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  1. Honestly, I think I’d convinced myself that anyone who cared about the club would want him out as soon as possible. If the board can’t see that, their stubbornness is costing us dearly. I don’t know a single person who thinks Grant should get more time. The biggest issue is potentially that nobody wanted him, because this is probably how most of us thought it would turn out. Admittedly, I thought it would be bad, but not as horrific as it is. Having said that, I wanted to give him time, but his attitude and persistence with failing tactics/players, along with his genuinely bizarre interviews (tactics don’t win games, blaming everyone but himself etc) has made it impossible to support him. Ross McArthur has been chairman for 5 years and I think most/all of the old board members have been there since 2013/14. By now, they should be well aware that their positions come with great responsibility. As with any company/business, mistakes will be made by those in charge. That’s totally normal and to be expected. But if you refuse to acknowledge your mistakes and don’t take steps to rectify things, you become a large part of the problem. These are all experienced businessmen. They know this. They will have made many mistakes in their own careers, but would have had to accept that and rectify them. I don’t know why they seem incapable of doing this, when it comes to the football club.
  2. Looking more and more likely that Grant’s being kept on, which is honestly quite baffling. Every week, I keep thinking “it can’t get worse” and it does. Our defending is horrific. Basic errors every week. Same mistakes/gaps every week. Poor runs of form happen, but when there’s no signs of progress and the results/performances/errors keep getting worse, there’s no excuse for not sacking him. The insistence to play Ross bloody Graham is sackable alone. It’s almost like making the decision to give opposition a 2 goal headstart every week. Having said that, I feel sorry for Graham to an extent. Our tactics leave him exposed. Every week, opponents make the most of the glaring gaps down the wings, when our wing backs have been instructed to charge forward and not look back when we have the ball. It leaves the LCB and RCB having to cover the full back and CB areas, which is near enough impossible. When he’s struggling for form, the manager should be trying to help him get back to doing the basics right, not making his job as hard as possible. Regardless of who’s in there, leaving the defence so exposed every week, having conceded so many goals through this, is just inexplicable. Do we work on tactics/shape at all? Do we review film and discuss who should be doing what? If the wing backs/full backs go forward, it’s basics that someone should know it’s their job to cover for them, when we lose the ball. But nobody seems to know their role and the centre halves look completely lost. These weak spots were exposed in the league cup against diddy teams and the manager seems lost/confused now that better teams are taking full advantage of it. Doesn’t help that our midfielders are so soft and don’t seem to possess any sort of desire to help the team. In this system, they need to do a lot more to help out defensively, but they’re happy to hide and avoid any kind of responsibility. But that lies with the manager, who signed these midfielders and still decides to play a system that just doesn’t work with the players we have.
  3. Any way we could just forfeit this? Think a 3-0 forfeit is the best scenario for us. Our GD will be even worse if we play the game.
  4. Having had time to sleep on it, I’ve woken up this morning and still can’t believe how shambolic our club is. Peter Grant is still our manager, which is inexplicable. The appointment baffled so many fans, due to how poor his Alloa side were. Good football gets results. Trying to force players to play a style that doesn’t work for them is poor management. Simple as that. His attitude and performances to date have been nothing short of a disgrace. But this is in line with what most fans expected of him. I don’t know what the board expected at all. The chairman and other board members should be considering their positions. I think the chairman needs to go. His decisions since taking over in 2016 have been very poor and he has definitely been holding us back. If he does love the club, it’s time for him to think about what’s best for the future. That would be him stepping down as chairman. The chairman has refused to consider applications for the manager’s job, both times it has been available under his stewardship. The summer was the perfect opportunity to take ample time to consider all applications and find the right man. No excuses can be made for his interview where he bragged about ignoring 80 applicants (which included Dick Campbell, by the way) to headhunt Grant.
  5. My bad, thought you meant we’d paid compensation to bring him in. Yes, we’ll need to pay compensation for him, but he’s on some sort of rolling contract. No idea of the terms.
  6. Compensation for an out of work manager? What planet are you living on? [emoji23] Alloa managed to go through a proper recruitment process and had Ferguson appointed before we gave Grant this job ffs. But I agree, I doubt we’ll buy a manger, unless it’s for some nativity scene.
  7. Two terrible takes. Can’t give a manager credit for ‘trying to play football’, when his team have lost their last 4 games by an aggregate of 14-1. Dorrans is also horrendous for us. All of his assists have been for the opposition and he goes into hiding when the going gets tough.
  8. Have you missed our results? Whilst Grant is at Dunfermline, no other team has to worry about finishing bottom.
  9. Bare in mind Garmory appointed AJ in 2015. McArthur took over in 2016. So was responsible for the 2 year deal (that he was sacked 6 months into) after a fairly underwhelming season, the appointment of Crawford, keeping Crawford for 2 and a half years and then ignored 80 applicants for the job, to appoint a proven failure. His tenure has been very very poor.
