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  1. As expected, got papped out 5&4 at the first Knockout stage. Actually played solid stuff for the most part and kept it to all square after 5 holes, but I think this made him angry as he crushed his drive at the 380-yard 6th to just shy of the fringe. Ok, it was downwind, but still... 😳 I'd definitely have taken my card in a Medal, so no shame (other than a shank out of a bunker that nearly hit him on the shins 🤣), and only a couple of regrets where I should have won a couple of holes when he was a bit wayward off the tee. Next year... 🙄
  2. Feck, it's happened again... What is wrong with all the Cat 1 players at Ladybank not having the bottle... So, instead of being 2nd seed in the Handicap section and fancying my chances (and a decent pay-out!), I'm 15th seed and playing a scratch golfer off bare feet. 🙄
  3. Glorious, if breezy, morning for golf. Played second round of club champs qualifying at Ladybank. My two nett rounds of 73-71 is guaranteed to make the Handicap knock-outs, but I'm a bit concerned that 82-79 might make the cut for the Scratch knock-outs. Qualified for that a couple of years ago and was drawn to play someone off +4... 🤣 Weird that I can play 2 very solid rounds off the back tees at Ladybank over a weekend, but chuck an absolutely honking NR at my home club in the middle. This game... 🙄
  4. Took the new irons out for a spin in the midweek medal at Ladybank yesterday evening - learned hee-haw about their "true" distances due to a 2-club wind blowing for the first 15 holes, but the putter definitely got the message that I'm having a clearout of old technology as it was on fire last night. 27 putts (including 9 up-and-downs) certainly smartened the scorecard up and, bar a stupid left-right-left-right fairway-avoiding double down the last I'd have won the thing. Still, a wee confidence boost ahead of 36-hole club champs qualifying at Ladybank this weekend, and attempting a salvage operation for the Tulliallan qualifying on Saturday afternoon.
  5. Aye, they are incredibly easy on the eye, but just wait until I post a pic of the Vokey wedges in brushed steel when they arrive - instant stauner... 😍
  6. Magnificent. Great track.
  7. Took delivery of these sexy bad boys yesterday evening - just looking down at them at address makes me feel like a proper golfer. Could've done with them arriving 12 hours earlier as it might've saved me an absolute howler of a day in a Club Champs qualifier played in perfect conditions...
  8. Anyone else having trouble fathoming out their Competition Handicaps? Over my last 3 games my Course Handicaps have been 9, 8 and 8. Corresponding Competition Handicaps have been 8, 7 and 8. I know there's a 95% allocation for Strokeplay and Stableford comps, but the numbers don't appear to make sense, and they don't tally with what I see on the HDID App. In my head I've started using my Handicap Index as my Competition Handicap and anything extra comes as a bonus, but I still find it annoying not knowing what I'm playing off standing on the first tee.
  9. It'd be interesting to see what numbers Scottish Golf have budgeted for in terms of income from Open Play - I recall being at the Scottish Golf Conference when this was initially proposed and the forecasts were pretty wild then! At £5.99 a month the price point only looks sensible for those that already play a decent amount of golf, so I'm not sure where the benefit for casual golfers who only play a couple of times a year with their mates is. SG may of course be hoping that people sign up initially and then forget they've got a direct debit every month... I'd be concerned that those golfers who just want to play in Opens but need a CDH number to play will give up memberships, as this system suits them down to the ground - not sure how many that'd be but it's probably more than I imagine. Even the name would indicate that this is the core market. That could affect club membership much more negatively than the numbers "converted" from Open Play to take up club membership.
  10. I can't think of any other act I've seen live as solo act, duo, trio and four-piece.
  11. They're clearly fond of skating/skaters:
  12. Ooooh, you're in for a treat 😊 Estuarine may well be his finest 8+ minutes...
  13. The TV Priest record is a hoot, although possibly best avoided if you don't like Mark E Smith-type vocals. Looking forward to catching them at Stag & Dagger.
  14. The double-whammy of Keel Timing/Bed Head is superb, but the album as a whole hasn't grabbed me by the nuts like Black Mile To the Surface did.
  15. Singular - Loscil is Scott Morgan, and a top bloke he is too. But I'd agree the new record is a belter, has an Endless Falls quality about it. Mind you, he pretty much can't put a foot wrong for me. My favourite discovery over the last year or so has probably been Craven Faults:
  16. Kokrak big into S&M, I hear. Nominative determinism and all that.
  17. Now they just head to Scotscraig, Lundy or Crail. Win/win!
  18. That was effectively the same as getting people to pay for a 3 and a half our advert to come join Ladybank... 😆
  19. Ladybank appear to have picked a few members up from Leven this year for some reason - clearly they don't want to play winter golf as Ladybank shuts at the first sign of frost... 🙄
  20. He wears his headband much lower than in his prime
  21. I prefer unknown bushes, keeps things fresh and exciting...
  22. What is this "practice" you speak of??? 😉
  23. Ladybank's Championship (Green) Tees add about 200 yards over 6 holes, and they're traditionally only in play for the Spring, Summer and Autumn Meetings and the Club Champs. They really do make 3 or 4 of the holes totally different, and in "old money" Standard Scratch take a par 71 which plays SSS 72 off the Whites to SSS 73 off the Greens. Often the CSS would go up to 74 or 75 when they were in play. Of course, now that they have to be "in play" all the time under WHS (ie if they're listed on your card, you have to be able to play them any time), I do worry whether they will lose their allure slightly - it always felt like a wee treat to play off them 4 or 5 times a year, but I can now pitch up an play off them for a Casual Score (not that I'd actually ever do that unless I wanted to jack my handicap up...)
  24. Is your meeting in Bolton, Blackburn, Burnley, or any other random town in the NW of England beginning with B? If so, you may be in luck... https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-on-travel-and-transport/
  25. A pretty poor day yesterday with two free-hits - 10.5 and 11.2 doesn't cut the mustard, caused by some poor shots from the middle of the fairway and an ice-cold putter. My next 4 scores are all current Top 8's so on current form I may do some real damage to the Handicap Index over the next fortnight...
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