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  1. Yeah, the quotes/interview make it seem like we’ve gone out and targeted a midfielder because he’s left footed. As you say, Martin has always looked most comfortable on the left hand side of the defence, be that left CB or LB. I’d rather have a right footed that can defend/play football on that left hand side than a left footer that can’t. Martin’s left foot is actually alright as well, always had him down as being comfortable/fairly competent with both feet.
  2. Just looking at the fact everyone knew we need to improve our midfield and we’ve finally signed someone. Yogi seems to have targeted a player he wanted and got him, so you’d expect that he should add something to the team that we’ve been missing. I also did a quick search and saw he was 6ft+, so thought he was maybe going to be a physical presence. Sounds like that assumption was maybe wrong though…
  3. “we are a bit short of lefties on that left hand side. “ That’s a very typical Yogi quote it seems. Before he came here, I had no idea he was so obsessed with left footed players. “he has a habit of passing it to his own teammates.” That’s another bizarre quote from Yogi. I mean, should that not be a given for literally any footballer - particularly a midfielder? Hopefully the guy does well for us and ends up being that missing piece in midfield.
  4. Looks like a good signing. Can’t say I know much about him, but Ayr’s statement was nice to read and it sounds like it’s someone we’ve made a real effort to sign. It’s someone that the manager really wanted. Think he’s 6ft+ so hopefully adds a new dynamic to our midfield. Look forward to seeing how he gets on.
  5. I’d have thought that if Hughes thought Fenton was a better option as cover, he’d have been on the bench ahead of MacDonald. I genuinely don’t think we’d have sorted/agreed to this loan move if at least one defender coming in wasn’t close to being announced. Could be wrong though (wouldn’t be the first time), I’m just speculating. In the past, I’ve noticed a trend of announcing a departure early afternoon, followed by an arrival late afternoon/evening. But Airdrie were maybe keen to get this announced and we may have to wait until tomorrow/later in the week for another club to agree to announce the arrival of someone at Dunfermline.
  6. Think MacDonald signed a 2 and a half year deal last January, so he’s here until next summer. Probably loaning him to league 1 just now, to see if he’s good enough to play for us at that level next year.
  7. MacDonald was going to struggle for game time, but with Martin being a starter at CB, that leaves us with no cover at full back. Haven’t kept up much with other clubs business. Could this be a sign the boy Maxwell might come? Think we were linked with him. Defensive cover is a necessity. Surely this is one that we put on hold until a replacement was sorted out. Otherwise, it would just be crazy.
  8. Great initiative, credit to all involved. Hopefully it’s well received by the young guys and well attended. I’m too old myself, but good to see Eddie trying new things to help with everyone’s mental health. I’d imagine there’s a high percentage of guys that age are more likely to turn up for a game of football than attending the walk and talk events.
  9. One thing I noticed yesterday, was that we chose to change ends before the game. I was a bit surprised when we switched ends, then Inverness kicked off. I’m not sure I remember us choosing to shoot towards the Norrie in the first half before. But I’m wondering if it’s now what our players prefer? I think we have started the game shooting towards the Norrie in the home wins against Ayr and Hamilton, so is this something we’re going to become more used to seeing? At half time, I feared it would backfire - when we’re behind, I tend to think we play better when we’re shooting towards our own fans. But in the Ayr and Hamilton games, we got a first half lead, which gave us something to hold onto and the fans encouraging/spurring on the defence in the second half is maybe something the players enjoyed.
  10. This is a pretty bizarre post. Obviously didn’t listen to the commentary, but I didn’t think celebrations were over the top at all when we scored. It certainly wasn’t celebrated like a win, so not sure what the ‘fans reaction’ was that suggested we won? The fact you then say ‘relief’ kind of implies it wasn’t over the top as well, so I’m genuinely not sure what you’re getting at here. Team at the bottom of the league score to equalise against the team in 2nd place. Should we just have sat down and politely applauded?
  11. I do agree with this. Which is why I mention others not scoring goals. But there’s rarely other players in the box - so who’s supposed to be scoring/providing that goal threat? So many times we have the ball out wide/in the final third and we only have McCann in the box and this is what frustrates me most about our shape/system. McCann is there to be a target man, but there is nobody there to score the goals. It’s been the same since Yogi came in, but he keeps playing the same players, which would suggest everyone seems to be doing what’s expected of them? McCann not scoring many is definitely only an issue because nobody else is. I’m fine with strikers who are there for their work in the build up play and flicking the ball on - McCann’s good at that. But we need the wingers to get further forward/into the box and/or a strike partner for McCann for that role to actually work effectively. I think O’Hara might offer that, but he clearly needs match sharpness - finishing/decision making was poor from him today. We had one move in the second half that showed what we can do. We had some neat play on the right wing, then Lawless (I think) crossed it in, McCann headed it across the goal and O’Hara hit it at the keeper. That’s what we should be capable of. That’s using Lawless and McCann to their strengths and a match fit O’Hara knocks that in.
  12. Had forgotten about that. Still, my point on that stands. Can’t go much longer, persisting with a striker who isn’t scoring regularly - particularly when players around him aren’t exactly scoring either. As I say, much improved performance from the whole team in the second half today. Not wanting to be too critical. Keep that up and we should do ok. If McCann can add more regular goals, he will be a very good striker. I like the rest of his game, he’s improved a lot since Yogi came in, but we need goals.
