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  1. Got to be fair, a large part of that is because Arbroath are a very good championship side. They just beat Inverness away and have had a very impressive season so far. We have been awful and I’d back any championship team to get at least a draw against us, but Arbroath would quite rightly be expecting to beat the likes of us, Morton, Hamilton, Ayr and QoS wherever the game is right now. Our home game v Arbroath was abysmal from our perspective, but Arbroath did look very good and could have scored more. If our players turn up with the attitude we showed there in February, we’re in for a hammering.
  2. This is true. Except that it was 4-1. Bizarrely, when we appointed Grant it was revealed that this was the game that convinced our board that he would be a great manager for us.
  3. Absolutely this. They do a good job creating an atmosphere and EEP would be a terrible experience for fans and players without these guys turning up in numbers and making that noise. But I’d much rather they focused on supporting the team than making up rubbish like that to sing about opposition. To be fair, most weeks it’s all about us. It’s when it comes to these ‘bigger’ games and that section is twice as full as usual that we tend to get these songs. The ones there every week don’t appear to be the issue and should be encouraged to continue making noise and getting behind the team. Not excusing what happened last night. But I’d imagine a lot of those who were singing these songs won’t be back at a Pars game until the new year derby.
  4. Wait, our fans are singing about a 17 year old who is on loan to Cowdenbeath being a sex offender? Sorry, but that’s truly awful ‘patter’. Assuming it’s this guy… https://www.raithrovers.net/48934/luke-mahady-2.htm
  5. Both unacceptable. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Unfortunately for both teams, these will be the guys that won’t turn up at all until the next derby. Then we’ll hear the same stuff and both supports will look bad again. We also seemed to sing (again) about someone being a sex offender. I’ve got no idea who that was even about (Luke someone I think?). But there’s no need for that stuff - unless I’ve missed something with someone at Rovers being placed on the register?
  6. Like a lot of us, chubbychops is pretty regularly posting about the disappointment we have had so far. I’d actually say he’s fairly reasonable with that vast majority of his posts. If he didn’t give a f**k he probably wouldn’t get so worked up about it all and post a lot of those emotions on here. Trying to argue that he doesn’t give a f**k because he was (quite rightly) frustrated at full time last night makes absolutely no sense. Not giving a f**k would be applauding the players anyway, claiming it was a good result/performance, saying the manager deserves more time etc. That’s not a dig at you. I understand your reasons for applauding the man of the match announcement and applauding some individuals who deserved it. But don’t go full .net style on us here and claim that those calling out mediocrity don’t care about the club. That’s honestly s***e behaviour. We’re all struggling this season, don’t need to start fighting amongst ourselves.
  7. Honestly, could the guy look any more miserable? I don’t think he wants to be here anymore.
  8. Dick Campbell had us sitting top of this league when we sacked him in 1999. He’s someone that players seem to respect and enjoy working with. I’d be happy if we brought him in, however given his age and other commitments, I don’t know how realistic that is. It’s one of these that we have to ask - does he just seem to be better than we have, or is he the right man? Any football manager in the world would be an improvement, but it doesn’t make them the right man for the job. I’d ask the same about McIntyre, who hasn’t achieved much since leaving us. Although, I have it on fairly good authority that he doesn’t want to return to management. I do think we need experience, at least until the end of this season. Priority this season is survival in this league now. We honestly can’t afford to be planning for next season (or beyond) until safety is secured.
  9. As I said to your previous post, it’s just mental. DT scored a brilliant goal. At the time, there was a decent chance of that saving Grant’s job. But because of who scored it, he couldn’t even applaud, smile or congratulate his player. Grant’s ego/arrogance is clearly more important to him. He’ll probably drop DT for celebrating in front of the bench like that.
