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  1. 17/18 was probably our last enjoyable season. However, I’d argue we’ve had good/enjoyable games since. 2-0 win at home to United, just before lockdown, springs to mind. I was definitely happy that day and enjoyed the game/atmosphere. There was a game the same season, where we hammered Partick at East End - think it was 5-1. Game was decent, but atmosphere wasn’t great. The issue was though, we rarely performed like that and would put in really uninspiring displays most weeks. This meant that the stadium hasn’t been particularly busy, as people have lost interest. Which certainly impacts atmosphere and the fan experience at the game. Of course, our start to this season has seen actual attendances (those in the stadium on the day) be alarmingly low. I hope that people turn up on Saturday and get behind the interim management team and the players. This is a big game and a win will take us off bottom - and potentially make the job slightly more appealing for any prospective new manager. As a club, I’d like to see us do more to encourage people to return/start coming to East End. There seems to be zero marketing being done at East End just now. Hopefully when we appoint a new manager, and/or over the festive period, we can run some sort of promotion (u18s tickets for £1, buy one get one half price, ST holders bring a mate for £5 or something) to try and boost crowds and draw people to East End on a Saturday. Right now, charging £20 per head and not having any incentives at all isn’t going to have many people thinking of giving it a go/returning.
  2. He always seemed to say he couldn’t ask for any more from the board, players or fans. So it’ll be interesting to see who he does try to blame, now that he’s not trying to save his job anymore. A third of the season played and he didn’t win a league game, despite saying himself that we wanted to win the league. Will he acknowledge that his signings have been so poor? The less of ‘his’ players we have on the park, the better we have played. That’s how mental his recruitment was. Will he acknowledge that his 3-4-3/3-4-1-2/3-5-2 was a mistake and one that he stuck with too long? Players obviously aren’t blameless, but it’s up to the manager to get the best out of his players. Comrie, Thomas, Dow, Kennedy, Todorov, O’Hara and Wighton have all proven themselves to be more than capable at this level. But he’s played them out of position, played tactics that don’t suit any of them, asked them to do unfamiliar things. That has to be on him. He must have had to prepare to play against almost every player currently at the club last season, and he doesn’t seem to know what they can/can’t do. In the summer, we advertised a job for an opposition analyst. Was this ever filled? If so, what on earth do they do? Our preparation has been horrific and it seriously doesn’t look like we’ve looked at opponents at all, prior to playing the game against them.
  3. He doesn’t seem to be very bright, does he? Think his dad maybe needs to have a word with him - although, as you’ve said, he looks old enough to know better.
  4. Do you know this for a fact? If so, this is really poor. I was hoping that what I had been told was wrong.
  5. Would be happy with that. Did a great job at ICT and I think we need someone with experience, due to the situation we’re in.
  6. He has photos of him with (now ex-) players on his Twitter. Do you have contacts in the club? Just aware you’ve posted updates regarding supporters council meetings. If so, might be worth at least flagging this to them. Admittedly, he looks a bit scruffy to be a director’s son. But the person who told me about this seemed very certain that this is Ian Hunter’s son. I don’t know Ian or his son, so genuinely can’t say for certain, just passing on what I was told about this ‘leak’
  7. This interaction from 2019 certainly seems to suggest he is. I simply searched ‘scottygerrard director’ on Twitter to find this. But it’s worrying he was telling people about us making a massive loss in the 18/19 season, long before the board confirmed it!
  8. 100%. But that almost makes it more believable that he’s the son of one of our directors…
  9. I’m led to believe that @scottygerrard on Twitter is the son of one of our directors. If so, there are some pretty serious leaks on his Twitter. In addition to the below, he’s also spoken about our team selection in advance of games.
  10. I did say “at the club” meaning Dunfermline. I’m aware that this has definitely happened at other clubs.
  11. Has there ever been another ‘permanent’ manager at the club, who has failed to win a league game?
  12. Grant has actually said “we are preparing right for matches” having failed to win in our last 13 competitive games. He’s out of ideas and we will be relegated under him. Time for the board to admit their mistake and sort it out. I mean, it’s been time for that for at least 5/6 weeks now, but surely this can’t go on any longer! I wasn’t there, but it seems a bit mental that we conceded 4 goals and he says Rhys Breen “did exceptionally well” as well. Seems to blame everything on bad luck, rather than accepting responsibility. How stupid are our board members, to keep believing this?!
  13. Isn’t that what just about every thread on here has become?
  14. It’s minor, but our Twitter shortening Arbroath to ‘ARBFC’ for every update made no sense to me. Surely we either use ARB or AFC?
  15. Not having that. I don’t think any Dunfermline fan would have been confident of a win (even at 2-0), never mind ‘certain’. Honestly, you’re just making things up now.
  16. Dumbarton (when they’ve been hit by a covid outbreak) and Stenhousemuir. Doesn’t make sense that our form/performances against them hasn’t been matched in the championship.
  17. Probably Grant still upset about the ‘no alcohol before 11am’ rule.
  18. They’ll think the booing at full time and actions like that are the cause of this defeat. Cause events/actions after the match clearly have a huge impact on the team’s performance during the match. I have never experienced the fans booing the players or not being supportive before things start going wrong, despite the board’s claims.
  19. Get him out of there. 2 goal lead and we lost 4-2. We will not win under him, never mind achieving this promotion target he was given. The guy can’t manage a football team. This was proven in his previous roles, but this is just embarrassing. If he isn’t sacked, I won’t be there next week, despite loving 5 mins away and having a season ticket. I’m not wasting my time. The board simply don’t care about the club anymore if they leave him in charge. So why should we?
  20. Connolly must be injured? He’ll be a big loss, he’s very much the leader in our defence.
  21. Arbroath - 0 Dunfermline - 1 Wind - 3 Fully expecting the bitter wee guy writing for the official site to lead with this, after we get pumped 3-1 today. Hopefully one of Vytas’ punts up the park gets caught in the wind and goes into the top corner for our goal too, but we don’t acknowledge that.
  22. Honestly, if anyone recognises anyone in the video, or knows this Jay Herd boy, I’d recommend identifying them to the club. I’d also hope their families can see how vile these kids are. I hope that the same happens for Dunfermline fans (or those of any other club) singing vile songs like this. All for the banter with rival fans and winding each other up. The celebrations at both goals were what these games should be all about. It’s a shame that a handful of fans can sour things like this.
  23. Just seen people talking about this on Twitter… hopefully Rovers are able to track him down and ban him.
  24. Hadn’t read the match preview until reading the above about it. It really is horrific. At one point it mentions our 5 goals in 11 games. Then the league standings section mentions our 6 scored and 15 conceded. To be fair, with the last one, I think they just haven’t bothered updating post Tuesday - although they’ve updated the points tally and form, to show that extra point… add in Arbroath being x points ahead of us and the conditions bearing us, rather than the football team (seriously, how disrespectful is that?!) and it shows how amateur and unprofessional we are, even down to our website. I don’t care if it’s run by volunteers, we’re a professional football club and shouldn’t have our official website reading like a teenager’s fan blog. Screenshotted examples, so that people don’t have to waste their time reading it all.
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