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  1. Heres what I dont understand. The rules are dont travel in cars together or some crap like this and sit 2 metres apart on a bus etc. Yet those same players will be tugging and trying to ride each other at corners breathing heavily down someones face... Its mental. The Albion postponement will fall down to whether they breached protocols I imagine it would be more difficult to prove at our level that they did?
  2. This squad is playing with niggles and injuries its actually evident the way they tire so much during some games im not gonna out players or pass poor judgement on them. Kavanagh should start every week regardless of whom plays alongside him. Russell in what I have seen is so far off the pace its hard to watch that is not his fault to be fair. Old age and no playing time since March perhaps even longer? will no doubt have done his sharpness even at his age no good. If he plays 3-4 consecutive games he may get sharper however he would have to play against an unbelievably poor defence to show up well. Renton is not fit and from what I hear shouldnt even be on the bench due to an injury but fair play to him to try make himself available. Toddy clearly wasnt match fit and has now damaged himself further. I personally would do the following against Queens Park and will likely mention it during BBTV this weekend. Last season at one point we played fraser mullen left back/wing back but mainly as a defensive outlet rather than attacking. We had 3 centre backs and robbie buchanan right wing back. I would play this system for a week or two and see how we go. It would look like so. GK. Robbie rwb - barr/todd/glass. If todd unfit then would have to play pyper if he is back from injury. Pyper is actually a player who we could really be doing with because of his pace. Mullen left back/lwb (defensive). Then we would go into midfield with Miller/Herd then front 3 of Kavanagh through middle. Taylor just off him to right or left playing deeper and Harvey Swann the same. They 2 players are key to the system e.g Swann/Taylor they would have less defensive duties in their own half and more pressing in the opposition half. It gives you options to change the shape during the game if it is not working and have attacking players from the bench e.g renton/russell/hamilton. Lets see what Gary does with what is a depleted side but showed a lot of frailties against a team with attacking pace and threat which we will be sure to face on Saturday. MONE THE COWDEN
  3. My thoughts on this are as follows. Did the player have the right to go for the ball absolutely. Was it a 50/50 as some folk have suggest absolutely. Was the tackle dangerous and with excessive force absolutely (should have resulted in a red card) Was it unfortunate - 100% but if the player hadnt went in with such excessive speed the likelihood of the break and injury wouldnt have happened. As for the benches reactions both are expected. One team (cowden) of course were incensed and shocked by the sight and tackle thus emotions are high. Gavin price walking out of his area approaching others is not acceptable and im not sure of the rules but I dont think this is allowed. Ross Clarke is a very nice lad and has settled well at cowden and was looking like one of our better signings. He is now out for the season and its another disaster for cowden. The Elgin player will be distraught in so much that he of course didnt mean to break someones leg. But spare me if you dont think he deserved a red card for the offence. As for the referee wow just wow. It wasnt the referees fault that the lad broke his leg. However his job is to apply the laws of the game and on this occasion he did not. Thus further it made the cowden management team and players lose it further by not even giving a foul. I guarantee that if you gave the clip to 10 referees 10 would say it was a red card.(as long as those referees were not gavin ross and elgin fans themselves) Best wishes to Ross on his recovery.
  4. Makes it even tougher now then. Think we just have to plod on and hope no more injuries/illness. Not sure how long until players return as nothing on website to say how long certain players are out for. With Renton though he wont be match fit as wont have played since March etc etc. Big game Saturday and one in which we should win.
  5. Squad is wafer thin now. Brad Smith away back to Broughty. Hay was injured anyhow. Todd looks like he is out for a few weeks. Renton out/cox out or away/robbie suspended?/Morrison out/Sneddon out. We really have issues so not sure what we can do in terms of bringing players in. I dont think SPFL league clubs will want to allow any players out on loan currently due to covid situation e.g their squad could be decimated at any point. Have to look at free agents but then they wont be anywhere near match fit e.g like russell who looked way off the pace saturday. Good news is Pyper is back and had a good game when he came on saturday. Young Jacob Glass deserves to keep his place also. Midfield we are very short in numbers only Kyle Miller/Herd and Barr really Hopefully Gary can bring in a player on loan from an U21 or u19 SPL team similar to Ross Sinclair situation.
  6. The stream will be fine this weekend. Get it bought and enjoy the game.
  7. They are both injured and I think Renton out for a wee while although not sure how long. As for injuries we aint aberdeen with a squad of 22 plus talented youngsters. We are part time with an even lower budget than normal. We actually have players playing with knocks already. Wee bit of slack for some of the lads playing they didnt even get a full pre season and this is where injuries can happen. We cant even fill our bench currently and have a 42 year old coach on bench every week. Russell should be in this weekend or next at least. Would be good if we could sign a couple more players on loan to help the squad. Cowdens issues not doubt stem from not creating enough chances going forward real lack of outlet and threat. Olly Hamilton for me cant play as a lone striker he needs someone up beside him for him to flourish.
  8. The game will be streamed yes. Not sure on price etc but assume will come out in the next few days. Cowden really down to bare bones just now squad wise so hopefully get some players back fit soon.
  9. surely better than playing on a field somewhere random also a lot will have to do with covid environment. Save costs on an all weather pitch somewhere which is normally ridiculously overpriced.
  10. weather to be shocking tomorrow. Pishing rain with horrendous gale force winds... no good.
  11. Fantastic performance from the players. Result of the weekend. Playing down to bare bones then 10 men with 60 mins left against a team who will be top 4.. Pity fans werent in to show their appreciation of their effort.
  12. Watched the game last night. Some interesting viewing. Thought the keeper was magnificent and looks to be a great piece of business defo kept the score down in the 2nd half. Graham Taylor and the Keeper was our best players by a mile. The new left back looks steady and comfy like the look of him. Few players you can tell are nowhere near match fit e.g mullen/Todd/Herd. We worked hard and had a good shape first half. Offered next to zero in the 2nd half in regards to attacking. The boy hamilton was anonymous and rents does his work too far from goal. Scoring goals will be our issue this season make no mistake. Tough couple of games for lads but look on it as building up their fitness because they will certainly be pushed with the teams they are playing soon. The squad is too light in numbers to try push for a promotion challenge nowhere near it actually but perhaps some loan signings or free agent signings to come in the future once we know more about fans coming back.
  13. small as a centre half but reads the game really really well. Good on the ball and fairly quick. Actually better in the air than his height suggests. Better in a back 3 than a back 4 with him in a 3 central. Can play centre mid but I think he is lost in there but can play there.
  14. Loads of ifs and buts just now. However IF Cowden do play on dates proposed in Betfred and no fans are allowed in.. Can I be a ballboy...hahaha. Relive my youth..
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