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  1. Throwing a huff rather than asking for two pillows to sleep on is weird behaviour. This sounds like sense to me (especially as the woman I'm dating earns much more than me ).
  2. You guessed that people were scared to beep the horn and he corrected you on that. You then had another guess that he had a gun, hence the "wrong again".
  3. It's notable for its complete lack of gone heids. Just a lot of controlled and proportionate anger.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous day today. Sparkly snow (sna') on the ground, the light is beautiful too. I feel like I'm in a painting. Stunning.
  5. I for one prefer the heids gone from fans when a marginal or even clear decision goes against their team to the sterile joylessness of VAR.
  6. Loving the McIlvanney love in from @WhiteRoseKilie and @RH33. He's my favourite writer and I must have read Docherty, Laidlaw and The Kiln about 3 times each. I'm currently reading "home and away" which is a conversation via e-mail (referred to as "letters" in the book) between Karl Ove Knausgaard and his Swedish friend Frederik, an author living in Brazil. The start of the conversation coincides with the beginning of the 2014 world cup, and they discuss football, their footballing sensibilities and how they relate to their attitudes on art, morality and life in general. It's a beautifully tender and at times deeply philosophical conversation between two men who love football. The insights from Knausgaard are always thought provoking and the differing personalities of the two men are a perfect contrast. Knausgaard loves Argentina and games that finish 0-0. His admiration of Suarez is framed in a way I haven't heard before. Frederik loves Brazil, artistic football and games that finish 4-3. He's a classic bon viveur while Knausgaard is, by his own admission, protestant to his bones and is very ascetic. Highly recommend.
  7. Hit a nice free kick against Newcastle which is exciting as I've been wanting him to practice those.
  8. This has potential to be decent patter, but don't overuse it.
  9. I don't get the hatred of MacWhirter. I always liked him and his analysis seemed fair, insightful and well informed. I haven't read the Herald regularly since I came up here though (seems like there are only about 5 copies provided daily to the whole city) so for all I know his heid may have gone.
  10. He's a different option now. Keep Souttar in there as he's a better defender, but if we're chasing the game or we want to be more attacking then we put him in.
  11. Watching GMB with that horrible Susannah woman and her creepy looking sidekick this morning talking about how you can't say Happy Christmas now. Loads of dog whistles and then repeatedly interrupting the human rights lawyer who was providing very reasonable comment. It was all a bit weird and very, very redolent of Fox news.
  12. The 26th letter is obviously zed. When saying the alphabet, it all flows better if the 9th and 10th letters rhyme. Mellifluous.
  13. I used to work at TGI's in Aberdeen (the beach) and had to continually resist the urge to clout young men across the head for this. Gorgeous young lassie presenting herself beautifully and yer man wearing a fuckin tee shirt and jeans. I think there are deeper psycho-social reasons for the way men are turning themselves out. Lack of presence of strong male role models being one. I don't mean macho men, but men who model valuing themselves and also value the young men connected to them. I mean, obviously there's confirmation bias here, we could be well ignoring all the men who turn out well and are obviously healthy. I do see a shocking amount of obese people generally, but obese weans have been ubiquitous for the last 20 years.
  14. Stop going to see shite bands. Seriously though musically some singers are poor live. I went to see a lot if punk bands and they were largely hopeless musically. But the energy was superb.
  15. Aye he's the MSP for Shettleston. Religious nutjob (my devout da likes him) and has the aura of a man who the chaps on "Criminal Minds" would refer to as "the unsub". E.T.A he took Curran's seat at a by-election, but she took it back at the general barely a year later iirc.
  16. @nate slowly coming to the boil on the thread he started to discuss the 78 world cup.
  17. Nice one! Let me know where you go. I may try and get to Rothiemurcus on Sunday. I'm still utter shite at it, but I have ambitions of doing a big trip at some point.
  18. I initially read your post as having something to do with former Pop Idol Will Young.
  19. As a massive fan of both I'm more than happy with this.
  20. Exactly this. I thought it was a bit of a shocker from the ref as when I saw it in real time (albeit on highlights after I knew it was a penalty) it looked fairly obvious Bates had bought it.
  21. Watched a full Barclays game for the first time in years tonight. Man Utd are worse than I expected and for all the hype the boy Fernandes is absolute pish. Couldn't believe some of his decision making tonight. Heart of a pea as well. Chelsea could have won the game in a few different ways, they were a class apart. Aside from a flukey f**k up from Jorginho they'd have won easily. Werner is a guy I keep rooting for, but he can't hit a barn door. McTominay was an absolute warrior today. None of the players look good enough for Man U though. Its weird to see. A final thought. How much fucking analysis doesva game need? The amount of time spent talking about the game afterwards was insane. It really wasn't that interesting. Bonkers.
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