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  1. I think everyone is missing the point. He's not anywhere near the level he was at, however will still be decent at LL level. The main reason he's been brought in I suspect is the experiance he will bring to the squad. Also - did Gretna not almost hold you guys to a draw bravehearts faither?
  2. Would be class if he signed perm but think it'll likely be an extension.
  3. Looked decent tonight although he was in 2nd gear most of the game. Horrible conditions!
  4. Would be an utter waste at RB. Biggest strength is skill running at folk.
  5. Any views on Jordan Miller? We've just snapped him up from Lochee.
  6. Manderson has left I think (or at least dropped out the playing squad). Back to having three with Jardine too.
  7. Heard some info today that was the opposite. Around him potentially signing on at a well known Amature side to get some games in his legs with a view to going back senior next season. Might be nonsense but thought I'd share.
  8. Top common sense as always from the authorities Jerry 🙈
  9. Fingers crossed we see Ross back at some point. Electric pace when he gets going and unplayable at times.
  10. How was the attendance yesterday? With all other games off did we get much of a bump?
  11. Gretna look to have improved a bit since thier last visit to NCP. Would expect us to win but by a far smaller margin than last time. Humphrey looks to have been playing more too which will help them.
  12. Well put mate. They are the future as much of a cliche as that is.
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