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  1. Just watched this. Saw Cardle and Docherty got sent off at the same time and thought it might be entertaining. But just two stupid/needless red cards without adding any entertainment. Definitely looks like Docherty stamps on Cardle and Cardle had lost the head. He went flying in over the top of the ball with the challenge and that merited the red card in itself, he was out of control and dangerous. Did Lawless get booked? Seemed to be quite aggressive with Cardle, pinning him to the ground and looked like he had his hand on Cardle’s throat area when trying to keep him down. I think that’s when there’s the potential ‘punch’ from Cardle? Either way, definitely looks like two red cards. Referee didn’t really have much option with them.
  2. Routine win. We were never in trouble and could have easily scored more. Credit to McPake and the players for getting the job done and putting in a decent performance. A lot of players (particularly defence/keeper) did nothing wrong, without having much to do. Hope KRH is ok and just went off as a precaution.
  3. Been very good, but needs to come off. Forfar number 19 is a thug that’s horrendous at football and has been kicking him all game. Challenge at the end of the half was a shocker, right down the Achilles.
  4. I hadn’t seen that until I read your post earlier. Hopefully they can all play - suggests clubs might want them to stay here beyond January, which would be good.
  5. Be interesting to see how we approach this. Will McPake try and have us blow them away early on, so that he can give fringe players/youngsters game time and give first team players a rest late on? I certainly don’t think we can afford to risk playing a weakened/rotated side from the start. I wonder if our loan players will be able to play? Think in the past we’ve had players whose parent club refused to allow them to play, in case they were recalled in January.
  6. Agree with this. You need to have sustained success before you start worrying about style. But it’s worth noting, as a manager, if you have an ‘unattractive’ style of play, you will be given less time by the fans/board. There are downfalls to having a set style of play. For example, I believe Klopp and Liverpool are struggling due to teams working out a way to play against them. Klopp seems to have no real solution. Everyone at the club is there to suit his ethos. When that isn’t working, there’s no alternative. As a fan, I just want my team to win. The Falkirk game wasn’t pretty on the eye, but I thought we played well and deserved the win. If there’s one thing we found out last season, possession counts for absolutely nothing. You can pass the ball about the back all you want but football is, and always has been, about scoring more goals than the opposition.
  7. Another test for McPake this weekend. Can he end our Scottish cup curse? Our last win in the competition was 18th November 2017 - over 5 years ago. Last goal we scored was 20th January 2018 - Declan McManus v Morton. We’ve appointed a total of 4 new managers since we last scored a Scottish cup goal. In fact, last time we scored a Scottish cup goal, Falkirk were a championship club. I know you can be unlucky with tough draws, but we haven’t been drawn against a side from a higher division during this run.
  8. They might might got a point today if they hadn’t accepted his resignation.
  9. Two updates - Alan Main’s been removed from the management team on the official site. Also, Arbroath game is Friday 9th Dec at 7:45pm.
  10. Yeah, I’ll never understand it. There’ll be Celtic fans that went last night, who won’t see a single first team game at Celtic Park this season (or ever). Even then, you have ‘fans’ that stay in Dunfermline , or anywhere else, that have never and will never attend a game. They just like saying they support Celtic. It’s a really odd mentality. Theres something special about supporting your local team, getting to as many games as you can and experiencing the highs and lows. It’s a rollercoaster but it makes the successes, no matter how small they seem, so much more enjoyable.
  11. you’re at it. We had three 16 year olds playing, against a very good youth team. Don’t know any of the Celtic players, but would assume they’re mostly in their late teens/early 20s? Correct me if I’m wrong. I honestly don’t know. I wasn’t there, but wouldn’t imagine the first team players were bursting a gut, particularly once they went 2-0 up. Good experience for the kids, decent kickabout for the guys needing minutes and a waste of time for Fisher, Todd and Chalmers. McPake seems happy and got what he wanted out the game. That’ll do, as far as I’m concerned.
  12. If it was a real team that were the opposition, I’d probably be there tonight. However, even though my non-attendance will make no difference, I personally feel the need to opt-out of the game as I don’t agree with them being involved.
  13. Watch out, if you keep saying this people might think you’re being serious.
  14. Think it was Edwards(?), but I do think he goes down very easily. I think you see that given as a foul more often than not though, particularly given he’s knocked Edwards over to get in on goal. Ref gave fouls for much less. Most of the first half, all Allan had to do was fall over and he’d get a free kick. Ref also missed much more obvious fouls than that - for both teams. One of the ref’s more bizarre decisions was against Allan though. There was one point in the second half that Allan was closing down Comrie (I think) at the corner flag. Comrie went to play it back to Mehmet, Allan slid in with a great challenge, put it out for a goal kick rather than letting Comrie complete the pass. Ref gave a free kick to us and I have no idea why.
