. Several other incidents of players from both teams being warned, and then the referee not acting on it the next time it happened. Don't think he was a strong enough character for that game!
  5. Falkirk fans laughing about Nat's size... have you seen your number 15? Did he win a competition to be included in the squad or something? No doubt he'll turn out to be a good player and keep us at bay today, but with him in your team, you can't criticise us for having someone of Wedderburn's size.
  6. Hippolyte and Aird on the bench for Falkirk. Given how well Hippolyte has played against us this season, I'd say that's a bonus for us. That said, he'll be a real threat off the bench, as will Aird. 2 changes for us. Both strikers out, Clark and Hopkirk in.
  7. I've never known a game against Falkirk or Raith at East End not to become PATG. Other than our game v Raith in 2011, which sold out in advance. I'd say you can be fairly confident that cash gates will be opened.
  8. Last season, we got £105,500 prize money from the SPFL. Falkirk got £400,900 plus play-off income. Raith Rovers got £274,300. This means that, excluding other incomes (season tickets, merchandise etc) the £170k from our lifeline fund would make our income similar to that of Raith and well below Falkirk's. Can you explain why this means we should be putting out a team of the same quality as Falkirk? Particularly when you account for crowd sizes (as Falkirk fans love to do), your budget will be much larger. Finishing 5th is pretty good for our first season back and it's only next season that our lifeline scheme should provide give us 'extra' cash, when compared to the mid-table teams in this league. We have also had a large expenditure building a new gym this season - we have no credit facility, so this has to be paid for in full, along with a large expenditure on stadium repairs. This information is all in the public domain, in a statement by the club at the release of financial statements. Again, this defeats your garbage about not knowing where our money's going. But why let facts get in the way of your pathetic argument? It's also blatantly obvious that if people stopped paying their money, the budget would be cut. As has been made clear by our board (on numerous occasions), we have no credit facilities, which means that is our only option.
  9. I would say that you are our biggest rivals. However, it's definitely not a derby.
  10. Solid performance. Deserved the win. Full backs were incredible. Wedderburn bossed the game - loved him shielding it in the corner at the end. McMullan deserves a mention for the work he put in. Constantly chasing back and winning the ball. Raith were shocking. Our goal never seemed under threat. Hughes' insistence on passing the ball about the back cost him I think. He was moaning at his players if they lumped it forward, even when chasing the game. Totally bizarre. Doesn't seem like he realises they're in a fight. Not the time for 'pretty' football, and it meant we kept getting settled into position, making us hard to break down. Raith' keeper made a great save from Moffat and 2 from Clark. How did Jason Thomson stay on the pitch? On a booking already, he gave away the pen with a challenge from behind. Higginbotham was booked for a similar challenge. The referee also indicated that Thomson dived to try and win a penalty, then refused to give him a second yellow for it... McHattie also pulled up for pulling McCabe back on the breakaway and not even spoken to, never mind booked. Referee was inconsistent and, to be fair, we also benefitted from some questionable decisions. Really frustrating when referees are that bad though. Overall, I'm happy with that. I really doubt that we'll have derbies with Raith next season.
  11. Whilst I'd agree we've been playing well lately, we've only scored 2 goals in our last 4 games. The first of those came from a goalkeeping howler at a corner, second was a penalty. We really need to start taking chances that come our way. If two out of Higgy, McMullan and Clark play well on Saturday, we should score a couple. Raith back line is incredibly slow (or has been the other 3 times we've played them) and struggles with runners. Keep the ball away from M'Voto's head and play on the deck, we should get the better of them. If we resort to high balls, M'Voto will stroll it - as he did at East End in November. It's always these games that worry me the most - look at the Ayr game, we seem to get complacent when we're the favourites. But, this is a derby and we should be well up for it.
  12. Thought today was a good game. Both teams were trying to play attacking football. Despite it being obvious throughout the 90 mins that Hibs players had more quality than ours, they didn't actually dominate, other than in short spells. McGregor is by far the best defender in the league and McGinn is a wonderful midfielder. However, Brian Graham is terrible - summed up by his open goal miss, from a full yard out. Boyle seems to run around a lot, without any real end product. Referee/officials were generally poor all game. No consistency and, at times, looked to lose control of the game. Penalty, it looked like the defender had his arm outstretched, and stopped the ball being flicked over his head by using it. Given more often than not, but certainly one that is debatable. Lennon was constantly throwing tantrums in the dugout, throwing and kicking things around on the touch line. It really was pathetic. He then brought on a full back for a striker at 1-1, and celebrated the draw by walking over to the main stand to gesture at the least vocal section of the home support at full time. Totally bizarre! Yet to be convinced by him, as a manager. Think you could win this league, with your current squad, with just about anyone in charge. It should certainly be a lot more comfortable for you than it has been.
  13. Dragged into the relegation battle, by pulling a point further clear of 9th? Win v Raith next week, and we'll be 9 ahead of them and they'll have 4 games left. Given they play Ayr on the last day, they won't both be able to catch us. St Mirren play Dumbarton next week too, which means at least one of them will drop points.
  14. I see the club have confirmed to a Hibs fan on twitter, that there will be a PATG option in the away end. Was always going to be the case.
  15. Time to accept that we really are in a relegation fight. That's concerning, because we were totally outfought by Ayr today. They wanted it more and won every 50/50 and every loose ball. I wouldn't say Ayr were impressive, but they turned up willing to fight for a result. Our players turned up expecting a result. Not good enough. Ayr did defend well, but I would put that down to our clueless (or non-existent) tactics more than anything else. Moffat was the only Pars player who created anything (hit the post first half, Fleming saved his shot early in second), yet was the first player taken off. Completely mental.
