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  1. Does he have a club yet? Thought he’d have no problem getting a club in the Prem.
  2. It’s going to help Nisbet that we’ve got Doidge and Boyle to score goals as well so he’s not the only player expected to score all the goals. It takes a bit of pressure off. Great start for him though.
  3. So going for a meal with teammates is acceptable as long as you follow social distancing guidelines? It’s the going to a packed pub that’s fucked it.
  4. Managers all over Scotland now shitting it, footballers aren’t the brightest and there’s bound to be more situations like this to come.
  5. I’d take McCrorie on any kind of deal, although I’d much prefer it to be permanent. Docherty worked out just fine last season and with money being tight a loan deal might have to do. I don’t care as long as they play well while they are here.
  6. The videos of that explosion going around are unbelievable. The one from inside the room that smashes the windows is genuinely terrifying.
  7. I think they knew this was coming and Nisbet was bought with the money. The wages maybe freed up some cash, I can imagine Flo was on a good wage after being in demand when we signed him.
  8. I’m not even annoyed by that, it’s exactly the type of nonsense I’ve come to expect from ex-old firm players. It should be laughed at then ignored.
  9. Like the look of this Hibs team. Shame big Doidge has missed out but Boyle can fill in there easily. Doig LB/LWB is exciting, great to see him get a chance.
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