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  1. He definitely never booked him. I just checked various match reports to be doubly sure.
  2. Gray was rightly booked for diving in the first half imho. Apart from that I don’t remember a single dive by any other Dumbarton players all game. Referee missed over a dozen fouls on sons players throughout the game for shoves and elbows. Plenty of bookings for nothing fouls and missed blatant bookings for both teams. How Blair didn’t get booked for clipping the attacker on the break is astounding and almost as astounding as the lack of booking for the high foot to the head from Stirling. Seriously mind boggling referee performance. We need to stop conceding Corners from Stirling. I swear they scored about 4 in the 6-0 game in October.
  3. I’ve seen much worse. Let’s get the game on. That looks playable to me.
  4. If we are looking for the title here then we really need to be winning this to give us a chance especially as we are still to play at Forthbank. However it is also an absolutely must not lose game as well as a loss here is a huge spanner in the works for any chances of the title whereas a draw is recoverable.
  5. I don’t even think there will be a pitch inspection. I’m sure it’ll be game on no problem You lot are just bricking it.
  6. Absolutely nothing to lose here now. Get Rusty on early in the second half and start going for it. Surely we aren’t just going to sit in and hope a goal magically appears here when Stirling are well on the way to dropping all 3 points.
  7. At least Stirling a both a man and a goal down too. EDIT: Make that 2 down
  8. Farrel, rightly, won’t disrupt the current defence unless he absolutely has to while it is getting us as many cleansheets as it is.
  9. What’s the deal with Clyde loaning out a fit player that has been playing regularly to bring in someone who can’t currently kick their own arse in league 2? Not sure what Duffy is thinking there and doesn’t seem to make any sense. Hopefully McGeever can get himself fit again for next season as I do like him when he’s fit and playing well.
  10. The club really need to work on their decision making. Just as things are going quite nicely on the pitch, they start throwing contracts about Willy Nilly. Happened last year with Callum Wilson too! And maybe less importantly updating the club website to an unusable mess. If thing are going well, enjoy them and let the club sit and take some time with the decisions ffs.
  11. I think they’ve confirmed that already unfortunately. Even if we do win the league and it’s still a very big if… there is no way the board can predict that and have already prematurely awarded half a good season. Rightly or wrongly it will also remove a bit of pressure off of the management team at the end of the season knowing they have a contract regardless of promotion or not. Some may see that as a positive thing though.
  12. A contract to 2025 on the back of less than 20 decent performances seems a bit gung-ho to me! I understand consistency in the management team and players is a great thing but I’m not sure that contract has been earned yet. We should be waiting until at least Mid March where we have a better idea of what the final placing are going to look like before even talking about extending Stevies contract IMO.
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