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  1. Think naysmith has to pick his next job very carefully,Alloa would be a tough job for anybody,think he’ll end up at tynecastle as under 20’s coach or something
  2. With Goodwin set for saints,I wonder how long before bookies offer odds on Darren young to Alloa,not sure if he’d take it tho
  3. Murdoch in front of the back 3 and any 2 upfront 👍
  4. £17 to get in airdrie’s stadium next season,that’s a joke
  5. Home team gets 15 %,then the rest split between the 2 teams
  6. I still think we also need a left back
  7. It was smith who freed him from raith so would be surprised if true
  8. Cheers raith,that’s £30,000 in the bank
  9. Dunsmores last minute winner against the rovers
  10. Williamson could be freed from pars,him at rb and Steeves from Montrose at lb,but unlikely
  11. Darren young in local paper saying yous hav 2 centre halfes suspended but he might be wrong
  12. And shoot all the rovers scum,cause Fife are number 1
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