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  1. Out of interest, what’s the deadline for this? Just renewed my season ticket etc, but planning to contribute to this.
  2. The Allan Johnston special. Centre halves that can’t play with the ball at their feet, being asked to play it out from the back. Resulting in a lot of sideways/backwards passing, meaning the opposition have time to get everyone set in position, before the team even get as far as the halfway line.
  3. Would imagine contract talks will have begun this week and we’ll hopefully get some news next week. Muirhead certainly one of the most disappointing signings. People expected a lot and have had been a huge anti-climax. But not one of the worst ever signings. It’s not too long ago Potter signed Jim Paterson and Paul George. Jefferies signed awful players like Sorel Chemin, Michal Hrivnak and Ivan D’Angelo. McIntyre signed Jack Ross, who retired before playing a game! Going further back we have guys like Jesper Christiansen, Georgi Hristov and many more. However, Jamie Mole is the worst ‘player’ I have ever seen in a Pars shirt. Crawford won’t get punted. If we aren’t challenging for promotion, next season will be incredibly dull if there’s no Raith or Falkirk. Can’t wait for our festive derby against.... maybe Alloa? Possibly Dundee, if Forfar come up in the playoffs.
  4. You cannot say it’s entirely down to the players. We beat Partick 3-0 at home, then blew a 2 goal lead away from home against them. We were cruising at 2-0 as well. Surely, you have to concede that’s down to the manager’s tactics? At the game, everyone could see that Penrice was getting the freedom of the park and this was never addressed, despite the fact it caused us problems all game. Likewise, the manager has to see that the backwards and sideways passing is counter-productive and try to work on a quicker style of attack. Instead, we watch the same rubbish every week, despite the fact everyone has worked out how to play against it. 6 goals from open play in Crawford’s 15 games is an abysmal record, no matter how you look at it. He has to see that it’s not working and try something different. The fact he hasn’t changed this, shows a real lack of tactical awareness. The players aren’t good enough to be challenging for the title, but should be more than capable of having us in a much better position than we are now. One point in our last 6 games, this is our worst run of form since 2013 (when we went into admin). We hadn’t had a set of results even close to being this bad under Johnston. The manager has to take his fair share of the blame for this.
  5. We have once - away to Falkirk at the end of December. The only time we haven’t collapsed after conceding a goal and that’s looking so crucial just now - imagine we’d lost that one, we’d be level on points with bottom! This season has not been good enough. We seemed to get a bit of a ‘new manager bounce’ in terms of results, when Crawford got appointed. However, it’s been so dull to watch. I’m not expecting us to turn into Barcelona overnight, but it seems very rare for the play to get us excited/on the edge of our seats at all. There’s no urgency to our play, our midfielders seem determined to keep passing sideways/backwards and our centre halves aren’t good with the ball at their feet, which means they keep punting it up to the opposition centre halves. It’s so frustrating, whenever we have a chance to counter attack, that we inevitably slow things down and let the opposition get back into position. We have the worst ‘goals scored’ record in the league, which demonstrates our lack of ability to break down defences, so why do we keep making it even harder for ourselves?
  6. United keeper made a save from Louis Longridge at 0-0. Can’t think of any other shots. Meanwhile, Scully made 3 saves in about a minute at one point! United were a lot more dangerous going forward than we were and deserved their win. With the chances they had, we couldn’t have complained of it was 3-0 to United at half time. Neither team offered a great deal in the second half, when United were happy to soak up pressure and try to hit us on the counter.
  7. Thought Safranko was outstanding tonight. He and Pawlett caused all sorts of problems. United worthy winners, but for some great saves from Scully in the first half, we could have been hammered. Regarding the goal, it frustrates me that our defence just can’t cope with someone running at them, with the ball at their feet. This has been a common occurrence this season.
  8. Worth noting, rather than buying tickets from United and paying £20, United fans can just pay on the day and get in for £18.
  9. 6 behind United in 2nd. We play them next week too!
