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  1. Euro 2020 tickets

    FAQs say you have to buy all you win or you get none. I checked that before deciding what to do. Think it will be 1 Budapest, 2 Hampden and 1 Dublin for me. All the cheapest tickets.
  2. Scottish Islands

    This is the picture I took. There is a double futon you can see and a table with dishes and such on it. Shower/toilet is a walk across yard to back of the shop with an outdoor sink there as well. Fridge is in outdoor barn as there is no electric in the yurt. It was £93 a night for us.. kids loved the adventure but we had gale force winds so.it was noisy!
  3. Scottish Islands

    A Mongolian Yurt!
  4. Scottish Islands

    Where I stayed on Gigha Recently and one of the Twin Beaches.. only stayed one night
  5. Scotland v Jamaica - Hampden Friendly

    My kids loved their first time at Hampden tonight. I fully expect the kids to ask me to take them to more after that. I did laugh at my son though who said he preferred it to Killie games as there wasnt any swearing from the crowd.
  6. European Elections voting thread.

    Where are you voting? Armadale Methodist Church, Armadale When are you voting? Approx 4pm on the way home from work How are you voting? SNP Transport method? Car Make 'n' model? Skoda Octavia Scent? Pure Natural Sweat Attire? Burton Purple Striped Shirt, M&S Black Trousers, Blue CK Socks and a pair of Sketchers Black shoes. Post voting drink? Water
  7. Headed down to watch this today, shame score isn't closer but stranger things have happened.
  8. Blackburn United News 2018/19

    Well done to everyone! Hopefully I will get to a Blackburn Scottish cup game next season now!
  9. EoS Conference C chat 2018-19

    Well done to Blackburn, saw 5 games between Kilmarnock games. Shame I couldn't make this one as I wanted to. Oh well, sure I will pick a few games next season in the EOS premier.
  10. Ormiston

    Went as a neutral with my friend from England. Enjoyed it and was surprised that Ormiston were bottom of the conference.
  11. North Coast 500

    I am doing this in September as a present for the wife who really wanted to do it. Managed to get grandparents to take the kids for the week as well. As it is September I await the weather lottery!
  12. Scottish Islands

    This year I am doing Arran and Gigha in April then in July I have Barra, The Uists and Harris/Lewis. First time for me at them all
  13. Was a great come back from the old guard. My draw obviously helped!
  14. Blackburn United News 2018/19

    I managed to sneak into the background of a photo today I see! First eosfl game for me today.. hope next one I can make will actually be a Blackburn home game.
  15. Blackburn United News 2018/19

    Congrats on the 4-1 win tonight. Thought you were letting Armadale back in to it after you scored the first. I actually recorded one of the goals and put it on Twitter . Planning to head to a few more games when Killie aren't playing at home, think the next will be Broxburn away.
  16. How did you meet your friends and/or partners?

    Alas no... that was one geeky thing I couldn't get into...severe lack of imagination I suspect!
  17. How did you meet your friends and/or partners?

    Only really have one close friend left from my youth and I met him at college. I was introduced to him because he was looking for someone to play online games and I was already doing some top end gaming with 33.6k modem. 20 years later we are still friends and I was his best man recently. My wife I met whilst we were working at the same bar/restaurant whilst I was home from uni. Very dull story but now 15 years together with 11 in matrimonial bliss... She even finally bought a Killie top last year!
  18. Monday - 5 Tuesday - 5 Wednesday- 5 Thursday - 4 Friday - 2
  19. I hate this World Cup group... getting pumped in every round.