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  1. Not sure if its confidence or the system. Last week was unlucky & one of those games. Today we were shite.
  2. Looks like 3 at this point for the Wasps. We're not firing at all.
  3. We should have won the opener no doubt. Likely Austin will be back but still no Higgy is a miss. New boy Logan should start so we're not far away from full strength. Think it is a first competitive game for sure. Mon the Kelty!
  4. Visited when we played BSC in the Lowland league. Tidy wee ground. Mon the Kelty!
  5. Crossgates vs Sauchie was a good watch. Both good teams at this level & could have went either way. Sauchie GK with some 2nd half heroics. Sauchie were really mobile up top. Crossgates will be disappointed to have lost though.
  6. Looked like a grafter from his first few appearances which is needed. Thanks for the view.
  7. Highlights show just how many chances we had albeit a few were half baked. Higgy & Austin back will make a difference then a couple of signings & we'llbe fine. Top 4 at best this season I think but I'd happily take that.
  8. I thought that might have been the case but couldn't quite tell. See below stats which tells the tale. Goals win games:
  9. Plenty chances and none taken again. Becoming trend. Peggie & McNab in the first 11 still which won't work at this level. Missing Higgy massively. We need a few first 11 signings still. Only Martin so far that's actually a starter.
  10. Finn Robson in on loan from the Tangerines. Seems well rated, hopefully a good addition.
  11. Good highlights. Definitely not a foul for the opener. I was on the half way line and looked fine, highlights confirm!
  12. Cracking free kick from the lad.
  13. Rangers completely took the foot off the gas and had they kept the tempo up EK wouldn't have got anywhere as near back into it as the did. EK were totally outplayed in the first half and the early goal rattled them and came from a shocker from Bronsky. The Rangers number nine had him on toast. EK are clearly strong but will need to be much better to win the league.
  14. Same boy. He'll go out on loan in the next few weeks I'd imagine.
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