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  1. Watching Glastonbury at the weekend reminded me of this classic
  2. Hi, The last couple weeks I've had an email about resetting password due to failed attempts to log in to my account. Is this legit? Seems a bit weird as I can still access account okay.
  3. Cheers. I thought that might be the case. Robbing bar stewards.
  4. Anyone else have issue where Sky Q isn't letting you download an episode on demand in SD even though that's what your settings are set as? Got latest software and preferences are set to download next episode automatically. For some reason some episodes aren't downloading of a particular series
  5. Going in July. Read other day they want proof of PCR test. Is this correct? This will be fourth time in Morocco. Atlas Mountains is a great trip, the Medina at night is something else. Gueliz area is pretty nice too in Marrakech.
  6. A regionalised system overall out with Premiership and Championship would work best I think. Would mean there were more local derbies which I'm sure would mean bigger crowds and lower costs for a lot of teams. Unfortunately those in SPFL would never allow restructuring of that kind to happen
  7. Maybe they should scrap Lowland League and have the teams in it join West, East and South
  8. There is no way based on the standard in Lowland League that it should be a tier ahead of WoSFL and Eosfl.
  9. Total contrast to Kennedy who is full of respect for Talbot in his interview.
  10. We've been lucky enough to play so many finals at Rugby Park. I'd imagine it's difficult to find a venue that suits both sets of fans.
  11. It will be interesting to see if date for Junior Cup remains same with announcement that Nations League playoff final will be 5pm
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