  10. I noticed that and thought that said everything. He couldn’t even get out of his seat after that goal because of who scored it. Incredibly bitter/arrogant man. OFW, Vytas and Thomas have all been very good since being reinstated to the team. They’ve all been frozen out by Grant at some point. He isn’t a good manager and clearly doesn’t know what makes a good player. Just a reminder, Ross Graham was ever-present earlier in the season, while Vytas warmed the bench. We failed to score a home goal and struggled away from home, while the manager refused to play DT - who now has 2 goals in his 2 starts at EEP. He signed Mehmet and let him gift several goals, before accepting OFW was a better keeper. It’s not just the results, it’s that abysmal standard of management that is a huge issue.
  11. The only reason we’ve drawn the last 2 home games (rather than lose) is because Dom Thomas has returned to the team. The manager refused to play him for the first 8 games ffs. It just further highlights how clueless he is. Bringing Thomas back in isn’t a stroke of genius, it just shows how naive and arrogant the manager was to leave him out for so long. All because he didn’t play well as a central midfielder [emoji2361]
  12. Sum up Grant’s game management… We have an attacking free kick, looking for a second goal. He stops the game to rush Kai Kennedy, the smallest player in the league, onto the pitch for us. In the same move, he removes our main goal threats to have us sit deep for the last 10-15 mins and hope to keep a clean sheet. Eliminating the momentum that we had from taking the lead. Was only going to end one way at that point. Guy’s a clown and has to go. Rant over… now, can we please talk about that Thomas goal. What a ridiculous strike that was. Absolute beauty. Don’t think we’ll see a better strike for a long time.
  13. First half was a non-event. Started the second half well and got a deserved goal with Dom’s brilliant strike. After that, Grant lost us 2 points. Took off our attacking threats, despite only being 1 up and sat ridiculously deep for the rest of the game. As was predictable, Raith equalised - with a very good strike after a good 20 mins of constant pressure and then we just looked lost. Board said 3/4 weeks ago that we had to win games soon. 3 games later, no win. He has to go.
  14. Ball numbers tend to be alphabetical order, rather than ordered by division, so I’m not sure that theory is correct. We were number 19 and Partick were 32. I also think it’s a bit of a myth that we always get other championship teams. 2018-19 and 2019-20 we got League 1 teams (Raith and Stranraer). Last season we got Morton. Just makes it all the more embarrassing that we haven’t even scored a Scottish cup goal since January 2018. Think we can only have had 1 home Scottish cup tie in our last 6 or 7 draws though, which seems very unlucky.
  15. We kept 2 clean sheets in Watson’s last 2 games (the 2 games before we brought in Connolly). Saturday was the first clean sheet we’ve managed with Connolly in the team, so it’s definitely a stretch to attribute those clean sheets/improved defensive solidity to him. We changed to a back 4 and looked more secure defensively before Connolly came in and that’s what made the difference. I honestly haven’t seen us much lately. The last Raith game (Connolly’s debut) was the last game I attended. So I can’t comment on his performances, but given he seems to have been solid enough, I’d also be pleased if we extended his deal. The change in shape may have sorted the defence, but as you mention, it’s nullified our attack. I think an extra man in midfield is required, to ensure we can do more with possession, rather than punts up the park. We have players capable of playing decent football and picking passes, but we don’t have a system that allows them the time/space to do that. Most teams in this league play 3 in midfield and that leaves our 2 totally overrun. Having said all that, I’d still like to see us go with O’Hara and Wighton up top tonight. They caused problems in the second half at Starks.
  16. Yeah, I didn’t really want to consider the possibility of him getting the entire quarter. Our statement said he knew things had to improve quickly. Failure to win at least one game this week and he hasn’t done that. That would be another 4 games he’d been given and he’ll have been given 1/3 of a full season, so can’t have any complaints about being sacked after 0 wins in that time. As you note, the task for the new manager gets harder each passing week. We are a significant portion through the season now and every game does have a significant impact on the size of the challenge that we face for the rest of the season. It concerns me that the board have been so slow to act/too stubborn to acknowledge their error.
