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  1. 37 minutes ago, Stoo61 said:

    When did Wighton last look arsed about football? 

    Don't how he did for Arbroath but I still think hes running out his football career and will kick on with something else, like decorating, when it finally fizzles out. 

    Which....I think is a class idea tbf. Money for nothing. 

    I’m not usually a fan of footballers being branded lazy/disinterested. But Wighton’s body language has been awful for a while. He doesn’t fight for anything, he seems to give up if a pass isn’t straight to him. Backs out of every challenge. If he’s carrying an injury, get that injury sorted before he plays again. He’s not going to be an asset to any team, the way he’s been for the last year or so.

    MacDonald isn’t a great player, in terms of technical ability. But he fights for everything, chases every lost cause and can play some great balls into the box. He’s been useful at points this season and will be useful as the season goes on. In the second half, Wighton gave up on a lot of balls that I think MacDonald would have got on the end of. Bringing Wighton on our wife was just strange. When we switched to 4-3-3/4-2-3-1, we should have brought on at least one of the young wingers we brought in on Friday. McCann and Wighton out wide at the start of the second half, with 2 wingers on the bench, was just stupid.

    The fact that we then brought one of the young wingers on in the middle of midfield made it worse. He looked lost and that’s when we completely lost the midfield - and ultimately lost the lead.

    By the way, worth adding that I was impressed with Mahon when he came on. He certainly has something we’ve lacked so far this season.

    Hopefully the players and McPake learn from yesterday’s poor decisions late on and we don’t see a repeat of that complacency/slack play. At least McPake’s interview was honest. Acknowledged we weren’t good enough and didn’t deserve to win. Prefer that realism after a poor performance, than the rubbish Hughes/Grant would spout.

  2. That was just ridiculous. Not what you’d expect of a team hoping to win the league. First half was horrendous. Only thing worse than either team was the ref.

    Second half, we started ok. Got a goal from nothing. Then we started playing some good football. Deservedly went 2-0 up. At that point, we should be seeing the game out.

    McPake then took off Todd, to play a winger, who only signed yesterday, in the middle of the park. Up to that point, Peterhead had been physical and it seemed obvious that wasn’t the game, or position, to play the lad in. We completely lost the midfield at that point.

    Peterhead get a goal from nothing. Defence seemed to completely switch off and just allow them to get an easy goal. From there, we just fell apart. Defence were all over the place and we basically didn’t have a midfield. Peterhead get a free kick. Was never a free kick, but that doesn’t matter. We have to defend it. In the end, they had 2/3 players queuing up to get that header - which was an excellent header by the way. We got exactly what we deserved. We got complacent, we switched off and threw 2 points away. 

  3. Two is the maximum we can get, unless we’re going for guys who have been without a club for (at least) a month. On that basis, I’d accept 2 younger players, that are more ready than the 16/17 year olds we currently have as cover. Even a young winger, to give us another option, would be good.

    I do think clubs being allowed to make 5 subs and name a 9 man bench is making a difference. Players will be less desperate to leave and clubs will be more reluctant to let them leave, if they’re going to be needed to fill a 9 man bench. You’re only 2 players off having another full 11 on the bench, so bigger clubs will want to ensure they have plenty cover for every position. I think it seems wild that you can now change 50% of your outfield players during a match. Great for  bigger clubs, with large squads. Not so great for smaller clubs, with tighter budgets. Most clubs at this level seem to be in a similar position.

  4. 5 hours ago, Stellaboz said:

    Any games that people would like covered on our podcast? Or periods of time?

    Could try and get Josh Falkingham, to talk about when everyone in the Peterhead team wanted to kill him? Always wondered if there was something he had done to instigate things/wind them up.

    Anyone talking about the cup run in 2007 would be interesting too. Particularly given the poor league form, would be interesting hearing about it from a player’s perspective.

    The 5-4 Stenny game was obviously a good one. There was a game in 2015-16 when we came from 2 down (I think?) to beat Ayr 3-2 at East End. I’d also say anyone from the Calderwood era/the 2003/04 season would be interesting. Sure there would be loads of memorable games to pick from in that era.

    Obviously no idea how easy (or not) it will be, to find guests that were involved in games you want to discuss. Just thought I’d throw some suggestions out there.

  5. 2 minutes ago, SRB said:

    Thought might have been some trialists playing 

    There’s one on the bench apparently. No idea who. Pars 1-0 up, Taylor Sutherland. Very very strong Livi team, so will be a good test for the younger guys out there.

