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  1. This patter is inexcusable from pro fighters IMO. I could just about have it from the Klitschko brothers, but the rest of them can shut the f**k up and get in there. Aye, totally agree. Why give up a chance at even more greatness just because you don’t want to fight your pal. Plenty time for pals when your retired.
  2. Usman and him are friends and have said a few times they wouldn’t fight. It’s a shame it isn’t someone else to give Khabib a shot at being a Champ Champ. 170 would be no problem for him.
  3. Exactly the type of player we are missing, I’d be delighted with that.
  4. Aye it’s still overpowered, I love the game but cba playing it with this shit meta. Also think we could do with a new map now.
  5. Plenty of the Hibs das will be glad to see the back of her. I think she’s done a really good job tbh but she’s been here longer than I expected. Some fresh ideas would be welcomed now.
  6. I have 90 Kenny. Get him you won’t regret it, he’s absolutely disgusting.
  7. Got a wee lump in the thread reading that on the official site. Fair play to him for even playing the match, that can’t have been easy at all. Love his attitude.
  8. I finished on 13 wins and choked the last 3 games for 14. I went 5-10 on Saturday and really turned it around Sunday. Two completely different days, typical.
  9. Aye really good trailer, hope the new modes are good. Im interested to see how they link Warzone up with the new Cold War game as well.
  10. Spoony was fine when things were going well, he turned into a bit of shitebag any time one of our fans had a go at him. I liked him though overall, he had some really good games at RB.
  11. Can confirm Son is absolutely disgusting again. Love that 5* weak foot.
  12. Deeks Murphy and Brown. I think you can tell what era I starting going to games John McGinn is up there as well.
  13. How do you view all the shit you have packed in game? Like chem styles etc. It’s probably really obvious but I can’t find it Ive got stuff I’d like to sell.
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