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  1. England and France are the only two decent sides so far.
  2. I'd find it difficult to find mince pies I don't like. Got some almond Aldi ones, not much filling but quite rich and crunchy. Lovely. Had some shortcrust market street ones from Morrisons. Very short and almost biscuit like with not much filling. Lovely.
  3. Turkey playing their home game in Kurdistan, a wee bit offensive.
  4. Yep, there is a good bit of truth in that. Because a lot of people are no longer connected to these events then they just make it another fun time event on the calendar.
  5. They had some OTT stuff before the Newcastle game, It's not over anytime soon, they are still going on about Guy Fawkes and that was quite a long time ago.
  6. Same thing happened a couple of weeks back at Man City when Silva made deliberate contact to win a pen.
  7. I was hoping I'd be able to watch the whole game and not have to switch it off at half time. I managed that. We did okay. I only managed half the Fiorentina game so a nice improvement.
  8. https://thehomesport.net/bt-sport-3-hd-live-stream-24-7/
  9. This is a mountain to climb. We are talking about a team who have scored 17 goals in the Champions League against a team who have conceded 16. That's a monumental task for Rangers. - Ally McCoist, always trying to cheer us up.
  10. Wilson moves his body to obstruct the keeper.
  11. Because this is the situation the Tories have choice of go with Sunak and lose the next Election, go with Johnson and have a chance of winning it.
  12. Braverman is a bit mad. The words she uses, a person her age.
  13. My nephew was robbed/jumped last night over there. A lot of money, phone etc. His 1st Euro trip.
  14. Where are Leith Athletic playing? How much to get in? Can you get a drink at half time?
  15. Is it 4-3-3 Gordon, M Smith, Neilson , Kingsley , Cochrane Grant, Kiomourtzoglou , Halliday, McKay , Shankland, Ginnelly.
  16. He is always composed and finds some brilliant passes. It's good to watch.
  17. I think it's 3-3-2 (Porto, Hendry, Hickey - Jack, McGregor, McLean - Adams, McGinn) plus the wing backs.
  18. Hickey as part of a back three with Fraser and Taylor as wing backs. I thought he'd choose Ralston instead of Fraser.
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