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  1. Man, that looks just as brutal in the cold light of day as it did last night. I mean, we've all hit that very swing at some stage, and probably with great frequency, but at worst that's while while sitting on a good score during the monthly medal, not needing par down the last to win a major.
  2. The dip for that drive on 18th took his head down as far as his navel. It's bad enough to see on a club golfer, but just horrible to watch on a tour pro.
  3. Jeez, the head and shoulder dip on Pereira's downswing is ugly.
  4. Got back last night from my wee trip north. Cullen was great fun with some absolutely mad holes, although the greens were really slow (maybe they don't cut them on a Monday - we pretty much had the course to ourselves). 3 birdies mixed with the same number of triples for 30 points just about sums things up. The burger from the van next to the clubhouse was immense, though. Maverston (just outside Elgin) was an absolute delight - fantastic layout, superb views, highly recommended if you're up that way. We played in very blowy conditions, so 32 points with a couple of blobs was pretty decent. Only thing letting the place down is the clubhouse, which is more like a leisure club cafe - you'd be struggling to get anything approaching a decent lunch if you wanted to use a day ticket. Hadn't played Kingussie in quite some time and with the trees now much more mature it's a much better track. The view from the 17th tee was almost worth the green fee on its own. Scored 35 points with a couple of blobs (+3 for 16 holes), best I've struck the ball since my enforced break last August. The fact I improved each day was a bonus - the game's getting there...
  5. I'm on a wee trip north next week with some of the guys from my winter sweep. We're due to play Cullen, Maverston and Kingussie. Any views on the first 2 as I've only played Kingussie before?
  6. Played Lundin Links this morning, it's in fantastic nick for early May. Opted to play a General Score off the whites and hit 82 with about 4 3-putts - pretty acceptable since I'm still maybe at 85% fitness just now. The pro there was telling us that Dumbarnie has closed for a fortnight as the greens are so bare they can't justify taking money off anyone...
  7. Aye, it took me about 3 years and countless missed buffers to work out that straight beats long every time at Ladybank The new bunker complexes are messing with that formula, though, as quite a few of the green entrances have been narrowed so hitting long irons in on certain holes is much trickier than it used to be, so driver is getting much more of an airing than it used to.
  8. It might require someone at your club to hit a refresh/accept button for your handicap to go live on HDID as it's Scottish Golf that "owns" the handicap data. Might be worth giving the club a wee nudge today to explain that you want to book comps and now have a handicap showing on SG.
  9. @Detective Jimmy McNulty PGA List - Chump/Champ out, Varner in please World List - Hill out, Scott in please
  10. I think the silence of his caddie also speaks volumes - these guys usually know what's happened with a great deal of accuracy and you could clearly tell how uncomfortable he was with what Berger was trying to pull.
  11. Four Iron In The Soul is a terrific read.
  12. Had my first game since August 20th today, comfortably the longest period I've ever gone without teeing it up since I began playing 40-odd years ago. I'm not sure whether it was the soft-ish conditions or muscle wastage, but I must've lost at least 20 yards off the tee in the last 7 months; and the less said about the quality of my short game the better. But I didn't care, it was just so glorious to be back out playing again, and making at least a few decent connections in amongst my (many) swings
  13. What kind of pitch and putt course are they playing the World Tour event in SA this week??? 19 first round scores of -7 or better, 4 tied for lead on -10.
  14. I hear you can't book a caddy there, but if you ask nicely they'll find you a sherpa...
  15. There was certainly a case for that when most seniors were only paying half fees. I suspect most clubs have binned seniors' discounts (and if they haven't their balance sheets must be pretty damned healthy...), which makes that argument a bit tougher to make. Although I agree with the contempt for the dinosaur attitudes being shown re letting singles through. When I used to receive the "no standing on the golf course" line, I'd always hit back with the "keep up with the game in front, not ahead of the game behind then, ya crinkly auld b*****ds" line...
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