  10. Apparently our captain was calling fans w*****s and telling them to f**k off at full time. Contributed absolutely nothing since Grant brought him in and is now abusing the fans. His contract can be ripped up too.
  11. Why do you still have any faith in this? What’s he got right?
  12. If McArthur cared about the club, he’d resign. He keeps telling us he’s a fan, time to do what’s best for the club then. His decision making has left us where we are. At this point, I genuinely don’t think sacking Grant is enough. He cannot be trusted to be involved in picking the new man, or we’ll end up with someone like Hopkin.
  13. Unfortunately, I think you have too much faith in this board. Remember the chairman was almost bragging about ignoring 80 applications to headhunt this clown. They’re just as incompetent as the manager and strike me as being far too stubborn to acknowledge that they’ve made a huge mistake, before it’s far too late.
  14. Not there, but assuming it’s the same old nonsense. Graham trying to play out from the back and constantly getting caught out. Then when we lose the ball, nobody seems to know their job/take any responsibility - a bit like the manager. We’ll also get caught out around 20 times per half, with the wing backs about 30 yards too far up the pitch and acres of space in behind them.
  15. Never heard of the majority of the Ayr team, if I’m being honest. However, we have put Ross Graham straight back into the team, so that’s them scoring at least 1 goal. Positives with our line up are basically that Comrie’s moved to wing back and Mehmet’s been dropped. Negatives are just about everything else. Back to the stupid back 5. Graham playing, Dorrans playing, Dorrans being captain, Pybus playing, Watson in the middle of a back 3 (where he’s looked lost so far). Every week, we must have one of the strongest benches in the league. If we fail to score (again) with proven attacking players at this level in Wighton, Kennedy and Thomas on the bench, it’s truly embarrassing how abysmal our manager is.
  16. Hence the “automatic 3 points”… was that not obvious? We have Peter Grant as our manager, we aren’t winning a game of football.
  17. Hopefully Afolabi starts tomorrow. Will be an automatic 3 points for us.
  18. I’d rather punt Grant than Thomas. Get a decent manager in, get Thomas back enjoying his football and he’ll be a big player for us. Keep Grant though, and Thomas won’t be the last one asking to leave.
  19. No. There is also nothing “nice” about our performances so far. No goals in our last 3 games and 11 conceded. Even in the 2-2 draw with Morton, we looked utterly hopeless. Bizarrely, our board have cited Alloa’s performance, in a game where we beat them 4-1, as one of the main reasons we wanted to appoint Grant. That’s the level of stupidity that is running our club. To be clear, that game was the only time in Crawford’s 2 and a half years in charge that anybody’s defending was so bad, we scored 4 goals away from home and the only team poor enough for us to beat away from home at all last season, and we managed it by a very convincing margin. I honestly don’t believe there was anything “nice” about Alloa’s performances last season. Good/nice football gets results. Asking players to play in a way that they are not suited to is not a sign of ‘nice’ football and is more a sign of very poor management. If we stick with Grant any longer, we’re very likely to get relegated. The board need to stop being stubborn arseholes and accept they’ve made a mess of another managerial appointment, before it’s too late.
  20. Never thought I’d be jealous of Ayr… if only our manager would do the honourable thing and resign, then become Ayr boss.
  21. He’s really inconsistent. Mehmet’s howlers against Partick and Rangers were just as bad as his one at the weekend, if not worse. No idea why he’s now taken to publicly shaming him. He’s still never hung Graham out to dry, despite being our worst performer. Instead, he suggested that Graham’s absence was an excuse for last week’s result/performance.
  22. First championship season with no massive favourites/bigger clubs and the board have made a complete mess of it. This should have been the most winnable season for us since we returned to this level in 2016. Prior to that, we’ve had Hibs, Dundee United, Hearts. All of whom would have to underachieve for us to finish above them. It wasn’t impossible, but it was certainly a bigger task. You can probably add Ross County to the list, due to the money they spent. Basically, prior to this season starting, there was no excuse for us not to be challenging at the top this year. It makes it even more inexcusable that we headhunted this buffoon, who has only experienced failure as a manager. The fact that the club’s social media put up a pre-match interview with the manager, around 7 hours after we forfeited the game, only highlights how embarrassing our club currently is. The Germans can forget about an academy etc if we don’t sort out the mess on the park/behind the scenes. It certainly won’t be feasible to set up an academy when we’re in league 1.
  23. Sounds like there’s been more positive covid cases. Hoping everyone is ok and not suffering any serious symptoms. Personally, I’m certainly not disappointed at all to be dropping out of this needless competition.
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