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  1. I am also really excited to see Clydebank back in the Senior leagues soon. First game I ever saw in the flesh was Kilmarnock against Clydebank in the league cup. Cant wait to see then again be it against Killie or my local Senior club, Blackburn Utd.
  2. Right before the call off one of the full backs slipped trying to defend so I wasnt surprised when the ref spoke to the captains again at that point. I think if it had been snow only it may have survived but that hail just stayed on the pitch and no one looked comfortable on it.
  3. My wife got a labour leaflet today addressed to her which is nice as she is an SNP councillor. Total so far is: 2 Labour 1 Tory 1 Lib Dem 1 Brexit 1 Veteran Peoples party I didn't count SNP as my wife is the one posting them.
  4. Lol, we got that one as well and had a giggle at the spelling. Got it the same day as a tory leaflet as well.
  5. So I found out today that my wife's family are all horrific, politically speaking. Mother & Father-in-law - Voting Tory because Corbyn is a socialist and they supposedly remember how bad the 70's were and labour would take us back to then and the three day week. Also supposedly he is just tricking the younger generation who don't understand that this has all been tried before and doesn't work...... Brother-in-law - Voting Tory because Corbyn is anti-capitalist. Sister-in-law - Voting Tory because she is sick of it all. Thankfully they all live in Lancashire in what is already a Tory seat so they won't actually affect anything, but I do despair.
  6. Three days in and loving it.. first day was a bit windy and wet but we still had fun
  7. No tickets..... oh well.. I was being a cheap b*****d
  8. She was at my work today.. I didn't say hello
  9. This is the slowest draw in history I think!! Agonising refreshing the twitter feed!
  10. Week in the Uists now coming to an end and tomorrow I move on to Lewis and Harris. May as well share some photos from the week! First up is the traditional photo of Eriskay Football Pitch. They were actually playing later that day but my wife decided we should go climb a hill instead. Next up we stopped at the Lady of the Isles statue on South Uist The best day of the week involved a visit to Berneray West Beach which was stunning. I also visited a stone circle of Pobull Fhinn which was on the same hill as the Cairn of Barpa Langass on North Uist. We also dragged the kids up Rueval the highest point on Benbecula and toom some photos. Final photo was the best bit of our trip to the Isle of Flodaigh to see some Seals. There weren't any!
  11. Armadale must be getting better! It was 4-1 last season.
  12. A few pics from my week on Barra. First up is an empty beach in Vatersay. Next up is the view Westwards from the Tidal Island of Orasaigh which is next to the Barra airport beach. I climbed onto Halaman Skerry in Halaman Bay to get the next picture. I did get a bit wet even at low tide. We also got the boat to Mingulay to see the cliffs and abandoned village. Finally we have the obligatory image of Kisimul Castle!
  13. In the ferry to Barra at the moment! Starting a three week tour of the Western Isles!
  14. FAQs say you have to buy all you win or you get none. I checked that before deciding what to do. Think it will be 1 Budapest, 2 Hampden and 1 Dublin for me. All the cheapest tickets.
  15. This is the picture I took. There is a double futon you can see and a table with dishes and such on it. Shower/toilet is a walk across yard to back of the shop with an outdoor sink there as well. Fridge is in outdoor barn as there is no electric in the yurt. It was £93 a night for us.. kids loved the adventure but we had gale force winds so.it was noisy!
  16. Where I stayed on Gigha Recently and one of the Twin Beaches.. only stayed one night
  17. My kids loved their first time at Hampden tonight. I fully expect the kids to ask me to take them to more after that. I did laugh at my son though who said he preferred it to Killie games as there wasnt any swearing from the crowd.
  18. Headed down to watch this today, shame score isn't closer but stranger things have happened.
  19. Well done to everyone! Hopefully I will get to a Blackburn Scottish cup game next season now!
  20. Well done to Blackburn, saw 5 games between Kilmarnock games. Shame I couldn't make this one as I wanted to. Oh well, sure I will pick a few games next season in the EOS premier.
  21. Went as a neutral with my friend from England. Enjoyed it and was surprised that Ormiston were bottom of the conference.
  22. I am doing this in September as a present for the wife who really wanted to do it. Managed to get grandparents to take the kids for the week as well. As it is September I await the weather lottery!
  23. This year I am doing Arran and Gigha in April then in July I have Barra, The Uists and Harris/Lewis. First time for me at them all
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