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  1. On the Havana Especial with Spanish lemonade from Lidl which tastes superb
  2. Aye, it turned out the site I'd seen them elsewhere was dodgy. I have a pair of all black Blazers but they're pretty much done in. One of comfiest pairs of trainers I've had. What are your favourite ones?
  3. Anyone ordered from Flatspot? I'd not heard of them till today but they've a pair of trainers I like the look of for £65 when they're £160 everywhere else I've looked.
  4. It's okay as I got a note from my mum to say it was fine
  5. On to this one now which is pretty decent. Tastes more like a normal beer
  6. Switched over to the Leipzig game which was sensible as they've just scored so game on
  7. Seen that at Tesco earlier on. Need to try it Seen a few folk get them. You get about 4 pints a keg?
  8. Got this one on the go that I got as my Beer 52 order. It says on the can that it splits opinion and I can see why. It's drinkable but I wouldn't be desperate for another one.
  9. Yeah, my fitness wasn't the best so pleased with my progress. I like listening to music while running as usually have a rough idea how long songs last so I know how long I have left to run.
  10. Nice one. That's good managing to improve time each time. I managed 25 minutes fine today and felt I had enough in the tank to do well which bodes well for next week.
  11. I've been doing couch to 5k during lockdown and now on week 6 with only one more run to go. It's been a weird week as today was two ten minute runs with three minute walk in between then last run of the week is 25 mins. Seems a pretty big increase
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