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  1. Welcome back to the spl forum I had almost forgotten how strange and deluded Rangers fans were By the way happy new year I hope 2013 is better for you than 2012 was and that with a bit of luck your club might win its 1st trophy
  2. Wonder what the value of an SPL title is then maybe Motherwell could try putting their 1991 Scottish Cup title up for sale and see what they could get for it. Look forward to seeing how they are valued in the accounts of the new Rangers
  3. Surely you expected some interest when one of Scotlands biggest institutions failed and unleashed Armageddon on Scottish football
  4. Ok last try. Rangers did not have enough money to pay the players so they used the money they were legally obliged to pay to HMRC to pay the wages thereby cheating the goverenment of tax revenue. If they had not used that money they would have had to sell some players to balance the books. As every other club in the SPL were paying what they owed and balancing the books Rangers were gaining an advantage by illegal means. Maybe you dont think thats cheating but I think most reasonable people would think it was.
  5. I thought it was general knowledge that Craig Whyte told the person responsible for paying the VAT and PAYE not to pay it over and to report only to him and not to tell anyone else what he was doing and by coincedence the amount owed each month was roughly the same amount as the club was losing each month which meant that money was available to pay the wages. It was around the same time that John Grieg resigned because Craig Whyte wouldnt give the directors any financial reports or information they requested and if I remember correctly he faced a fair bit of criticism form some Rangers fans for being disloyal ! As for the zombie club name calling surely you must have expected to get the piss taken out of you or did you really expect everybody to be nice and feel sorry for you !
  6. Sorry but Rangers were put into administration by the owner of the club knowing that it meant a 10pt automatic points deduction ( done only when 2nd place was almost assured) and you seem to forget that players wages were being paid by money illegally witheld from HMRC i.e VAT and PAYE. The next step was that the company that owned Rangers was put into liquidation again by Rangers themselves not by the SFA or SPL A new company was formed and applied for the vacant spot in the SPL but were refused and as in most countries they were told to start at the bottom and work their way up the leagues The new company and the majority of Rangers fans insist that this new company is the same Rangers and refuse to accept talk of titles being stripped from them and also want to transfer over all the same players registrations as before and purchased the goodwill of the old company so it is not unreasonable to expect them to share some of the badwill of the old company. So most of your percieved punishments were inflicted by Rangers on themselves and the cheating was deliberatly not paying PAYE and VAT and the sooner Rangers fans admit that maybe a tiny bit of their problems were caused by there club themselves they may be able to stop it happening again ! Just my opinion, as requested
  7. Sorry I thought we were allowed to have different opinions without being accused of crap like that. Just because I din't agree with you doesnt mean I dont have anything but contempt for both sides of the old firm.
  8. Yes but what I mean is that sometimes we need to see the bigger picture and you need to do things that may be unpalatable but need to be done for the long term good. If the Ibrox club are in division 1 then it must be for sound financial long term reasons for all clubs not because of threats of armageddon or social unrest. I agree a new club being parachuted in at least two divisions higher than where they should have to start is not what I would like to see but if it improves Scottish football's future and breaks the reliance on the Glasgow giants then that is a result to celebrate surely I would hate to see in four years time that we were back to square one and the only clubs to have suffered were the ones who had played by the rules and did nothing wrong.
  9. It wasn't too long ago that people were arguing that Scotttish football needed a shake up and the domination of the Glasgow giants needed to end. Now we have a chance to do that everybody is shouting no! The point of this is not what league the Ibrox team play in but what happens when they get back to the SPL, we need to ensure that by that time voting rights and the split of sponshorship and tv money is fair. We need to move on from what the old Rangers did and look to the, hopefuly brighter future for Scottish football If the Queen can shake hands with scum like Martin McGuiness surely we can put up with the Ibrox club in Scottish football Only my opinion feel free to disagree !!!
  10. I posted message to comments section on SKY sports story about SPL rejecting Newco asking if they would be continuing their support of Scottish Football but it has not been accepted by the moderators yet despite being submitted over an hour ago http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11788/7868304/SPL-vote-against-Gers-newco Anyone else fancy having a go and see if they can get a comment accepted
  11. Anyone know if any of their clubs have stated which way they voted, nothing on the Motherwell site yet ( Surely no but would like to see it confirmed)
  12. The clubs that voted no have done everything that has been asked of them and rejected Sevco what more do you want them to do, burn down Ibrox !
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