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  1. By the way, what’s going on? We’re now reporting it’s a one year extension!


    “This week Dunfermline Athletic were pleased to announce that midfielder Joe Chalmers has signed a year long extension to his contract with the club.”  

    “On talking about signing his one year extension Joe Chalmers praised the team spirit and the feeling of togetherness that exists within the squad at Dunfermline.”

  2. Chalmers was far from the only poor player last season. Somehow though, some of our fans have noticed the improvement in Mehmet, Breen, Todd, Wighton etc, but refuse to acknowledge Chalmers’ contribution this season.

    Chalmers is clearly an important player in McPake’s team. Beside Hamilton, I think he’s a real asset. Hamilton excels at the things Chalmers isn’t as good at. Chalmers is the best passer of the ball on the team though, which is Hamilton’s weakness. There seems to be a deliberate tactic to get him on the ball to spread the play and start attacks.

    Anyone at Hamilton last week will also appreciate Chalmers’ ability to take set pieces.

  3. 20 minutes ago, The Toun Clock said:

    Notice in the weekly manager interview McPake has now confirmed we were in for Euan Murray, he wanted to come but Hartlepool were holding out to get someone in, didn't and now that's done. Sounds like it could be something in the summer, McPake a big fan apparently.

    Just seen that. If he was keen to come, I’d imagine everyone was pretty focused on getting that over the line. But sounds like it’s Hartlepool failing to get someone else that meant it didn’t happen. That’s just bad luck and not the fault of anyone at the club. Here’s hoping we can get a backup option in the near future.

  4. 34 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

    Which would suggest you might think the board are, for some reason, refusing to pay wages for signings. 

    Why? And why do you think they've lied to the fans about it? What is the conspiracy here?

    What conspiracy? I think you’re looking for something that’s not there in my post. I have never said that they are “refusing to pay wages” or “lied to fans”. I don’t believe either of those to be true, so no idea why you’re making that up. I just replied to your post claiming that the man identifying players is to blame. Reality is, we have no idea what the issues have been. It’s most likely partly McPake’s fault, partly the board’s fault. 

    There’s probably been multiple issues here. Board are probably (understandably) more cautious after the money wasted on Grant/Hughes signings. McPake could be identifying targets that don’t want to come to this club/this level, in which case, we don’t want to pay premiums for players who don’t want to be here. I’m sure there are lots of issues that have come into play.

    But it’s hard to deny that something’s gone wrong. It seemed clear from the manager’s interviews that we were wanting to make signings and we haven’t. Regardless of who is to blame, it’s something that needs to be sorted.

  5. 25 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

    Always thought it was the manager and his staff who identified players to sign. We've been told McPake has been given a budget.

    Are we now suddenly saying that the board are the ones making the signings, or in this case refusing to make signings? Even though it was confirmed in the summer that McPake tried to make more signings that fell through?

    I was under the impression that McPake/scouts identify targets and it’s the board that discuss contracts/compensation with the players/selling club. That was certainly the case pre-covid. I know that it was always Ross McArthur that negotiated contracts. The manager just said who he wanted them to be offered to. This is fairly standard in modern football, I believe. Would imagine Cook/Meggle are the people that would take on that role at Dunfermline.

    This is why I mention the board regarding signings. McPake’s interviews certainly sound like he’s done his part of identifying the targets (that’s been the same both windows), but for some reason the transfers never seem to be completed.

  6. 10 hours ago, 101 said:

    The planning application was actually approved on the 27th September, so no doubt they will be aiming to have it ready for pre season.


    I think it would be good to get an update on this. This time last year, we were expecting it to be ready for pre-season last year. Obviously these issues were unforeseen, regarding the length of time this took. But I’d been told that we haven’t started the work to sort the drainage, which is what I meant regarding not starting the work to have planning permission. Since we don’t have approval to install the artificial pitch until that’s completed.

    To be fair, you’ll probably know a lot better than me. If you’ve been told that there’s been progress, I’d believe that and accept that my info was obviously wrong.

    I do also understand that cost of materials and labour has increased astronomically since plans started. With that in mind, it would be foolish if they hadn’t scaled plans back a bit - at least for the time being. Prioritise the basics - pitches, security, changing rooms etc.

