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  1. He's been excellent any time he has. Was immense up at Montrose in the SC. With Forster and O'Ware at the back he's up against it for getting in at CB. At RB he's got Philp, who for me is our best attacking fullback, and Finlayson who's raw but good defensively, so lot's of competition for him.
  2. We took a defeat from their u23's earlier in the season already too
  3. They were stinking but we were also very good. Set up well and took our moments when needed. Great day for the club!
  4. I'd say he's been decent and is only really now in a run of games for the first time too. I'd disagree with Kelheart on this, the loan market is very much something we need to take advantage of. DJ has been good but could be a bit more commanding. We need a run of games where the back 4 is settled though, that's for sure.
  5. Hoping for news on the Cowden game soon. Would imagine it may work if it's a wee bit away with hopes a full capacity!
  6. Diddy clubs We are not quite at the level of the Stenhousemuir juggernaut I guess....
  7. Bonnyrigg may not be as glamorous as a Kelty or Cove but they are a bit of a winning machine. I'd fancy them over Cowden but as shown before the play offs can be unpredictable!
  8. Results yesterday favourable across the board for Kelty. Win our games in hand and it'll look very good. Still a long way to go and hopefully no more call offs.
  9. True but the word is it's off now. Yet to see any confirmation from either side.
  10. Hearing the game is in doubt from a reliable source- - Covid in the Cowden camp....
  11. 100% this! Would imagine there will be plenty of non SPL clubs in for him but he'd a be great addition if we were in L1. If I look at Tam O'Brien as an example of an 18yr old Kelty had on loan before, and is now starring in the Championship, then Barron is a hell of a lot better. Long road to get there though.
  12. Looking forward to today Al! Thankful we have this wonderful game we call Football to lighten the mood in tough times regardless of who your team is
  13. He's not quite at that level yet but the toolkits there. Would imagine a top end championship club would take him in the summer.
  14. Covid likely not helping. If you look at our average attendance it's healthy, we'll be fine. It's also not as straightforward as him stepping back soon....
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