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  1. Next Scotland Manager

    I know, pish journalism thread for this pish, but I had a look at Keith Jackson's article that led to the Sven rumours and, as usual, there were no quotes from Erikson at all. We can just assume that he hasn't applied and that he's not interested. I'm shiting it that we end up with an uninspiring numpty.
  2. Next Scotland Manager

    I'm quite excited to see Sven's name linked. He wasn't nearly as bad with England as he was made out to be. His 2002 world cup was ended at the quarters by the eventual winners and one of the best World Cup sides in Brazil, who had Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo. He's been highly successful in Serie A and also has huge experience managing international sides. Fuckin give it to him.
  3. Unfunny comedians

    I saw him live at the Kings and my whole body hurt from laughing.
  4. The New MILF Thread

    I don't think that's Minnie Driver. This appears to be Minnie Driver.
  5. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Fuckin LoL!! They pumped us out the cup that season iirc.
  6. Relegation Royal Rumble

    I feel good going into the last few games. I reckon we'll finish 6th at worst.
  7. Why not? Ours only began in about February.
  8. Some reactions from the Ayr support this evening. You chaps have had a great season, finishing comfortably in the top four. The booing at the half time whistle was piss poor. Good from us. Bold team selection, excellent performances in midfield by all accounts, and some smart subs by The Heid. You got beat tonight by the team who will end up one place behind you in the league.
  9. Im_Rodger

    But he's not banned. He instigated a bet, losing which would have meant he left P and B. Am I missing something or can he not just come back if he wants? Given his penchant for shitebaggery (deleting said match thread because his team lost to a horrific Partick Thistle team) I imagine he's not come back thus far because he can't take the slagging he'd cop for not sticking to what he agreed.
  10. Im_Rodger

    Mind that time he deleted a thread because his team lost? Weird bet to make tbh. The man knew what he was doing. I say we respect his wishes.
  11. I'm not sure what Caldwell could have done more in the last few games. If results elsewhere go our way then we're 6th. This league is such that, truly, everyone can beat everyone. I do think that we'll be safe, as it appears that Ayr are running out of steam (famous last words etc). Caldwell has made mistakes with team selection, but he has been quick to rectify them. He is a young manager still learning the ropes, and a certain amount of patience is required. As has been mentioned above he has a couple of key things in his favour. He got rid of a lot of shite very quickly. He replaced said shite very well. McDonald and Cardle have been excellent signings (Skippy has been utterly invaluable). Ando has been good for us too. There haven't been any (or many I can think of) who have been utter huddies. This was definitely not the case with Archie. His willingness to change to a more attacking shape when we need a goal has been exciting. He has changed the mentality in that we no longer seem to be hanging on at the end of games. In fact, we have scored a few late winners iirc. Archie couldn't solve this problem. Caldwell has. So all in all I'm happy with what he has brought, and I look forward to a full season under him. I'm actually looking forward to the summer transfer window. Archie couldn't be trusted with a transfer window, as for every Connor Sammon there were umpteen clown-shoe no-marks from the English lower leagues who, at best, stunk out the first team and, at worst, stunk out the reserves. I'm fine with folk sniping at Caldwell, but there needs to be some context applied.
  12. Karamoko Dembele

    After playing for Scotland at youth level he captained England's under 16's the other day. It looks likely he won't opt to play for us after all. I know he's very young, but I'm disappointed.
  13. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Distinct lack of Top Fives in this thread imo. But seeing as we're at it, anyone who shares infographics of any kind is for the watching.
  14. things that are most disappointing

    Aye the criticism of Paris is fuckin weird. Incredible city with lovely people (they have a hauteur about them, but once you recognise this it's plain sailing).