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  1. I have Loris and Ederson untradeable and Loris is much much better. He’s also got good links. Ederson will probably find himself in an SBC at some point.
  2. Keeping or selling? Untradeable, I’ve got a Prem Hybrid squad so fits in perfect. I’ve had utter shite for weeks, got two 81s for Reds again so happy to finally pack something. I was considering paying 500k last week for his gold card. Haven’t used him this year but he’s a c**t to play against.
  3. Untradeable division rivals finally paying off. Oh ya fucker.
  4. 14 wins for me with 7 games left, after getting 11 last week and taking the 30 games. My only complaint about the game is how different it can feel from one day to the next. Or every time there is a patch you have to learn how to play a new game. Everything else is ok for me, the content in general has been pretty good this year and I don’t take part in those crazy lightening rounds.
  5. I went unassigned on 83s for the first time this year, looks like it’s gonna pay off. Caught them just before the leaks last night.
  6. Meh, I’ve been shite for about a week. Well not shite, I’m still getting wins but not as enjoyable or fluid attacking like I was. I don’t think it’s anything to do with the game for me, I think I’ve just played too many games and burnt myself out. Also I’m pushing up to near division 3 while people have been coming down to do the objectives which has made rivals a sweat. That might have something to do with it. I’m just saving all my rivals rewards for whatever Futmas brings now. I got KDB last Xmas day and he was like 500k so no doubt they’ll drop something again.
  7. He looks very decent, they’ve also fixed giving these EOE/Flashback cards shite stamina so he’ll be useable in game. Looks very expensive for an untradeable card in a shite league so that’s put me off tbh.
  8. 11 for me after 17 last week Just couldn’t get going, lost 7 in a row at one point.
  9. He was never going to change a winning team today so that’ll be why Vela didn’t play against Motherwell. I’m not totally writing him off either, every single player was shite for Hecky, not just his new signings. Ross might be able to get something out of Vela.
  10. I thought Newell was very good as well tbh. Suits being inside a bit more, he’s never a winger. He’s done well last two games.
  11. Terrible Reds 86+ upgrade got me Telles but I’ve already got Carlos so that’s shite as well.
  12. Fully expecting this as well.
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