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  1. That was a decent performance, the first time we really outplayed Utd for a long time at home and even more impressive as I think Nisbet was missing.

    Nisbet scored the first goal. That was the game he hobbled off injured - his last appearance for us. We played really well that day and were well worthy of the 2-0 win. Dom Thomas was particularly impressive, from what I can remember.
  2. Peter Grant's rope a dope rouse will come into its own this weekend with the coming together of his football flair approach whilst utilising our best players in their best positions. Thus resulting in a massive change in in the spectacle on show and a resounding 2-1 home victory.

    Nope. We’ll revert back to sort and concede early, then proceed to completely collapse. The board will decide that they don’t have time to sack the manager at any point before the international break, we’ll get hammered by Raith and QoS as well and we’ll enter the break 5 points behind 9th place. Then the board will enjoy a leisurely break from worrying about football, before sacking Grant halfway through the international break and having to rush around to find anyone willing to take on this shambolic team to face Killie.

  3. They’ll presumably go on sale after we play Partick on Sunday.

    I agree it seems like an easy win just to chuck them on sale now and I’d certainly have done so, but pre-pandemic we’d all have shown up with our cash on the day. It’s not really a big deal when you think about it.

    Is there a reason Rovers will only sell tickets for one game at a time? Ok, it’s not like it’ll sell out, let’s be honest. But you use the exact same ticketing platform as us and we have home and away tickets on sale for every game until the end of October. Times like this, when there’s only 4 days between games, it seems a bit of an odd decision.

    I know it’s on tv, but the club won’t benefit from tv viewers and should be doing all that they can to advertise tickets and actually sell them.
  4. Jury is obviously still out on Grant. I still have serious doubts that he is the man to take us forward. However, yesterday was a big improvement - thats more to do with how poor it’s been to date though.

    Bringing in Gaspuitis was a good move. Thought he was excellent in defence. Switching to a back 4 and playing players in their natural positions helped us to look more structured/organised. Communication seemed to be a lot better across the defence.

    Dorrans had his best performance for us. Also thought the subs made improved us. Wighton is our best striker and should be playing ahead of O’Hara. Thomas looked lively, although his final ball was poor. Really enjoyed watching wee Kai Kennedy. He’s a very entertaining player.

    Obviously still concerns - not scoring goals is an obvious one. We should have scored with Todorov’s header from Wighton’s cross and I think Wighton should have done better at the end. Other than those chances, we got into good areas, but didn’t create much.

    Biggest positive came after the game, with Grant’s interview revealing Graham is fully fit and just wasn’t included in the squad. He’s finally seen/addressed our biggest defensive issue.

    He has definitely bought himself a bit of time. But we still need to do better and get wins on the board. If we revert back to the norm next weekend, it’s just not acceptable and people will be calling for his head again. We need to get out of this slump and start climbing the table as soon as possible. If we don’t do that very soon, the manager is not doing his job to an acceptable standard. Simple as that.

  5. Better starting line up

    Last home game was the same, except for Comrie and OFW in for MacDonald and Mehmet. We got pumped 3-0 by Arbroath that day and it could have been more.

    Pleased to see Comrie in a natural position for him. But Dorrans and Pybus in midfield is a huge issue. 3 games together, conceded 11 and scored 1. But he still insists Dom Thomas was an issue in midfield and these guys aren’t.

    Also, Graham not on bench. So I reckon he’s injured and will be back in the team once he’s fit.
  6. When was the last time there was under 2k Pars fans at a home league game? I’m really struggling to think if there has been in my lifetime as a fan! Was there maybe a couple of dire crowds during admin?

    Think we were below 2k a couple of times the season we finished 7th in league 1. But that’s certainly a sign of how bad things are amongst the fans, if we’re looking at that level of support again.
  7. I'll word it better, would you be calling for the new manager to be sacked after just 4 league games in charge if he hadn't said he was going for the title?

