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  1. I’ve been moaning about/focussing on the Wighton sub so much, that I actually forgot the tactical ineptitude that cost us the 2nd goal. We took off Murray, a strong CB that Crawford made captain, and moved Whittaker to CB to mark Ugwu - who is a powerful striker. Whittaker off had to be the change, unless we were switching to 1 CB. Honestly, his subs today are enough justification to sack him. Never mind our last 12 away games in the league.
  2. Went 1-0 down in a play off match and Crawford’s response was to take off our biggest goal threat/best striker. Get him out of the club, please. Not sure we had a single shot in the last 25 mins, after going behind. The man’s clueless.
  3. Whatever happened about Davidson’s alleged racist remarks to Todorov? Have the SFA just swept this under the carpet, or was he deemed to be innocent?
  4. Where does it say ‘matches against Raith this season’? The 4-1 game is under the “last time at East End Park” - where they give the match report. We do the same in every match preview. Give the match report of the last game between the teams at that stadium. The 5-1 game is mentioned where it should be. In the ‘last twelve meetings’. I’m not sure what your issue is here. Taking issue with a club’s match preview is honestly bizarre.
  5. Why would the section titled “Last time at East End Park” reference a result at Starks Park? You’re not very bright, are you?
  6. Because sky sports obviously believe that not many people would tune in to view it. SPFL, rather stupidly, made Premiership playoffs part of the premiership broadcasting rights. Fairly sure they could have removed them and still got the same amount of money. This means that sky sports have the rights to all rounds of the premiership playoffs. I’m sure BBC would have been happy to pay a small fee and show the QFs, but sky sports have never been interested. They don’t actually have any live games on Tuesday or Wednesday on sky sports, but still can’t be bothered showing games that they’ve technically paid for the right to show. Tuesday night, they actually have ‘Soccer AM: The Best Bits’ on Sky Sports Football at 7pm and Wednesday they’re showing a replay of Motherwell v Hibs from 2010...
  7. 7 changes is about what was expected. Paul Allan the only player involved that isn’t really involved in first team action regularly. So not a reserve/youth side. Just giving game time to those who haven’t been involved as much.
  8. Won’t be a team of kids. But would expect some of the first team players that haven’t played much lately will get a run out and players that have played a lot will get a bit of a rest.
  9. 1st leg of play offs is now Tuesday 4th May at 7pm and second leg is Saturday 8th May at 3pm. Season ticket holders get free access to home stream for QF. Semi final and final are being televised - presumably on sky sports.
  10. Could you seriously not work it out? We haven’t won an away game in the league since our first away game of the season and have playoffs starting 5 days after this game. With no chance of finishing 2nd place, of course we are going to take the opportunity to rotate the squad. That being said, last time we made wholesale changes to stay fresh for the playoffs, our fringe players drew 1-1 with Rangers, a few days later the first team went and lost to Stranraer [emoji23]
  11. Edwards is only 20 and might progress into a decent LB. But he’s one of the weaker areas in the team at the moment. I don’t want this to seem like we have a scapegoat and I don’t think many are intending their posts to say he will never make it. It’s simply that he isn’t at the level required just now for a first choice LB, if we want to make a title push next season. If we were asked to identify 3 areas that need improved, it would have to be GK, central midfield and LB. There are other positions we need to add depth/different options. But these are our 3 weakest areas this season for me. Comrie is one of the best RBs in the league and in Vytas and Watson, we have 2 decent CBs. I like Wilson in midfield, but we need another central midfielder to add more quality and help us keep the ball. Thomas and Dow out wide and Wighton/McManus/O’Hara up front are good enough. So I think adding some depth/other options would be enough there.
  12. Anyone who hasn’t been playing lately and is fit enough to start should start. We’ll need the full squad if we are going to get through the playoffs. Would expect Watson, F Murray, McInroy, MacDonald and McCann to start. If fit, I’d also expect to see E Murray, Banks and Wilson. Need to get these guys some game time before the play offs, if they’re going to be playing any part. It will also allow a lot of players a rest.
  13. It’s in the SPFL rules that 50% of ticket money goes to SPFL for playoff matches. Surely that remains the case unless the announce a change? Having said that, you’d hope they do amend things, as they’ve set a minimum price of £18 for each leg of the final - that won’t effect us though...
  14. Hamilton finished 2nd and were 1st with 2 games to go. They had a fairly good season (we haven’t) and got the ‘bye’ week, whilst 3rd played 4th. Two big differences.
  15. 100% agree with this. We’ve made the playoffs due to other teams being poor, rather than us being good. Fully expect to be on the end of an embarrassing playoff result, if we keep up our 2021 form. Got results in our first 5 games. Next 2/3 of the season (19 games) we averaged 1.05 points per game, before winning our last 2 we’ve played. We need change.
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