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  1. Wonder if the signing of Todorov might mean we see McCann go out on loan? I think the reserve league is back this year, so we’ll probably get an influx of youth players. But if guys like McCann, Todd and Allan have any future at the club, they should be looking to get regular first team football somewhere - and that’s very unlikely to be here this season. I haven’t seen much to encourage me about the prospects of McCann or Todd over the last couple of years, but have liked Paul Allan when I’ve seen him. Don’t think he’s ready to be a first team regular yet though.
  2. Thoughts on Todorov? Confirmed on a 2 year deal with us.
  3. I’d be happy with Todorov as another option up front. That being said, not sure if there’s any truth in the post above. I keep thinking that today must be the day we announce something, but I’ve been thinking that for the last week… 2nd day of pre-season today, I kind of feel like there must be some new players in. Or, at the very least, news on Lewis Martin.
  4. McManus confirmed as being away. In the past, we’ve announced new signing(s) the same day as players leaving. When Nisbet left, we announced McManus, O’Hara and Thomas the same day. When Jackson Longridge was sold, we announced Nisbet and Murray the same day.
  5. We have a friendly away to Spartans next Wednesday, so I’d imagine we’ll hear about some new signings (and Lewis Martin?) this week.
  6. If you’re going back 30 years, it’s 100% Norris McCathie for us. No explanation necessary. I was very young when I saw him play, but you could just tell he was special. In terms of players I remember a bit better, I’d genuinely say Kevin Nisbet. A player so good, he made Crawford look like a competent manager and is at the euros, 2 years after we brought him in on a free transfer. Honourable mentions to Craig Brewster, Jack De Gier and Gary Mason. Shields was also a very good player before for us. Remember him scoring for us when we played Killie away - unfortunately for him though, he was supposed to be playing for Killie that day!
  7. I thought he looked like he had potential a couple of years ago, but he’s really not kicked on. That being said, he hardly played last season and Crawford moved him all over the place - he even played central midfield a few times. So it’s a bit hard to judge him based on that. Just looked and he played 360 minutes in the league. Equivalent of 4 full games in a 27 game season. But he didn’t seem to offer anything in those appearances, I would agree. He’s never had a consistent run of appearances in any position and is only 20, so we’ve just got to trust the coaches/manager’s opinions. We don’t see what goes on in training. By all accounts, he’s done well for the reserves, but he hasn’t made that move to first team standards yet.
  8. Shields and Grant both talked about him as having great potential in their recent interviews. Think they’re hoping for him to kick on this season.
  9. £50k for McManus is a good deal for us, in my opinion. O’Hara and Wighton ahead of him in the pecking order. Would rather he stayed, but more than happy to get £50k for him.
  10. 100% this. Mason was a fantastic midfielder. McIntyre bringing him back in January 2010 was a stroke of genius and proved to be what had been missing. Before Steven Bell’s injury, the 2 of them had a great partnership as well. From that McIntyre era, I’d also throw in Alex Burke, who was often underrated/under-appreciated.
  11. Does anyone know if we’re planning to add to our coaching staff? I noticed that Shields has moved from Assistant Head Coach, to First Team Coach - title changed on the club website too. Does this mean we’re planning to bring someone else in as Grant’s assistant? We’re a coach (or a player/coach) down from last season as well, in terms of numbers. Crawford and Dair left, with just Grant coming in. Obviously Whittaker is now a full time coach, but it’s still less man power, despite the return of the reserve league this year. Might we be looking at a youth/reserve coach instead?
  12. I’m not really familiar with their business model. What is the non-football revenue that they get and why is it so high?
  13. Have any of you read the interview? The headline is intentionally misleading, to draw attention and get people to talk about/read the article. Basically, he says we’re as big as them but he sees us as being bigger. Talks about wanting to replicate their sustained success and build a similar environment, where they recruit players based on their style of play. Also goes onto talk about the importance of the training ground/academy. It’s a very short quote, that was part of him basically saying there’s no reason we can’t aspire to the standard St Johnstone are at just now. We just need to keep making small steps on the way there.
  14. Cheers mate. I stay in Dunfermline, so just drop me a message when you have a chance to collect it and I’m sure we can arrange something.