    The issue isn’t so much the one point from 4 games, as much as the manner of the defeats/performances. We scraped a draw against Morton, where we seemed lucky to escape with a point. We then played our next 3 league games and have been 2-0 down at some point before half time in every single one and have never even looked remotely competitive. On paper, you could argue that you couldn’t really ask for an easier/better start in terms of fixtures. But we haven’t just struggled, we’ve looked like 17/18 Brechin City.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, I don’t think the reaction/mood would be this bad if it just wasn’t ‘clicking’ yet, or if there were signs of progress. Unfortunately though, we’ve made the same mistakes and left the same gaps every single game. The manager’s interviews are also a huge issue, where he comes across as a deluded moron and refuses to accept any responsibility. I don’t know if you’re aware, but he’s publicly said that tactics don’t win or lose games, it’s the players that do. Leaves me questioning what he thinks his job is. He also repeatedly says that the players look great in training and this week, he has finally acknowledged “unfortunately, you’ve got an opponent playing against you, trying to beat you as well”. Seriously, read/listen to some of his interviews and you will understand why we have no time for him.

    I can already tell you where Inverness will find joy on Saturday. When you get the ball, aim for either wing and you’ll find acres of space and a CB will have to come out of position, then nobody will know what their jobs are at all. Likewise, if you ask Duku to stick with Ross Graham all game, he will enjoy a very very easy game. You will have the freedom of midfield, as we have nobody who will bother defending/putting in challenges. Despite Grant hanging Thomas out to dry, I haven’t seen any midfielders look interested in that side of the game. Out of possession, put pressure on our defenders/keeper and you won’t need to worry about our attacking players. The guys who are supposed to be playing it out from the back aren’t capable of it at all.
  8. Utd fan in peace here. The coaches here think a lot of Ross Graham and see a bright future. How has he been getting on for you guys?

    Honestly, he’s the weakest link in the worst defence I think the league’s ever seen. In his 6 games in all competitions, he’s been actively involved in at least 9 or 10 opposition goals. That’s not even accounting for the amount of times his constant mistakes/poor positioning have resulted in chances that have been missed.

    It has become very clear that opposition managers and players target him and it is a very effective for all of them.

    In short, he has been terrible.
  9. Just checked your web site for tickets for the game against the Rovers twenty quid and no concessions.

    Same price as Raith, so not sure what your issue is with the £20. Also, just tried myself. Can definitely buy concessions, did you try scrolling the menu to select concession tickets? This is the same system Raith use, so everyone has the exact same experience when buying tickets for Starks Park…IMG_2508.jpg
  10. Don't think they'll have fans in the North West, if they do it'll be the far end. Would love it if that's not the case.

    We have the north west open every single league game - and have done for a number of years. There’s season ticket holders in there. Not sure why you think we’d close it for a game against Raith?

    We have the very end section, closest to away fans, closed but the rest of the stand is open.
  11. So from the posts I've read on here, the Board are shite, the Manager and his coaching staff are shite and every one of the players are also shite.
    How's the Groundsman and that wee lassie on the phone in reception shaping up??

    I don’t actually think many/any of our fans don’t think the players are good enough - other than Ross Graham and the keepers. There’s no doubt that the squad we have should be challenging towards the top of the league.

    Can’t comment on the coaching staff, but the manager has had us completely uncompetitive in every game, in one of the most competitive leagues around. That’s not acceptable. Since the start of August, we have been 2-0 down in every single game we have played, at some point before half time. The abandoned Raith game was the furthest we have got into a match before conceding the first goal as well.

    The board have to accept the blame as well, after the chairman bragged about appointing Grant (who didn’t even apply for the job) and dismissing 80 applications. The only other time this chairman had to recruit a manager, he announced Crawford would be interim manager the day AJ was sacked. The very next day, announced it was permanent. So, again, the board didn’t even consider any applications.

