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  1. Ok guys I know petitions can be subject to ridicule for certain things but it's made two papers today so it has helped already imo.
  2. Killie fans please add your name to help rid KFC of the parasite that is Michael Johnston. Feel free to add suggestions and discussions around protests etc, next home game is a Wed night so not ideal. https://www.change.org/p/wearekillie-johnston-must-go?recruiter=55863232&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
  3. Beith deserved winners, they had 3 very good chances in the first half and that was up the hill. poor penalty let them off the hook big time and gave them a huge lift too. not over yet as Buffs are very good at home, don't know if away goals count for much but hope Beith score early and defend well.
  4. So how do the Morton fans feel after hearing KS's interview yesterday? should he have kept Morton up and will you back him long enough to carry out his plan for all age groups at Morton? thoughts from this Killie fan are you don't know what you've got till it's gone. Good Luck btw, I hope in a years time you are straight back up playing the kind of football we were under him.
  5. exactly you still have access, to gather your material for your bitching on here about Baz & The Trust and on your Twitter "Killie Meltdowns" site. it doesn't matter if it's on member only mode. if you are trying to prove you are not an absolute bawbag you are failing miserably imo.
  6. "I was banned but thankfully I have another account so I check through that. If only to just laugh at the bias." My Father always told me for every lie you tell you have to tell two to cover it, you should really keep track of yours better. I think Baz has been extremely patient with you you given the way you have treated and tried to undermine his and the Trust's work. Your posts are mostly belittled because you are an 'orrible little man with a big mouth I'd guess.
  7. in an attempt to try to clear things up a wee bit. why would you think it is "safe to say" when no-one, or at least none of the plebs have heard anything, and would this outcome please you or displease you? if it displeases you I would argue you couldn't really be accused of trolling.
  8. the poll isn't going to need much doctoring anyway so christ knows why QLP is in such a tizzy about it. it will be well above the 90% already with only qwerty, Mclean and whatever TWC and QLP's names are on there supporting MJ, if that ain't they two already.
  9. they was on to me man, but I've crossed the river and thrown them off the scent. Originally posted by baz "SDS who are running it go on holiday on Friday so we'll take a look at what we have up to that point, but keep it running over the festive period until they come back and we'll close it off then. Our plan is to ask Craig who does the SPLstats stuff to analyse the results as he is not on the Trust Board and can view it independently." this is still the festive period, but they probably should have asked Craig earlier before the usual troublemakers stirred it up.
  10. "A poll can't be "independently verified" when it's verified by an unbiased individual" are you really sure that's what you wanted to say? sorry to drag up the Trust again but in actual fact you yourself brought up the subject of the Trust in an MJ thread so it's totally fair game imo for me to point out you have used the Trust in the past. even being a little petrified by you "advising me to watch what i say" answer me two questions honestly (if you can manage that) and I'll leave it be. did you bid for and play in the fans v legends game? have you now paid in full? I did not say every hand was up at the KFCSA meeting I said almost every hand. watch what you say, I'll have my lawyers onto you quick as you can say "that's my trousers down Mikey" strange you don't believe MJ is the right man to lead us in the long term, I take it you are just going to bend over and put up with his shite in the mean time as he's not the devil. till there's about a thousand home fans left saying "he's daen his best"
  11. I didn't realise there were still folk correcting spelling on the internet. you must be a riot at parties. stupit is in the scots dictionary, go check it after you've finished running this through your spellchecker. they could do a survey at a match I agree, but at the KFCSA meeting almost every hand was up against MJ so the results would be much the same, if I remember correctly the interest for Community Ownership was huge as well and no-one spoke against it. Craig I think is doing stats on the poll, he's not actually counting the votes. they're not on bits of paper you see, it's all done by computer. I don't have a desperate need to belittle everything you say, but I do find it odd your obsession against the trust when you saw fit to use them for your place in the fans game. I bet you weren't shouting your mouth off that day. and yes I'm sure MJ will be in talks with the bank and all will revealed at the end of this month, as promised. and AJ will get manager of the month.
  12. absolute pish from you as per, you're like a stupit pain in the arse wee lassie stirring up trouble behind folks backs. all because the trust called you out on your MJ like qualities. the survey to me seems to be looking to gauge support of Community Ownership", if you are not in favour click yes for question 4. "Are you satisfied with manner the club is presently operating?" and then NO for 5 etc. the trust don't actually stand over you with a shotgun to get the response they want but I guess they want to be sure they are doing the right thing, and this is a good guide they can do easily, I guess they could do a survey at a game too. still, won't be long now till MJ's masterplan is revealed, as he promised at the end of this year. Club Statement K.F.C.S.A. Meeting: 10/10/13 I apologise for my absence from your meeting this evening, due to a prior engagement. I hope that you have a constructive discussion which results in a consensus to put aside recent acrimony and revert to the Association's sole objective of promoting the support of Kilmarnock Football Club. I'm pleased to report that a further meeting took place yesterday at Rugby Park with Paul Goodwin of Supporters Direct. Billy Bowie and I reiterated to Paul our desire to promote community involvement in the new Board of Directors of the football club, which we intend to form following the implementation of our financial restructuring plan which we hope to conclude within the calendar year. Our shared vision is to have an open and transparent process for the election of a Director by season ticket holders and another Director by shareholders holding under one thousand shares in the Club. East Ayrshire Council would be invited to nominate a Director and the Members of the Scottish and UK Parliaments representing Kilmarnock would be invited to join the Board. We have invited Supporters Direct to investigate the creation of a working party which would embrace ALL supporters groups, along with local business leaders and politicians with a view to engaging in a constructive dialogue about the future of Kilmarnock Football Club and a careful consideration of good governance measures appropriate to our business model. I'm delighted to report that Billy Bowie Special Projects Ltd has committed to investing a further £1m in the Club to assist in the financial restructuring project which I have been working on for over a year with the full support of Lloyds Banking Group. Billy Bowie and I hope that this significant injection of capital will act as a catalyst for further investment by other local business leaders and result in a transformation of the Club's balance sheet. Nothing on this scale has been seen at the Club since the Moffat family invested around £4.3m over several years and Billy deserves our unqualified gratitude for his generosity. He is confident, as am I, that the Club has a bright future if we all pull together. Following the International break this weekend, we have a crucial home match on 19th October against Ross County. "Kids for a Quid" for under 16's in all stands combined with season ticket holders having the opportunity to bring a friend for £10 will hopefully increase the home support. There will be a special programme of pre-match entertainment behind the Moffat Stand from 1pm to attract families to arrive early. I hope everyone present tonight will be at Rugby Park to support the team. Michael Johnston, Chairman.
  13. being behind a site which makes fun of your fellow fans makes you a big mouth (or keyboard big mouth rather) imo yes. I couldn't give a f**k what your personal opinions are, much as you like to spout.
  14. I don't give a shit about other clubs Judas's. or Andy Millens rather. I don't give a shit about your "cut" or who else may be involved. I do give a shit about folk like you taking the piss out of guys trying to get rid of the fucking cretin that is Michael Johnston. big mouths like you aren't helping.
  15. but not as bad as dedicating a Twitter site to taking the piss out of Killie fans eh?
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