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  1. FIFA 19

    Baby Blanc from Marquee Matchups, what is this luck. First icon I’ve ever packed.
  2. FIFA 19

    Offt I’ll take it! Along with my Robo yesterday and Ederson from the Sbc I’d say I’ve done alright
  3. FIFA 19

    Upgrade pack get in there
  4. FIFA 19

    Offt well in, glad to see someone pack a nice one
  5. FIFA 19

    I’ll probably keep doing all the main league Tots SBCs in the hope of packing some outrageous attackers. That’s all that interests me now tbh.
  6. 2016 Scottish Cup Final - Hibernian FC v Rangers

    Hope the fam is well mate, not see you post in a while.
  7. FIFA 19

    Ederson, meh. I can get him in on 8 chem but I’m always hoping for a ridiculous attacker in these packs.
  8. FIFA 19

    I’m also about 450k in on 84s so hopefully a good return on that.
  9. FIFA 19

    We got two last year and my first one was Pope, then Salah who was unbelievable. Maddison incoming
  10. 2016 Scottish Cup Final - Hibernian FC v Rangers

    I don’t have kids and I’m not married so I can safely say that it was 100% the best day of my life. The actual day and weekend will never be topped.
  11. FIFA 19

    I’ve managed 3 out of 5 with Alonso at CAM. Division two is more of a sweat than WL ffs.
  12. FIFA 19

    Yeah I think one of the picks is guaranteed from the bigger league. There will be 3 picks in the pack so Maddison Docherty and another at the very least. Happy with that tbh. The Digne objective, does anyone know if it’s just any defender or from the position of defender? Like can I use my Marcos Alonso at CAM?
  13. FIFA 19

    17 wins got 3 games left. I think that gives me a red from the Prem this week guaranteed. Maddison incoming
  14. FIFA 19

    You lucky b*****d
  15. FIFA 19

    I’m 14 wins 7 games left.