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  1. We were noticeably less effective going forward after the half time change. Cardle scored, but broke up far too many attacks by being caught offside. Disappointed that complacency set in, and we lost 2 poor goals. Morris didn't look to break sweat, and had a good game - although was nowhere to be seen for the second goal, which is disappointing. For me, Wedderburn was the most influential player on the pitch today. He was outstanding. Broke up play time and time again and used his size well, in the midfield. Hardly ever wasted possession either.
  2. I genuinely hope that you can get the type of camera that you want - I just hope the money's not from a cup run this season! It's clear that a lot of time goes into this and, in my opinion, it's worthwhile. I know how much I enjoy Dunfermline's YouTube and social media channels, and I'm sure Alloa fans really appreciate the service being offered here. As you say, the SPFL channel is terrible, and it makes much more sense to run your own channel instead. Keep up the good work. Back to the game - hoping for a good performance from us on Saturday. Alloa have proven that they're a good team though, having started the season so strongly. I know that their form hasn't been the best lately, but they'll be doing everything they can to cause an upset this weekend. I don't think we can afford to be changing things around to give some of our fringe players/subs game time anyway. Stick with the team that have been performing well lately, and don't get complacent, I can see us winning 2-0. Too many changes will see us struggle.
  3. Very good video. Really like the idea of showing previous week highlights, as the manager is talking about them. Deserve a lot of credit for a very professional looking package. Seen a couple of your match highlights as well, and been very impressed. Particularly if this is done by volunteers (as most are), then they deserve a lot of credit.
  4. I would say St Mirren seemed to have most of the ball. Regardless, I have to ask, do you have a functioning brain? If we lumped the ball to Clark, who you claim can't win it, where does the opportunity come for us to keep the ball? It's not possible to have "the majority of possession", if we were to keep lumping it forward to someone who is unable to get on the end of the ball! I gave up reading your post after that, as it became clear your argument/criticism lacks any logic and is just incredibly bitter.
  5. Agree on that. First half in particular, Moffat was running the show. Their number 6 couldn't cope with him. Defended better against him second half though. Herron was very good today, but have to agree with Higginbotham as man of the match once again. Need to get him tied up to a new deal. Can't risk losing him!
  6. Fairly even game. St Mirren had a lot of the ball early on, without creating much. We had a few chances (Ashcroft header, McMullan in behind defence) before the penalty. St Mirren made the change at half time, which prevented our strikers getting so much space. Their big number 6 was winning everything, and it was no surprise when he scored - very nearly got another, but for an outstanding save. Langfield also made a great save from Clark. St Mirren looked a very good passing team, particularly second half, just lacking that cutting edge. Loy and Storie only had a few days with their new teammates, so that may come. They're certainly not doomed yet!
  7. In an ideal world, I would agree. However, you've got to accept the reality of the situation. We can't just send Reilly back to Hearts. There was no recall agreement in place when the loan was agreed. Also, we cannot afford to have quality replacements/backup for every position. I'm sure every team in this division (perhaps except from Hibs), would be struggling if they lost one or two key players, as Herron and Murdoch are for us. That's the reality of where we are, and it doesn't put us at a disadvantage when compared to our rivals. That's why it's important to have versatile players like Geggan and Martin, who are competent in a few different roles. Spence can only be loaned back to Brechin, as he cannot play for any other club this season. Hopkirk is never fit, so can't see him leaving on loan - unless we pay a substantial percentage of his wages. If possible, we should be trying to loan out Williamson - again, you need interest from other teams for that to happen. AJ sees Martin as a full back. He has looked very good this season and is our first choice RB. Geggan has done well covering there, and Fordyce is also an option there. We also have Spark and Duthie in the u20s as options. I'd be very surprised if we spent money on another RB, and would argue that LB is a bigger concern. With nobody other than Martin (first choice RB ) to cover there. We have no left sided defenders other than Talbot.
