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  1. Aussie Rules

    I find myself watching the AFL more than football these days. It's far more entertaining.
  2. Aussie Rules

    Aye, they're pretty decent and had a good win in opener against Collingwood who got to Grand Final last year. I like the Hawks as remember seeing them on channel 4 when I was a boy and they had an interesting colour choice of kit.
  3. Aussie Rules

    That last quarter in Bulldogs v Swans game was superb. Looked at one point as if Swans were going to overcome a 32 point deficit to win the contest.
  4. Aussie Rules

    Glad to see the season start. I recorded game but didn't get to see end of it as it stopped recording with 5 minutes to go.
  5. What Are You Drinking ?

    Birra Moretti (can of)
  6. 2019 travel/holiday plans

    Booked up to go to Malaga in April. Looking forward to it as not been before and seems to have plenty to do. Looking forward to some good tapas and red wine. Hopefully a bit of sunshine too.
  7. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Went to see Leto at Glasgow Film Festival yesterday. It's a music film set in Russia and is about a band trying to make it as a rock n roll band. It's filmed in black and white which makes it even cooler. 7.5/10
  8. Monday Night Raw Live

    They should have kept comeback quiet and have him interfere in Wrestlemania match.
  9. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2018/19

    The club should probably be a bit more savvy with regards to these situations. If they've not signed a new deal in summer before they're out of contract then put them up for sale.
  10. Monday Night Raw Live

    That would be a good way of Triple H to then take full control of what goes on in WWE with Vince taking a back seat.
  11. Lots of salt n sauce too.
  12. I heard Hearts have sold 11,000 tickets for the game.
  13. Gigs

    Been to Camden Crawl a couple times and it was excellent.
  14. 2019 travel/holiday plans

    We tend to find that Europe is really expensive when we look. I think cause we're used to the Caribbean we feel there isn't the same value in Europe. Its annoying getting ripped off so much because of when we're restricted to going.
  15. 2019 travel/holiday plans

    Cheers, will have a look there. We like the Caribbean as feel you get good value there.