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  1. There must be plenty of benefit claimants in Perthshire that could pick fruit in return for their benefits. We should do away with the mandatory job searches and send them to the local farms instead and give them an opportunity to feel like they’re actually giving something in return for their benefits and enable them to regain their self respect.
  2. Livingstone fans are a touchy bunch when anyone points out how agricultural their tactics are. Hammer throwers on the park and tantrum throwers in the stands
  3. The trees don’t appear to have grown in 4 years either. I’ll have to go and point this out on Twitter now
  4. Deary me, criticising spelling and punctuation at the same time as using random capital letters and using “a” instead of “an”. Must try harder.
  5. Suffering livingstones hoofball would make a glass eye water.
  6. The only thing hurting after watching that is my eyes. Hopefully It’s 3rd time lucky and you fail to survive another administration and go the same way as the original rangers.
  7. Dreadful hammer throwers. Hopefully bans are dished out to Menga for his attempted assault on Ryan Christie and for Kevin Clancy for failing to take action against the thuggish tactics employed by livingstone
  8. Were these things sandwiched in between Facebook posts warning of Romanians stealing children in Asda and others threatening 10 years bad luck of you don’t share a picture of a crying dog?
  9. Not until I get my moneys worth anyway. Fortunately I’ve got an Irish passport so I’ll have plenty of options when I’ve had enough.
  10. They’ll have to go on strike to get that. Whether they’ve got the balls for it is a different matter.
  11. In all seriousness I don’t think we should have different taxation rates or thresholds from the rest of the UK.
  12. I’m already contributing so not free for me. I’d rather not be forced to pay for your kids to go to yooni if it’s all the same.
  13. Half a chance and I’d be off like a shot, but I’ll be hanging around long enough that the kids get the benefit of the free education that I’m being robbed from to provide for others.
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