    I don’t think either of those reactions are over the top, when you actually look at the facts. Imagine your chairman doing a very public interview, bragging about ignoring 80 applications, to appoint a proven failure/disaster, who hadn’t even applied for the job. Then things go just as any person who followed this league would have predicted and they can’t even seem to acknowledge/accept that they’ve screwed up. That’s where we are.
  12. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/2532056/dunfermline-peter-grant-dom-thomas/

    So he’s dropped Thomas, because he doesn’t work hard enough when we lose the ball. I have to say, certainly in the Arbroath and Partick games, Dorrans hasn’t worked particularly hard, out of possession.

    The manager has refused to use a system that allows Dom to play in a position he’s suited to. He then decided to use him as a scapegoat/to try and send a message out to the rest of the team. It seems to have ended up with fans and players turning on the manager though.

  13. I actually don’t expect the club to make a move until the next international break. There will be a stubborn refusal to admit they’ve made a mistake.

    If this weekend is as bad as it has been recently, I don’t think I’ll be back until Grant’s away. Despite paying for my season ticket, I’m sure I could find better ways to spend my Saturdays than following a football club whose board now consider their own egos to be more important than the club’s future.
  14. I'd also like to continue to bench our best striker. As long as the bench looks strong, we're sorted.

    I feel like we should maybe bench Dow for Cole and bench Comrie for MacDonald again. Then we’d comfortably be winning the award for ‘strongest bench in the league. Thomas, Wighton, Kennedy, Dow, Comrie, Gaspuitis. Ignore the keepers, regardless of who’s on the bench, they’re both horrendous. But everyone wants their players on the bench to be better than those on the pitch, don’t they?
  15. Look at what they're going through? It's hardly a trauma, no one is dieing. You haven't won a league game in four attempts the fans are going through absolutely nothing of note. Back at the games with mates and going through it together win, lose or draw its a game of football.
    Let's not make this bigger than it is that these poor Pars fans are struggling to go on. 
    As I said earlier just self entitled nonsense. 

    So you just ignore everything else that’s been said and go back to your “haven’t won a league game in four attempts” nonsense? Obviously trolling. Noted and muted.
  16. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. That'll make all the difference.
    We never won any of our first four league games either and also have a new manager. We will have a top four budget for our league and that is our aim but absolutely no need to be panicking like little bitches after four league games.
    Give the manager time. Its very clear he wasn't wanted at the start and those feelings are still there. It's pathetic stuff really.
    Walk outs and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH banners outside the ground by wee fannies is just mega cringe but each to their own guys.

    Sorry, but 2 points and a GD of -2 isn’t the same as what we’ve had to endure in our first 4 games - 1 point and GD of -8. Other than the draw we got on the opening day, we have never even been in a game. Conceded 9 and scored 1 in the last 3 league games and conceded early on in every single one of them. In our last 4 games in all competitions, we haven’t made it beyond the 12th minute, without falling behind. Worth noting, we’ve never equalised and have always conceded the second goal - which also came in the first half of these games. We have honestly never been competitive in any of these games.

    I agree that the banners and ‘mass walk outs’ don’t make much sense to me and won’t really make a difference, but I can’t agree at all with your ‘give the manager time’ comments here. The only ‘pathetic’ thing here is someone who clearly hasn’t seen our performances/results against championship teams trying to say that the manager needs time and calling us all ‘little bitches’. Try speaking to anyone who has seen our league games, it’s quite telling that the fans of everyone we’ve played has commented on how shambolic we are.

    We’re making the same mistakes over and over. Same weaknesses are evident over and over and you can see opponents have identified them and are targeting them. But the manager doesn’t have enough of a basic understanding of football to identify/address these issues himself.

    Please, before commenting on other clubs and calling their fans ‘little bitches’, actually take the time to look into what they’re going through. Stenhousemuir’s start to the season seriously isn’t comparable to what we’re going through right now.
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