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  1. Oops. Should have said 4 midfielders. Should really start proof-reading before posting things.
  2. I see championship clubs have voted for 5 subs to be allowed per game for the rest of the season. Allowed to name 9 players on the bench each week, rather than the current 7 as well. Should benefit us, since we seem to have a ridiculous number of players. 9 subs means you should really have cover for every position on the bench. Looking at our squad though, it’s probably likely to be 1 GK, 2 CBs, 4 central midfielders and 2 strikers.
  3. Assuming Conteh comes in, will we look to loan out Todd and Allan? We looked a better team without them there on Saturday. They might have talent, but we need results now, can’t afford to keep playing them just because they’re our youth players. Think they’d be better out on loan for the rest of this season, than playing with the pressure they’ll be under here. Assuming the guy signs, that’s 8 central midfielders at the club. With no reserve football, you’d have to imagine there’s people nearing an exit, whether that’s a loan or permanent. Liked the look of Cole on Saturday in that midfield 3, but he’s going to be way down the pecking order again - particularly with Wilson reportedly getting back to fitness.
  4. Falkirk 14 looks like Watson, so will most likely be 44. Having said that, no idea who the trialist is to his right. As mentioned by others, I think 6 might be Dorrans. 5 is most likely Breen. Both of them hard to identify when we just have a blurry picture from the back. O’Hara and Cole are way to spot. Can’t work out who is on the right, just inside the picture, either.
  5. Official site mentions 3 trialists, the interview on YouTube mentions 2. Also says one is a ‘done deal’ we just need to see him in action and see what he’s like when he comes up here - potentially a signing from down south? Official site also says that Thomas and Wilson will need another full week, plus another friendly before being included in a match day squad. Then the YouTube interview says if they come through this game unscathed then they might be in the squad on Saturday.
  6. He also says this friendly is a chance for Lewis Martin and Paul Allan to demonstrate their abilities. Paul Allan’s started the last 5 games now and Martin’s played 90 minutes in 2 of the last 3 games. Then goes on about needing to be careful with Martin, that he isn’t playing too much. On Saturday, Martin made a mistake that led to Duku getting the ball off him. Donaldson did well to put Duku under pressure on that occasion, but I thought Martin was pretty solid other than that and liked the look of the new CB partnership. Obviously Allan gave the ball away for the goal. But 2 mistakes surely shouldn’t mean that these guys have to prove themselves all over again in friendlies? Can maybe understand playing Allan, since he came off at HT. But if we go with a 3 in midfield, I’d be playing Chalmers, Dorrans and Cole - who will all need game time more than someone who’s been starting every week. Martin, if we need to be careful with him, should be kept as fresh as possible for Saturday. Brilliant news that Dom Thomas is back training and will be involved. Also good news about Wilson being back, but I won’t get too excited until he’s actually fit - he’s been ‘back training’ so many times this season.
  7. Yeah, the quotes/interview make it seem like we’ve gone out and targeted a midfielder because he’s left footed. As you say, Martin has always looked most comfortable on the left hand side of the defence, be that left CB or LB. I’d rather have a right footed that can defend/play football on that left hand side than a left footer that can’t. Martin’s left foot is actually alright as well, always had him down as being comfortable/fairly competent with both feet.
  8. Just looking at the fact everyone knew we need to improve our midfield and we’ve finally signed someone. Yogi seems to have targeted a player he wanted and got him, so you’d expect that he should add something to the team that we’ve been missing. I also did a quick search and saw he was 6ft+, so thought he was maybe going to be a physical presence. Sounds like that assumption was maybe wrong though…
  9. “we are a bit short of lefties on that left hand side. “ That’s a very typical Yogi quote it seems. Before he came here, I had no idea he was so obsessed with left footed players. “he has a habit of passing it to his own teammates.” That’s another bizarre quote from Yogi. I mean, should that not be a given for literally any footballer - particularly a midfielder? Hopefully the guy does well for us and ends up being that missing piece in midfield.
  10. Looks like a good signing. Can’t say I know much about him, but Ayr’s statement was nice to read and it sounds like it’s someone we’ve made a real effort to sign. It’s someone that the manager really wanted. Think he’s 6ft+ so hopefully adds a new dynamic to our midfield. Look forward to seeing how he gets on.
  11. I’d have thought that if Hughes thought Fenton was a better option as cover, he’d have been on the bench ahead of MacDonald. I genuinely don’t think we’d have sorted/agreed to this loan move if at least one defender coming in wasn’t close to being announced. Could be wrong though (wouldn’t be the first time), I’m just speculating. In the past, I’ve noticed a trend of announcing a departure early afternoon, followed by an arrival late afternoon/evening. But Airdrie were maybe keen to get this announced and we may have to wait until tomorrow/later in the week for another club to agree to announce the arrival of someone at Dunfermline.
  12. Think MacDonald signed a 2 and a half year deal last January, so he’s here until next summer. Probably loaning him to league 1 just now, to see if he’s good enough to play for us at that level next year.
  13. MacDonald was going to struggle for game time, but with Martin being a starter at CB, that leaves us with no cover at full back. Haven’t kept up much with other clubs business. Could this be a sign the boy Maxwell might come? Think we were linked with him. Defensive cover is a necessity. Surely this is one that we put on hold until a replacement was sorted out. Otherwise, it would just be crazy.
  14. Great initiative, credit to all involved. Hopefully it’s well received by the young guys and well attended. I’m too old myself, but good to see Eddie trying new things to help with everyone’s mental health. I’d imagine there’s a high percentage of guys that age are more likely to turn up for a game of football than attending the walk and talk events.
  15. One thing I noticed yesterday, was that we chose to change ends before the game. I was a bit surprised when we switched ends, then Inverness kicked off. I’m not sure I remember us choosing to shoot towards the Norrie in the first half before. But I’m wondering if it’s now what our players prefer? I think we have started the game shooting towards the Norrie in the home wins against Ayr and Hamilton, so is this something we’re going to become more used to seeing? At half time, I feared it would backfire - when we’re behind, I tend to think we play better when we’re shooting towards our own fans. But in the Ayr and Hamilton games, we got a first half lead, which gave us something to hold onto and the fans encouraging/spurring on the defence in the second half is maybe something the players enjoyed.
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