    Livi starting 11 is Jack Hamilton, Philip Cancar, Jackson Longridge, Morgan Boyes, Jack Fitzwater, Jamie Brandon, James Penrice, Andrew Shinnie, Bruce Anderson, Stephen Kelly and Esma Goncalves.

  6. Todays reserve team is:


    Comrie, Fisher, Young, Fenton

    Sutherland, Hamilton, Chalmers, Tod

    McCann, Wighton

    That’s according to Craig Cairns (courier reporter) on Twitter. Mental that we have guys that played 90 mins on Saturday making up the numbers for the reserves. We definitely need more bodies in the squad.

  7. 14 minutes ago, lochgellyPAR said:

    Who plays Morrison on for the goal? I thought it was offside at the time but nobody else was shouting for it and still can’t see it on the highlights lol

    MacDonald I think, who had tried to chase down the number 19. Think he was about 6 yards from the bye line. At the time, I certainly thought he had kept Morrison onside. Even when the ball’s played, it looks like Morrison might be in line with Mochrie - hard to tell from camera angle though. Mochrie’s moving away from the goal as Morrison is moving towards the goal.

  8. 1 hour ago, kiddy said:

    I thought it ‘soft’ from 100 yards away, at the game. On reviewing the footage, it WASN’T a penalty AT ALL!

    First of all, he didn’t & secondly “wiped out”? 😂🤣😂 GTF, YFC. The forward fell over in the act of playing the ball across goal!

    Put it this way, do you think play would have been brought back for a pen if the man at the back post could have finished his dinner?🙄

    You don’t even have the honesty to admit you got out of jail with the decision.

    This is about as deluded as it gets. If we’d scored, of course it wouldn’t be brought back for a penalty. The referee would obviously have considered that an advantage. Are you seriously this  stupid that you even asked that question? Probably sums up how stupid/deluded your entire argument is.

    Man sliding through an opponent after the ball has gone is a foul all day long. It’s quite baffling that anyone claiming to be a football fan can’t understand that. Yes, we got lucky. But the lucky part was that your defender is so stupid to slide in there. Not lucky that the referee gave an obvious penalty. 

  9. 11 minutes ago, roman_bairn said:

    I thought it was a penalty. However I though Benedictus committed at least three yellow card offences yesterday and the ref bottled it….

    He did. Benedictus should have been off, I’ve acknowledged that. But the referee let a lot of yellow card offences go for both teams. Benedictus got lucky though, there is absolutely no doubt about that. I thought he was about to go a few minutes before that very late challenge. Never mind at that one.

  10. 26 minutes ago, kiddy said:

    Just seen the highlights, never a pen.

    Can only think the ref thought the Pars could have played all day without scoring & decided to give them a helping hand.


    3 hours ago, Back Post Misses said:

    Just watched the highlights and the PK was certainly nothing like as clear cut as it looked at the game. 

    Let me get this straight. Falkirk fans want Benedictus to get a second booking for sliding through a Falkirk player well after the ball had gone (which he did, and should have got a second booking for). But you think it’s ‘soft’ that we got a penalty for your defender sliding through Todorov with a challenge that was just as late? 😂

    Todorov plays it across the goal and gets wiped out after playing the ball. The ball’s still in play. It’s a clear foul and should be a yellow card. If someone slides in like that and goes through the man after the ball has gone, I really don’t understand anyone trying to argue that’s not a foul. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Just a bairn said:

    Not a match for the nerves. Fiery game and both teams looked fucked at the end having put a lot into it. 

    Was Henderson’s tackle for the penalty as crazy as it looked from the away end? 

    Very needless. Todorov was near the bye line and cut it back across the box. The defender seemed to slide through him ridiculously late. Was sheer stupidity from him. A professional footballer shouldn’t even be thinking about diving in there. He seemed to have Todorov right where he wanted him, then just went through him anyway once the ball had gone.

  12. 1 minute ago, Newbornbairn said:

    I think being blind, stupid, inconsistent and incompetent holds them back. 

    Out of interest, where was the inconsistency today? He consistently missed a lot and let players away with ‘taking one for the team’ and going in hard and late - Falkirk did on several occasions and didn’t get a booking for it. Benedictus foul was just as late/rash as the challenge for the penalty, which didn’t result in a yellow card. Can’t disagree with the blind, stupid and incompetent. But for me, they seem to be consistently blind, stupid and incompetent.