  16. Aside from the actual football, I hope El Alagui isn't booed by our support. Recently, we seem to have an element that just boo every ex-player. He gave his all for us, and it didn't work out. That was through no fault of his own. He then left, to try and get game time elsewhere. He scored a couple of crucial goals in his time here. I do hope he has a poor game, and am confident of Morris/Ashcroft coping with him. Be interesting to see how this game pans out, as Ayr will have to be looking to attack us, surely? This is something that they haven't set out to do against us, since winning 2-0 at East End last season.
  17. Whether it's a teammate or an opponent, violent conduct is a red card. If the officials had seen what happened today, he would have been sent off. Can't believe your manager would keep a player on the pitch, that had head butted a teammate?!
  18. That's the thing, I'd rather we played like that against teams like QotS, Dumbarton, Ayr & St Mirren than Hibs. A draw's a good result at ER. However, if we played like that against the teams I mentioned, we'd win and pull away from the teams below us (or in the case of QotS, gain some ground on them). We have Dumbarton, QotS, St Mirren and Ayr in our next 4 games. And we will not play to the same level as we did yesterday, in any of those games. It's frustrating, but that's football for you!
  19. Dodgy start. Fantastic for last 70 minutes. Geggan more than made up for being caught out early on. McMullan, Higgy and Moffat were outstanding. On another day, Clark would have had a hat trick. Don't understand why we didn't make subs. Hibs started to look the better team once they brought on Keatings and Crane. Could have lost near the end, but should have been ahead by then. Delighted with the point. Lennon moaning about Higginbotham not being sent off. Not seen Fyvie's challenge again, but looked a straight red at the time. Fyvie also made an identical challenge to the one Higginbotham got away with, just minutes after Higgy's - again, no second booking. Both would have been very soft yellows. Ref was poor for both teams. Missed obvious fouls and gave petty ones. But then, he seemed to just walk around the middle of the park, really far away from the action. Didn't look fit enough to be refereeing a game.
  20. Just watched those highlights, no idea why. But Morris to blame for both goals. First goal, he was responsible for marking Miller, nowhere near the man. Second goal, Miller was behind him when the shot was saved, then Morris didn't even follow the ball in, leaving Miller with an easy goal - although I think the initial shot crossed the line anyway! But that's pathetic for a centre half. Absolutely pathetic.
  21. Falkirk were better all over the park. Couldn't have complained if it was 4/5-0. That was abysmal from us. Callum Morris coming in, has done the exact opposite of strengthening the defence. Looked a lot more solid with Fordyce partnering Ashcroft. I would probably moan about the constant high balls to our small strikers, but none of the 4 in midfield looked capable of completing a pass. The defence had no other option. The decision to bring Reilly on was laughable. He was the only player on that bench that would weaken the team. Falkirk weren't great today, but they were so much better than us. Baird was outstanding and ran us ragged. Sibbald was impressive again too. The number 6 (McKee?) was also good. Your defence wasn't even tested, and dealt with everything easily.
  22. Diabolical from us. Can't string 2/3 passes together. Soft free kick, but that's no excuse for the terrible defending of it. Higginbotham trying too hard and been poor because of it. Game has just been too quick for Wedderburn. Geggan hasn't found a teammate all day, or won a tackle. Falkirk been better all over the park.
  23. Hoping for a good game. Would take a point if it was offered now, but obviously hoping for a win. We have a team capable of causing problems to any defence, but a defence that's capable of gifting away chances. You never know what to expect at the moment. Falkirk are a very good side, and blew us away in the earlier game at TFS - the score line flattered us. Even the Boxing Day game, we had a lot of the ball in dangerous areas, but needed a penalty to draw level. Think Higginbotham will be well up for this today. On his day, he's capable of winning us games on his own. Likewise, players like Sibbald have really impressed me for them, he just seems to pick up pockets of space from nowhere. Hippolyte is obviously another big threat - particularly if he's up against Geggan again! Very sad to hear about the passing of this Falkirk fan. Particularly at such a young age. Will definitely be joining in the applause, and encourage those around me to do the same. Reading what many of the Falkirk fans on here are saying, it sounds like he was a very loyal and passionate fan. Without guys like him, our clubs are nothing. Falkirk fans were very respectful on Boxing Day, after the death of Margaret Ross. It's now our turn to put football aside for one minute, and show respect as well.
  24. Don't understand the big deal with the tickets. Give your details once, to set up an account with the club. Tickets are registered against this account. Seems like a standard set up, no? I logged in using my ParsOnline details, and it worked no bother, had the same people 'linked' to my account. Last year, many of our fans moaned about season ticket holders having priority for Albion Rovers tickets. Having a system like this opens the door to the possibility of a loyalty point scheme, and also makes it easier for the club to send out information on marketing events (sales in the club shop etc) to a wider range of people, than just season ticket holders. If you're not interested in that, you can also opt out of marketing mail. The police will only require your details if you're causing trouble. Enjoy the game in the same way as 99% of fans do, and you'll never have any problem with that. Which, in essence, makes it the same as any other online shopping account.
  25. Might do well at Ayr, if he signs. His lack of mobility was an issue with us, as we have been trying to attack with pace. The fact that he's more interested in going for the defender than the ball in every aerial challenge, was also an issue. He looked good for a couple of games, but couldn't perform consistently. Johnston confirmed after he'd had 3/4 consecutive starts, that if he played at the weekend, he was unable to train until Thursday the following week, because of aches/pains. At a full time team, that was a big problem. If he wasn't scoring every week, Johnston would struggle to justify playing him over players that worked hard in every training session. Therefore, he might be better suited to being part-time. I don't doubt that he gave his all for us, I just think injuries have got the better of him. Hopefully he can kickstart his career, wherever he ends up, as it seems like he just wants to play football again. Of course he was going to be frustrated at his lack of action, but he just didn't fit into our team.
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