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  1. Their just ahead of Micheal Shiels. Some say they seen the the mythical beast.
  2. Hard to tell from twitter feed, was the second half a total transformation in play.
  3. Part time, working around a media commitment...that could work! Watching the sons from the stand, he must be smitten surely.
  4. I remember he looked decent on one or two pre-season games, but offered nothing during the season proper.
  5. Anyone know who 16 is he is very vocal.
  6. Zata seemed to be ok out wide on Saturday but moved into the centre and played off the front two.
  7. I would try Crawford at CB and see Kipeya-Bonno at RB.
  8. A lot of good football played. There was a bit of pace in that team something we have been missing.
  9. Thought 17 who got the third looked good also with a bit of pace too.
  10. I'll start on the bench (last 15 mins please. 52yo now) lb/rb
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