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  1. FIFA 19

    f**k man, that’s a terrible 100k pack. I was considering it just for that pack but I’m not going to bother now
  2. FIFA 19

    Prices are plummeting right now, if you’ve held onto expensive players the last week you’ve probably lost a fortune. Think people are panic selling earlier than usual with Black Friday coming up. Its so fucking hard to read the market at times.
  3. FIFA 19

    I got Varane UCL card last night untradeable who links up well with Lloris and Lala who were in my team. He’s like a 300k card so would find a place for him somehow anyway. Only Auba, F Anderson, Erikson, Lloris and Fred are tradeable in this team. I’ve been very lucky with the UCL packs and Champs player picks so far. I’ve also still got a shit load of coins after getting Pogba the other day. I’ll 100% be doing POTM Auba.
  4. FIFA 19

    I have Anderson from West Ham who scored two today so looks he’ll get a nice boost to 86. He’s unreal at 84 atm. Currently 7 wins in 10 games in the weekend league. Best start this year. I’ll probably have a stinker tomorrow now
  5. Boxing Thread

    He was looking for any excuse to get out there.
  6. MMA Thread

    Can’t wait for Jones v Gus after that.
  7. FIFA 19

    I packed Pogba from my Weekend league rewards and got a Red Nani in the player pick packs. Sold Pogba for 465k. Absolutely unreal pull tbf, don’t even know what to do with all these coins. Took 58k from the rival rewards so made well over 500k today Wish I had a clue about trading properly to invest those coins but I’d end up losing them all knowing my luck.
  8. FIFA 19

    Invested a few 100k in Aubamayeng getting POTM. Hoping to either get him cheap or make a load of coins. His normal card is unreal. Slight worry Barkley gets it but worth the risk.
  9. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    We believe you Bob
  10. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    Wasn’t a bad interview from Gerrard there tbf.
  11. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    Yasss Stay tuned for the Slippery G interview.
  12. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    What’s happened to Stevie May? He’s shite.
  13. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    Aberdeen red card or *** pen incoming.
  14. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    This could be some heads gone if Aberdeen hold on. Don’t shite it you sheep shagging c***s.
  15. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    Aberdeen have been fucking shite, similar to how they played at ER. Toothless in attack. Rangers would be well clear if Morelos was playing. Aberdeen to somehow win this for the meltdown, please.