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  1. I thought the game was poor Saturday. Midfield didnt retain the ball anywhere near enough. It wasnt a great display and if we had lost 1 nil we would have been saying how poor we were. However we got the win which is a huge lift to players as they can play better. Renton did really well as did Harvey. Craig Barr was a machine and marshalled everything. Thomas had his poorest game yet for us but theres a player in there for sure. Stirling OFT woeful. If they cant beat us when we dont play well then that to me proves how bad they are. The number 11 was stinking. Mackin missed 2 sitters as well. Hope the injury to Jordan aint too bad. The squad is light as its clear Bollan does not wish to use the younger players from the bench which is natural as they are maybe not ready for mens football quite yet... 2 of them are only 16 i think? However Mullen back and Herd back soon adds to the overall squad numbers.
  2. The first x1 aint that bad if played in the right way.. Archie Thomas is the kind of midfielder we need he is creative and is a good passer of the ball. Will get better for us for sure. Another centre mid and another centre back to allow us to play 3-5-2 more often. Loans obvs..
  3. nah defo me at footy now pal. On the pool table im a machine. YOU KEN... Ally. my last money game I won pal... I just put the money up myself lol. sorry pal.
  4. Bad bad day up at Elgin but its one game guys. I think Bollan got his team wrong but players maybe carrying knocks etc.. e.g Thomas. Bollan must revert to a 3-5-2 and play Allan every game its a joke he is not playing. we are light in numbers in the squad. 1-2 loan signings would help - a right sided player or another central half required. Whats the deal with connelly - would the club be willing to let him out on loan. I know a club who would take him for a season - CC get in touch....lol
  5. This. Get harvey swann fit and left wing back. Play mullen on right (attacking wise on right limited but it shuffles into a 4 when attacking down left side.. We have the players to play this system. Get Allan starting every game even if it means dropping cox. Taylor may have to drop out starting x1 but that aint a bad thing he would be decent when game is stretched and he comes on.
  6. Im changing to the below 1. Edinburgh City 2. Cove 3. Cowden 4. Stirling 5. Stenny 6. Annan 7. Elgin 8. queens park 9. Brechin 10. Albion Rovers.
  7. Hes a young lad does he have representation.. ? if he is a free agent and not even training with us. Why arent we making the first steps.. Text him call him. Say look come in today and lets sit down and discuss. Then if he wants to move explain the repercussions of if no one is willing to pay compensation for him he will be out of football for a while unless he plays amateur for someone.. He needs help and advice and as a club we should support him through a difficult period. Even if he wants to go (which I dont blame) perhaps as a club we should morally say ok lets lower our compensation offer to x or y when it was z before... Maybe more teams would be interested then.
  8. New post for all fans. Realistic ambitions for the season.. What should they be? Promotion/Title/play offs/ mid table security? I personally think this league wont be as good as last year and we have a better chance overall of finishing higher up. I think anything less than 4th is a bad season for us. Dont think we are strong enough for a title charge but certainly being 2-3rd or 4th is achievable.
  9. I would usually side with the club on this but for this instance I am not. The player clearly doesnt fit in with Bollans plans. I assume the club has offered a contract to protect them and be due compensation. The player wants to move. The manager although will say the right things clearly doesnt want to play him week in week out. The player is a young lad who just wants to play. Its a real catch 22 and if the club stays firm harvey will have no choice but to sign another contract with club so he can continue to train and play the odd game. If I was harvey I would sign with cowden and ask he be loaned somewhere to keep playing and be brought back for emergencies. Hopefully loan club can pay his wages. Then if he does well at another club others wouldnt be put off paying compensation a year down the line. Swanns development is being curtailed here no doubt. He should work harder and be better but if you are in an environment where you feel its difficult with the manager and the embarrasment of the stenny episode the young lad is clearly low on confidence. We need to support him here best we can.
  10. Oft....not good signings. Brandon Luke was anonymous for us and the left back at berwick🤥
  11. The pitch was/is massive and for how Bollan likes to play especially defensively a tighter pitch (CP) Is much better. 3 At the back will work well with Pyper/Todd/Barr we need another centre half I think. Defo need a left sided player 100% and another goalkeeper but it appears we will put our faith in the young hibs gk.... eeek... I think like for like what has went out and came in doesnt match for better quality from what ive seen very little of. Mcgurn out - young lad in. Mcgurn better Fraser out - Herd in - Fraser better Malcolm out - Thomas in - 50-50 on this. Talbot/swann out (should swann move on) - valentine in - 100% swann is way better than Valentine. Barr will be our best signing by far.
  12. Was at the game saturday. Craig Barr is a machine and looks exactly the type of player we need - organiser/experienced and looks a top signing. Archie Thomas as someone said earlier looks like a football player wants to play the right way has a little burst of pace and good feet. Will get better and I think a good signing. Michael Herd I was impressed with neat and tidy and has a little presence as he is 6ft. Reads the game well and plays the game the right way e.g composed on the ball etc.. Goalkeeper - hmmm will reserve judgement - he is clearly a talker and organiser which is a positive but looked nervous - good height and kicking was ok. left back. - Nope... he wont do. sorry but I can tell if a player will get better - he is unfit - lightweight and his use of the ball is terrible. He did have a hard time saturday due to being overloaded time and time again which is a nightmare to defend against as it makes you look stupid. He played left wing back first half and this system defo worked better than when we went 4-4-2. We brought a lad on left mid. Quick... Nothing else. Jamie Todd is growing into a decent player and although extremly limited passing wise he is a solid defender. Ok the arguement about Sheerin. Is he overweight - yes. But actually watch what he gives us during the game - he gives us more than renton - that was apparent on saturday. The ball stuck with him. He kept it simple and he was busy. Renton and cox link up better however. Jordan allan and cox should start but nice to have options. The team defo wasnt as fit as Airdrie on Saturday and perhaps we are a week behind them but these games are about fitness. However come Betfred games i hope we are fitter than we are currently.
  13. Is it true we lost our no 1 target for goalkeeper?? aimed at Cowden Cowboy..
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