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  1. Working for Pizza Hut and they stopped offering parmesan to customers. We had a woman that wanted it and burst into tears when she was told we had none. She was genuinely inconsolable; her partner had to take her outside, arm around the shoulders, giving it the 'there, there' treatment. Eventually pulled herself together enough to come back in and eat her meal, but....Jesus, what a reaction.
  2. Worked briefly at a hotel with a gym and we received a letter from a regular guest complaining that the treadmill machines weren't working properly (they were) and he couldn't do his exercising. In the very same letter, he complained that, in addition, the car park was very full on his last visit and he had a much longer walk to from the car than normal.
  3. A piece with McCains microchips and coleslaw is a little taste of heaven.
  4. this is actually quite smart when you see it in its entirety.
  5. At first I thought the away was stinking, but when you see it in full with the shorts and socks, it looks much better.
  6. Good article on 'modern' looking badges from the 70s... http://thefootballattic.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/the-modern-badge-bandwagon.html
  7. The most off-putting thing I've ever seen is that BetVictor advert which basically shows Mark Lawrenson taking a shit.
  8. One of my favourites from the Falkirk Herald a while back...
  9. Ooh, tell us more....astronaut? Ninja? Stuntwoman? Oh.
  10. Ha! I was just reminded of another woman I was in a meeting with and she was moaning about all these mysterious emails she was getting. Albeit they were work-related, but she just didnt recognise who was sending them... 'Just who is Dono Treply anyway?'
  11. Another female colleague thought that North was just the direction you were facing...
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