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  1. We do. Every team taking part in a cup game shown on tv gets a set amount of money, depending on the round. Plus we’ll get about 40% of ticket revenue.
  2. Only mentioned Dow, as Grant mentioned him as a central midfielder. Agree that he would be best suited to an attacking role in a midfield 3 though, assuming we keep playing with wing backs.
  3. We now have Dorrans, Wilson, Cole, Pybus, Dow and Thomas for the 2 midfield roles. I’m wondering if we can add Paul Allan to the list of players we might look to loan out?
  4. Need to book seats for the Partick game, if you’re a ST holder. Sales seem to be open now.
  5. Great effort and if you keep up that level of support, you should be capable of remaining the best PT team in the country for a wee while. That must be (at least) similar numbers to those that FT teams like Ayr, Morton and QoS get. If you end up near the guy that was co-commentator last season, that would be enough entertainment to justify buying a season ticket anyway!
  6. Is the staggered entry due to the poor access to the stands? No sign of it in stadiums with plenty stairwells/access points and/or large concourses. Think Morton potentially just have one turnstile/entry and exit point for each stand, so are trying to avoid crowds gathering.
  7. Keep crying. Won’t get any sympathy from us. You won’t even be able to claim you play the best football in the league anymore, as you watch us stroll to the title. Watch us smash all the records for most goals scored, most wins, most points and biggest ever derby wins along the way. Looking forward to your meltdown after a Todorov hat trick on the 20th, to shut up the racist Raith fans as well.
  8. Dorrans confirmed on a 2 year deal. Squad’s starting to look really good.
  9. I feel like, for games against championship level teams, we need to have 3 more natural defenders. Change I’d make to the back 5 from Saturday would be putting Watson in the RCB role, Comrie to RWB and having MacDonald on the bench. Breen will help add competition to a back 3 of actual defenders. It’s been noticeable in the St Mirren, Stenny and Dumbarton games that the oppositions’ more physical strikers are looking to move towards Comrie when the ball is out wide. It will cause us problems. That’s where St Mirren’s goal came from as well. In midfield, I think Dorrans would be a welcome addition. But I did think it seemed harsh that Allan was left out on Saturday. I’d assume he was just rested/Grant was keen to give the others some game time though. Allan played well in the first 3 games, but is untested against teams at this level. Front 3, if we stick to this system, will always be dangerous. Like the look of Kennedy in behind a front 2 as well. A fit Dow will also be capable of that role, as would Thomas, if we choose to play more natural midfielders in the middle. I’ll be interested to see how he copes in the middle against better teams, assuming he stays there. We have competition all over the park, with quite a few players (hopefully) returning from injury as well.
  10. Would be happy with Dorrans. A different option and would add a lot of experience to the midfield, when he plays. Think Grant would be more sensible than Crawford was with Whittaker and play him when needed, rather than squeezing him into the team whenever he can. Defence has looked shaky, hopefully Breen adding competition will help out.
  11. Grant’s worse than Crawford for switching keepers. At least he’d switch between Gill/Scully when they made mistakes, rather than switching every game. Good to see Cole starting, but seems harsh for Allan to be dropped. Hopefully Kennedy comes on too. Also hoping Watson’s injury is nothing serious.
  12. I bought for me and my friend. Forwarded the email to him and agreed which ticket was his and which was mine. Should work no bother.
  13. Good news. Think I saw somewhere that Breen’s contract expires in November or something, since it was extended to allow him to finish the US season on his loan spell there. Perhaps agreeing a sell on % or something is the issue, I don’t know. Pure speculation on my part. Looks like he’s planning to come here though, which suggests it’s almost done.
  14. By the way, if any of your fans are interested in tomorrow’s game, there are plenty tickets available on general sale. SSEW is the usual away section of the main stand and is largely empty. Obviously it’s meant to be home fans only, so I’d advise against wearing a Stenhousemuir top or anything. But see no reason why you can’t attend, given our fans don’t seem to be snapping up the tickets and segregation shouldn’t be required. I know I’d much rather pay £12 to go to the game than watch a stream. dafc.co.uk/matchtickets/
  15. I think our attacking options could make this quite difficult for opponents. Teams can’t double up on both Thomas and Kennedy. Would leave everyone else with a lot of space. When you also consider we have O’Hara, Wighton and Todorov it’ll be hard to keep all of them quiet. Appreciate the summary though, as I haven’t seen too much of him. Seemed to do brilliantly at Inverness and certainly a positive sign that Raith fans would have wanted him back, particularly given we’re looking to play a similar brand of football this year.
  16. Pleased we’ve finally got that one sorted. Now let’s hope he’s as good as we’re led to believe.
  17. Not sure I understand that logic. Not sure of the exact timings, but in theory if there were 3 minutes of stoppage time left to play when the goal was scored, there were 3 minutes left to play when play restarted regardless of how long the celebrations were. No? There isn’t more time added due to the length of celebration, the amount of time still to play remains the same.
  18. I think there’s a good chance that, even with the game on a Friday, all available tickets will be sold (even if it is full capacity). Agree with smpar above though, I fully expect there to be some form of restrictions in place still.
  19. Win on Saturday and the league cup 2nd round will be our first game with no restrictions - weekend of 14th August. This is, of course, assuming there’ll be no changes between now and then.
  20. Gabby McGill signs for Airdrie. Bit surprised at that, assumed he’d move back to England. Maybe he’ll prove us all wrong, but he offered absolutely nothing in his time with us.
  21. Glad to see he’s doing well. Hopefully he’s enjoying himself and continues to do well. I don’t think he’d be a great fit for us this year and I like the look of Todorov - who wouldn’t have been signed if McManus had stayed. As you say, working out well for all parties.
  22. Scored a cracker when we beat Partick 5-1 a couple of years back (I think?). Doesn’t exactly have to be great in the middle of the park to improve on our current options. Hopefully he does well.
  23. Cammy Smith leaving his club in the US to return home. He’d be a good signing for a club at this level. I see PG has confirmed ‘central midfielders’ Dow and Wilson will both be out for the first league game, so we definitely need to bulk up the midfield.
  24. If we’re sticking with this system, we probably need another centre half. MacDonald played well yesterday, but I still think I’d prefer to see Comrie at wing back and a more natural CB at CB. We need to have more cover in that position. Obviously we need more midfielders. If we’re sticking with the formation that includes 3 strikers, we need another one. But I’m not convinced we’ll get away with that system in a league game. More likely to play a front 2, with Thomas/Kennedy/Dow in behind them. Regardless, I enjoyed yesterday. Was great to be back at East End. Players seemed to enjoy playing in front of fans as well. I know it was only (a depleted) Dumbarton and it will have no bearing on our season ahead, but I liked the way they put on a show and played some really entertaining football at times. Been a long time since we’ve seen Dunfermline play an entertaining/attractive brand of football and the players seemed to be enjoying the way we set up and it looked like there was a real positive team spirit. More of the same next week please, before the real football starts!
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