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  1. Managed to pick these up for £40 which I thought was decent.
  2. Adidas Spzl New Order Trainers on End Clothing for around £65 with discount code VIPSALE
  3. I'd rather the potential wages that would be spent on GMS were used in position we need like centre back.
  4. It was already going to be a tough task tomorrow with injuries we have and McCrorie being out. Massive concern what the midfield will look like tomorrow.
  5. Anyone any idea why episode 1 of season 2 of Take Me Home:Leeds isn't available to watch in the UK on Amazon Prime?
  6. It's hard to see any team beating Richmond these days. They are unbelievably consistent.
  7. Honey JD and diet coke as finished my bottle of Havana Especial
  8. Picked up Hwang today as was a cheap SBC. Hopefully there is more of the same for decent cards.
  9. I think Dykes might get rested with him starting the other two games. The team I've picked takes that in to account.
  10. I think McBurnie did pretty well against Israel and did well coming off the bench against Slovakia. Looks far better as part of a front two where he can link up the play.
  11. Marshall O'Donnell Taylor McTominay Gallagher Considine McCrorie McGregor McLean Fraser McBurnie
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