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  1. At the end of the first half yesterday I thought Inverness could've slaughtered us if they'd wanted to. They didn't really turn up in the second half but I was still impressed by the way they moved the ball around. There was a passage of play in the second half when Allardice passed through our midfield to Gardyne (I think), he had a quick exchange with Mckay, and then Mckay hit it straight at McAdams. Obviously it fizzled out into nothing in the end but within a few seconds and about five touches of the ball they'd gone from almost the centre circle to the edge of our six yard box. I'm yet to see another team slice us open so effortlessly this season. I think we could learn something from Inverness with regards to the balance of their team. Obviously they have better players than we do, but they don't look like a team doing whatever it takes to squeeze all their best players onto the pitch at the same time. They play with two wingers and two big lumps at full back to protect them, two sitting midfielders and one in the hole, and a striker who knows how to play upfront by himself. Didn't quite pan out yesterday but clearly they all know what their jobs are. We meanwhile are lining up most weeks with three or four players out of position, Maxwell particularly shoehorned in wherever we can fit him, and no discernible strategy across the midfield. We're somewhat hamstrung by Hopkin's recruitment, and having O'Connor back will make a big difference, but at the moment it looks a bit like Duffy is putting whoever he deems our best players are at the time out onto the pitch and hoping for the best. I would like to see us line up with Salkeld and O'Connor out wide, and Maxwell playing through the middle with Murdoch and Muirhead/Chalmers behind him. Salkeld is maybe no great shake but he offers width on the right than no one else in our team does. The best Ayr United team to watch in my lifetime were the team who began the 2019/20 season, around the time McCall left for Partick Thistle (the highlights being the consecutive away pumpings of Alloa and Arbroath). That team did have some excellent players, but individually they weren't as good as the previous season's team. At their best though they were far more fluent than the previous season's team, because the balance was much better (no Geggan or Crawford being shoehorned in out wide). I don't think we have the players now to play quite as attractive a brand of football as that team did, but I do think a greater emphasis being placed on the way our team is set up would see us get far more out of the players we have.
  2. If I could re-live any night of my life, it would be this one. I'll miss him forever.
  3. These are spot on. He may well not be interested but he's far and away the most qualified of the semi-realistic candidates. A few posts in this thread have mentioned him being inexperienced. That isn't true - he's been the Montrose manager for over four years, and he's the fourth longest serving manager in Scottish football at present. The job he's done there has been nothing short of phenomenal. Prior to his arrival they had spent more than two decades hovering around the foot of League 2 and the old Third Division. They were bottom of the league when he took over in December 2016. He took them from the bottom of the league into the promotion playoffs in that first half-season, won the league the next season, and then steered them to back-to-back fourth place finishes in League 1. They're currently third. No other club in senior Scottish football have punched above their weight as consistently as Montrose have over the past few years, and most, if not all, of that credit goes to Petrie. We can tout managers with generic experience at a higher level but, for a club in Ayr's predicament, we need a manager with specific expertise in dragging a team out of the mire mid-season and, if we wish to look up the way rather than down in future seasons, having a team perform at what most people would consider to be above their 'natural' level. Petrie has an unblemished record in both areas; Montrose have had the odd sticky patch since he took over but overall he's exceeded expectations in literally every season he's spent as a manager. Darren Young has been mentioned in the same breath as Petrie but he would be a riskier appointment: East Fife have had some brilliant spells under him, but they've also gone on some long barren runs. Which isn't to say that I think he'd be a terrible appointment, but Petrie's track record is on another level.
  4. With Lucy Dacus at Mono by any chance?
  5. My favourite album of 2020 so far is Fenne Lily's BREACH. I find her music very soothing.
  6. This was written in the days following Scott's death by one of his friends. It's a very personal and moving tribute from someone who clearly knew him well and held him dearly. I like to re-read it occasionally and I'm posting it here as much for my own reference as anyone else's benefit, but I think it's worth 15 minutes of your time: https://whiskyshelf.wordpress.com/2018/05/14/the-smokie-and-the-souter/ Incidentally, that post mentions Scott's introduction to Dave Hause. Dave's version of The Woodpile at the Barrowlands in 2018 is my favourite cover of Scott's music, and his continued inclusion of a snippet of it in live versions of the suicidal ideation-themed Bearing Down is very poignant: Please share some of your favourite covers of, or hat-tips to, Scott's music, and allow me to indulge my feelings.
  7. https://tweedchronicles.com/2020/05/09/my-brother-scott/
  8. I like Brian Fallon's new album. It's comforting on a dark walk around deserted streets.
  9. Morton 1-5 Ayr from September 2018. Just to re-live those last 20 minutes again.
  10. Other managers know full well what Ayr are paying without having to watch TV to find out. They all know someone who knows someone at every other club, and players talk to each other. The only people who learned anything from that segment are mugs like us who can do nothing useful with the information.
  11. This sub-forum is such a great place for finding out about new music. What an album. Two support acts can be a bit wearying sometimes but I'll be down at QMU early for these guys on Tuesday.
  12. Great recommendation. 'Party Favors' is amazing and I'll be listening to her a lot.
  13. Overall I really enjoyed the night, but it felt odd to be at a gig held ostensibly in commemoration of Scott, marketed using posters emblazoned with his face, containing speeches about him by his closest family members, and yet featuring none of his music.
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