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  1. Expecting the count to increase as self isolation kicks in Marshy??
  2. You could argue it both ways though. For some not getting promoted will be as impactful as relegation.
  3. Kelty to take legal action on not being promoted? 🤣
  4. Average points per game would solve that? No perfect but writing off a full season seems wasteful.
  5. Tough choice either way Burnie. As a Kelty supporter I'd be gutted if we voided the season but I can see it the other way too. For what it's worth I think we have played enough games to call it on average points per game and play the playoffs behind closed doors - slight bias in there I will admit though! Or cancel a cup next season and finish this one off as soon as feasible.
  6. The big mans looking good there! 😎
  7. Bring back the Kink!! 😎😎😎
  8. Depends how they decide to proceed I guess. Tough for everyone but they might call it as it is and hold the play offs behind closed doors. Hopefully no clubs hit the wall because of it.
  9. Would hazard a guess you've been flattened a fair few times in the past Mucho. Bonus points for spelling on the banners though.
  10. Not the best timing Gogsy.... Your sharp enough to have known that.
  11. Always a good feeling with a late equaliser though so some leeway there surely Jerry! You could argue Austin hit the bar first few minutes and in the second half. We also stuck a couple wide too so I think chances were more than even over peice. We wern't great tonight. Easton was a passenger and Humphrey was guff till he got hooked. I'm happy with a point given the performance. Much better required in the return.
  12. Agree on this. He's a pompous muppet of a man.
  13. You think so? Thought it was pretty even chances wise overall.
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