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  1. To be fair, I’m not too offended by McPake. He just wouldn’t be at the top of my list. Yes, he had Charlie Adam, but he won promotion with Dundee. I’d have Thomson and Murray ahead of him, definitely. Murray knows the league and has Airdrie playing good football. Thomson seems to be very highly rated, knows how to win and seems to like to attack. McPake would probably be another Crawford-type manager. I think he’d probably get results, but not be too entertaining. I wouldn’t be thrilled, but I’d certainly be willing to see how things go.
  2. If you’re appointing one of those 2, I’d genuinely be happy for us to take your second option. Not the time for ‘pride’ and saying that we can’t be taking someone who isn’t good enough for you. Obviously I’d be all for us trying to outbid you, but Raith in the championship is a much more attractive job than Dunfermline in League One.
  3. This has crossed my mind over the last few weeks. Lots of people with different info and I honestly hope they’re trying to find the ‘leaks’ and get rid of them. Giving everyone different info makes it easier to figure out who is passing on this information to people who rush online to tell everyone.
  4. Up until the last 12 months, I’d say we’ve been better than most for giving managers time. McIntyre was here 4 and a bit years. Jefferies was here just under 3 years. Johnston was here 3 and a half years. Crawford was here 2 and a half years. That’s not to say Grant/Hughes deserved more time. Both were horrendous appointments that couldn’t have complained if they were punted sooner. Having said that, Crawford’s first half season ended dreadfully and he got fewer PPG than Hughes managed. Once he built his own team, we weren’t too bad. Big difference there is that Hughes signed 7 players and kept playing them - those players were a big part of the problem. If it wasn’t for the fact the board has significantly changed in the last 2 years, I don’t think the last 12 months would put anyone off/make managers hesitant to take the job. However, there may be some who look for assurance that they will be given time. The right appointment deserves time - this isn’t going to be a quick fix. If it’s as disastrous as the last 2 appointments, we have a problem. Punt them early and suddenly there’s a big red flag for potential managers. Keep a poor manager on for too long and we’re going to keep going backwards anyway.
  5. Grant wasn’t even one of them. He didn’t apply. Made a big deal in his first interview, revealing he didn’t apply/send a CV and Dunfermline asked to talk to him.
  6. Our job’s much more appealing now that we’re a big city club.
  7. Don’t believe he resigned at all. Don’t care though, just glad he’s gone.
  8. Be even worse when you factor in it will probably be Polworth signing a 3 year contract with us.
  9. It’s the fact they said they were reviewing the footballing departments and the statement actually said they “will keep you informed as things progress”. That suggests some sort of further announcement, whether he’s staying or going. They released a statement talking about being “able to act more decisively and swiftly” and the need to “rebuild the connection between supporters and the Club” and then went on mention a review that’s either taken far too long (certainly not decisive or swift), or lie about keeping fans informed as things progress.
  10. To be fair, you lost to us in the challenge cup during the season we finished 7th in league 1 (and months after the Cowden playoff). Since you guys care about that competition so much, it’s surely still fair to say that you couldn’t beat the worst Pars team in history?
  11. Or a new coach/coaches? If they stick with Hughes, they really have to back him and make sure he can have no excuse about not being given this or that. If he’s staying, he picks the coaching team, we make sure we do all that we can to sign his top targets and we offload players he doesn’t want. Unfortunately, there’s every chance that results in a squad of Chalmers type players. But if we stick with Hughes, there can’t be any excuses about him not getting a chance to do what he wants. As I’ve said before, the most likely outcome if we stick with him is that we’re in the same situation as we were last October/November. We will need a manager to take on an awful squad that he’s put together and the job is much less appealing than would be just now. Not that it’s a particularly appealing job right now, but at least whoever’s in charge will get to pretty much build their own team, rather than being in charge of diddies they didn’t sign.
  12. I can think of 3. Sure Lawless scored one at East End and one away to Hamilton. Also missed one away to Killie. As you say, main reason for a low number is that we were rarely in the opposition box. If you sit deep and soak up pressure to play for 0-0 (as we often did), then the opposition will have a lot of the ball in/around your box. That means that, inevitably, if the referee gives a decision in their favour it’s much more likely to result in a penalty or dangerous free kick. Likewise, if you don’t spend time in the attacking third, you’re not getting a penalty. The Hamilton game mentioned above, with the Dorrans red is a prime example. Both teams were awful, then they made subs and piled on the pressure. We had barely got the ball out of our defensive third for a good period of time before that penalty. As I say, if a decision goes against you when you’re playing for 0-0 and sitting deep like that, it often results in a penalty/dangerous free kick. Was it unlucky? Yes. Was Hughes’ refusal to respond to opposition subs until we concede a goal more of an issue? Yes. That was an issue at various points - including the playoff final defeat. Having said all of the above, I also don’t think we gave away many penalties. Largely because our players were usually too soft to bring a man down/risk giving away a foul. The amount of goals we conceded, particularly early on, that could have been avoided by someone ‘taking one for the team’ early in the opposition attack was frustrating. Everyone else does it, so why were our players not wise enough to do that?
  13. Yeah, I’m fairly sure any statement will talk about getting ‘back where we belong’ - completely ignoring the fact that we are exactly where we belong right now.
