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  1. Nisbet managed 90 minutes in one game after the window closed. That was the only game we’ve lost in that time. He only started one other game, where he scored in a win against Dundee United. He got injured in that game and missed the last 3 games. Do you genuinely believe that goal is apparently what helped keep us up? We could have lost that United game and still would have stayed up.
  2. Genuinely don’t see the issue with Nisbet’s interview. He’s 23 and wants to play at the highest level possible and earn as much money as he can. Players at this level do not earn huge wages. Last summer, we very publicly said that we wanted to bring in younger/less experienced players and sell them on. We can’t bring players in, telling them things like that, then not allow them to move on. Likewise, McArthur is right with his interview though. Try and get a bidding war started and not encouraging/accepting poor offers. He will be away this summer, but we need to try and get the best deal for us - including decent add-ons.
  3. Personally, I’d rather we waited until fans could go back. However, I’m not sure that’s a feasible option. I would pay for the live stream, simply because it helps support the club and it’s better than nothing. But for me, it is nowhere near as good as being at the game and isn’t worth as much money. There are also issues with waiting until fans are allowed back. Say that doesn’t happen until January and the 18 game season goes ahead. From August, clubs have to contribute towards furloughed wages. Where is that money going to come from? At least streaming games would provide some revenue, to potentially keep clubs alive and keep players in jobs. I’m sure they could sell virtual programmes, half time draw tickets and perhaps offer other perks like voting for man of the match and opportunities to sponsor the live streams. There’s also the issue discussed by several others, regarding friends/family who would usually go together, they’re not all going to pay for individual streams, which definitely reduces the potential revenue/budgets significantly, compared to fans being in attendance. It’s something that should be looked into, but obviously set up costs for some clubs would be higher than others, to provide a quality product. The last thing clubs need is more costs just now. However, there’s no guarantee fans will be allowed in stadiums at all next season and it’s important to have contingencies in place and look at all possible options.
  4. It’s not a legal requirement to top up the extra 20%. We only actually have to pay them the 80% that the government would pay - up to the end of July. Therefore there is no cost to the club. Also, we wouldn’t necessarily have to bring them back training (and be liable for wages), if we didn’t plan on them staying with us. They could remain furloughed, if the scheme is still open. That being said, there’s no way we’ll be back training until we know what’s happening in terms of getting football back. They won’t go back training if there might not be football for months. Just because they may be allowed to train in June doesn’t mean they have to.
  5. Am I missing something here? SPFL gave Dundee advice to extend contracts to the end of June, so they could receive furlough pay. Then our chairman (who’s on the SPFL board) doesn’t do the same for our players?
  6. Everyone out of contract (except Comrie?) been released.
  7. Would imagine the away kit will have black shorts and we’ll switch between. This has been the case most years recently, with the exception of this year’s yellow.
  8. It’s very close to being an exact replica of the 18/19 kit, other than the thin white line down the middle of the black stripes. Even the sleeves have the same design.
  9. I really hope not. Would be very surprised as well, since we tend to get bespoke kits.
  10. Ayr got a Hummel catalogue kit, that can be bought for £15. I’d rather have a bespoke kit, as I said. https://hummel.co.uk/products/core-ss-poly-jersey-003636-white-pr Not seen the Thistle one, but are Oneills better than Joma?
  11. We’re probably not spoiled for choice with options. Joma gave us 2 bespoke kits this season. Anything like Adidas or Nike and we’d get 2 catalogue kits and it would be more expensive. Don’t have an issue with the Joma kits. Nothing spectacular, but at least we have a say in what they look like - even though they’ll never please everyone.
  12. 2 weeks after this, we were 1-0 up away to Inverness in the Scottish cup. Inverness down to 10 men, in stoppage time. Chris Smith charged 35 yards out to the ball, tried to punt it out, completely missed the ball and Johnny Hayes walked the ball into the net. In the replay, we were 1-0 up until Chris Smith attempted to punt the ball clear and hit it off a defender, for Hayes to tap into an empty net. We went on to lose the tie in extra time. Genuinely the most frustrating keeper I’ve ever seen at the club. Incredibly, he managed something like 15 clean sheets in our 36 first division games in the season before that - although a decent keeper probably would have managed at least 20.
  13. I genuinely think you’re getting confused here. Players are unlikely to sign contracts that expire out-with a transfer window. But I’m fairly sure there are no rules that say contracts have to expire within a window. Going by your ‘rules’ every club in this division is in breach every year. Contracts run out on 31st May and the window doesn’t open until mid-June. Fancy explaining that one? I genuinely don’t think the SPFL/SFA can dictate how long contracts have to be and you’re getting mixed up with player registrations, not contracts. I could be wrong, but as I say, every club in this division has players out of contract before the transfer window opens every summer and I highly doubt we’re all in breach of league rules - unless you can prove me otherwise.
  14. We’ve had players on shorter deals in recent years. After promotion in 2016, we gave Fordyce a deal until August, to see how he recovered from injury.
  15. Probably head to this, since it looks like all games will be played behind closed doors from Monday.
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