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  1. Just watched The Hand of God on Netflix. It was excellent.
  2. Had two gigs planned this weekend and both cancelled. Expecting other two I have before end of year to be cancelled too
  3. Yeah, saw that earlier. Felt that would probably happen so another reschedule job.
  4. Ah, I see. I'd read government website and it said something about PCR 48 hours prior to departure. That was updated from Tuesday it said
  5. Thanks. Seems easier abroad than it is here. I will check out your recommendation in terms of PCR as keep reading you need to get 48 hours before leaving. Are results here quick for them?
  6. So basically take LFTs with you so that you can use them in country you're visiting? It's getting to the point where it seems like there making it as awkward as possible to travel. Worry is that PCR test getting done 48 hours before departure doesn't come back with results on time.
  7. Thanks guys. Last year we were all set to go to Rome then at last minute they brought in PCR test on arrival
  8. Anyone been to France recently and know requirements in terms of whether vaccine passport is enough or PCR test required?
  9. There was a stat recently which said he had created most chances in the league. He has four assists in the league which is joint top with McMullan at Dundee
  10. Recently never got tickets for a gig until three days before
  11. Thought they were excellent. Brooke Combe was quality too. Some voice
  12. Went to Kasabian tonight. Wee bit different but they knocked it out the park as always. Only one song where I felt they missed Tom's vocals. Rob Harvey playing guitar with them now
  13. Just watched the Grand Final after managing to avoid the score. Wow, that was some second half performance. Thought the Bulldogs had it when momentum shifted to them but Melbourne were unbelievable.
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