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  1. I remember being a teenager and being absolutely raging about this. Interestingly Greg is now my neighbour and thoroughly decent chap! I was 13, had just been dumped by a bird (and was being suitably dramatic about it) and listened to this on the radio. I think I forget how awful I felt after this game as six weeks later Gazza scored his famous goal and I went into the biggest football related huff I've ever experienced.
  2. Death pelanty for that shite. Honestly.
  3. There's an entire thread for this pish. Have at it. And aye, I'll wear what I like, thank you very much. Ruel St etc.
  4. Thanks. My hackles were piqued at first as it seemed class-snobbish, but I also presumed they were foreign. Thanks for the explanation.
  5. Aye ok. But I'm not sure how it relates to national superiority and nativism. (Limmy "tonne o feathers" gif)
  6. I don't get it. What am I supposed to be looking at?
  7. Donovan Bailey was the world's fastest man in 1996. Thrice world champion and double Olympic champion (1 of those in the relay). Pretty decent shout imo
  8. I think it was @ThistleDoNicely who described Santala as "goalscoring oaf, Jukka Santala" which still tickles me as apposite. One of the worst players I've ever seen at Thistle. Darren Cole was a lazy waste of a jersey, but Billy Gibson was absolutely fine. Barjonas though was a baffling loan. Rubbish I actually thought O'Ware was good until his awful injury against Dundee Utd. He did look a bit porky tbf.
  9. I base my purchasing decisions on reviews, so my pttgomn is when people leave 5/5 reviews because something looks good out the box, or even worse, delivery was quick They haven't used the product, so Im none the wiser as to its efficacy in keeping the rain off (buying a cycling rain jacket) or, say, keeping rhythm (looking for a metronome). Utter timewasting knobends.
  10. Aye you lads are right. It turned out fine in the end, paving the way for Lambie to make a glorious return and cement his place in Thistle folklore by leading us to consecutive promotions and a cup semi. It also means that of every shitey result and relegation has hurt much less than it otherwise would have.
  11. Interesting to see this thread dominated by Pars fans, with few posts by my fellow jaggies. We've been through a lot of guff in the recent past, so maybe we're inured to it now. For me absolutely nothing compares with getting beat 3-0 by Ayr on the final day of the 1998 season. Nothing. With the "Save the Jags" campaign defining that season, we really felt that staying in the First Division was imperative to our survival as a football club. Being relegated to the third tier for the first time in our history felt like a death blow. Added to that Celtic won their first title in a decade on the same day. The following Monday at my (Catholic) school was like VE day, everyone jumping and dancing around with their scarves and Celtic tops (worn under their uniforms) which couldn't have contrasted more starkly with my own mood. Got quite emotional writing that. Everything recently has been a bit shite, but not a patch on that day.
  12. Pepp resorting to early noughties text speak is next level trolling. Chapeau mon frère.
  13. Sigh. Take it away, Pepp.
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