    Should Benedictus have been shown a second yellow? Absolutely. But that would have been inconsistent with his decisions and lack of bookings for similar challenges up to that point.

  13. 2 minutes ago, Falkirkwheel said:

    Referees are awful in this tier of football. You’d think they would want to do better to move up the ladder. 

    To be fair, I’m sure they do want to be better and progress. I don’t think they’re deliberately being incompetent/useless. Surely it’s more down to their training/guidance than them not wanting to do well.

  14. 5 minutes ago, bairn88 said:

    Chance missed id say. Probs best we’ve played all season, and the worst Dunfermline have played? So they’ll be happier with the point for sure.

    Nice to play a proper away game in a proper stadium again. 

    First half was one of our poorer performances. But thought we were the better team second half. We’ve certainly played much worse over 90 minutes than we did today. Given the chances created, I don’t think either team will be happy with the draw. Both managers will certainly be saying their team should have won. I certainly feel like it’s a chance missed. But it’s probably a fair result, on the balance of play.

  15. That was a proper game of football. Two teams having a go, plenty chances at both ends. Falkirk dominated first half, but we were in control second half. We hit both posts and Falkirk had near misses too.

    Referee was awful. Can understand Falkirk’s complaints about Benedictus at the end, but the referee had let several Falkirk players away with similar challenges without a yellow. He was just incompetent.

  16. 1 minute ago, Ranaldo Bairn said:

    Yes Mehmet played a few times, normally Challenge Cup matches etc. Not the best.

    Chalmers we got on loan from Celtic when H*lt was in charge. Played out of position mostly, but permanently bad, like REALLY bad.

    Todorov never got a look in under that twat McKinnon who played no hopers like Jarvis ahead of him (and Shayne Lavery).

    Yeah, it’s bad when we’re clutching at straws, with the likes of Chalmers, Todorov and Mehmet - who all had very brief spells at Falkirk. Can only have about 10 games for Falkirk between them.

    Obviously O’Hara has some colourful history in Pars v Falkirk games, but things have changed a lot since then. Even looking at Falkirk’s squad, I can’t imagine Pars fans getting too worked up about Williamson, Kennedy, Watson (does he play?) or Donaldson. 

    We’ve got Hamilton and Todd, who are both local boys/big Pars fans. Got Benedictus who loves to go flying into challenges in derby games - Hamilton does that every week too, to be fair. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we got a man sent off on Saturday.

    We don’t really have a Higginbotham/Cardle type player that I could see chipping in with a few goals against you this season though. Although, I guess O’Hara might suddenly remember how to score. Think he averaged a goal every 60 mins or something against McGlynn’s Raith last season. Needs reminded of the offside rule before he’ll get a goal though!

  17. 51 minutes ago, Just a bairn said:

    Chalmers is the only other I think. It feels there’s usually a better mix of players to have played for both as you say. 

    Todorov as well, I think? Had no idea Chalmers had played for Falkirk until you said this.

    edit - according to Wikipedia, Mehmet once played a couple of games for you as well?

  18. Minutes silence before kickoff and any players that want to, to wear black armbands. That’s enough. Any attention seeking arseholes that disrespect the silence can gtf.

    Not a fan of the monarchy at all. But going out of your way to actively disrespect the dead is scummy behaviour. You don’t have to stand for the silence if you don’t want to. But if people want to pay their respects, let them do that.

    Before the teams come out and once the silence is done, the atmosphere will be everything you’d expect of a Pars v Falkirk match. Just be respectful of those who want to pay their respects for 60 seconds, that shouldn’t be too much to ask of anyone.

  19. 7 minutes ago, Jaggy Snake said:

    Our website says you'll be behind the goals.


    Probably not any real need for that. Would imagine total crowd will be below 1,000 and there’s not any real need for segregation. Could easily just have the last 2 sections of the main stand, or something like that, for away fans.

    Bought my ticket anyway. Like the way that Clyde, like Edinburgh and Kelty, give you the option of adding the ticket to your phone’s wallet. Wish we did the same.

  20. On 06/09/2022 at 06:30, Stellaboz said:

    We're back!

    Episode two of the East End Tales podcast takes us back to 2005 and the return of Jim Leishman to the dugout as we escape relegation by a thread (or a point).

    We talk about the infamous Livingston match, what he said to the squad to motivate them and much more. 


    Listened to this earlier. Excellent again, keep up the good work. Genuinely really enjoyed both episodes so far, It’s great to have some decent Pars content out there!

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