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  1. Nicely done from the PR team, might as well get it all out in the open
  2. Goes with my best wishes, he’s been a fantastic player for us. £3m is also a great deal for us so softens the blow a bit.
  3. Good move for him i think, he’s missed a lot of football so really needs the game time. Hopefully Killie have a good 2nd half of the season and he comes back in the summer firing.
  4. Aye a bit of exiting transfer news for a Sunday night. Who knows if they are any good but good to see us getting in there early.
  5. Cadden has been play very well RWB so can’t see him being moved from there atm.
  6. Although he has missed some easy chances, he usually gets f**k all to work with. He’s look much better recently playing with a strike partner again after struggling for months up there alone. Losing Doidge didn’t help him at all either. Hopefully the new manager and style of play will bring the best out of him. We’ll sign players in January so the help/competition will help as well.
  7. Seemingly Gullan was due to go on loan to Killie but we couldn’t get another striker signed so he stayed.
  8. St Mirren supposedly accepted that deal, we ran out of time when submitting the paper work.
  9. Looks like Tait is going back out on Loan if he does sign. I take it back Goga
  10. I mean let’s get this guy and a striker in. Seeing Gogic get a game after one of the 3 starters Isn’t available is a scary thought.
  11. First I’ve heard of us bidding for Kerr, seemed like he was always out our price range and that’s why we were after McCart. Also sounds weird that we would get a bid accepted for a player without speaking to their agent to find out what kind of wages he’s after. Sounds like shite tbh.
  12. Sounds like we’re going to have a bit of a mad evening with transfers. Let’s hope for something totally unexpected, a fancy foreign name etc. I’m here for it.
  13. Hendry must have some agent. Can’t get a game at St Johnstone but gets a move to Aberdeen and now linked with us. I honestly don’t know much about him tbh.
  14. Pretty obvious why we’ve swerved Leigh this time, texting the young team for nudes was a massive mistake. We don’t need that stuff around ER.
  15. I’ve been quite happy with the progress Ron has made so far but he’s shot himself in the foot here.
  16. Not long left in the transfer window so they better get on with it. We are already short a striker so will need time to find a replacement. Can’t see us selling him without finding a good replacement. Fans would rightly lose their shit.
  17. Cheers Aberdeen, probably get more than the 500k now if he does leave.
  18. There were Aberdeen fans who genuinely thought Atlanta were gonna buy Boyle and loan him to them Like looking up the rules on when someone could be registered etc. Idiot
  19. I just watched the sky sports interview there and just like the Scotsman article, Boyle says the new deal has been in the works for a while. It was agreed before the Aberdeen bid.
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