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  1. Tickets for Saturday now on general sale, for anyone who isn’t a season ticket holder.
  2. Can’t really put all the blame on the midfield, when the defence keep giving the ball away before it even reaches the midfielders. Going to be a very long season of playing it out from the back, if our 2 goalkeepers can’t to pass the ball and our defenders continue to be incapable of playing with the ball at their feet. Yes, the midfield needs improved, but they’ve barely had a chance to play football tonight due to the defenders’ abysmal distribution. Early days though, just got to hope that players adapt well to the new system/style of play quickly.
  3. Comrie at RCB and MacDonald at RWB has been a big issue tonight. I like Comrie, but he should be at wing back. Goal came from Main just peeling off towards him and having a huge size advantage. MacDonald is just a poor player, not convinced he’s good enough defensively or with the ball. The 3-5-2 just didn’t work at all. Thomas was so deep in the 5, which seemed odd and we had nobody providing any service to the attacking players. Edwards (perhaps unsurprisingly) been caught out defensively quite a lot too. Probably doesn’t help that the defence is all over the place. In this system, Graham should be providing much more cover for Edwards, but he’s leaving him so isolated.
  4. Just seen that myself. Good news, decent sized bit of land. With a bit of investment, could be a very good facility.
  5. Who’s in charge of this nonsense? Find it mental that there’s been no ‘test events’ before launching this. Even selling free tickets to a fake event/match, to check how it copes with users and let fans familiarise themselves with the site. As it happens, they’ve built a site that can’t even cope with hundreds (at most) of fans trying to log in/buy tickets.
  6. New ticketing site doesn’t seem to be working. No surprises there.
  7. Mehmet’s distribution was awful, but hopefully that’ll improve as he gets up to speed. Made a few good saves. MacDonald was a strange choice at wing back, but thought he and Comrie linked up well. He got forward well and contributed well to both attack and defence. Comrie did ok in the back 3. Overlapped MacDonald a few times - assuming that was planned and is a good option there, as he’ll slot in at RB, if MacDonald has roamed forward. Watson did ok. So did Graham. But defensively we had glaring holes and will need to improve. Hopefully they start to click over the next few games. Edwards was very good at LWB. Nowhere near as wasteful as he has been in previous seasons. Probably his best game in a Pars shirt. Looked full of confidence and bombed forward and tracked back for the full 90. Paul Allan looks to be a very accomplished midfielder. His passing was excellent and the ball for the 4th was top drawer. He’ll be a big part of Grant’s team, if he can keep up that level of performance. Thomas looks ok in midfield, but in a 2 he doesn’t do enough defensively - particularly if the wing backs are going to charge forward like that. Think he’s better suited to playing in the front 3, or in behind a front 2, if we stick with a similar system. Played some great passes and it was a great run that won the free kick that he took for Comrie’s goal. O’Hara was very good. Did a lot of running into good areas and he was much more effective with the ball than he was at the start of last season. Mixed it up a a lot. Coming deep, running in behind, running down the wing, cutting in. More of the same please. Todorov took his goals very well and looked good in the build up/link up play. Think he’ll prove to be a great signing. Wighton was fairly anonymous all game. Not sure we can play that 3 with Wighton and Todorov. If Thomas joined that front 3 in his place and got the same role as O’Hara (but on the other side of Todorov), we could be onto something. Subs didn’t have much time/much to do. Overall, we looked really good in attack and really poor defensively. Difference between the sides was really that we took our chances and Mehmet made some good saves at crucial times. A lot of positives, but a lot to work on. Which is fairly common at this stage, I would say.
  8. We look very good with the ball. Some great moves and 3 good goals. Defence look dodgy, but I like what I’ve seen so far.
  9. No surprise. If the likes of Tynecastle aren’t allowed more than the standard capacity restrictions, there’s no way we would be. Only 3 games at reduced capacity though, given the restriction on capacities is supposed to end on the 9th August.
  10. Isn’t it all to do with the restriction level we’re in? If everyone moves to level 0 on the 19th, that goes up to 2,000 for the last league cup game. Issue seems to be that a lot of the central belt are still level 2, where they’re only allowed 500.
  11. Yeah, given they know there will be no rule changes before the 19th, I don’t know why there’s no communication about games before that date - particularly ones this weekend/next midweek. I know Hearts have announced they’re only allowed 500 fans at Tynecastle, so I don’t know why others seem to be staying so quiet.
