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  1. Didn't like Nelson limping off today. We need him on Friday to score a few.
  2. Livingston v Dundee

    We would not have won that game under McCann. The players today have more pace, more aggression and more confidence, more fight than the boys of Mcann in general. Putting the referee's decisions up first: looked a red to me; and thought it was penalty against Curran. The inability to clear the ball from the long throw and to lose a dreadful goal was so frustrating as we had already missed good open play chances through a lack of composure. However in general good passing and getting the ball wide made us look likely to score. Nathan Ralph was really good again, and with a cracking ball in from Wright Andy Nelson's header lobbed beautifully into the net. Hope hes ok for Friday. Then Wright hit a wonderful free kick to take the points. I thought overall a Dee win was about right. Braw.
  3. Livingston v Dundee

    Got my tickets for this. Not been to Livvie for a few years since Jeebsy smacked in a cracker on a very cold night for a Dark Blue win in a Scottish Cup tie - a thing of fond memory ! So hopefully more points as it is going to get very squeaky bum time over the next few moths.
  4. All things Dundee FC

    For the last few games he's been devoid of motivation and involved for at the most the odd nanosecond. He had two shots in five minutes against the Well, apart from that he might as well have taken the whiteliner machine and highlighted the pitch markings such was his endevaour, enthusiasm and effort both in backtracking and offensive play. He's had glass and chocolate legs and hasn't played that much despite an encouraging start. A big disappointment tbh, so off, as like many of McCann's signings they are delicate wee ball wizards and at our level we require a substantial amount of graft, Deacon is not in this mold.
  5. All things Dundee FC

    I don't think from what's happened that the Manager thought much of McCann's signings. To be fair in the main I agree. So Jim, now it's your team. I hope to fu** you can get us safe. Well done because that's taking responsibility in such a wholesale change of personnel. The best of Dark Blue luck.
  6. Dundee v Motherwell

    Sorry been in the pub with my back to the Tv looking at the day glo pusses trying to stop smiling as the Fannydice lot fannied it up again so I've been drinking a lot. I missed your drift. I'll stop posting. Ps same as you, nothing against the Steelmen either.
  7. Dundee v Motherwell

    To be honest Ross, I don't give a monkey's tiddler as long as the Accies are at the rectal exit of the league on the last day of the season!
  8. All things Dundee FC

    One good display does not a relegation avoid, and I would need to see a few more wins to believe that we will escape the trip downstairs to visit the Fannydice neighbours next season. Yet, without doubt, there is a glimmer of the worst kind of emotion in football - that evil, hope, that is so often dashed has been revived. Saturday will tell if this hope is justified or is condemned to falter as so often, if the new men brought in can galvanise the whole place with a coating of solid confidence on what has been a rusty carcass fabricated by McCann. I was not overjoyed with the bundle of ex Ross County players, but the manager has identified Andy Nelson - incidentally not a loanee, but a Dee - as a goalscorer, and after the the abject goal scoring prowess of Sofian Moussa, it looks if there is a grain of forward aggression on the park that doesnt depend uniquely on Kenny Miller. There are others too, brought in, and for the moment it's encouraging. It's good to see the owners supporting the Manager - again. Let's hope it works. Let's hope that the cost of these new players is worth it by the end of season league position Let's hope that the players not in the picture leave and find new clubs. And let's hope for tenth, at least. And a wee cup run would be good too.....
  9. Hearts v Dundee

    And here it is....
  10. Hearts v Dundee

    I'm opening a bottle of Tripel Karmelite to celebrate (Belgian nectar lads. )
  11. All things Dundee FC

    Swapping pish for pish! Worse than wee sister years ago who swapped scraps for scraps. Come to think of it... scraps/ pish, not a big difference for us this season.
  12. All things Dundee FC

    Thank our lucky stars. One Arab is enough. Two would be two too many. I'm really disappointed in this one trick strategy of hiring ex Staggies. What other ideas does our Manager have?
  13. All things Dundee FC

    Wowzer. A signing that hasn't played for County. Jimmy Mc sure has some network.
  14. All things Dundee FC

    Thanks for the news, he was one of the least worst. I hope the settlement paid won't use up any dopsh we get from the Govan outfit for Kamara. To be honest I wish him all the best as he looked as if he tried on the park. Hope he gets fixed up soon, perhaps at Brechin where he was heading from the Pars before McCann hujacked him.
  15. All things Dundee FC

    Has Jimmy Mc buggered off to the sun? Nothing is happening other than a round up off and speculation on ex Ross County players. For any new signings that are coming in this break we need to hurry as this has to be an effective mini pre-season to introduce the players to each other. I hope the silence just means we are diligently going about our business in a professional dignified manner. As it stands we are deserved favourites for the drop, and these three weeks are the last chance saloon to replace the gutless wonders of the Neil McCann era. I hope he knows what he's doing, I don't want to be doon with the lurid shirt wearers of Fannydice.