    I still have questions around the transfer policy. However, I don’t doubt that they are still working hard to bring in players. Need to wait and see if they bring in players that were worth waiting for. What I will say, is that I haven’t seen Falkirk or QoS bring in anyone that I wish we’d signed. So I don’t feel like we’ve missed out on anyone. After last year, where they let Grant and Hughes sign masses of duds, I can understand a bit more caution. But 3 permanent signings in 2 windows isn’t great. Hopefully they find a decent middle ground for the summer.

    As I’ve said already though, we’ll find out come the end of April whether they got it right with transfers. If we win the league, they will deserve credit for not spending more than required to get out of here.

  7. Not ignoring the finances at all. But having our own academy and training facilities will not be sustainable if we don’t earn promotion from league one. McPake has given the board no reason to doubt his credentials/ability to get us out of this league. However, it doesn’t seem like he’s been given resources to bring in players he feels he needs.

    I’m glad we haven’t gone out and signed lots of new players. But it’s definitely disappointing that the squad is weaker than it was at the start of January. I was hoping we‘d strengthen. Instead, we’ve lost a key player and brought in nobody. If we see a decent CB come in over the next few days, I’ll be happy enough. Until that happens, I think it’s fair to question the lack of investment in the first team. 3 permanent signings in 2 windows combined doesn’t really suggest we’ve done enough to try and bring players in. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, The Toun Clock said:

    Just read that, pathetic. Sick of hearing how hard they’re working behind the scenes. Be class when players arrive at the end of February when we’ve inevitably dropped more points. 

    Not going to lie, happy to wait if they’re worth waiting for. But we need reinforcements and we can’t wait too long. At some point, we have to compromise a bit.

    Also kind of wondering what’s going on with this German investment. Clearly none being spent on first team budget. Training ground also seems to have stalled. As far as I’m aware, they haven’t even started the work required to get the planning application approved for the artificial pitch. Never mind starting the actual work to have the place fully functioning. Must be costing a lot of money and be a pain for the players to be all over the place for training facilities.

  9. 8 minutes ago, The Toun Clock said:

    Be a welcome addition. My thoughts, he would have played in a back two with Bene at Raith before he came to us, however probably managed by McGlynn too, not that these things matter. 

    From memory, McGlynn/Raith were quite bitter about his/Nisbet’s departure? Obviously more Nisbet than Murray. But the double transfer did not go down well. Seem to remember Murray talking about being frustrated when Raith rejected our first 2/3 bids as well. I got told at the time that he submitted a transfer request to try and force a move here.

    That being said, McGlynn wants to win and knows that Murray would improve his chances of doing so. Probably won’t even be Murray’s decision. More likely to be a case of who offers Hartlepool the best deal.

  10. 5 minutes ago, The Toun Clock said:

    Craig Cairns reporting we're hopeful of two coming in today.

    Just saw that myself. Still believe that one is Fisher. Not sure how realistic that is though. On the other, maybe a midfielder? Would also be happy with a striker/winger, if they can either consistently put decent balls into the box or put the ball in the net.

    Actually, even just someone other than Mochrie who will run with the ball would be decent. Him and KRH are the only players that seem willing to run with the ball and we seem to be restricted to playing one of them at a time. Everyone else is very static with the ball.

  11. 20 minutes ago, harry94 said:

    Who is your goalkeeper coach? Looked really recognisable last week but can't think of a name, been annoying me!

    Not sure of the name. But he’s been promoted from academy coach. McPake brought in Alan Main, who then retired/left football. Then McPake confirmed the academy GK coach was joining first team full time.

    edit - found his name now. Andrew Collier.

  12. 26 minutes ago, 101 said:

    Going to a back 4 would have surely made more sense

    Yeah. Half time subs played well. But midfield was horrific without Chalmers and corners were completely useless. Think we could have done with Todorov on earlier too, he’d have been attacking the balls into the box early in the 2nd half, where McCann and Wighton were stood next to each other, watching defenders easily clear them.

    6 months ago, who’d have thought we’d look lost in midfield because we didn’t have Chalmers on the park? 😂

  13. That was poor. Mehmet, Benedictus and Breen were all terrible - particularly first half. Benedictus improved second half. The other 2 didn’t. Clyde deserve their point there. Did their homework, knew there would be gaps out wide and punted it into the space as soon as they got the ball.

    Having said that, why do we not have more than one player at the club that can take a corner? Second half, we had so many corners. Nobody wanted to take them and those that did were terrible. A lot of pressure in the second half, some good play. But we crumbled when we got into the final third. Every ball into the box, even in open play, was going to the front post. But all of the strikers we had on the park at any point just lurked at the back post. Really frustrating that we never really threatened the Clyde goal.

