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  1. Close thread we have an answer to it all.
  2. The problem is there are a number of ways round an IP ban.
  3. You're quite right a small investment from them could produce good returns if the game got better up here.
  4. Why would they up the money? The product is poor and they have no competition for the rights. Sadly I feel we are stuck with them and the pittance they offer.
  5. Ah the Epl the league Celtic are fucking desperate to get into. And for what reason? To get a share of the sky cash.
  6. Just south of Parkhead in Ireland.
  7. I agree, Mags didn't take the place too seriously but had some posters foaming at the mouth.
  8. Not me my little terrorist loving friend. I'm happy to have performed a service in getting you banned again. Hurrah.
  9. You seem bothered.And, familiar with my posts.
  10. We know Seamus, I reported you were back a moment ago so you will be in a few moments. B)
  11. Eh, OK. All. People that hate racists are worse than the racists themselves then? Run along hatemonger.
  12. And to think he berated Paulo for the very same thing.
  13. Good stuff, nothing gives you the fear more than sending away a console.
  14. Ah well it was free so I can't complain too much I suppose.
  15. Don't say that, iv just started fable 3.
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