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  1. I see a film about the legendary Maurice Flitcroft is out soon, could be pretty entertaining (given the subject matter I imagine it'll follow a Eddie The Eagle film format, albeit without the "glory"). The book the film is based on is a great read.
  2. It's a fun course (with terrific views on a good day) but £50 is taking the piss.
  3. What were the odds that an organisation with a history of backing white elephants such as Scottish Golf would develop an App that doesn't work as well as others, but punish the players who have no other choice than to use it??? We cottoned on to that GPS restriction early on and advised everyone to use Howdidido for casual scores instead, but it's a joke that a functioning option isn't available for all golfers given we've all paid the same fee to Scottish Golf.
  4. Cut? That's a potential slashing!
  5. I'd love this to be real, but I'm having a hard time working out what the gills are meant to be.
  6. A course I've a lot of time for. That par 5 along the top beside the road (13th??) is a lovely hole.
  7. After a chat with my playing partners yesterday re the impact and pros and cons of the WHS several months into the new system, I decided that I needed some extra data to further my case that the exercise was pretty pointless for club golfers who regularly play medal/competition golf. I have now played 30 singles "medal" rounds this year over 2 different courses, which seems like a reasonable sample size - probably slightly above the average number for a whole season for regular club golfers who pay on in the Saturday comps and maybe a few midweek medals when the nights are longer. My Handicap Index started at 6.0, went up to 7.8 at one stage, and is currently 6.2. During that time, I've had Course Handicaps listed between 6 and 9. This supports the view that WHS offers a fair handicap that reflects recent scoring (if not ability...). I have "mapped" my medal scores in date order using the old system, starting from a base of 6.0. I haven't made any adjustments for occasions where the Competition Standard Scratch may have differed from the SSS (although the CSS was regularly higher than the SSS, particularly off the Championship Tees). From a starting spot of 6.0, after 7 games (mid-May) I moved up to a 7 handicap, having missed buffer 5 times (early season conditions and all that... ). Since then, I missed buffer 13 times, made 6 buffer zones and had 4 downward adjustments, the latest of which would have brought me down to 6.4. A whole 0.2 of difference over the piece from my current HI of 6.2. So, what did I learn from this futile exercise?? 1 - As someone who plays most of my golf at the clubs I'm a member of (value for money and all that), and maybe plays 10 or 15 games a year at other courses, it's hard to see any meaningful difference between WHS and the old system; 2 - Due to the amount of medal golf I play, my handicap was always pretty honest. It remains so, but under a different set of algorithms; 3 - I'm still coming to terms with the speed of fluctuation in handicap that WHS allows - hence me doing this; 4 - I'm even more inconsistent than I thought I was - some of those Missed Buffer scores were horrendous for someone purporting to be playing off 6 or 7... But then, would I have tried harder on "free hit" days when I might have needed level par over the last 4 or 5 holes to make buffer and/or hope for the CSS to go up? 5 - I've no way of proving this, but my gut feeling is that people playing regular medal golf aren't entering Casual Scores. I mean, why would they? I'd love to see some data from Scottish Golf re the comparative amount of Casual Scores being entered vs scores entered in competitions, however I suspect we'll only be told of this if it suits SGs agenda... (As a side-bar, I play for a Handicap Team in a league of 6 with home and away matches, and we've now completed about 75% of the matches. Despite WHS supposedly making it fairer handicap-wise in terms of the differentiation between degrees of difficulty of courses, thee have been 10 home wins, 2 draws and 2 away wins in the matches played. Away wins were much more frequent in previous years).
  8. Agreed. So many good looking clubs these days. Just as well I love the look of my P770s or I might be getting pangs of jealousy if anyone shows up with them soon...
  9. Everything finally clicked last night in the Midweek Medal, ended up with a nett 69 to win the Division, and the cash register will be topped up by a tap-in Magic 2. Only hit 1 really poor iron shot the entire round - pulled a 6-iron off the tee at the par 3 8th, hit a tree 15 yards off-line resulting in a mysterious lost ball (might still be up the tree...) and my only double bogey of the round. Only other really frustrating shot was around the green at the par 5 13th - having got to within 30 yards of the green in 2, played a poor chip and 3-putted for a bogey when I was eyeing up birdie. This was forgotten when I birdied the tough last hole to come home in 36 (+1) for my lowest round of the year. Was hitting my (still fairly) new woods beautifully, irons were solid and the putter was very reliable other than one silly 3-stab. These days don't come around very often so I'm going to bask in this until Saturday, when no doubt normal, inconsistent service will be resumed... And the handicap is now back down to 6.2 having started the season at 6.0 - onwards and downwards!!
  10. Come to think of it, is the wee Par 3 course at Callendar Park in Falkirk still on the go?
  11. At that age, the free pitch and putt at Bruntsfield Links across from the Meadows might be worth a shout - when I lived in Brunstfield, I spent many a happy summers evening playing there and shouting "fore" at unsuspecting tourists who had no idea why there were so many holes in the ground in a park. Not sure if the flags are out at the moment, though... Alternatively, there's the Wee Braids 9-holer up past the Hermitage (I think it's 6 par 3s and 3 par 4s, maybe 1,800 yards in total).
  12. Ouch!!! I sometimes wonder why we put ourselves through it...
  13. Had 2 "free hits" yesterday in glorious conditions having been playing solid stuff for a few weeks, but played like a chump both rounds. Wasted opportunity
  14. The new DARKSIDE album, Spiral, is out today, which is a record I've been looking forward to for what feels like ages. https://darkside.bandcamp.com/album/spiral A couple of spins in and it's not grabbing me anything like as quickly as Psychic did - it just doesn't have seem to that otherwordly, unsettling oddness of the debut. Hmmmm...
  15. Iain Diamond is hardly a paragon of virtue, either: https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/politics/scottish-politics/2808547/sir-ian-diamond-university/
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