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  1. Headed down to watch this today, shame score isn't closer but stranger things have happened.
  2. Blackburn United News 2018/19

    Well done to everyone! Hopefully I will get to a Blackburn Scottish cup game next season now!
  3. EoS Conference C chat 2018-19

    Well done to Blackburn, saw 5 games between Kilmarnock games. Shame I couldn't make this one as I wanted to. Oh well, sure I will pick a few games next season in the EOS premier.
  4. Ormiston

    Went as a neutral with my friend from England. Enjoyed it and was surprised that Ormiston were bottom of the conference.
  5. North Coast 500

    I am doing this in September as a present for the wife who really wanted to do it. Managed to get grandparents to take the kids for the week as well. As it is September I await the weather lottery!
  6. Scottish Islands

    This year I am doing Arran and Gigha in April then in July I have Barra, The Uists and Harris/Lewis. First time for me at them all
  7. Was a great come back from the old guard. My draw obviously helped!
  8. Blackburn United News 2018/19

    I managed to sneak into the background of a photo today I see! First eosfl game for me today.. hope next one I can make will actually be a Blackburn home game.
  9. Blackburn United News 2018/19

    Congrats on the 4-1 win tonight. Thought you were letting Armadale back in to it after you scored the first. I actually recorded one of the goals and put it on Twitter . Planning to head to a few more games when Killie aren't playing at home, think the next will be Broxburn away.
  10. How did you meet your friends and/or partners?

    Alas no... that was one geeky thing I couldn't get into...severe lack of imagination I suspect!
  11. How did you meet your friends and/or partners?

    Only really have one close friend left from my youth and I met him at college. I was introduced to him because he was looking for someone to play online games and I was already doing some top end gaming with 33.6k modem. 20 years later we are still friends and I was his best man recently. My wife I met whilst we were working at the same bar/restaurant whilst I was home from uni. Very dull story but now 15 years together with 11 in matrimonial bliss... She even finally bought a Killie top last year!
  12. Monday - 5 Tuesday - 5 Wednesday- 5 Thursday - 4 Friday - 2