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  1. Comes on in 73rd minute and they concede in 80th minute to make it 1-2 Brighton It wasn't on his side though. David Luiz really is utter murder.
  2. Nice to see three young scottish laddies scoring too.
  3. Morelos is some player. Him shooshing the Feyenoord ultras was simply delicious. I fuckin love when players do that. Lovely stuff. Scottish football needs strong shithousery merchants.
  4. While we did scrape a win at home, we had Callum Paterson at right back, a weakness which determined much of Israel's attacking tactics. Hopefully with Palmer/Tierney at rb along with Forrest (who as a winger is excellent defensively) we won't be such a soft touch. I can see us employing the same high press we showed against Kazakhstan and the first 20mins of the Russia game and taking 3 or 4 off them.
  5. So just to catch myself up here. Are folk saying that we should be picking Jordan Henderson for Scotland? Kuro's derailment of threads really is something to behold. The fact that others seem to take his pish at face value is a huge riddy for all involved.
  6. This. The last two match threads have been horrific with the Pep/Kuro troll show. Utter pish.
  7. On the BBC website as well. Does this mean the New City Capital deal is off the table?
  8. Chic Charnley😍 played a blinder that night.
  9. Genuinely delighted for you lads. I hope you do a livi and go up through the playoffs. Utter scenes if that happened.
  10. You're a weirdo troll, but I laughed quite hard at this. Fair play.
  11. That's utterly gorgeous. I love it. The Scotland one is a huge disappointment. How can you get a Scotland strip so wrong? Navy blue, some white. Done. It's just a washed out 1998 kit. A riddy.
  12. McCrorie is awful with the ball at his feet and is clumsy in the tackle. There is a solid reason he was allowed to leave, albeit on loan. He's a huddy.
  13. Liam McLeod's utterly raging commentary is making me feel a bit better about this.
  14. Aye mate I understand analogies. You're trying to pick between two things which are hugely unpleasant, which you felt was analogous to choosing between your offspring. I was humorously inferring (I hate to come across all Kincy here, but when you communicate you imply, the recipient of the communication infers) a connection between how you feel about the OF and how you feel about your children. Just a wee joke like.
  15. That's a truly horrible indictment of your feelings towards your weans KJ.
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