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  1. Aye there are a few powderkeg fixtures there. That Greenock derby has a Besiktas v Galatasaray feel about it. Dyce v Culter will require a huge police presence too. I'm buzzing for our relegation battle with Accies. Are the pies in Brora any good? Great work.
  2. So there are songs which I will forever associate with football regardless of the songwriter's original intention. I want to hear your favourite songs which have a footballing association for you. I want to hear also a wee explanation of the link (as long or as short as you please, most of us have time on our hands). Italia 90. In footballing terms it won't be regarded as a classic. many of the knockout games were decided by penalty shootout and a highly functional (and dull as f**k) German team lifted the trophy after defender Andy Brehme scored from the spot. It remains the most potent and vivid childhood memory and the year I came of age as a football fan. Warming up for the tournament my mum got me the sticker album which, for me, remains a gold standard in sticker albums. Seeing all the teams, the different faces from all over the world (I grew up in EK which wasn't exactly diverse) and the different types of names (the Korean fellas with their three names and the Egypt team with 5 players called Mubarak) really fired my imagination and I fell head over heels in love with football. This song was used as the theme song and the TV highlights program would run some action replays at the end of the show to Pav belting out "All'alba vincero!!" and I still see Leighton spilling the ball at Muller's feet when I hear this 30 years later. I'm very much a classical music fan and love the opera, but for me this isn't an opera song about a prince confident in his ability to win the princess. It's about the agony of watching my team concede a late winner to Brazil, it's about Gazza greetin, it's about Schilacci scoring against Uruguay on a pishing wet night and it's about knowing who Juan Cayasso is.
  3. Possibly for another thread, but TGI Friday's are closing for three months but paying their staff in full over the period. As one of their employees I'm hefty relieved. Good c***s.
  4. Splendid game tonight and an utter disaster from the Liverpool GK. Maybe it's just my age (37 and have only a neutral spectator's interest in English fitba) but the utter glee at Liverpool's failure tonight on this forum is a bit cringeworthy. The "grief merchant" patter is fuckin horrific imo. Anyhow. Marvellous from Simeone. I love him as a manager (as a player he was a shithousing dirty b*****d and tbf I loved him then too). Some amount of goals so far in this round. The Atalanta game was a throwback to the kind of scores you got in the 1950's.
  5. Probably needing to start a new thread for this fella (before we get into Harry Souttar levels of derailment) but where do you see him playing m77?
  6. Curious here, but why has it zero relevance today? Is there a cut-off point for relevance or are you just creating an arbitrary line to support your tenuous argument against including Gilmour?
  7. Griff has been on good goalscoring form lately. I wouldn't use his performance against St Mirren as any kind of indication he should be playing for Scotland. Having French Eddie there to do all the hold up play helped him hugely. Scotland need a striker who can also hold the ball and bring others into play. Griff is a greedy bastart.
  8. Ludicrous there is any debate on this. Roy Keane said he thought he was watching a world class, experienced footballer the other day. Lampard said he trusts him and doesn't care about his age. The idea that bringing Gilmour into the squad is a gamble is knicker-wetting in the extreme, and some of the gymnastics being performed to defend his exclusion are impressive. Get him in.
  9. Congrats to Pep for once again managing to derail a thread with some utter moonball tangent (this time, the success or otherwise of the youth system at Brechin, a team which has no apparent connection with the thread's titular hero). Bravo sir.
  10. Arbroath's steak and black pudding pie is far and away the best pie I've ever had at the fitba. It was so good I forgot where I was for a moment, which was great as we were getting gubbed at the time.
  11. The lighting for these pictures is utterly horrendous, tbh. I'm a handsome b*****d, but I'd look like a tramp in many of these. Some of these people look positively gleeful and I quite enjoyed the happiness radiating out from some of them.
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