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  1. I thought it was for danergous play, the East Fife boy had a high boot and was showing his studs?
  2. Who's that, I still thought they were Finnish owned?
  3. I dont think anyone is blaming the referee, he was shit, but be were shittier.
  4. yup, and it looks like its going to be us!
  5. looking at the highlights a couple of your guys might have been offside? At 4:36 there are a couple of Rovers players on the 6 yard line behind our defence, just as the ball is kicked for the goal.
  6. This one at £410 or This one at £450 Both of these would be ok for you.
  7. I've used Gearbest once and my order took about 2 months to come, I'd given up on it, but I order pretty regularly from Ali Express and my deliverys usually take about a fortnight using standard post.
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