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  1. He’ll miss Pawlett, the diving wee shite will already be flat on his pus!
  2. Dundee fans, or indeed any fan doesn’t need to be an accountant to see that United’s numbers are worrying. This Dundee fan that has had the shame of two administrations and the consequent years of struggle in the Championship is not wallowing in reading of United’s finances. We don’t make any profits either and with the past occurrences, I would say that I remember how shit I felt when I thought my team might disappear, yet thanks to supporters, well wishers and the Administrator we survived. That United continue to suffer sporting ignominy below the Dees for sometime yes, but to implode into financial oblivion, that’s not really pleasing at all.
  3. First half we were really good. Dominant and putting pressure on the Jags. First time this season where the midfield looked strong, inventive and likely to score. Then he subbed two of the midfielders- why? If it’s not broken don’t fix it. The same mistake was made against Aberdeen in the League Cup when we were one up late on. The two striker argument is a moot point, yet through the wrong substitutions we lost all momentum. Furthermore McCall spotted it was wasn’t working and brought the change for the Jags with a more physical presence up front, and we didn’t react. Thistle deserved something from the game for the second half but we gifted them all three points.
  4. Take the 22 or 1A to Coldside. Then at the corner you’ll see Frews. Family owned proper pub. If you drink lager there’s Stella, Amoretti, tennants, amstel etc. If you prefer ale there’s 80/- 70/- bellhaven best and in real ale a divine Ossian. It’s a good pub. No bother. Jags fans welcome. Only a few minutes on foot to Dens. Cheers mate.
  5. I see you’ve already started the Tennants in the Taxi Club!
  6. Two fine finishes from McDaid. The second one was really well worked and delightfully finished. Some good blocked, too, from the Red Lichties too, yet all and all it was reasonably comfortable, albeit frustrating in the lateral possession when forward passing was feasible. The defence was ok. Looked, and it pains me to say it, better balanced without Cammy. Hamilton let one high ball drift and drop when he should have claimed it, but apart from that he was solid. I like Dorrans, he is class and the middle of the pitch looked better than usual. McGowan played pretty well too.
  7. I’d be quite happy for Jazza to find the right balance in midfield to supply the strike force- with whatever combination that might be. I’d also like the early season rigour shown in defence to return, along with the application, determination and quality that was present versus Aberdeen. That would do me.
  8. Has Stanton not played for you against us before, or is that another Stanton?
  9. If we play as we did on Sunday we’ll be too good for ICT. Agree that we bring Hemmings or Nelson and take one out of the midfield. I’m not sure who that should be, though, they all did the business. Nevertheless if we do maintain the same tempo and drive against ICT, what will be their response? In the league cup game ICT managed in excess of 20 fouls and finished with 11 men. What’s the odds on the same ratio if we play well? I can see us being booted over the Derry into Dens Road if we play well.
  10. Most unusually after yesterday’s defeat I felt surprisingly upbeat. The performance was very good, although I didn’t think Aberdeen looked like Aberdeen until extra time, and even then we could have sneaked an equaliser. For most of the ninety minutes we were balanced as a side, motivated as a team and committed as players. Like a few on here Hamilton at last showed there was a goalie in there; Foster too dominated and executed a superb goal line clearance. Our fullbacks too looked comfortable, but the strength was midfield. Todd, Ness, Byrne and Robertson bossed the Dons. The effort from Mc Daid too was pleasing and if he does that every week we’ll get more openings. I though Johnson was great. He bosses the £10000m rated McKenna and got very little from the ref given the fouling he received. So well done McPake there. Alas, The substitutes-Meekings and McGowan didn’t work. I understand why they were made but why change your shape when you are doing ok? Don’t fix It if it’s not broken. I like McGowan- his passion his commitment, his creativity but there are three big weaknesses In his game : he can’t shoot; he can’t tackle and with his turning on the ball he often loses it and commits a foul. I hate to think how many goals he’s cost us through his fouling or losing possession. Yesterday was one case again. So for me I hope his appearances are limited this season as the midfield looked much more balanced and forward thinking without him for most of yesterday’s game.
  11. Looks like a wee mix up. No tickets received from our neighbours yet! Maybe they don’t want us to go.
  12. Yesterday was a mixed bag for The Dee. Overall a lot of possession, often not enough movement and midfield a midfield trudge without enough pace or tempo, too many one twos against us through the middle and the odd defensive lapse. Yet the other side of the coin was sparse but good: excellent save from Hamilton when a defensive lapse left him open; flashes of foot wizardry from McDaid; superb pass from Robertson to Marshall who controlled brilliantly and crowded to an unmarked Nelson who executed a text book header beyond the keeper; Hemmings looking fit, sharp and strong, unlucky not to score thanks to excellent goalkeeping and a result that last season would have gone the other way. I don’t believe we are really coherent yet, but there is enough there to feel confident that we’ll be challenging at the right end of the Championship this year. I think Ayr will be looking at the playoffs too.
  13. I wonder how many season tickets were sold yesterday after the buzz generated by Kane’s return? I know I bought mine!
  14. Rumps I hope he hasn’t connected the jobby pipe to the shower feed or it’ll be like bad revenge.
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