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  1. Yet another collapse cost me dear yesterday (this time at Tulliallan). +3 after 12 holes and cruising, OB off the tee and ran up an 8 at 13th, then dumped a ball in the water at 16th to make double. Shot +9 with 5 penalty shots. Ragin' doesn't begin to cover it.
  2. BIH, then best last 6, then best last 3.
  3. I've never heard of a club competition with that requirement tbh. Seems a like a daft barrier to discourage people from playing in comps, but I suppose we are talking about Match & Handicap committees here who do tend to love an obscure rule or two...
  4. What a bonkers rule, and completely out of kilter with WHS.
  5. Yep, 'twas indeed a lovely evening. Played in the midweek medal and came 3rd with a net 71. I shouldn't grumble as it's always nice to get in the prizes, but yet again I dropped stupid shots over the last 4 holes despite cruising up to that point (2 shots better would have won the medal). When I've nothing to play for I can easily cope with these holes, and conditions were about as benign as they get, so it's clearly a mental issue. Also, on the slow play issue, there was a large Seniors match booked in the early afternoon, playing fourballs, and by the time I arrived for my 4:30 tee-off time we were already running 10 minutes late. 2 hours 10 mins to play nine holes. (Daft auld buggers were probably putting everything out... ) In this case, I blame the scheduling as the Seniors wouldn't move their normal Seniors Medal from a Tuesday and the club let them book a Wednesday when they knew they'd be holding a medal. Bonkers stuff.
  6. Played in the first round of the club champs qualifying at Ladybank yesterday. Cruising at +3 through 12 then proceeded to drop 9 shots over the last 6 holes as my iron play and short game dropped off a cliff. A net 75 is still in the mix for the handicap section, but I can wave goodbye to scratch qualification with that. Those 6 holes were clearly an aberration as I went out in the medal at Tulliallan in the afternoon and shot a net 69 (which could easily have been a 66), which should just about pay for my petrol...
  7. Cheers for that. It's not certain that's the option that they'll take (it will be up to the specialists to determine whether I fit the "profile" they require and they're currently reviewing my file), but the Basingstoke hospital has a reciprocal deal with NHS Lothian which will also cover travel and accommodation for the missus, so at least I'll have a visitor hanging around... The surgeon described the hot chemo process as being "very invasive" which doesn't sound too clever - apparently, as well as washing hot chemo around the insides for an hour directly after surgery, they also scrape away quite a lot of the lining of the stomach and other organs to give cancer cells less to attach themselves to in future. Sounds like fun!!!
  8. Anyone had any experience (directly or via family/friends) re "hot chemo" treatment? I was treated for bowel cancer about 18 months ago (surgery followed by 6 rounds of chemo) and things were looking positive until my last scan revealed a new cancer attached to the outside of the bowel, and (following a confirmatory PET scan), I'm being carted down to Basingstoke soon for surgery plus a "hot chemo" treatment, which I'd never heard of. I was up and about pretty quickly after the last surgery and confess I left the oncologist's office with a bit of a bravado attitude, "I've beaten it once, I'll beat it again!" kinda thing. But then I made the mistake of googling hot chemo over the weekend and it sounds pretty brutal - I'd like to get my mind in the right shape ahead of treatment, so any first- or second-hand info would be really useful (particularly as I'm due to get married in October and I need to know if I'll be able to cope with Guinness at my stag in Dublin!)
  9. You've effectively summed up my morning, but with far less swearing than I'd have used. It was like February out there - I half expected to be asked to play off mats...
  10. So much jealousy on this thread from obvious hole-in-one virgins...
  11. I assume he added 2 strokes before signing his card?
  12. Ach, you're not missing much - the Boss watches you get for a hole-in-one during a club competition are hideous.
  13. Imagine how many "fake" holes-in-one would be made in bounce games if people were getting drinks bought for them from a full club-house (and likely to be conveniently made in the week prior to pay-day...)
  14. A couple of mates of mine compiled this a few years back (available at very few good bookstores): Metro readers of a certain vintage may remember Joss of Alva littering the letters pages for a number of years with shite puns - he's one of the authors.
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