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  1. Wild day to play 36 holes yesterday, particularly as I was defending 2 of my Top 8 scores - handicap index took a bit of a hit... 😆 On the plus side, I went for my first-ever club fitting yesterday evening. Really enjoyed the experience, and now have a new bag of bats on order - happy that my swing speed was still up to snuff and the lie/shaft combo we ended up with made a huge difference to my launch angles. Can't wait 🏌️
  2. Play-off finals now allowing fans: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56998512
  3. A bumper Saturday for me - Spring Meeting at Ladybank in the morning (off the Black Tees - always a treat!), standard medal round at Tulliallan in the afternoon, then getting my first-ever club fitting in the evening in advance of ordering a whole new bagful of bats. I've only once owned a brand new set of clubs (I got given a set of Andy Bean Professional clubs for my 13th birthday, which ages me somewhat!) so it'll be interesting to see what difference proper use of technology might make to my game..
  4. Not jealous at all, not me, no way, no sirree...
  5. Do Glasgow not still require members to "do their time" at Gailes before being allowed to fully join Killermont? That's why I assumed they already had a CDH number.
  6. Too early to tell. It took a couple of years back in the day to get used to Buffer Zones and handicaps going up +1 or down by an amount determined by formula rather than the whim of the Match Secretary. I'm not overly keen on the big fluctuations (I don't believe I went from a 6 handicapper to an 8 in 2 rounds, for instance), but that's probably a pride thing on my part rather than a flaw in the system. With a bit of tweaking on the Apps (something like a "handicap predictor" after a score entry or an "at risk score/timeline" flag when checking in), the info about where we stand on the 1st tee/18th green could be more readily available rather than having to scroll through a score history and working things out from there. I'm prepared to give it some time, while pointing and laughing at the inconsistencies the system throws up. It's also given golfers plenty to talk about other than trading the limited lockdown stories that are onto the 6th or 7th retelling, if nothing else...
  7. True, but 91 less 28 would've been met with a few rolled eyes, barbed comments and piss-takes. 91 less 54 is from a different planet though, and just adds fuel to the fire to those struggling to get to grips with some of the broader aspects of WHS. It's not a good look.
  8. He'll be banished back to Gailes to serve his penance...
  9. Steady stuff, too...
  10. Drunken charity auction bid at an Edinburgh sports dinner a few years back - fourball at Archerfield, fourball at Renaissance, lunch at both. Clearly everyone else at the event had played it as I was the only bidder.... 😆 There are still very few individual members at Renaissance as far as I know - mainly corporate members. It's a cracking set up, and the signature hole along the coastline is fun to play, but there are far better courses in East Lothian.
  11. It felt to me like the ending was rushed - Mercurio has spoken about how ne got a call about this series being scheduled much earlier than expected and that they were still in post-production pretty much right up to the wire. No way they'd not have taken the time to dig into the forged prison release statement in earlier series, for instance. I suspect that it'll be back for Series 7, but that a good chunk of people that came on board over lockdown and/or bought into the hype might not be arsed if they think they're being strung along.
  12. I do love a freebie golf goodie-bag (although "freebie" is pushing it if you've had to pay!). I'm still using a (pre-Trump) Turnberry ball marker/pitchmark repairer now. My favourite freebie experience was at Renaissance where they had a second tee/pencil station tucked away in the middle of the course, at a hole where the (mandatory) fore-caddie was miles away from the tee on the lookout for errant balls - after behaving sensibly with just the usual handful on the way to the first tee, I was like a pig at a trough away from any judging eyes, and I'm still using those tees and pencils years later with ample supplies in reserve. It's the little things...
  13. It's going to take a bit of getting used to checking out both the 20th overall and 8th best to at least have a stab at what might lead to a cut, tbh. I've looked at my list and note I have a 4.2 to defend off the Black Tees at Ladybank coming my way a week on Saturday, which is far from ideal!
  14. A solid "Buffer Zone" performance at the weekend saw my Index drop by 0.3, so my trajectory this season is 6.0 - 6.1 - 6.7 - 7.7 - 7.4. This WHS is a wild rollercoaster ride! On a semi-related note, I logged in/recorded my score using the Howdidido version of the Casual Round input rather than the Scottish Golf version (to provide a bit of feedback to the Match Secretary). I have to say, although the HDID was perhaps a bit clunkier in terms of logging in (I think mainly because HDID's primary focus has been on competition golf), the screen clearly showing Handicap Index, Playing Handicap and Course Handicap once I'd logged in was a welcome addition and should help out those confused by the big charts next to the Pro Shop...
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