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  1. Congratulations to St Mirren, gutted we didn't win but you guys deserved it. All in all it was a good day out and my son enjoyed every moment of it bless him. On the plus side I got to stock up on Red Kola, teabags and Tennents lager and had my haggis supper for the month. You need to get some sauce in Glasgow though. Hope there are more than a few sore heads in Paisley this morning...
  2. Unfortunately thanks to the lovely people in charge of the game this is actually a valid response
  3. How very dare you, they live in Salford dontcha know.. separate city but same county
  4. Wimbledon FC played in Milton Keynes until the end of the 2003/2004 season and were then rebranded as MK Dons. It wasn't until 2007 that MK Dons renounced any claim to Wimbledon FC's honours and these were donated to Merton Borough. AFC Wimbledon are not the original club under a new registration, they are a fan formed team who by their own admission on their website only claim the honours of Wimbledon FC in spirit. "The supporters of AFC Wimbledon believe that our clubis a continuation of the spirit which formed Wimbledon Old Centrals in 1889 andkept Wimbledon Football Club alive until May 2002. We consider that a footballclub is not simply the legal entity which controls it, but that it is thecommunity formed by the fans and players working towards a common goal. Wetherefore reproduce the honours won by what we believe was, and will always be,'our' club, in our community"
  5. I think you'll find that is bollocks. Wimbledon FC became MK Dons after the owner decided to relocate them to Milton Keynes. AFC Wimbledon was set up by the fans in protest to this move and is a totally separate entity to Wimbledon FC. Bit like FC United of Manchester after the Glaziers took over Manchester United.
  6. Will Newco be playing in Div 3 or will the SPL/SFA/SKY get there evil way and parachute them into Div 1..find out tomorrow by tuning into this weeks episode of Soap...
  7. Just read Traynor's article on the DR and spotted this bit at the end... "The SFL will meet next week to decide the fate of the game. Entertaining though it is to listen to your rants Turnbull, just think. That's it, just think, and if enough of us do we just might not blow our brains out." Even if the SFL do vote for Div 3, Traynor doesn't have enough brains to blow out, shame really.
  8. Most people have also done that and funnily enough still not seen any of that in the press. It's low key and the chairmen can write it off as the rumblings of the few, but they and the press can't ignore a visible protest as well. That's why I said the protest would give them "extra thought" and not be the only means. Edit - and lithgierose has a good point, did you get a reply from your chairman?
  9. Got to admit I am finally getting bored of this. We all know the SFA and SPL will pull out all the stops to ensure Rangers survive with the least amount of hardship, we just don't know the how yet. The only way to give them some extra thought would be to mobilise the supporters clubs of all the other teams as a NO protest on the 30th June, someone within the 1883 pages had suggested. So someone from a supporters club in Scotland needs to take the initiative and get the ball rolling.
  10. That's Ironic Walter Smith leading a bid now..is he using the money from his EBT.?
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