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  1. 2 year deal last season I think. So was only contracted for another year. This will be a 2 year extension. Guy’s had a phenomenal season and will be a huge part of the season next season. Assuming we go up, it’ll be interesting to see how he gets on playing every week in the championship. Hopefully he continues to progress and impress. Would be great to see a local guy go on to have a great career.
  2. It’s the mentality of every club, outside of those at the very top. Even the likes of Celtic/Rangers are happy to sell their top stars for Premier League money. The issue we’ve had is that nobody signs a contract extension/long enough contract for us to be able to demand a fee. In recent years, players see out their contract then get their move. Nisbet being the obvious exception. 2 year deals are risky, but I understand that it’s probably all we can offer most players. Can’t have players signing 3 year deals and ending up being a waste of a wage. The issue is though, that in their first year, the player settles in and shows signs of progress. Second season, they continue to improve and attract interest. By December/January, they have no interest in signing a new contract because they can get more money by leaving as a free agent in the summer.
  3. Would imagine Barnsley will only be particularly keen if they don’t get promoted. With that in mind, we should be trying to show him how keen we are to get him to sign on. Any player at Dunfermline should know that we’ll sell them at the right price. Signing a 2 year deal doesn’t mean you’re here for 2 years. If you perform well and a club makes a decent offer, you’ll be allowed to leave. It just offers the club some protection, in terms of getting a fee if the player performs well. I like Breen and think he’s had a very good season. I think staying with us (and working with McPake/Benedictus) and performing at the next level would be beneficial for him. But money talks and it all depends on whether we can match (or beat) any other offers financially.
  4. I couldn’t see us dropping points against Clyde (twice) or Peterhead. Clyde are fighting for their lives, don’t write them off. We need to focus on getting our job done, before worrying about their result.
  5. It’s not the easiest thing to work on a mobile. No idea why under 12/carer tickets seem to come up at the top. I’d have thought adult should be the ‘default’ option.
  6. Buying an adult ticket worked no bother for me. Did you scroll down to select an adult ticket?
  7. It’s the goal at home to Peterhead that’s been nominated. No deflection on that one.
  8. Dry your eyes. You and your friends couldn’t stay away from this thread when you were on form. Now McGlynn’s bottled it, as we said he would, you’re coming to our thread with this nonsense. We’re going for the title, with our rivals in second place. Of course we’re going to be talking about them/enjoying their implosion. Even after the game against us, you were on this thread talking about how there was no chance you’d drop 5 points in 3 games. To be fair, you were right, it only took you 2 games. You do realise the irony of your post as well? A Falkirk fan posting in a Dunfermline thread to say that we’re obsessed with them…
  9. His range of passing is excellent. I don’t know how some people seem to miss his diagonals into a great areas. Some of our fans have an agenda against him. He’s had a very good season. Nobody’s trying to re-write history and pretend last season didn’t happen. But his mindset has changed since Hughes left. He’s been looking forward a lot this season, supporting the attacking players and has played some great passes. When he’s been missing, you’ve really noticed. We’ve really struggled to create anything and get the ball into good areas when he’s not been on the park. His set pieces are also very good. Yes, he has his weaknesses and lacks physicality. But McPake has found a way to use him that plays to his strengths. Hopefully he can continue this form next season, assuming we make that step back to the championship.
  10. It’s a strange one. Alloa, Edinburgh and Falkirk have probably been the 3 poorest teams against us this season. I can only assume that they’ve been better almost every other week, then have just been horrific against us. Airdrie are, by far, the best team we’ve played. They’ve obviously struggled for consistency earlier in the season though, because they now seem to be getting the results I’d expect them to get. Clyde and Peterhead have managed to score goals and take points off of us. Montrose managed to beat us and have made things tough for us. Goals against us and points we’ve dropped: Airdrie - 5 (4 pts dropped) Clyde - 3 (4 pts dropped) Montrose - 3 (3 pts dropped) Kelty - 2 (2 pts dropped) Peterhead - 2 (2 pts dropped) QoS - 1 (2 pts dropped) Falkirk - 1 (2 pts dropped) Edinburgh - 0 (2 pts dropped) Alloa - 0 (0 pts dropped) If we’re being honest, the main reason we’ve pulled away and stayed ahead of Falkirk, Alloa and Edinburgh is because of our results against these teams. Falkirk had been similarly good against the teams around them in the table, but McGlynn’s bottled it again recently.
  11. Ah wait, you’re right. They’ve had 2 shots on target, my bad.
  12. What a load of drivel. Dunfermline have failed to score in 3 league games all season. Falkirk have failed to score in 3 in a row. Even in the games against each other, we’ve had more attempts on goal every single time, so I really don’t understand why the simpletons in the Falkirk support have made up this nonsense about playing a better brand of football. Our manager comes up with tactics to try and win the game. Passing the ball between CBs does nothing but boost meaningless stats. At least our manager understands that you need to score goals to win games. You’ve had 2 shots on target in the last 4 hours of football against us. We’ve scored 4 goals against you in that time. But, somehow, after watching those games, it’s our style of play/tactics that you’re criticising? Also, our squad is really not all you’re making it out to be. Very few of these players got any game time in the team that got relegated as well. Most were fringe players/subs. If McPake worked with Falkirk’s squad and McGlynn worked with ours, I’d imagine McPake’s team would be the league leaders and probably by a similar margin.
  13. There’s also that free flowing attacking football they claim to play. They don’t do boring football, like us. They play football the right way. We’ve failed to score in 3 league games out of 29. They’ve failed to score in 3 in a row.
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