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  1. Put the crack pipe away and stop talking shite. You`re that stupid you`re lacking the basic intelligence required to understand the point being made...
  2. Yeah I regularly beat people with a bottle and then regret it...... sober up ffs. My original statement stands. He`s a clown and that particular incident is the most high profile of many throughout his glittering career.
  3. I`m sure his previous Coach that he attacked with a bottle agrees with you. He`s a clown ffs and he`s been playing Amateur for a reason........
  4. Got to laugh at all the people on here who are signing leases and changing the layout of pitches etc at KSC to accommodate The Buffs. What are the people and members from KSC who have taken almost 20 years to create KSC saying about it?
  5. Good signing for you. He was at the Glens as well. Really good getting forward and attacking defenders and he`s not scared to put a shift in either. Didn`t see him at Winton but he looked good for Vics and Glens...
  6. Promise you won`t go to another game Dad? If you do want to compare fruit then Aldi and Tesco do similar lines that are ripe for comparison. Thanks for dropping in and don`t let the door hit your arse on the way out....... PS..if you can manage to get down safely from the high levels that you mentioned earlier you can have a read through this if you`re bored staring at fruit..www.theifab.com/laws
  7. FFS.....if,as you claim, you know the rules better than most then you`ll know that when someone/anyone is sent off then they are required to go to the dressing room(s) END OFF... it`s not optional and the last time I checked there wasn`t a clause that included jumping the fence,climbing the wall, sitting in the car, tunnelling out the ground or any other fanciful notion that you care to list as an alternative to going to the dressing room. If you feel you`ve got a valid point to make about the rules of the game and how they are applied then write to FIFA/UEFA/SOMEBODYTHATGIVESAFUCK but please just stop polluting this thread with utter pish....................
  8. You could take some time to read through the utter pish that you posted previously under your other user names and that will give you a decent base-line for assessing and comparing poor posts. Take a week or two to read through the voluminous threads on the pyramid which are full of the same ass-clown characters vilifying anyone who dares to hold anything even resembling an opposing view to their pro-pyramid stance and then come back and talk to me about infantile retorts ,obscene language or bully boy style nonsense. If you think that any club makes a decision about it`s future based in any way shape or form on what`s written on this forum then you need to stay off the glue..........
  9. Look at you getting your pyramidpanties in a knot. I`m well aware of the content. The future of the Junior game (on the thread that you started.....really?) is now out of your hands and nothing more than an interesting distraction from your impending move to Utopia. Frankly I`m surprised you`ve got so much time to spare to pour scorn all over anyone else`s opinion if they appear to waver from your party line. I thought you would be filling out application forms for all the cash that`s coming your way for being in the pyramid?? For the avoidance of any doubt I`ll post where and when I see fit and if that irritates you (and it clearly does) then so much the better. You`re actually a bigger ass-clown than I gave you credit for if you think I`m involved in "running the Junior game" I`ve no need to sell anything, lets see how it plays out and then see who has the last laugh........... Now I`m going to apply the pigeon rule to you so feel free to howl away. I won`t be listening to anymore of your over inflated , self important bullshit musings............
  10. So the reason that the East is imploding (with the exception of the big clubs) is because I`ve outed you and Hamish for having wet dreams about the pyramid??? It`s an interesting opinion but like most of the other stuff you write it`s utter bollocks.......
  11. Bingo!!.....Is Pro Pyramid Gansta the same as Wanka?? Asking for a friend................. between you and Hamish you must be getting through some amount of bed sheets with all these pyramid wet dreams that you`re having. You have now left the building so why are you persisting with your barrage of pyramidpish? I see you were catching farts on another thread about your move to Utopia and if things are so bad why the f**k do you care what happens, you`ve left. Be a good chap and let the door hit your arse on the way out..cheerio noooo...
  12. Not required because the sun will be shining every Saturday and every midweek when the games are being played as well. They will also be getting an extra Bank Holiday and discounts at Nandos and Greggs.
  13. Sorry m8 but you`re showing a complete lack of ambition here ffs.....It should be JustTheLL or JustThePyramid.....you really need to look at yourself and develop a realllllly good business plan and get everybody in your street to wear JustTheLL t-shirts and stuff and you can expand your merchandise and everything.Them boys at Kelty will be all over you like a rash to patronize you and tell you how good you`re doing and how you`re really forward thinking like they are and you can maybe get a slot underneath Radio Clyde or Radio Tay and then you might also get really good advertisers and stuff and you might even get to play at half-time during a BIG SCOTTISH CUP GAME ....you`ll be dead in 5 minutes if you don`t do something really quick...........don`t think just do it!!!!!!
  14. I`ve no desire to play chess with pigeons..... just you keep on top off all that good marketing and get on with developing your survival plan now that your 5 year plan is coming to an end..mon the juniors....
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