  10. Crawford’s January recruitment looking very good - Blair’s set piece delivery gives us a different threat (scored 2 from his corners tonight). Anderson is a great poacher and always looks capable of scoring and Scully now has 4 clean sheets in 5 games, so must be doing something right! Great to see things starting to come together. Some amount of energy throughout the team. Haven’t conceded a first half goal under Crawford yet. Existing players have also shown real improvements under the new management team - Devine in particular. Also think Connolly’s been looking good and was very unlucky to be dropped. Was very lively and causing problems when he came on tonight too! Our new shape/system seems to suit quite a few players. It’s also good seeing pro-active changes, to alter our shape and see the game out/make a difference. Need to build on this though and keep the momentum going - it won’t all be as easy as Partick at home!
  11. Danny Devine solid again and deserved his goal and assist. First half was a dreadful game of football. Once Anderson opened the scoring, we settled down and it got fairly comfortable. Brilliant energy all over the park from us, fighting for everything. Thought Partick look really poor. Coulibaly seemed to have a lot of pace to burn and energy, but Partick had resorted to lumping the ball up in the air, by the time he came on, which seemed a waste, but was good from our perspective.
  12. 1-0 Pars win. Danny Devine to score the winner. In all seriousness, he’s been very good since the Raith game. Noticed Shields/Davidson constantly shouting instructions at the defence in the last 2 games and Devine has looked solid. 3 clean sheets in 4 games since Scully came in and Devine has been a big part of that. Now I’ve said that, he’s bound to have a stinker here.
  13. The camera angle doesn’t help, but the ball totally changed direction when it came off Rose’s arm. It was heading towards the six yard line, hit the arm and went out of play, a huge change in direction. That was very clear for anyone near the incident, including the ref and linesman.
  14. I also don’t understand this myth about Higginbotham being so important. If we look at the stats, he’s played 13 league games this season. In 12 of those 13 games, he has failed to register either a goal or an assist. In fact, he has only started in 1 of our 7 league wins, played half an hour in another and not appeared at all in the other 5. We’ve won 5 of the 11 games that he hasn’t played. Which is a lot better than our statistics with him in the team.
  15. Ref shat it with Inverness number 8 there. On a yellow card, went right through the back of Connolly, a minute or 2 later the ref shouted over to Robertson and he subbed him off. Nothing else worth talking about in the first half though.
  16. Yeah, having watched the highlights, McKay did brilliantly for the equaliser. Anticipated a loose ball and was the only one following the shot in. Defenders were all static. Which makes the goal disallowed for offside even worse. Our highlights don’t show it very well, but at the time I thought McKay was behind the ball and not even close to being offside. At the time, I thought he gave offside, because he thought he’d made a mistake with the equaliser - even though that’s the totally wrong thing to do! It’s concerning that our players just seem to collapse, as soon as we concede a goal. We played very well first half, then offered completely nothing, other than shambolic defending, in the second. County weren’t outstanding, but know how to pick up results.
  17. Highly doubt the game will be on. Someone sent me a picture of the pitch, taken from Higginbotham’s Instagram.
  18. A couple of years ago, Farid El Alagui left us for Asia. He ended up in Ayrshire instead, playing for league rivals. Footballers aren’t the most honest of people, it seems.
  19. That’s an old rule. It’s now just 4 at any time, but (I think) up to 8 in total. Alloa have already had 6 domestic loans this season.
  20. He certainly knew how to score past our part time keeper this season... In all seriousness, I always hated that suggestion. A natural poacher, who is an excellent asset at this level. A much better player than any striker currently at the club anyway.
  21. Crawford confirming that Robinson is only part time with us and doesn’t train towards the start of the week. I didn’t know that, seems like a strange scenario.
  22. The Thomson story is completely made up. We have expressed no interest in signing him.
  23. In all seriousness, I’ve been far from impressed whenever I’ve seen him. Watched some reserve games and also seen him in the league cup earlier in the season. Looked well out of his depth. That said, I’ve not been impressed with Robinson this season either. Changing a goalkeeper isn’t going to change our luck/results though. The defence in front of whoever is in goals is woeful, at best. Also, until we get a new striker at the other end, there’s a lot of pressure on any defensive players.
  24. Good shot stopper. Did well with us in league one before, so might be an asset next season! In all seriousness, goalkeeper isn’t an area I’d see as a priority to strengthen, unless this means Robinson’s leaving/Murdoch won’t be back. Would much rather see any budget that’s available spent on RB, CB or (most importantly) striker that can score.
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