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  1. Key word was “have” - both players did receive offers, but there are none on the table now. We did offer both Turner and Murray new deals, but both said they had no interest in signing. We accepted that a while ago and moved on. Murray’s decision was a large part of the decision to bring in Gaspuitis. Murray’s agreed to sign for another club and has told us that, so why would we claim to have an offer on the table just now?
  2. Presumably means they’ve been/will be offered deals. Until they’re signed, they’re free to go anywhere though. Those announced as released have no deals on the table from us.
  3. Is it just Lewis Martin and Josh Edwards who have been offered new deals then? Can’t remember if anyone else was out of contract. Edit: forgot about Whittaker - Grant mentioned in his interview he wanted to keep him though.
  4. Sky sports have released more of the interview with Grant. He mentions his chats with Thomas Meggle and it seems Meggle was particularly keen to speak to him. He also talks about wanting to win promotion with this club and how he thinks with the quality of player we have, with a couple more to be added, he thinks we have the right tools to do well. Bit more optimistic after listening.
  5. Anyway, let’s try and move on - player contracts expire on Monday, so I’d expect to get an update on them soon. Edwards, Martin and Whittaker are probably the only out of contract players who might get a new deal. Turner and Murray are likely to be away. Can’t see us offering a deal to Gill, I’d assume Grant will want to upgrade the goalkeeping department and have OFW as number 2, since he’s already under contract for next season.
  6. Poor from Sky Sports, but I also feel like Peter Grant should have made a point of trying to turn the conversation back to Dunfermline. First interview I’ve heard with him as our boss and he seemed happy to repeatedly talk about his love for Celtic.
  7. Arbroath are surely a similar sized club to Alloa and therefore a good comparison. Since Peter Grant was appointed, Arbroath have conceded the same number of league goals in 2 seasons combined, that Alloa conceded just last season. Arbroath have played 2 fewer games than Alloa have in that period, but have won 5 more games and lost 5 fewer games. The fact that Alloa have over double the amount of defeats as they have wins (26 defeats, 12 wins) is also concerning. Arbroath have scored fewer goals in both seasons as well, despite several people saying that all Alloa lack is a goal threat. I hope I’m wrong and I will continue to support the team. But it’s hard to see why the board have gone for someone with such a poor managerial record. His record at Norwich in the championship was awful too. We have tried this ‘well-respected coach’ route before with Crawford and Potter.
  8. Grant confirmed as First Team Manager. Not Head Coach, as was speculated.
  9. Any idea why we’re trying to sell (what looks like) a Raith Rovers/Falkirk top? https://dafcshop.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=28&product_id=1329
  10. Honestly, slag us off all you want. After the season you’ve just had, you’ve definitely earned the bragging rights. Then when you add in this appointment, you have every right to be laughing at us and confident of finishing even further ahead next season. Derbies could have a different feel next year, if both teams are trying to play ‘attractive’ football. Not sure I’ve ever seen a Fife derby played like that. Expect you’ll lose a few of your better players (Hendry being the most obvious one), but McGlynn’s recruitment seems to have been very good lately. As you say, football’s strange and Grant might work out. I’m not particularly excited by the appointment (as I’ve made clear), but I wasn’t convinced about Jimmy Calderwood of Jim McIntyre being the right men when they were appointed and liked the appointments of Stephen Kenny and Jim Jefferies - not sure I’m a good judge of a manager...
  11. You’re getting excited about 2 responses? This isn’t a wee team thread, that’s not a lot here.
  12. He hasn’t been good enough as a manager though. Crawford was a well respected coach, who had been poor as a manager before. Potter is a well respected coach. Ian Cathro is a well respected coach. Do I need to go on? A good coach does not mean a good manager. We have chosen to employ a manager, who has shown an unwillingness to adapt/change, based on how games/seasons are going. Someone who was happy to pass it around defence/midfield, when his team were losing and needed points. Someone who lost 15/27 games and didn’t see the need to change things, to try and get results. Do you honestly not see an issue with that attitude/mentality?
