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  1. The Mrs Slocombe haircuts are the worst. Young folk getting their hair done to look like old folk. Blue and pink rinse cut please.
  2. It's silly money. The older one is not always the better one anyway. Some will flip, some will put it a shelf to look at. I prefer to have a taste.
  3. That's interesting ratings there. I'll have to look out for the Glen Scotia. I have a Hazelburn, sherry cask, 16 year old at 58% from Cadenheads. It's magic. Got it last year, about a 3rd left.
  4. Consolidate is the rational answer. The 58% will come 10 years from now.
  5. RIP. It's a brilliant photo. Looks cool as f**k! Could have been a movie star.
  6. And how did you rate them. In first place was number...
  7. You'll always be British, nobody can take that away from you but you may welll be British in an Independent Scotland.
  8. I have a mate who's passport ran out during lockdown and he says that he will not get another one until Scotland is independent as he is not British, he is Scottish. He is a Hearts fan and we have a few European games to play so we will see if he sticks to his guns but a passport is an important document to some people.
  9. It's not just about money, the Brits want to remain British. You are not going to vote to leave the UK if you cannot remain British. You have to guarantee them that they will always have a British passport if they want one. They are not losing anything. The Scottish can have a Scottish passport and the Brits remain Brits.
  10. Looking at the article posted by @sophiaThe one in Shetland looks a better option. People can stay. Far too many sheep though.
  11. Anders Holch Povlsen. He plans to re-wild large areas of Scotland, the land he owns. So they say. I'm thinking good guy. But go on, who wants to spoil it for me?
  12. Where about in Italy? @centralTon And in France ? @Archie McSquackle
  13. Read about him this morning - Eco-artist Scott Barden.
  14. It has been said before that Ed Sheeran should write the new national anthem for Scotland.
  15. I imagine that happens all the time with lots of folk. First impressions and that. I've made an arse of myself lots of times. I like Shaun Ryder as well but met a group of guys that met him and they said he was a dick.
  16. Craig Charles(Red Dwarf). He is now a cheery wee chap on radio 6.
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