  8. Thought both teams started fairly well, and it was quite even. Then we got a very good breakaway, where Talbot hit a terrible shot, but as has happened so many times this season, Clark was perfectly positioned to divert it in. He's been excellent for popping up right place, right time, since joining. We then scored again shortly after. Not totally sure what happened, but it looked like Geggan mishit the initial header straight up in the air, fell over, then somehow got the second ball with very little challenge to hammer it in. Looked a great finish. From there, we dominated the rest of the half and looked very dangerous on the break. Second half, Ayr came out determined to get back into it and had a lot of the ball. They put us under pressure at times, but the only real chance I can remember was after a defensive miskick, ball was won around the byeline, cut back to Forrest - who missed a sitter. Other than that, they didn't threaten much, despite a lot of possession. We still looked very dangerous on the counter though. Higginbotham continued his outstanding form and ran the show. McMullan drifted in and out the game, but looked dangerous. Moff/Clark looking good as a partnership just now. Also a special mention for Herron/Wedderburn who were excellent in the middle. Ayr seemed to cause us a few problems in the second half, with Devlin overlapping on the right wing, and getting to the byeline/cutting in. Fortunately though, there wasn't much he could do with no support. Harkins is still a clever player and finds space and makes the most of it, despite his lack of pace. Not going to get carried away about that result. We're on a good run and it's important to win next week, otherwise we'll have undone all the good that this result has done, in starting to distance ourselves from the bottom.
  9. Number 4 is Lewis Martin. Came through our youth system. Still only 20, but has a lot of first team experience. Has become a key player and very consistent performer this season. Has played all across the back 4, and looked good in each role. That versatility has proven to be a real asset when players have been injured/suspended. Naturally a centre back, but I think he could turn into a good full back.
  10. Anyone know what the deal is with Lewis Spence? Originally announced that his loan deal would expire late October, but is still playing with Brechin... Wedderburn's red card, and Geggan finding form at RB leaves us short of midfield cover for the next couple of games. Also very short of defensive cover, which is why I assume Geggan will stay in his RB role. I haven't made any U20's games this year, is there anyone in there that's maybe ready for the step up? Even a defender, if we put Geggan back in midfield for a bit.
  11. Fair enough, hadn't realised that. Good effort from them then. Unfortunately, due to current form, I can't see us taking more than 400-500 fans on Saturday - not even sure we'll take that many. It's a shame, remember going to Dumbarton in 2012/13 and thought it was a nice wee ground. I've already got other plans this weekend, but hope to be at our other fixture there this season. Think it will end up a 3-3 draw or something this week. Robert Thomson almost certain to score at least 1.
  12. I'll bite... 2,000 odd parking spaces, for a stadium that holds 2,000 fans? Surely even if the stadium's full, the car park won't be! Unless Falkirk bring fans to stand outside the stadium, then your argument makes no sense.
  13. Can only assume this is a joke. Firstly, Fairid is a Dunfermline player now, and we are his first priority. Of course he's going to be delighted to score. Secondly, this was his first start in a long time, and he hadn't lasted more than 45 minutes on the pitch since April 2015. Of course he's going to be delighted to be given that chance, and then to take that chance, will mean a lot to him. Third, Farid had no reason at all, to show respect after scoring. He had been booed in the warm up and booed for 75 minutes of the game, by the time he scored. Respect works both ways, if you're going to show him no respect, how can you expect any back? The idiots that get upset about former players celebrating, are normally the same idiots that boo former players for 90 minutes. Genuinely can't understand your comment. You won (with relative ease) against your rivals, and you come online to moan about a former player celebrating a goal?
  14. Wasn't as good as his goal from more than 35 yards, against St Mirren (as reported by the BBC).
  15. Agree with this. First time seeing the pitch at Falkirk Stadium, and I thought it looked a great playing surface. Heard people blame the pitch when the ball bounced over Talbot's head once, but I've seen the same happen on grass countless times. Falkirk get nowhere near the same advantage from their pitch, as we did from our plastic one. Game would have been the exact same, if it had been played on grass on a dry day. Obviously today, a grass pitch would have had puddles and players would have slipped in the mud a lot, given the weather earlier.
