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  1. Think we’ve knocked it out the park with the kits this year, both excellent. White shorts/socks for the home kit makes sense, now that we know it’s navy shorts and maroon socks for the away. Reaction to the away seems mixed in social media, which surprises me a bit. Genuinely think it’s excellent. Think we can see Cook’s touch with the marketing of both kits. Love the launch being at the Old Inn and Malcolm’s Tower. Really put a lot of thought into things.
  2. Started teasing the new away kit now. Definitely maroon. Looks like it could be a similar design to the home kit, but maroon with stripes alternating white and either black or navy?
  3. If true, I’m really impressed by the ambition shown. But it seems unlikely he’d come here, so hopefully we have backup targets lined up and are actively discussing deals for a number of targets.
  4. Fair point. Not sure why I was being a moany git last night. Club’s general fan engagement/interaction has improved a lot over the last wee while. Also noticed we put wee clips up on our Instagram story, which was a nice touch. On the goals, there was some good play and we seemed to be getting players into the box, which is a nice change! Keeper looked horrendous, but we were up against questionable keepers a number of times last season and still didn’t look like scoring many. As I say, attacking players gaining confidence from scoring and defenders and keeper gaining confidence by keeping clean sheets can only be a positive thing. Particularly given how low confidence must have been amongst those that were here last season.
  5. Think the club need to work on their social media updates. First of all, they’re getting far too excited over a friendly v Forfar. Secondly, we put out an update that Miller Fenton scored at 21:05 and put out the update to say he’d been subbed on at 21:07. Then just didn’t bother describing the goal (they described all the others). Things like that should be reliable/consistent. We used to have unique goal graphics for each player - we did in 2017-18, not sure when/why that changed. We’ve gone backwards to a generic goal gif, plus a name in all caps (usually) with 10-15 exclamation marks. I say ‘usually’ because for McCann’s tonight, they turned caps lock off too early and the tweet was “LEWIS MCCann!!!!!!!!!!!!” It’s fairly minor, but social media should be valued by the club, as a very useful tool for communicating with fans. Our output is very amateur.
  6. McCann and O’Hara both scoring again. Performances/results in friendlies mean nothing. But it will certainly boost their confidence, which can only be a good thing. Doesn’t mean they’ll score lots or have great seasons, but they’re players that looked low on confidence at various points last season. Just seen Todd’s scored too. If he’s going to play in a more attacking role, again it’ll be good if he has some confidence in front of goal. Need as many players as possible to be chipping in with goals.
  7. Is this about Ryan Williamson? If so, has he lost his pace? When he was with us, he had pace, but no footballing ability. If he’s lost that pace (probably not a huge surprise given his injury history), then I can’t see him resembling a footballer at all and you will definitely need a better option at RB. Think the league could be close this year. So far, not seeing much to split most of the squads. Probably comes down to who has the best manager/who gets the best loanees. You’ll certainly be up there challenging with McGlynn. But, similar to us, there will be concerns about the mentality/attitude of some of the players the new manager has inherited.
  8. Why did you remove the first sentence of that post? ”Looks like the young guys are in the first team to play, so I would doubt that 6 more folk will be coming in. ” makes it quite clear that he’s referencing the person he quoted saying we needed 6 more signings. He literally says he can’t see 6 more coming in and you’ve gone through the effort to remove that from the post you’ve quoted. What’s the point in that? You got that a bit wrong, these things happen. Just hold your hands up and move on. Not sure what you’re trying to achieve here, we don’t have to look back far to find the post you’ve quoted and see the sentence you’ve removed.
  9. You’re spot on here. McPake alluded to a game at East End, when he was in charge at Dundee. He played a kid in midfield, someone Cameron I think(?). Said that whilst the player was ready for first team football, the team had been awful that day and he wanted to get the kid out of that environment, so he took him off at HT. Said he wasn’t the worst player, or the reason they lost 2-0, but he wanted to protect him. Even if the kids end up being good enough, he knows that you need experience in the squad. Experience doesn’t necessarily mean men in their 30s that are past it. For example, he talked about Wighton’s experience of big occasions - scoring in a cup semi final and both Dundee and Edinburgh derbies.
  10. What I got from McPake’s comments at the supporter evening was that we’re definitely actively looking for new players. However, in the meantime, it’s up to everyone currently here to prove that they’re worth a start - regardless of age/experience. Anyone who doesn’t look like they’ll be part of the plans, we’ll try to loan them out/offload them.
  11. Results of friendlies don’t mean much. McPake said as much himself. But it would be good for Mehmet, Comrie, Breen, Allan, Todd, Wighton, O’Hara and McCann to play well and get some confidence/momentum ahead of the ‘real’ games starting. I think all of them have ability, but none of them could perform consistently last season. Comrie in particular didn’t seem to recover from being forced to play in Grant’s back 3, where they got no help from wing backs or midfielders. On his day though, he’s far too good for league one.
  12. Ryan Dow signed for Peterhead. Was a good player for us when he first came in, but never recovered from that injury.
  13. Just came to post this. Think this means McPake got his first choice assistant and the waiting game paid off.
  14. I’d imagine we’ll have some trialists in, now that friendlies have begun. Better to see how guys get on in a match situation than just on the training ground. Apparently everyone looks great there, if you believe Grant/Hughes. I also think there will be negotiations ongoing with a number of players, perhaps even deals agreed. But, as a club, we don’t tend to announce things until everything is signed - makes sense. Hopefully get updates/timescales on the training base and coaching team being in place. Would also be good to hear about the commercial side of things (sponsorship packages etc) and any potential improvements for fan engagement/the match day experience tonight. Hope we don’t have idiots asking what formation McPake plans to play, his game plans etc, as if he’ll reveal that to a group of fans to come online and tell everyone. Also hope people don’t come and rant about Grant/Hughes. Got to trust that the review has been conducted and we have learned from mistakes made last season and move on.
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