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  1. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to send him to us on loan
  2. When do you guys announce the winners of 50 50 draw,I’m not a falkirk fan but spent a tenner as would imagine worth winning,can’t see it anywhere ??
  3. His 2nd game was a 6-0 humping by thistle,Archibald was well away by the Falkirk game,Gordon Rae took the reigns in between for a few games
  4. Sorry for the intrusion,I’m an east fife fan and although I think it’s a great thing to pair up with a bigger club,I think 6 loans is taking the piss and should be limited to 3 from the same club,IMO
  5. We can maybe play a 4231 with aggy further forward in the 3 long watson Dunlop Huggins Murdoch Davidson swanson(when fully fit) aggy Wallace Hamilton just a thot ???
  6. He played right back to start with,his 2nd spell he played centre midfield and later as a striker
  7. I’m not a Brechin fan but an east fife fan and keep an eye on p&b,I can’t understand why you gave the guy the permanent job after just one game,surely after the nitemare last few years,yous hav really got to get this appointment right,and giving the guy 4 or 5 games to see how he gets on. If after that time and he wasn’t the right guy then someone like our ex gaffer gary naysmith would be ideal in my opinion,very professional although I’m not sure if he would take it re distance etc
  8. Don’t think ST holders be happy if fans can watch league games for less than they have paid out already,a tricky one
  9. I see the lowland league fixtures are out today and notice they’ve all got a double header with ther local rivals on Boxing Day and then a week later the fixture reversed on jan 2nd,I’ve said before this would be a great idea,imagine 2 games in a week v rovers,home and away,although it would be Falkirk this season
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