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  1. Sons' sorrow

    Worth a look as a trialist
  2. Sons' sorrow

    This was the first thing I thought.
  3. Dumbarton -vs- Stenhousemuir

    I think he was already on the floor on all fours when the ball was kicked at him. Red card would have been harsh.
  4. Dumbarton -vs- Stenhousemuir

    It looked like handball from were I was.
  5. Arbroath vs Dumbarton

    We could get it displayed along with all the memorabilia in the bar. It is this kind of selfless commitment to the club that shows a true Sons fan. Sir I salute you.
  6. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    I feel deflated after that. We had enough chances to win but the lack of belief in the players is telling. Aitken has nothing new to offer.
  7. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    For any of the St Mirren board who may be reading this. Aitken is the best Manager our club has ever had. I hope St Mirren don't take him from us, but if they do our board won't ask for a lot of compensation or any at all. Hint, hint!!!
  8. Stenhousemuir -vs- Dumbarton

    Good news, thanks.
  9. Stenhousemuir -vs- Dumbarton

    Does he know if the registrations have gone through?
  10. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    I have never been a sack the manager supporter but I am really finding it hard to see how Aitken can turn this around now. I feel if we manage to finish mid table this season he will say its a success. I now want him to move on and have no patience left for this manager
  11. League Cup Group H

    Thanks thought so, was told it was earlier and had a wee panic.
  12. League Cup Group H

    What time is tonights ko?
  13. Sons' sorrow

    Froxy looked pissed off sitting on the bench. I think I saw him get up to warm up once right at the beginning of the game.
  14. Sons' sorrow

    Heard the interview then started blubbering like a wean when thinking about today. FFS what will I be like if we win this. Driving through for this leaving about one o'clock. Totally buzzing.
  15. Sons' sorrow

    Will do thanks.