  17. Hadn’t done the maths when I sent that. We would need a minimum of 1.8 ppg from this point to get top 4. Fail to win our next 2 games and it very quickly goes up to around 2ppg required, over a 24 game period. Based on that, I have to agree it’s not possible. For survival, we’ll likely need around 40 points. At this stage that will require 1.3ppg. Given we currently average 0.6ppg, that’s going to be unlikely under Grant. Given we haven’t won a game yet, it’s easy to work out that our point average over any run of games will be below 1ppg right now.
  18. 100% agree with this. For me, 4th is mid table. Whether you get a playoff spot or not, 4th in a 10 team league isn’t impressive and certainly doesn’t merit a chance at promotion. The manager and chairman clearly stated in pre-season that we were targeting the title. To shift that target to mid-table within the first quarter, without acknowledging that the wrong man was put in charge is just mental. If we sack Grant soon, I think the new manager should be told top 4 this year and challenge for the title next year are the expectations.
  19. Usually plenty space on Halbeath road and/or the streets just off Halbeath Road. Head up Garvock Hill way and you’ll find plenty space to park. Just make sure you don’t block anyone’s drive and you’ll be fine.
  20. Agree with a lot of what you’re saying. But I’d be surprised if Wilson started - unless we switch to 3 in midfield and actually decide to start using our midfielders when we’re in possession. Otherwise, I’d expect aimless punts up the park that Berra will deal with no bother (like the first half at Starks). Definitely agree you have the better manager and team. Individual quality doesn’t make a great team and we certainly don’t resemble a team at all this season. Meanwhile, McGlynn has assembled a really good team again, where everyone knows their role/responsibility and I’d be surprised if the replacements coming in don’t just slot in fairly easily. Regarding the whole “the Pars will win games” - I’m honestly not convinced. There isn’t enough of a team mentality or any sort of game plan for me to think that could happen. We seem to have settled for trying to draw 0-0 every week, despite the fact that won’t see us stay in the division. We seem to have a plan without the ball, but have no idea what to do when we have the ball in our possession, which is incredibly worrying for any team, never mind a full time team. I have no idea what they work on in training, there’s no sign of any of it on a match day. I can totally understand though, why outsiders would look at our squad and assume that they will win some games, regardless of who is the manager.
  21. All the best to the guy. Cracking wee player, who deserves so much better than what he’s had to deal with over the last few years.
  22. Worrying thing is, I think this is as good as it’ll get under Grant. We seem to have settled for this and Grant/the board obviously think it’s good enough. Grant and the board promised us challenging for the title, playing entertaining football. Instead we’ve got boring 0-0 draws, rooted to the bottom of the table. On their own, our last 2 results would have been ok. In the context of our season so far, it’s just not good enough. I just don’t see any way for us to progress from here. Grant was obviously told to sort out the defence and his solution was to play such a negative and horrific brand of football, playing for 0-0 every week. At no point do they seem to have looked into sorting the attack. You need to score goals if you want to win games. We’ve failed to score in 6 of our 10 league games. We have plenty of players capable of scoring at this level and they have proven that last season. Nobody to blame for the abysmal performances, other than the manager/coaching staff. But the board seem too stubborn to accept this and do what’s best for the club. Instead, we’d rather publish the manager’s stupid excuses that have now gone as crazy as it being too windy and the grass being too long. Could he not at least have saved the wind excuse for Arbroath this weekend? Can’t use the same excuse 2 weeks in a row…
  23. It’s no wonder crowds in Scotland are so poor. How’s anyone supposed to get excited? Minimum of 6 games against Partick Thistle this season. Minimum of 4 games away to Partick Thistle this season. The small leagues (and 4 league games against each other) just make it so boring/hard to get excited about any cup games against a team in the same league. 3 trips to Firhill before the end of November. Boring. Of course, if we were playing well and/or had won yesterday, I’d probably be relatively pleased with this. But I had hopes of us drawing Kelty and Joe Cardle scoring the goal that saw Grant get sacked…
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