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  1. Not convinced on either of Grayson or Williamson. The former played ok against Arbroath but really hasn’t shone or maybe his left “foot wand” is needing a magic pill; the latter has good close control, and is big and strong, yet is invisible for too much of a game. I’d like the force of Byrne, and the creativity and ability of McGowan, Cameron/Milligan to see what that gives.
  2. To be honest I’ve been much more positive with Byrne than negative. He’s been a great signing. His strength has been in: very good close control; very good at interrupting opponents’ play; making himself available; pretty good passer; hardly ever losing possession; and strength in the tackle. Yet, despite these strengths; he never scores goals; he rarely puts the killer pass in that rips a defence open and I think it’s in this part of his game that GB feels we need more positive action. Over the piece, however, I understand GB’s view, and I wish Sean the best of luck wherever that may be.
  3. Yep. Resilience and bottle are appropriate words. Going all the way believing you can do it is a new thing. Probably not seen since the Deefiant season.
  4. Shh! Don’t let the Fannydice dwellers know that agent Ross is performing a great job; massively expensive signings that look wonderful on paper; great first leg result to get the Tadgerines nearly asphyxiate with hope and entitlement; painful humiliation at the hands of the Cheesemakers; lose last minute goals to Kille; lose screamers to Livvie, and I’m sure he’s got a woeful result scenario for Sunday set up. It’s a perfect storm Jacko, well done. shhh….
  5. The Dee might indeed not be at that Jambo level. Yet, my question to you is are you better or worse than say the 1-0 home win v Killie last winter. (A match I enjoyed despite getting the full Gayfield environmental experience )
  6. Yes, and although the League Cup group was successful in a competitive context it was also a finding out exercise for all teams. That said, we have played with more tempo and more attacking aggression than last season. A change of manager and mentality can have an impact and I remain solidly cautiously pessimistic for the Championship season. It’s always difficult to get out of. The youngsters, particularly Mulligan has looked pretty decent and the two goals from Cameron were excellent finishes so hopefully they can carry on like that this season. So far it’s a big change from normal having to multi-stories at centre half and I think that both Sweeney and French will score from set pieces. Looking forward to seeing the league season start with the Jags and I think then we’ll see what is in store.
  7. Have to agree having enjoyed the comestibles on Tuesday night. I’d like to add that the Wee Bar under the stand was a super place: great atmosphere; reasonably priced beer; a great collection of Stenhousemuir pennants; and all round delight.
  8. Aye the bowling green across the road from the ground will be busy. Had a pint there last time I visited. Ground is only on one side so it’ll be all ticket! Peaso with 2, Gavin Rae and Ryan Conroy scored the goals in the 4-1 win last time I was there.
  9. Yes. The Dees punted Jocky Scott when we were top. Didn’t work!
  10. Yes, for the play offs last season the Sportsound “experts” gave the Dees no chance. It’s, I’m disappointed to say, a Scottish phenomenon that those football experts in the west dismiss with ignorant alacrity those pesky teams in the East. I genuinely hope that Raith Rovers win the Championship. Just hope we don’t pass you on the way down!
  11. Agreed. The lack of ball winning midfield players, Max or Byrne, was one of te reasons for Wednesday’s pre Halloween horror. That the young Scotland team has strong skilful ball winners in midfield is good news if Max isn’t good enough to be picked. But……
  12. And he’s added a very decent long throw to his game. Keep this getting better up Cammy, as there has never been any questions about his effort and commitment.
  13. Agreed. Frankly, the former manager whose name I won’t write as I refuse to acknowledge that he could have been so useless, was a bad appointment, and in all likelihood from a footballing perspective for the Dee, Dodds’ presence might have improved things- although a Dodds return would have been unacceptable. What nobody could have forseen was how incompetent the unpolished tangerine turd was without the “competence” of the right hand little venal Dodds to do the work. A woeful chapter in a litany of pish years.
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