  15. Where’s he off to? Saw this the other day and assumed it was a rumour, but no sign of Main today.
  16. Poor from us, but think we earned the point second half. First half, we weren’t at it at all. Too many players just weren’t at it. Both full backs and Fisher were poor. Mochrie seemed to go into hiding. The 2 hooked at half time were appallingly bad. But we’re going to have rough patches/poor games. Important to not lose though. Young lad from Rangers looked good second half. Would like to see more of him. Very direct and got a bit of skill too. Clyde were much better than last time. Organised, solid defensively and dangerous on the counter. The striker looked useless in the away game, but caused us endless problems today. The number 10 also had some good play and was unlucky not to score. From 2-0 up, I can understand their disappointment at giving away 2 penalties to throw that away. Two penalties looked pretty clear cut. Surprised to see so many people complaining about the second? The free kick was going round the wall, if the man on the end hadn’t stuck his arm out to block it. Can’t get more obvious than that?! His arm was stretched out to stop the ball going past the wall, it’s a stonewall penalty. It didn’t just hit an arm in the wall, it was an arm outstretched to stop the ball going past the wall.
  17. If you don’t want to pay £20, don’t. It’s honestly as simple as that. Our crowds/ticket sales have been decent. So it hasn’t put off too many people, I don’t think. We haven’t changed our prices from the championship, where £20 was the standard price. We paid £18 to go to Meadowbank, which was one of the worst match day experiences I’ve ever had. They have since reduced their pricing, I believe. Kelty was £18 for terracing. Decent wee ground, but you’d usually pay extra for a seat, so I’d argue our prices are similar.
  18. No they didn't mate, but don't let that put you off. “the Falkirk fans that thought they were turning up and going to hammer us” - a basic grasp of the English language would tell you that’s not a claim that every Falkirk fan thought that. Clearly just alluding to the fact that there were a few that seemed very confident of hammering us. Those are quite obviously the ones he’s talking about.
  19. Just watched them after seeing this. What a slaver the commentator (and co-commentator) is. Similar attitude to McGlynn a lot of Falkirk fans on their thread. Happy to criticise Dunfermline for being ‘negative’ but completely ignoring the fact that Mehmet had absolutely nothing to do until 94 minutes had been played. The ‘not even obvious’ thing made me laugh. It’s the fact he then repeated it as well, rather than correcting himself. Also enjoyed the commentator talking about how time was up, but the ref was giving them one last chance. Then sounding close to tears that they didn’t get another chance after that.
  20. Watched the goal back and the other 3 Pars players that start around the penalty spot draw the 2 man-marking defenders to the front post. Then the zonal marking players move towards that area too. Wighton sneaks around the back unnoticed and the other Pars players just stop as they know the ball’s going to Wighton. Are you really trying to suggest that wasn’t planned? Everything is so deliberate, every man knows their job. I don’t know why you’re in denial about this? It’s really bizarre that you’re so bitter about this that you can’t even accept that was a planned move.
  21. Putting words in my mouth there. Simply stated a fact about last season. I didn’t say he’s always struggled against us, so no idea why you’re getting so offended? He had the better of Crawford as a manager and think you had the better head to head record in 2010-11 too. But that doesn’t change the fact that he shat the bed 4 times against an absolutely terrible Dunfermline side last season. Even lost 2-0 to us when Hughes was in charge.
  22. The man can’t even get Gary Oliver to score against Dunfermline. If it wasn’t for his goals against Dunfermline, I’m not convinced Oliver would still have a career in football. He’s also now brought Kennedy into 2 different clubs. Kennedy was summed up in the first half. He knocked the ball past Fisher, Fisher put his arm out, touched Kennedy’s chest and he just stopped and let the ball roll out for a goal kick. Pathetic wee guy. It’s interesting that McPake said we identified back post at corners as a way to get chances. Then McGlynn cries about that. Maybe he should look at why they created no chances, despite having 11 corners and much more possession. Yes, we defended well. But his job is to set the team up to score goals. At no point today, did Falkirk seem to have any idea of how they were going to create chances. Just short passes around the back and aimless punts forward. But he’s trying to blame Dunfermline for winning and not just letting them win? It’s just weird.
  23. But they won the corner stat 11-3. We came for 0-0 (as he said about 10 times), but had 4 shots on target before they finally managed one in the 94th minute. He’s just a sad, bitter man. He and his team got it wrong, but he can’t admit that. Moaning about Dunfermline trying to make things difficult for them. Isn’t that kind of what every team wants to do for their opponents? Really bizarre stuff. Did he think we should have just let them walk through us?
  24. Nice to see the club’s Twitter taking a dig at McGlynn’s pathetic interview.
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