  13. I thought it was just Ayr at home? ICT away Devine scored an OG that was strangely credited to McCann by BBC initially. Fair enough regarding the ref. I just felt like there were a few times he made a big deal of letting players run away, calling them back and making a big deal about booking them, then moving to where the free kick had to be taken to make the note of the booking, before taking his time getting into position. During the end of HT fiasco, he was hanging about the corner of the pitch grinning at the abuse he was getting, rather than just staying in waiting for his linesman. There were other things that seemed like attention seeking, rather than just poor refereeing, but they were the main times I questioned why he was drawing so much attention to himself. Not disagreeing with the bookings or major decisions. But he ignored a few head knocks and bizarrely allowed Broadfoot play for about the last 25 mins of the second half carrying some sort of cloth wiping the blood gushing from the wound on his head. That’s honestly horrendous refereeing, no excuse for that sort of negligence at all. ICT staff also should have been much more sensible, but the ref needs to make sure he isn’t on the park until his wound has been sealed. When McCann had a head knock, Ridgers was shouting for attention and the ref ignored him. When Broadfoot initially needed treatment, he was shouting at the ref, who kept ignoring him and almost allowed play to restart after the ball went out, rather than stopping the play. I can’t agree that’s your standard ‘not got a good view’ type of error. Referees should be taking head knocks seriously.
  14. Thought McCann played fairly well - did last week too. Think he offers more mobility than Todorov and I think he links up play well. But we need wins, so not sure how much longer we can persist with a player who has only ever scored in one game as our striker? Thought McCann and O’Hara looked like it might work as a pairing. One thing’s for sure with Wighton leaving - if we go with 2 up top at any point, O’Hara has to be one of them. Referee’s performance didn’t help McCann today either. Caley’s defenders could have booted him in the head and he still wouldn’t have got a free kick for it. Ref wasn’t biased, just totally useless and the only thing he was consistent with was not giving any fouls on McCann. Referee enjoyed being the centre of attention, which isn’t a good trait for an official.
  15. The 3 in midfield that finished that game should start next week. Cole suddenly started trying to play it forward, Dorrans added some composure and that allowed Pybus to run around and be busy, without relying on him for much quality. Second half was much better than the first. Finally showed some fight/desire towards the end and I think we earned the point.
  16. Alloa’s third choice keeper from last season. We signed him and loaned him out. But we never announced the signing or the loan deal. Now he’s been allowed to leave on a permanent basis - still no announcement. Also worth pointing that our useless club say he was loaned to Bo’ness United, but he’s been playing for (and now signed permanently for) Bo’ness Athletic.
  17. I see Fraser Currid’s left to sign a permanent deal with Bo’ness Athletic. We didn’t announce he signed for us, we didn’t announce he left on loan and we now haven’t announced he’s left the club permanently. Even by Grant’s standards, it was a very bizarre signing.
  18. To be fair, not only have they failed to beat us so far, we actually beat them away from home. They’re probably the one set of fans I’d accept the pessimism from.
  19. Apologies if the wording was poor. Wasn’t meant to come across as if Yogi isn’t deciding on contracts - I agree, if that was the case he would be off. I was just explaining why the 2 year deal didn’t make much sense to me. As I say, I would be delighted if Todd goes on to prove that this is the right decision, by really kicking on and having a great career. Same goes for the other young players we have. I’m just not sure ‘fringe’ midfielders are worth 2 year deals when the manager has identified that as the weakest area of our team and we are performing well below expectations. Forgot Wilson existed. For what it’s worth, I’d rather give Todd a deal than him. Not due to ability, just the fact that Todd’s available to play most weeks and Wilson has a total of 3 sub appearances in the last 9 months and has only been fit enough to make the match day squad on one other occasion. Good player, but we can’t ignore the fact he’s never fit.
  20. I get that, but I think the club also have to be quite realistic with things and realise that a small percentage of our youth products will ‘make it’. That’s the nature of any academy. At any given age group, you’re putting together a team of players in the hope that 1 or 2 make the cut. If we’re running our own academy, the club will have to make difficult decisions and release players when they are young, or we will be spending far too much money on salaries for players that just won’t ever be good enough. As I said before, I was happy enough with the Allan and McCann extensions. But a one year extension for Todd might have been the better option as he’s the one most likely to struggle for game time, assuming we improve our midfield options. Yogi has openly said that our midfield options aren’t good enough, but out of the 3 contract extensions handed out, 2 of them have been 2 year deals for players in that area of the team. That doesn’t make much sense to me. Those comments suggest that at least one of these 2 players won’t be playing regularly once he has ‘his team’, so why are we tying them both down to 2 year deals? On the other hand, I do appreciate that other people would complain about us only giving out 1 year deals. Can’t please everyone, but I feel like fringe players aren’t worth longer term deals when we’re struggling at the bottom of the championship. I would be delighted if Todd can kick on and prove himself to be a great midfielder for us. He’s been in/around the team for 3 years now and had a handful of good games. He played well on Saturday and I thought he played well in the Morton game when Shields/Whittaker were in charge. But he’s been poor in between and I think he was deserving of being dropped and is likely to be the player dropped when Dorrans is fully fit and/or we bring in another midfielder.
  21. Just announced that he’s signed a new contract until 2024. Being ‘homegrown’ is more important than ability at this football club, which is very worrying for the future.
  22. Hopefully he’s at least a more physical player, otherwise we’re in trouble. If he’s another lightweight guy that isn’t up for a battle, we’re doomed.
  23. Imagine being so bitter about your team losing a match that you start making up this sort of rubbish. Really strange ‘banter’
  24. Very important win, particularly given other results. Need to get a run of performances. We were much more direct today, which was long overdue and seemed effective. Lawless looks like he will be a very good player. Should have scored more, but also rode our luck. Guys like Comrie, Edwards, Allan and Dow need to build on those improved performances. McCann was good in build up play and got into good areas, but finishing was poor.
  25. Please provide evidence of me being abusive? Quite a wild claim when I haven’t said anything remotely abusive here.
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