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  1. Hi, After listening to talksport and their £15 5 a side team for premier league I have done a cowden one for players basically 90s- til now. Clearly missing LOADS OF QUALITY players but this is my list and game so if you dont like it tough haha. Pick a 5 a side team using 1 player from each position only. You cannot exceed £15. As said no one may like where I have put values on certain players but its a wee bit fun. Im sure fans of other clubs can make up their own teams. values and positions are below. My 5 aside team also at bottom. Remember it would be a 5 aside game hence why certain players are also potentially missing!! as in my opinion they could be useless in 5s. goalkeepers Defenders £1 - JOHN MARTIN £1 - DOUGIE HILL £2 - THOMAS FLYNN £2 BRYAN GILFILLAN £3 DAVID HAY £3 JOHN ARMSTRONG £4 DAVID MCGURN £4 THOMAS O BRIEN £5 CRAIG GORDON £5 DARREN MCGREGOR MIDFIELDERS ATTACKING MIDFIELD £1 MARK BRADLEY £1 BRIAN FAIRBAIRN £2 CRAIG WINTER £2 JORDAN MORTON £3 JON ROBERTSON £3 LEWIS MILNE £4 COLIN CAMERON £4 DENE SHIELS £5 MORGARO GOMIS £5 MARKUS PAATELAINEN STRIKERS £1 - GARETH WARDLAW £2 GRAEME BROWN £3 - LIAM BUCHANAN £4 - KANE HEMMINGS £5 - GREG STEWART MY TEAM WOULD BE GK - TAM FLYN - £2/GILFILLAN £2/JON ROBERTSON £3/lewis milne £3/KANE HEMMINGS £4 - TOTAL COST £14
  2. What is the state of play for Cowden in terms of players contracts. Do we have to pay them full wages considering they are not fulfilling the hours? Not that I dont want players paid however paying players and staff with no incoming monies for the foreseeable must be potentially disastrous. Hopefully the SPFL can forward one the payments due to all clubs earlier than 1st April.
  3. and won 12 games against Stennys miserly 7.. Toddle on helmet.
  4. Bottling lol... I wouldnt use that word. We have lost 1 in 4 pal. Wouldnt say bottle. Stenny spunking money on average players and fighting down the bottom of the league is pleasing however.
  5. Thats blatantly not true. ELGIN PROUD being a cock/w****r/bannit and general trumpet is indeed a FACT.
  6. WHITTTT.... Cove score 7 against Stirling and you want to go more ATTACKING considering we lost 3 against elgin.Cmon neeb.. We are a better team when we are solid at the back and dont open up. Granted we need to create more but of games I have seen we create enough chances. We scored 2 last night and in most games you should take something from the game.
  7. Mate you are a world class gimp. Dont like coxy as a football player fine... not a problem. slag him for being pish not a problem etc etc. However to come out with a comment about his mental health. He doesnt cry poor me he opened up about what its like and the abuse he sometimes has to take.. Nothing wrong with that. Also he will be first to admit he plays on the edge and will be physical big deal its football. For someone else who posted he is a waster from what I see he runs a very successful gym on top of having a great wee family as well as playing football and giving his all for every club he plays for. Rather have a coxy than a prima donna in harkins etc. He is a genuinely good lad who cares and sometimes too much when he is on the field but thats who he is. Shouldnt have mutants like you most likely shouting abuse at games at him as well about mental health.. its absurd. P.S Stenny are a gang. Cowden are just a better gang. mone the cowden
  8. Brechin have woeful full backs. They also have a class little player in mcord but its so easy to see he doesnt put a normal midfield graft in and you can get over ran easily in there. Up top your forwards are busy and have decent experience someone like greig spence would have been a good foil for someone like mcmanus. Your GK aint great either cost you a goal on saturday. Brechin will still struggle and for me its between you and Albion. I think you may just pip them in a last game shootout to see who finishes bottom.
  9. Where is the brute that is Marsh away too... ?
  10. Excellent home form. Something a couple of years ago looked a million miles away. We are a top 4 team no doubt and unfortunately for us Cove are in the league and a step above. Saturday the first 45 we were great. Good football and intensity. 2nd 45 we lost our shape big time and stopped doing all the basic things we do well. Good to see us sneak the win but over the piece a draw may have been fair. New lad done really well and was impressed with his composure on the ball and Archie Thomas looked at his best. Really good attacking central midfielder who makes good runs. Jordan allan looked well up for it on Saturday and put in a great first 45 and could have scored goal of the season if he didnt hit the post. another attacking player wouldnt go a miss but doubt that will happen.
  11. Connelly isnt the same type of player or positional wise as smith. Doubt Connelly will get much game time unless an injury to allan. Archie thomas is our best ball playing central mid. Best technically as well. At moment he is just not in starting x1 im sure he will get back in and get a chance though. Good player.
  12. whats the cut off date for signing loan players this season..?
  13. good performance from Cowden saturday and the difference with having Allan up top for our overall play is so so different and better to watch. Allan worked his socks off and occupied 2 centre halfs all day creating space for others with his running. Connor Smith was superb and at 17 is going to be a big player in the future I believe. Big shout out to Jamie Pyper who has his critics but done really well on Saturday as well. Mikey Herd was superb as well.
  14. Dougie was raging after the game lol. Basically got sent off for language used at a spectator who had been using explicit language towards him also.
  15. Valentine at left back... uh oh. up top Allan with support from taylor and smith. Lot of pace there. Would get archie thomas back in team also.
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