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  1. He's certainly got the ability to step up. A wee bit erratic but still young.
  2. The Pars will win this one. We're done for the season but hopefully a good showing at the very least. Agyeman to nick a goal but 2.1 Dunfermline.
  3. Hearing the Raith move has fallen through & Dean will still be right with us. Really hope so as he's given us so many good times & the squad needs a refresh next season.
  4. I think you'll see a more sustainable approach from Kelty next season, albeit still strongly supported by the owner. We won't be fishing two leagues up for players anymore & more likely vying for top young talent not quite ready for the top sides as well as some experienced pros fir good wages vs average at this level.
  5. Previous takeover deal mentioned seems to have gone quiet. Could be some spanners in the works from what we've heard our end.
  6. Higgy likely still injured so you may miss out on your much needed pelters No idea what Kelty will turn up so toss a coin but Falkirk clear favourites.
  7. Tremendous post & puts things into context! Onwards & upwards for next season and hopefully start taking these three points instead of chucking them last ten rest of the season. Last week apart, even when losing, we've always held our own. Should be a much changed team next season also.
  8. Fucking unbelievable today. How have we lost that! Should have been about 6.1 with the chances and play. Sickening. Montrose won't know how they're up the road with three points.
  9. Cammy always had quality but was a bit inconsistent. Not sure he'd cut it at L1 level.
  10. Underwhelming. I would have hoped we'd be closer to 5/6th place tbh on paper with the team. Last Saturday aside we've always been in every game even when losing. Next season will be unpredictable. We'll likely lose a few experienced heads and need to go with younger players. Less investment highly likely too so this could well be our level for now.
  11. Game tonight vs Dundonald. Good chance to see fringe & young boys against a decent EOS outfit!
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