  16. Murdoch - made a few good saves, that kept us in the game. Williamson - awful. Just awful. He can't defend, and has lost his 'flair' going forward. He just stops, when it looks like he might get tackled. Martin - wasn't his bet game, lost his man a few times and picked up a silly booking early on. Had a good season so far though. Ashcroft - great performance. He should be captain. Best player we have, and certainly let Williamson know what he thought of him. Felt sorry for him, when he apologised to the fans at the end. Talbot - didn't do much wrong. Fairly solid defensively and made a few good runs forward. Typical steady performance. Geggan - awful. Doesn't look up to this league at all. Gives away too many stupid fouls, picks up too many stupid cards. At one point he was more concerned about picking a fight with Baird, than helping his team. Complete liability this season. McCabe - not much better than Geggan, but made a few good passes and looked composed on the ball. Seemed to find space in the middle of the park, when nobody else could. Not got the work rate, for a game like that though. Higginbotham - started well. Then went on to show why he hasn't been getting a game. Aimless punts into the box, no positional sense. Got the ability, but doesn't show it often enough. Paton - thought he did ok. Never going to be one to beat 3/4 players. Kept trying to get forward though, and put in a few good runs/passes/crosses. Didn't help that he had Williamson behind/beside him. Clark - didn't do much. He ran around a lot, but didn't have much of an impact. Didn't get much service though, to be fair. El Alagui - didn't do much, until he made a goal out of nothing. Huge asset to have. That's what he's there for. Hopkirk - looked positive when he came on. Ran at the defenders, and tried to create something. His mishit shot created the goal. Could be an asset. Reilly - did nothing when he came on. Then again, by this stage I don't think anyone knew where they were playing. Johnston seemed to just throw him on without any idea of where he'd play. Falkirk look a lot better than us overall. Hippolyte had a great game, albeit against an awful RB. Baird caused problems all game, and Sibbald ran the show really, making some great runs that Geggan couldn't be bothered tracking all game. Thought we competed well until the first goal. Then Falkirk's quality showed until we got a goal out of nothing.
  17. I'm looking forward to the game. Have always enjoyed the Falkirk games more than the ones against Raith. Can't understand the fans trying to play down the rivalry, so that they can pretend they don't care if we get beat. Can guarantee, if we had been in good form, they'd be going on about looking forward to winning this. As was the case with Raith away, I'm assuming a lot of fans will be buying tickets tomorrow or Saturday morning, as well as several assuming that this will be the same as every other away game against Falkirk, where it's announced on the Friday, that they will sell any remaining tickets on the day. For people living out with West Fife, this will be a more convenient way to buy tickets, rather than travelling to East End on a weekday. I believe we sold 1600 tickets by the Friday of the Raith game, and took 2,500. I would expect us to take around 1,500-1,600 to Falkirk. We won't sell out, because of form and longer travel distance (compared to Raith), but will take a decent crowd.
