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  1. Has there been any rumours of the nordic players that were mentioned. If it happens (I have my doubts) will this be instead of any loans?
  2. Agree his bounce back after his first game is to his credit.
  3. We don't seem to have anybody wanting to go beyond Jones. Is anyone else getting a bit of buffering?
  4. You've missed PJ hit the post. Maybe I should stay off the stream.
  5. Total crash and can't log back in. Looks like I will miss the last 25 mins. What am I missing more of the same?
  6. My feed has frozen now is anyone else have the same issue?
  7. I'm getting the stream but had to closedown chrome and restart.
  8. Watching this ĺn Perth on holiday. Beer in hand, listening to the pre match ramblings. Actually getting butterflies.
  9. I've had local OF fans say they would watch a sons stream if it was about a tenner.
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