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  1. Ferguson would have played for and captained Liverpool if he'd played today. A fantastic player who absolutely was also a snarling wee ned. The latter was part of why I liked him tbh. I feel the Scotland team have, at times, needed a moany-faced wee bastart.
  2. I don't think Costa Rica are bad. I think they'd be better than us, at least technically. Spain are just streets ahead not only in theeir control of the ball, but their turning over of possession too. Relentless.
  3. I used to get into a heid's gone state when every commentator would pronounce foreign players' names incorrectly (Pirlo being pronounced anyway other than Peerlo would send me toppling over the edge). It meant that I lionised Pearce as the only one who seemed to take that part of the job seriously. The bar, sadly, has been set by the majority of lazy numpties inhabiting commentary booths.
  4. I don't get the hate for Pearce. An enthusiastic commentator who always made the effort to learn how to pronounce players' names correctly. The wife on the Poland game was fine too. Danny Murphy and Dion Dublin should be nowhere near it.
  5. I pure fancy Alex Scott. Also, everytime I see her presenting or punditing she is brimming with enthusiasm. Her and Ally McCoist on punditry could save this tournament.
  6. My main takeaway from this thread is that @jagfox isn't, as I previously thought, younger than me. My first WC was 1990 and, while I agree that there weren't games which were standouts in terms of quality it was absolutely magical for me. 1994 might be my all time favourite though, with huge crowds and tremendous games. My Granny going nuts when Ray Houghton scored against Italy is one of the great memories of my life, never mind just football. The woman didn't watch much football and her reaction was entirely organic (she didn't shout "goal!" or "yaaaass!", rather a long "oh" which reached a crescendo with her jumping up and down and shaking her fists at the telly). I didn't watch 2014, but it sounded class. Football is pretty shite now and this World Cup will be dreadful. It would be honestly better if they just went back to four groups of four, even if it meant we never got anywhere near it.
  7. Magnesium supplement will sort that out in 24 hours. If you do a lot of walking about at work then your arches could be weak too, so some gentle arch strengthening exercises could work if that's the cause. Massaging your own feet works a treat too (unless you have someone in the hoose who can do this for you).
  8. The Dee was going like the clappers yesterday. Fantastic to watch.
  9. I've been having a bit of a shite time recently, mainly as I've no friends up here, I work on my own and my head is barely above water financially. It's mainly the loneliness though. It feels desperate and painful at times and I jump two-footed into addictions every few days (mainly alcohol, coffee, junk food or porn). I've been watching this documentary by renowned psychiatrist and general guid cVnt Gabor Mate (last name rhymes with latte) and some of the things he has to say about addiction and the route of depression are profound and hugely helpful to me. I find when I'm feeling emotionally blocked I'll watch emotional movies or listen to stuff like this (Brene Brown is another favourite). The Wisdom of Trauma Movie - The Wisdom Of Trauma The link is above and is available for the next 36 hours. The documentary is barely over an hour. Anyone who wants to watch is welcome to it.
  10. That was pretty shite. After we scored I thought we were going to grab another. Their second goal was an utter disgrace though. McKenna just letting the boy run into the box (fucking tackle him when he's 35 yards out!) before getting pegged, Harry McGuire style. Dreadful. I ken it's a friendly and it doesn't really matter, but that was rubbish for the most part.
  11. We are absolute rot in this game. I'm hoping it's just because we don't care, because this reminds me of the Ukraine game in June. I'm struggling to give anyone pass marks here. We're making a garbage Turkey side look like the 2002 vintage.
  12. Can we have that AfCon ref who blew for half time super early?
  13. Our passing and movement in midfield has been rotten so far. Actually, the midfield has been terrible all in. E.T.A, is Fraser just never shouting for it? He's been in space twice yet we've gone left instead.
  14. Nah, the "have a nice day" stuff is surface level at best. There's a reason yanks are the most medicated country in the world (citation needed). The south is almost stepfordian in that way, people being massively polite and effusive with no real warmth attached to it. A positive stereotype that is true of our transatlantic pals is that they are shamelessly self-promoting. I have many American pals who aren't slow to give an inventory of their value and strengths. We, on the other hand, verbally lynch these people (and I have done on occasion) and strike down anyone who seeks to praise themselves.
  15. Now would be a great time for someone to dig out that photo of you being huckled out the ground by police .
  16. The amount of times this appears on this thread is becoming a PTTGOMN.
  17. I'm not sure we have got enough about us to catch Hamilton in 10th, but I can't fault us for at least giving it a right good go. #believe.
  18. Ben Doak? More like Ballon D'oak.
  19. If I were an absolute wee man I would trawl through this page looking for the smug posts getting it right up all of us who were remotely sceptical that he'd make it at Arsenal. You know, the ones that multi-quoted loads of posts from when he first moved which dared to suggest that he might struggle due to his injury record, or that he might not be good enough for that level. I'm disappointed that it's worked out for him this way, because I love him, and he's tremendous for Scotland. I don't know why Arteta doesn't rate him now, but he doesn't. He needs to move on. Hopefully to a less physical league. It won't be to a top, top team though, and I'm fine with that.
  20. Those responding to him are the real villains though. Murder polis.
  21. I think it's more that Souness isn't very well informed or smart. I don't even value his contributions on football anymore, so i'm not expecting him to have any sort of nuanced understanding of politics.
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