  18. Second is arguably a penalty? Arguably? You're as biased as the Pars fans you're criticising at the start of your post. The defender was losing his balance, Clark nipped in to get the ball, and the defender dived in and tripped him. Clear foul anywhere on the pitch. The third is debatable, but if your arms are up at head height like that, it's hard to argue that's a 'natural position'. Referees are advised to ask themselves if the arm is in a natural position, when making handball decisions. This was obviously deemed to be an unnatural position. As many United fans have said, it's one that you definitely claim for. They're not always given though and sometimes are. As for claiming for red cards - first penalty, Ashcroft was never getting the ball, therefore no goal scoring opportunity. Yellow card was correct. Second penalty - running away from goal along the bye line is never a clear goal scoring opportunity. Third - there were 2/3 players between the ball and the goal. Hard to argue the ball was definitely going to go in, had it for past the defender. Yellow card was correct. I would also like to point out that I was amazed that United never got a penalty in the first half. There was one point a ball came across the box and Ashcroft (I think) seemed to push over the striker - much like our first penalty, where there was no chance of him getting the ball anyway. We definitely benefitted from the referee on Saturday. In order to survive in this league, we have to make the most of days like that! We're making the same mistakes again and again, without learning from them. Geggan constantly not tracking runs from midfield, defence constantly not tracking runs, Williamson just unable to deal with anyone that can play football, nobody covering Williamson when he runs forward and Johnston still pretending Hutton is a goalkeeper. Why has none of this been worked on in training? If it has, why has there been no improvement? We're also constantly passing up several scoring chances, then I'm seeing people call it 'luck' when a team score more goals from fewer chances (as United did on Saturday) - it's not luck, that's what's expected at this level! Clark and Reilly played well on Saturday. However, much of their time on the ball seemed to be out wide, leaving only wingers/midfielders in the box, who aren't as good at finishing. Would they be able to create more, if the midfield could get the ball to them in the box? Well, 2nd penalty came from a loose ball after a Reilly shot. Third penalty came from handball on a Clark shot, and the goal came from Clark's deflected shot. That, to me, suggests that we need to get the ball to them in/around the box, rather than forcing them back/wide to get the ball. If they are going to be drifting wide, I'd say Cardle has to start. Best finisher of all of our wide men.
  19. Have Celtic suffered today, due to the decision to have this game on the same weekend as youth internationals? It does seem strange to arrange top flight u20 teams to be in a cup, where international u19/21 games are also played that weekend? I genuinely don't know how many players they have in the youth teams for internationals. Although I expected them to lose, to a full time senior side, I didn't expect such a hammering.
  20. Grant, yes I play football quite regularly. Wouldn't consider myself to be a great player at all. But I do know that ball was not played behind him, and the way his body was shaped, hitting it across the goal was never a good option. If he had gone for the front post, he could have generated more power. The fact he tried to side foot it across the goal, whilst moving towards the front post is mental. His body was angled towards the corner flag at the time, meaning that he had to take any power out of his shot, in his attempt to almost hit it behind himself. He genuinely doesn't seem to know how to hit a shot, or what his best option is whenever he has a chance to score. That's what concerns me most about Moffat. However, what's more concerning is that several other players are constantly making decisions just as poor as that, all over the park. Nobody seems to play with any confidence, and up until the last 10 minutes yesterday, we almost seemed to be accepting a 1-0 defeat.
  21. Apologies, didn't go in with both feet, but certainly lunges in with both feet off the ground, like Talbot did. Which, again, is a foul anywhere on the pitch. However, I do accept that he was nowhere near as late as Talbot.
  22. We deservedly got beat, as I mentioned before... If the rest of our play was anything to go by, the penalty would not have been on target. But that doesn't change the fact that this is a clear penalty. You can't deny that. Time and time again Charleston is put in charge of our matches and makes 'mistakes' that disadvantage us. This is a man with a Falkirk tattoo, and surely such an avid supporter of our rivals can't be impartial? I have also seen him on Tartan Army trips talking about his hatred of 'Fife Scum'. Surely who a referee supports, should be taken into consideration when appointing them to games? Can't be hard to find officials that don't support Dunfermline/Raith/Falkirk, I'd imagine a lot of them support bigger teams than us. Referee is not to blame for yesterday's defeat. And he also got the red card decision 100% correct. No complaints from me in that respect. Not a single player we had out there was better than their opponent. We were genuinely fortunate that Queens made very little of the large amount of opportunities they had. But it's still frustrating to see this man repeatedly screw us over, and get away with it.
  23. Seriously, how can this challenge not be considered dangerous? Two footed challenge from behind is a straight red card, no? Queens fans, let's stop focussing on the 'not clear if he got the ball' aspect, and focus on the actual challenge. Even if you win the ball, a two footed challenge like this is a blatant foul in the modern game. [attachment=137022:IMG_1472389948.973613.jpg
  24. From the main stand, it seemed clear that the ball hit Spence around the thigh, then the defender went through him. However, regardless of that, the defender leaped in from behind, two feet off the deck. Straight red card anywhere on the pitch, just like Talbot's.
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