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  1. Spot on. We are up about 100 odd home fans wise and then just depends on who the visitors are. As Cowden says the opener was 1K + and prob would have been capacity had we been allowed.
  2. We might move to a three with Finlayson joining O'Ware & Foster. Ross would be excellent at right wing back.
  3. We've had several Clyde fans give a very similar summary on his time there. He'd clearly learned that he couldn't drive full time standards completely with boys who'd done a 10hr shift before training when he was with us. He did lift the overall level of professionalism though and, although we were favourites for the league, it was delivered with us playing some delightful stuff. I was disappointed when he left but it's been a blessing. KT has us playing even better and has built a great team, bringing in younger players and adding serious pace to the teams play. He's an upgrade on BF as a manager in my view.
  4. Daniel Finlayson signs on loan. Was tremendous in the game against us! Plenty cover at the back now, especially after Dougie took that bad knock at the weekend.
  5. We had about 15 mins where we were at it then scrappy the rest of the game.
  6. Changing subject now on to the upcoming game vs Stranraer. Stranraer form has been patchy but they have had a couple of decent results at the same time. I'd expect us to win this though and we should be flying after last week. 3.1 Kelty. Fash x 2 and Barjonas with a screamer
  7. No arguing that point for sure! Odd if they had swapped near border Gretna (with Humphrey the attraction) for Fort
  8. Looks like no former Gretna players are in the Fort squad Cragie??
  9. 2 soft reds. Was the game tasty? After the BU first you can see a bit of GIRFUY from one of the BU players to the opposition.
  10. Banning them would be a stretch but at what point does saying nothing or association make you complicit in enabling racism?
  11. Good to see Fash back fully fit. He'll do some damage as expected. Thought Albion looked tidy at points. They'll do OK this season.
  12. Not disagreeing. We need to own breaking them down.
  13. We were not great today but ref was shocking! Terrible tackle on Alfredo. Elgin played hoofball but we should have scored a few.
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