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  1. He doesnt know KC isnt in Kansas. Go for the Buddies .i live in Oregon We will either excite you or depress you all in 1 sesson.
  2. Game over welcome to the Superbowl 49ers.
  3. Anybody know anything about this new xfl outfit starting after the superbowl? Short 10 week season 8 teams . Looks like its being run by Vince McMahon.
  4. Do we need to watch the next 3 quarters?
  5. Bring on the cheeseheads.
  6. And out came Petes red flag
  7. Ok so tannahill went in but does it matter .Pats fucked it up lololol.
  8. Yessssss good throw Brady .now kill em Marcus.
  9. Mon the titans 3 mins left 1pt in it.
  10. Benifits of living over here work in 9 hrs lol. Just got to suffer the trump assholes.
  11. Oh well bring on the cheesestake.
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