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  1. Your choice mate but McManus had to be in ther for me,had 4 spells wi the Fife and his best was wen we won the league in 2008 and few years after,Buchanan was only ther 1 season
  2. Yes ther is a tv,us east Fife fans wer ther last week,worth a try
  3. The pie stall was open at half time at our end
  4. Craig Thomson broke his wrist and was out for over 6 weeks
  5. I see we won’t have a game on nov 16th as Clyde in Mickey Mouse cup 😂,just hav to watch Scotland instead 😡
  6. Thot youdve said aggy or dunsmore who love a goal or 2 against the rovers
  7. I’m sure slattery and watt are signed up for next season as well
  8. Changed days from the dogs abuse yous gave him in the play offs
  9. I’m sure I read we get £40,000 but tv money doesn’t count til the next round
  10. At least,we might not hav to play Forfar midweek now as they lost as well and we both have a free week on sep 7th,makes sense surely
  11. Maybe an idea to maybe hav a few folk that work at bayview to sell tickets actually in the stadium this sat,before kickoff,half time etc,but don’t advertise it
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