  14. They’ve probably spent the last 5 days drafting up the statement defending Hughes/explaining their decision to keep him. I doubt they’ve come up with anything other than “we think we need consistency” as there’s nothing he has done that justifies keeping him on after he got us relegated. No doubt end up with something about how they see things that we don’t. Talk about him working tirelessly and claim that they’ve seen some progress during his time - despite the fact we seemed to get worse the more players he signed himself. Then they’ll mention how shocked and upset the manager and the board were to the reaction from fans after the playoff defeat. Then tell us we need to back him and the club.
  15. “a leaner and more flexible structure in order to be able to act more decisively and swiftly in the future.” “The footballing departments and squad plans are currently under review. The board will keep you informed as things progress.” Surely the footballing aspect was being regularly reviewed/discussed during the season and it shouldn’t need any sort of lengthy review/investigation? To come out with the part about being more decisive and acting more swiftly, then to not provide any update 9 days after the season ended is mental. I was expecting an update at the end of last week, since they did say we would be informed as things progress.
  16. If true, I’d be very happy with that. Unfortunately though, I think we’re stuck with Hughes and will find ourselves trying to bring in a new manager in October/November to manage the terrible squad Hughes has assembled by that point.
  17. Meadowbank will be worse than Ainslie Park. Two stands, both at pitch level, with a running track between the stands and the pitch!
  18. We paid fees/compensation for Murray, O’Hara, Thomas, Edwards and Turner, who I think were worth it - or have at least shown some glimpses of talent/potential. Also got Nisbet for free, due to a stupid clause Rovers put in his contract. We seemed to be very ‘on the ball’ with getting players under contract at other clubs, or just players we needed to pay compensation for. We also paid fees/compensation for poor signings like Ryan, Lang, McGill, MacDonald and Chalmers. I may have missed some on either/both lists, but it’s clearly been a mixed bag in terms of success of the signings that we paid fees for. My main concern is that of the 5 I’ve listed as not being poor signings, 3 have now left for nothing and only Edwards to date has signed an extension beyond their initial contract. We need to try and sort that. We’ve also developed a new habit of selling some players. We sold Jackson Longridge in 2019, Nisbet and Lang in 2020 and McManus in 2021 for fees. Before that, can’t have sold many players since Willie Gibson?
  19. This is the part I don’t get. Our player recruitment strategy, which had been largely successful, has been tossed out the window. We’re building a training centre and re-establishing an academy, but at the same time we moved away from signing youngsters and trying to develop them and use us as a stepping stone. To be fair, in January we were desperate for players to save us. We failed despite going for older heads though, so we still would have been no worse just building for the longer term.
  20. The longer this drags on, the more uncertain I get that we’ll do the right thing. I understand that these things take time, but the ‘final nail in the coffin’ was last Saturday. Usually, when a manager is let go at the end of the season, it’s announced within a few days. Delaying the removal of the current manager m means delaying the search for a new manager. Delaying the search for a new manager means that the more sought after candidates are spoken to/snapped up by other clubs. Really hope that it’s a case of announcing the departures along with the new structure/team, but that seems unlikely. If they’re punting him, it should be announced today at the latest. If it drags into next week before he’s sacked, that’s just ridiculous and suggests that the mismanagement at the club wasn’t due to departing board members, but those that are still here. The board must know that fans want clarification one way or another. There’s no logical reason for this to drag on longer beyond today.
  21. Yeah, I think the wording of the statement cleverly hints that the manager and/or management team are being sacked, but they can’t actually announce it yet. Could just be seeing what I want to see though.
  22. Decent enough statement. Accepted responsibility for the season. As above if it isn’t followed up by news of Hughes leaving, then it’s disappointing. They can’t release a statement basically saying “we got it wrong” and then keep the manager, can they? Otherwise it’s just empty words and a bit of a fake apology. Talking about ‘the manner in which the relegation came about’ and ‘standards falling well short’. The term ‘starting at the top’ also gives me some hope, is that reading too much into it? Probably. ‘Footballing department and squad plans’ being under review, surely means the management team?
  23. Done a quick bit of research. Dom Thomas started 16 league games this season. We got 20 points in those 16 league games. That means that he didn’t start in 20 league games and we got 15 points in those 20 games. Worth noting that, in line with The Toun Clock’s criticism, he was subbed off early (around the hour) in defeats to Inverness and Killie, having been underwhelming. But I’d argue his ratio of poor games is quite far off. Given he probably played well in around 50% of his starts this season, which is a hell of a lot better than any of his teammates (except Donaldson). Worth noting that we scored 22 goals at East End and 15 of them came when he was on the park. Away from home, I think he was less influential, but obviously got the winner away to Inverness. We struggled to score away from home all season though and he’s far from the only one to blame for that. I actually think the issue could be that we were too reliant on him, so teams would try and stop him, knowing we didn’t really have any other serious threat.
  24. Think you have to add Ayr at home (Hughes’ first game) to the list as well. He played well that day. Once you factor that in, you seem to be arguing that someone who’s performance was crucial in 4 of our 7 wins isn’t going to be a big loss? I thought it was very noticeable that he was the only player in the team that was direct and drove us forward. Particularly in the latter stages of the season, once we had Chalmers, Polworth and Lawless in there. Thomas was always the one who kept pushing forward in games, when everyone else kept slowing the game down. We definitely missed his style of play in the playoffs.
  25. You guys better not be messing around. Either way, I’d imagine we’ll be releasing something today/tomorrow. Wonder if we’re just going for one big statement announcing all departures/changes (directors, management and players)?
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