  13. Board said last year that they want promotion. I thought that was a decent sign of ambition. Within a year of that, we have settled for a manager who refuses to change his style/tactics regardless of results. 15 defeats and 60 goals conceded in 27 games and he was happy to keep passing the ball around the defence/midfield when they were getting beat. A manager who doesn’t seem to care about results is not what we need. Simple as that.
  14. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/scottish-championship/2261032/exclusive-peter-grant-agrees-deal-to-become-new-dunfermline-athletic-head-coach/
  15. That would be a suitable top for a championship team manager by Peter Grant. Awful.
  16. Yes. That’s exactly it. It’s impossible to develop young players, without playing tippy tappy football. We clearly failed to help Kevin Nisbet progress, due to our style of play. No idea how we made a profit on him (other than not inserting stupid clauses in his contract).
  17. Green and purple away kit. Looking forward to this one.
  18. I reckon the home kit launched will be based on the 95/96 kit, to try and tempt Petrie into returning. (I’ll convince myself of anything, to avoid believing Grant’s getting the job)
  19. Fair enough. I’d be surprised if he stayed here. He’s about 23 now (I think) and hasn’t had much game time at all. I also think we’ll look to strengthen the keeper department, which would suggest he’ll be away. Could be a decent signing for you if you get him, but it’s hard to know when we’ve never seen him have a real run of games.
  20. Who? Of those out of contract, I can’t imagine many of them being too interesting. Murray and Turner are hoping for top flight moves. I’d imagine Edwards and Whittaker will end up staying in the championship, whether it’s with us or not. Lewis Martin (if fit) will be in championship/league 1. Think Gill (sub keeper) and 2 untested youngsters (Swinton and Berry) are the only other players out of contract.
  21. As I’ve just posted on the other thread, it will simply be a case of him putting his name forward and us setting up a meeting/interview. That doesn’t even mean he’s being considered, but there’s no harm in speaking to the man. Don’t buy the whole ‘played the right way’ nonsense. The ‘right’ way to play would result in more than 5 wins in 27 games and a lot less than 60 goals conceded in 27 games - yet people above are saying it’s the attacking players that were an issue? As for the comment about playing other teams off the park, not for me. Passing the ball around the defence/midfield when you’re getting beat isn’t dominating, or having control of a game. It’s just stupidity and sign of a poor manager. A good manager would realise that those tactics weren’t working and change something, to try and get a result. He didn’t do that, despite losing over 50% of games and conceding so many goals. I’d rather play a less ‘attractive’ brand of football and win, than play ‘pretty’ football and end up fighting relegation. It’s all about results in football and he clearly isn’t the man to get them.
  22. Let’s be honest, the club will have ‘spoken to’ a number of managers. This is simply the first one that has been leaked to the press. It’s most likely someone on Peter Grant’s side that has leaked this, as I can’t imagine anyone at Dunfermline would be desperate to announce we’ve spoken to/agreed to speak to him. I would imagine it’s a case of he has put his name forward and we’ve set up a meeting/interview. We don’t know how many other managers/coaches the club have spoken to - I’d imagine quite a few, but at least they seem to be going through a proper recruitment process this time.
  23. Agree with this. When I saw Alloa, they seemed to be all about possession and playing ‘nice’ football. Even when they were behind, there wasn’t an urgency to score/get back into the game. A manager needs to be capable of changing things/mixing it up. This would not be a good move. Having said that, I’m fairly confident that this will just be a case of speaking to someone who has applied, as we have nothing to lose from doing so.
  24. It’s still there in football specials. Shields now 2nd favourite. Presumably because he’s the only remaining member of the old management team. I suspect he’ll be reserves coach though.
  25. I thought the tweet said 90% of the bets on Petrie came from the Dundee postcode area, rather than 90% of all bets being for Petrie to be the next manager?
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