  15. How not? It’s a £55 saving, assuming (as looks likely) we’ll be allowed in the grounds. You will only ‘lose’ money, if 7 or more games are behind closed doors (assuming £12 stream and £20 patg). Given where we are with vaccinations, that seems incredibly unlikely. That’s before you consider that it’s very likely that there will be games that only season ticket holders can attend, or (at the very least) those wanting patg tickets will have to enter a ballot and will not be guaranteed tickets. Part of the package this year, is that it’s likely you will be back in the ground for all games, which is very unlikely for non season ticket holders.
  16. I agree that it would be nice to get some recognition of loyalty, for those renewing. I feel like Ross McArthur repeatedly goes on about how much they appreciate the loyalty of fans etc (particularly during the pandemic) but the club do absolutely nothing to show recognition/appreciation. Money off in club shop, or even the usual early bird discount would have been fine. But this isn’t keeping the price the same as 2019/20, despite the claim that it is, since a lot of people took up the early bird offer. At a time when finances are an issue for many, I do believe they could have done more. Those of us who bought season tickets last season didn’t get any value for money and paid £94 more than they would have for the 13 (including play off) home games that weren’t on tv, if they had opted for the PPV option. However, the price increase does still reflect a lower cost per game than we paid last season (other than for the main stand).
  17. But it’s £16.95 per game. Last season it was £17.85 per league game. This is actually cheaper per gamethan last season, despite the fact it’s likely that season ticket holders will be in the stadium for every single home game. You really think we should charge the same overall price, despite having 4 extra home games? Season tickets normally go on sale in May, when we’ve usually made zero signings. So that’s nothing new either. Feel free not to buy, but complaining about a price increase, despite a lower cost per game than last season is ridiculous. Honestly, some people will moan about anything.
  18. But you can’t ignore the fact that they get more money. Which means he’ll have a bigger budget there and be able to attract a higher quality of player because of that. That is why it’s a more appealing job to a lot of managers. Some managers relish the opportunity to take on a club in our position and try and build us to become an established top flight club. But, if you have no affinity to this club, why would you not go where you can make more money and even have the opportunity to draw a premier league club in a cup, get great experience from that and increase the budget even further. The potential career growth with a club down south, is much greater than at a club like Dunfermline. Do a good job there, he’ll attract interest from championship clubs and then potentially premier league clubs. He didn’t get noticed down south, for his work at Motherwell. It would take a very long time to be able to get Dunfermline to the level he got Motherwell to, never mind trying to improve on that.
  19. I’d be keen to contribute again for 2021/22.
  20. Ross McArthur mentioned in his interview that we were hoping to announce changes in the club structure this week. Hopefully that hasn’t delayed recruitment. That being said, as mentioned above, our manager’s not even been here a week. Contract discussions/recruitment can take time. I’m more bothered by the fact that the season’s only 5 weeks away and we haven’t announced anything about season tickets. We’re told every year about how vital it is for the club to get that cash in May/June, but this year it’s apparently not so important. I think we must be about the only club in Scotland not selling them yet.
  21. Murray was a solid enough defender and had a decent goal threat. Worth remembering he also scored in our last game pre-lockdown. So his early season form was a continuation of that! His playing abilities can be replaced though. As a squad, I feel like the current group lack leadership. I’d imagine Peter Grant will be attempting to rectify that with his signings. Think Turner and Murray signing for teams who will also be hoping for promotion tells you that they would have been assets for us. However, it’s up to Grant to recruit players. I was pleased with his comments about not bringing in players who are no better than what we have. I liked that. Hopefully we see some signings soon - first league cup game is 10th July, so pre-season is likely only 2-3 weeks away.
  22. All the best to him. Hope he does well for you and can kick on with his career.
  23. Euan Murray confirmed at Killie. Need to make sure we defend properly at set pieces when we play them!
  24. Edwards has his flaws and certainly has a poor game in him. But he’s only just turned 21 and I think Lewis Martin looked like he was struggling a lot more than Edwards does, when he was 21. If the coaching staff see something in him (and they clearly do) then we have to trust that. Will be interesting to see if Martin and Whittaker stay. Would suspect Martin maybe has a 6 month deal and Whittaker will get another year - unless it’s maybe a 2 year deal if he’s part of the management/coaching team. After that, it will be interesting to see who we recruit. Midfield is an obvious area, where we need at 2/3 more bodies, depending on whether we plan go with a 2 or a 3 in the middle of the park. Obviously we need a keeper now too. Would expect this to be a new number 1.
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