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  1. I finished on 13 wins and choked the last 3 games for 14. I went 5-10 on Saturday and really turned it around Sunday. Two completely different days, typical.
  2. Aye really good trailer, hope the new modes are good. Im interested to see how they link Warzone up with the new Cold War game as well.
  3. Spoony was fine when things were going well, he turned into a bit of shitebag any time one of our fans had a go at him. I liked him though overall, he had some really good games at RB.
  4. Can confirm Son is absolutely disgusting again. Love that 5* weak foot.
  5. Deeks Murphy and Brown. I think you can tell what era I starting going to games John McGinn is up there as well.
  6. How do you view all the shit you have packed in game? Like chem styles etc. It’s probably really obvious but I can’t find it Ive got stuff I’d like to sell.
  7. Doesn’t sound good but I don’t want to speculate on anything like that until it’s confirmed.
  8. Right after we’ve had a bid rejected for the St Mirren player. Looks like an agent trying to get his player out there. No way can we afford Campbell.
  9. Can’t wait till we sign more players this week, the outrage will be delicious. We were also about to drop a few hundred k on McCorie so she’s clearly talking about the whole of Scottish football as she’s leading the talks.
  10. Hope it’s nothing too serious, I think we’re at our best when he’s at his best. It might explain his poor start to the season. Thankfully Mallan is back just in time.
  11. Another McGinn signed ffs Set complete. While we are talking about McGinns, Paul has been fantastic since he signed. A really solid player who has chipped in with a few assists as well. He really surprised me.
  12. lyndon dykes has won me over tonight, he’s playing well here. Fair play to him.
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