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  1. Circa 2002 at Motherwell: We've got Faddy, We've got Dubo, David Murrays shite at judo
  2. Turned 26 the day they went into administration. What a day.
  3. Something like this has been coming for a while in F3. The driving standards over the last 18-24 months has been a disgrace. Thankfully no one was killed and I hope this shocks the rich kids and reminds them that motor racing is dangerous.
  4. That rangers statement should/will go down in P&B history as the definition of 'verge of tears'. That and 'Bears Fightback' on Twitter are as glorious as they are tragic. They win and expect the 'diddy teams' to accept it but when someone else wins its toys out the pram. Well done Hibs, genuinely cheered on the train when I saw they got the winner. Enjoy it! It only comes around every 114 years...
  5. I don't know what's more cringeworthy, the video or MJC? Genuinely can't decide.
  6. Rules don't apply to Motherwell. We are the establishment.
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