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  1. Line of Duty.

    Lennie James is in it too. Excellent drama.
  2. Line of Duty.

    I thought maybe the ginger cop is maybe part of the OCG and didn't want Gill telling AC12 any more info.
  3. Aussie Rules

    Collingwood looking strong again against Port Adelaide. They've some strength in depth in their squad too.
  4. Albums of 2019

    I've found that myself too. Listen mostly to DMA's, Pond, Tame Impala and Gang of Youths. I've heard Middle Kids are good too.
  5. Line of Duty.

    Are the last episodes usually an hour and a half?
  6. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    I quite liked the stadium when I was there for the Berlin derby a few years back. The atmosphere was tremendous.
  7. Aussie Rules

    Big game on Monday too between Hawks and Cats especially as Hawthorn have had an indifferent start to the season.
  8. Aussie Rules

    Watched the Brisbane v Collingwood game earlier. The Pies were in superb form. Brodie Grundy is some player. They have a good few superstars and seem to be getting better with every game.
  9. Aussie Rules

    Just catching up on watching the games from last weekend. I'm getting fed up with the recording from BT Sport ending before the game finishes. I'll end up having to record following programme too at this rate to see a full game.
  10. Line of Duty.

    Is it possible that Kate is H? She is master of undercover operations.
  11. Aussie Rules

    Yeah, he is an absolute star. Crows had a couple great long range efforts too.
  12. Aussie Rules

    Finished watching the Swans v Crows game this morning. Swans not looking up to much so far this season. Catching up on Geelong v Melbourne just now. I don't think I'll bother with other game.
  13. Aussie Rules

    I'll need to avoid this thread so I can watch game later without knowing score.
  14. Aussie Rules

    Collingwood have had a tough start to the season.
  15. Aussie Rules

    I find myself watching the AFL more than football these days. It's far more entertaining.