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  1. I can't see that that is it all over. There is loads still to be resolved and no way is the person interviewed the so called H. Still loads to be explored and revealed
  2. Then bugger off with all the cash to Spain
  3. I just got tickets for The Charlatans in the presale through O2 priority. Tried Charlatans website but they were having issues
  4. Here is a podcast from last week which looks at who may be included https://open.spotify.com/episode/2RzPR5McR2dCIpzKlRu1uc?si=FAiB2c7jSliJCgGMEDT90g&utm_source=copy-link
  5. Aye, that's how I felt too. Tickets have maybe been bought in hope rather than expectation. DMA's one I'm maybe feeling most hopeful about as it is outdoors.
  6. Enjoying The Snuts album. Be good to see a Scottish band to get to number 1 with their debut. Last band to do so was The View.
  7. Current list of gigs for 2021 DMA's at Newcastle The Libertines - rearranged from last year The Lathums - rearranged from last year The Snuts Admiral Fallow Billy Mitchell
  8. Just caught up with Brisbane and Collingwood game, fantastic ending. Its shaping up already to be an incredible season.
  9. There is an online version too which is available through an app. It doesn't include as many stickers but decent fun all the same.
  10. We've yet to see the young kid from series 1 who ended up becoming a student police officer in series 5. He's surely going to have a part to play in this series.
  11. Unbelievable game between the Hawks and Essendon. I almost never watched the second half...
  12. Actually it turns out it is The Australian Dream that I've seen. It was a pretty hard watch with the abuse that he took.
  13. Nice one. I'll check that out soon. You seen The Final Quarter?
  14. Not long till the new season starts. Who we all tipping to do well?
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