  12. It honestly doesn’t feel like the season starts this Saturday. Would imagine we’ll only be getting PPV stream access for the away games in the league cup. Hopefully some of our fans can get into the home games.
  13. Shaun Rooney was dreadful for us. Look at him now. Gavin Reilly was useless for us, then helped St Mirren win the league the next season. Mark Durnan came with a good reputation at this level and was completely hopeless. Harry Cochrane was supposed to be a great signing at this level, based on performances for Hearts beforehand, he did nothing in his time with us. Kevin Nisbet had been poor in his 2 spells at championship level before joining us. In football, it’s actually pretty common for players to look good in some teams/systems and poor in others. I think it’s safe to say that Grant’s style of play is very different to AJ’s at QoS. So why not wait and see how the guy gets on in a new team/system, before criticising him? If you’d rather be critical of the guy before he’s even kicked a ball than give him a chance, fair enough. I hope it works out and he proves the manager right.
  14. I always felt like he gave the ball away too often and was caught out of position a lot. Being lightweight was definitely his biggest issue, but he didn’t look anything like the player he went on to become and couldn’t get a game ahead of Geggan/Falkingham/McCabe towards the end of his time here. He’s gone on to be a better midfielder than all 3. Regardless of individual opinions, the point still stands. I’m not going to start throwing a tantrum over signing a 23 year old midfielder because he was reportedly underwhelming in an AJ team. I really don’t understand the overreaction here. Why can’t people just give him a chance and see how he works out in our team/system?
  15. Under AJ, Shaun Byrne didn’t look like a technically good midfielder at Dunfermline. Went on to prove otherwise. He’s never really asked his midfielders to play the type of football we’re looking to play. Pybus has been on trial for more than a week. If he hadn’t shown enough ability, I don’t think we’d have signed him. Think the reaction from fans is poor. Give the guy a chance. As I say, there are countless examples of players being poor/underwhelming at some teams and starred in others.
  16. Just watched Pybus’ interview. “Massive club” also talks about how the mentality is different at Dunfermline “you’re actually expected to play well and win games”. Says he wasn’t given a chance to prove he can play football at Queens and goes back to talk about how we’ll be expected to win games, which obviously wasn’t the case at QoS. I like Pybus.
  17. See how he gets on. Reviews from QoS fans aren’t great, but we’ve all seen players do well at some clubs and poor at others. As I say, glad we’re finally getting business done.
  18. Got to be a midfielder this time. Hopefully someone with some experience, but good to see us doing business either way. Maybe Kai Kennedy on loan?
  19. Having a high initial asking price helps go maximise the money they can make from him. If they said “he’s available for £3.5m” then nobody would ever go above that. But if your initial asking price is higher, and there’s a few teams interested, you can get a bidding war that goes up to £4m+.
  20. Hopefully they get outbid by an English club. Think a championship club down south would be a much better career move. I’d probably find it hard to want him to continue to progress/do well, if he joined Celtic. If they act with the same arrogance they did with the McGinn transfer, we’ll be fine.
  21. Saw your new home top and thought it looked a lot like an old Pars top. Looked it up and St Mirren/Joma have just hit copy and paste on our 86/88 home top…
  22. Have to agree with the above. The gif used suggested that a fairly big signing was due to be announced, which would get fans excited. In the past we’ve announced 2 or 3 per day (Murray and Nisbet, then O’Hara, McManus and Thomas), so I’m hoping we might do that today/tomorrow to create a bit of good feeling. The club has been very quiet on social media and just in general. You’d never know that the competitive season starts a week on Saturday!
  23. A lot of English player contracts expire on 30th June, I believe. If that’s the market we’ve been looking at then we may end up announcing signings shortly. Maybe I’m just being hopeful though, given the lack of news/players 9 days before our first game of the season. The manager did say they were hoping to finalise a couple of signings early this week.
  24. Jason Leitch said last week that the plan was for full capacities from 9th August. As you say though, not going to get my hopes up. They’ll probably use this Wembley thing as an excuse to ban football fans from stadiums for the next 12 months. 26,000 new cases in Scotland since the 18th. 1,900 (7%) apparently linked to that game and football fans are the issue again, talk about scapegoating!
  25. Raith away moved to Friday 20th August, 7:45pm kick off on BBC Scotland.
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