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  1. Both them are good pulls well in lads.
  2. I’m not sure what else you’re supposed to do to keep your shape apart from pull your players back manually and jockey? AI defending to me was always players running all the way back with their strikers etc. Pulling your DM back and stepping out with your CB when ready seems ok to me. Player switching is so bad as well makes defending a nightmare. My style of attacking(no skill moves) and the defending I used are probably why I’ll never hit elite but I can live with that.
  3. VVD is the answer to all your defensive problems. I also try not take control of my CBS until I feel I can just step out and steal the ball. Drag you CDM/CM back into shape, jockey to hold them up and steal the ball. I know it sounds simple but never come flying out with your CB and give someone an easy 1-2. I never slide tackle either. Dunno if any of that will help, I get 11-20 wins depending on the weekend but most of my problems come from finishing I feel not bad defensively.
  4. It cost me 40k and I got Lozano who isn’t bad but you’re always hoping for one of the big boys.
  5. 17 wins, gutted I didn’t get 18 for the pack but can’t complain too much with gold 2.
  6. I’ve got 14 with 4 to go, gonna try play them tomorrow night see if I can get rage quits to go for 17. Happy with the wins but it’s was proper sweaty again this week.
  7. Jamesy Forrest for me best red pick. Suarez Matuidi Bruno a Shadow Chem and draft token in one mega pack, unreal pack all tradeable as well. f**k all in the rest.
  8. That’s awful man, with the moments they’ve basically got the choice to do whatever they want. They’re choosing to put these awful TOTWs out. Thinking we might get a TOTW sbc coming? Might be a good time to buy 83s with them being so low?
  9. Updated squad as of this morning. Added Ballack Crespo and Perez this week, so glad I did. My team just needed freshened up. 41212 Narrow in game. Sane and Crespo upfront. Silva CAM. Ballack Bruno CM Perez DM.
  10. I got Werner and Sancho for 300 rivals wins just there. I got f**k all from my Ultimate Pack for 300 Champs wins as well.
  11. Got Ballack from the mid icon pack, happy enough with that. He’s useable. Only spent 30k coins to do it but that’s all my high rated players gone.
  12. I don’t need Ozil or I would have been all over that card. 5* weak foot and a good upgrade. Cheap enough as well.
  13. The game has been a bit laggy all day, not really surprised the server’s have shat the bed.
  14. I just turned it off, I’m absolutely smashing people but can’t finish my tea
  15. Won 5 lost 3 so far but every team has been a belter, all 8 games have been hard.
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