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  1. That really is a great goal and a perfect ball in by Tumilty. Perfect pace and inch perfect. I'm glad to see Layne getting a few goals again in the last 2 games after he dried up over the last few weeks after such a good start by him.
  2. The fact that Dom Thomas isn't even going to.make it into our team of the decade. WOW!
  3. Maybe it's the fact he's not that memorable for me that made me think that but regardless I would still probably have had Lindsay in there.
  4. This team of the year is going to be absolutely honking by the time it's finished. I'm predicting a Gary Fleming Prunty striker partnership to end it too. Can't believe we didn't have the option of Jamie Lindsay as a CDM either. The fact that Jon Routledge won his group says it all. (Not a terrible player but should never be in the top 4).
  5. Michael Dunlop was an option for CB.
  6. Despite your pleas which are absolutely fair enough in my opinion, someone always ends up posting a picture of the paper/article on here for some reason. Hopefully this week it will be different.
  7. It's not that the team is more balanced with Carswell in defense... It's that the team look more balanced with Carswell not in it. I like Carsy but there is something just not working when he plays in midfield at the moment which gives us the awkward scenario of not having the team captain on the pitch if we don't play him. Hutton is having a fantastic season so far and the two of them have very similar play styles despite their differences in size/build. We can only play one of them whether that is in a 3,4 or 5 man midfield, it just doesn't work. There is no way we can drop Hutton just now so if it means that Carsy has to sit on the bench for the good of the team then so be it IMO. Not sure what you're problem is with McGeever is, having him in defense has got nothing to do with the teams creativity. That comes down to the midfield/strikers and to a ceratin extent fullbacks but not the centre halves. It's been a long time since we had 2 Centre Halves that look a threat from set pieces and it's a great advantage having that option when it comes to it.
  8. Tumilty has been fantastic IMO. He has barely put a foot wrong and keeps it simple with regards to defending. He has also not been afraid to get forward and overlap on the wing which is always good to see with a fullback. I honestly think he could do a job in a higher league albeit he would be tested a bit more.
  9. There was nothing short notice about it. He was with us last season and had the same amount of time as every other manager. We were all very worried when we seen the supposed quality of players he was signing up. There are still a few players in the squad that really shouldn't be playing at this level, but for the most part, the team are proving us wrong after the first handful of games.
  10. I was wondering how long till someone pointed that out.
  11. I could have sworn I seen a Scotland flag with a Dumbarton badge in the middle of it.
  12. Maybe Aitken was still raging about the Stranraer game and sneaked on the bus during the game for a big dirty.
  13. I meant to say outside of the Premiership and Championship transfer Window. I think ours lasts a little longer than theirs.
  14. I agree with this to an extent but I think Tierney might do okay if we played him alongside Layne or another Target man type. The System we are playing just now with Layne up top himself is working well and doesn't favour a Tierney type player. You could maybe get away with playing him behind Layne but I think we've got players better suited to that than him. IMO a player like Layne upfront is a great advantage to have and there aren't that many guys like him floating around just now. Bringing in another striker that doesn't have the same physicality as Layne requires you to change your whole attacking system which can be a huge task for the management and players to adjust to. Tricky one
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