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  1. Of course Dodds was not responsible for the business mismanagement and disgrace, a word I share with you, that occurred. Dodds, as I said was entitled to vote to put Dundee into liquidation, but had that happened I wouldn’t have a football team to support. Please don’t ask me to be magnanimous enough to accept that outcome. I’ve not heard any regret from him that his actions may have resulted in the demise of my team. The man is effusive in his defence of dubious payment systems when he was at Ibrox and has not understood that in his professional life of many clubs and no loyalty other than to himself - which he’s entitled to do - a supporter is loyal to one club and he voted to liquidate Dundee. I wish him no Ill will. I just don’t want him any where near DFC. Should he show some contrition regarding his actions in voting to liquidate Dundee, I’ll happily let bygones be bygones- but alas he won’t, his limitless sense of entitlement spews from his being.
  2. It’s easy to understand. He voted, which was his absolute right, to put Dundee into liquidation and it’s quite normal for people to hold that him against him, since liquidation would certainly have meant Dundee FC disappearing. I won’t forget and any success he has is great for him, but don’t ask for my endorsement of the man.
  3. Good stuff. Can’t beat.a substantial dose of football fan hypocrisy.
  4. Apparently so. I’ll see you in the boozer then! The United non season ticket holders shouldn’t buy any tickets either. Football fans are good to shit on regularly. Let’s shite back!!.
  5. What are the business managers at Fannydice thinking about? £30 to watch a football match is a lot of money out of any budget and even worse if you’ve got kids. Naturally this is true for Dees and Dayglos alike. I assume the logic is that most adult football supporters prefer to spend £30.00 for a ticket when these same supporters can go to the pub and have five pints and watch the match as well for £20. Basic economic ineptitude. I anticipate a lowly away support. What a silly business decision as this is one Dee that has already chosen the pub option.
  6. Well it’s fair enough. His chairman just pissed in his chips. I really don’t give two monkeys’ fux.
  7. Yes. In addition some great quick passing opened up other opportunities, which were well defended or missed, or in the case of George Johnston, one that hit the post and ran along the line without going in. The use of the diagonal ball was effective too, for both sides tonight. Good stuff from Lochee tonight.
  8. Early Days for Cummings at Dens, yet his record is similar to Kane Hemmings with respect to appearances made. Over two spells at Dens Kane has 62 appearances and 32 goals. Im hopeful that Cummings keeps that average, as it’s no bad at all!
  9. Hope not. It’s his team now. In addition he’s committed to the Dee: the support given to him when he was injured and transforming his career into coaching; the support as Manager from the owners; the last few months of last season as he triumphed, dumbfounding the pundits and many Dees alike; also moving to Dundee during the week without his family; and a half decent looking squad to stay up. For my part he hope he wants to build on that. Cmon the Dee.
  10. Well this Dee has a clue. The loan in isolation isn’t a big worry, the problem is essentially the total of £10m owed to Mr Ogren and the Scottish government. Add to that continuing trading losses and I worry for the future.
  11. Sensible analysis. I hope it doesn’t happen and Ofren remains as when the financial Armageddon arrived at Dens it was a shitey feeling. Alas it’s worse than £7m to the owner as United are in big debt to the Scottish government as well with nearly £3m due
  12. And a cracking penalty against the Jambos to seal a 3-1 win.
  13. Watching the game again on Alba. The penalty was very soft, but no complaints on the red card. Pity as Anderson had been pretty good up until then. I’d like to see McGhee back in the middle to stiffen it up. Same reasoning with Byrne. The pace was quicker than last season, as you would expect, and we need to pick the tempo up. McMullan often caught in possession being an example. The rejigged defence worked pretty well in the second half and I though Sweeney was impeccable both in the air and on the deck. Good to see as it gives McPake the chance to bring McGhee back to the middle with Sweeney there. Marshall was excellent as he gives us that attacking dimension, his pass for Cummings to score was perfect. Delighted that we had Legzdins in the goal, he merited his MOTM., it’s not a game we would have won in our last season in the Premiership. I’ll take a point against a pretty decent Paisley bunch
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