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  1. Brett,dunsmore,Davidson and dowds for me,then youv got murdo so who knows
  2. I’m sure Wallace is signed for next season,I heard someone saying there’s 9 signed already but not sure who
  3. If you google challenge cup final 2019/20,it says March 28th,venue tba
  4. It was almost 3 pm and the teams weren’t out,thot with the minutes applause they would be out at 2.55,it was a joke
  5. Am I right in thinking that Gallagher has scored in each of the 3 airdrie games this season as well as the 4 games v Dumbarton last season
  6. Any rumours on any January additions,see airdrie are bringing back Andy Ryan in time for Saturday,our finances should be fine to add a couple,hopefully a quality midfielder in case aggy or Davo get injured
  7. I’d start with baker and Boyd next sat and give dowds and Wallace a rest,although Wallace is just back,feel he’s not 100%
  8. With duggan away,Young has to decide whether to keep them,Boyd scored 3 in 4 games and seems to be a player with pace but don’t think young fancies him to be honest
  9. Your choice mate but McManus had to be in ther for me,had 4 spells wi the Fife and his best was wen we won the league in 2008 and few years after,Buchanan was only ther 1 season
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