  14. 1 hour ago, The Toun Clock said:

    Noticed when buying a ticket last night the info page said away support would now be housed in the North stand, is that the one behind the goals or is it just some info that is posted out for every game? Just that I’m sure I read we were in the main stand earlier in the week?

    Where’s this? I can’t see it anywhere. Not surprised though, when we went midweek they struggled to squeeze us into the 2 sections of the main stand!

    15 minutes ago, Chubbychops said:

    Tried going on Pars TV but seem to be only getting option for audio. It does recognise me as being in France.

    I don’t think they can sell PPV. Think it has to be a monthly pass or something?

  15. 25 minutes ago, DeclanG said:

    Looks like Nisbet knocked back Millwall, here's hoping a new bidder appears with more money.

    Can you blame him? For Nisbet, he has to believe he’ll get a better offer if he keeps scoring goals between now and the end of the season. Not necessarily a better deal for us/Hibs, but for his career.

  16. 27 minutes ago, SouthStander1876 said:

    Feel like every team has very reactionary fans, I'm sure if it was the other way round there would be a few on here saying the same. Can't say I'm not jealous of your current position

    100%. But I’m surprised McGlynn gets so much praise for the signings. In terms of attacking players, he’s signed about 5/6(?) strikers so far this season. That doesn’t suggest he knows what he’s looking for/what type of striker will work in his team. I get that he’s lost Alegria this window and he needed replaced. But it looks like he’s lost one striker and signed 2/3 hoping that one of them works.

  17. 25 minutes ago, 101 said:

    I wonder if we could pay a fee to get Fisher back and signed on, he would probably be the obvious option.

    I don't know how far Paul Allan is away but looking at the bench last Saturday we are very short of CM & CB options so anyone who could fill in for both slots would be good.

    If Dundee were asking for a reasonable amount, I think trying to get Fisher back on a permanent basis would be a good move. Would minimise disruption and keep our reliable defence together. That’s the sort of player I’m thinking of here.

    Agree regarding the need for midfield cover too. But I don’t think McPake is looking for ‘cover’ - believe he wants any new signing to improve the starting 11 or offer something different. Not looking for us to start throwing silly money around. Just feel like there must be one or two players we’ve spoken to about pre-contracts that could help us secure the title and improve the team now, without it costing too much to take them off their current club’s hands. If clubs are unreasonable, then it’s not an option. I’m sure we’ll be asking the question though.

  18. 9 hours ago, The Toun Clock said:

    Some interesting comments from McPake with regards to transfers from his Thursday interview -

     Asked if he had any news of new signings, the gaffer closed:-

    "We`re trying really hard and we`ll maybe know by Saturday. There`s a couple there that will help our squad if we can get it done. If not then it just wasn`t to be in this window. We`re looking at precontracts, we`re looking at contracts just now. Other teams are clearly doing that with a couple of our players as well such as regarding Josh, because there were a couple of phone calls about him. I`m hopeful but I`ll not be pushed into doing any. Again, it`s not the answer everybody wants to hear but it has to be the right fit. The ones that we have identified certainly are. We`ll see what happens."

    So potentially a chance for some movement before the Clyde game. 


    I kind of took the “we’ll maybe know by Saturday” to mean that they’ll have an answer from the player/club and know if they’ll be here this month, rather than being signed today. Would love to be wrong though.

    If Hibs sell Nisbet, I’d like to think we could pay a small fee to get one or two of the players we’ve offered pre-contracts to just now. 

  19. Great bit of business. He’s been fantastic this season and was one of the very few that impressed last season. Great to have him under contract, which means we can command a fee in the summer, if he keeps up his form.

    Very few players seem to have extended contracts here in the last 4/5 years. Other than the former youth players (McCann, Todd and Allan) I can only think of Edwards, Comrie and Dow that have done so. Hopefully McPake can help us change that trend. Edwards joined when we went through a spell of paying nominal fees/compensation for younger players. Worth noting that he is the only one of those players that ever signed an extension. The others saw out their contracts and left for free.

  20. 48 minutes ago, Shandon Par said:

    The offers for Nisbet coming in now. £800k would be handy.

    We’ll probably not get that much. If we assume the 30% sell on is correct, Hibs would need to get around £2.7m upfront for us to get £800k.

    Would imagine Hibs will accept an offer of around £2m upfront fee. With the 30% sell on, that would mean £600k for us - which would still be fantastic.

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