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  1. Bollocks of a statement,totally embarrassing today,get a grip man
  2. Think we still need,an experienced CH,an attacking midfielder and a big striker,played a lot better last night
  3. If only,walking away from bayview still means they would be major shareholders,when the railway gets started will bayview not be on prime land for houses,flats for commuters etc,maybe they would sell then but the developer would need to build us another stadium,just a thought
  4. I keep saying this on the fb page but nobody seems to back me up
  5. How does it work for the guys who have signed 2 yr deals,do they get less wages next season with us in league 2
  6. How many away fans will yous bring next week since playoffs are out of reach,guy who has the brig tavern along from bayview was asking,cheers
  7. Question 1 - yes and car park is free but takes ages to get out onto the main road
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